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Hey /diy/

I have a question for u, how to cut open a porpane or butane gas canister if I have like 0 tools, but I can ask for some, what do u recomend?

>A tank like picrelated or smaller
>if I have like 0 tools

Wait for it to rust itself open.
Vent it safely first. Those thin sheet metal canisters aren't useful for much.

I suggest throwing the canister away, learning about tools, and gradually accumulating a potentially useful mix of tools over time. Used is fine, I get all sorts of good gear at yard sales.
Go to HF and buy an angle grinder. Also, you may kill yourself if you don't empty the tank properly and the latent propane explodes when it's exposed to a shower of sparks.
ITT how to blow myself up. What do you need half a canister for?
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Only a few weeks ago I did exactly this but with an old helium canister.

First, I opened the valve as much as I could, using a wrench and left it over night. Making sure it's de-pressurized is seriously important.

Next, and this may not be on your can, but there's like a cap that you can pry off with a flathead screwdriver. Some documentation I found online at the time advised doing so for recycling purposes, so people can see it's empty. Again, may not apply to you.

Next - and this is most important - I bought an angle grinder and got at the fucker. Get yourself some face protection.

They're useful things, old canisters. Mine's now my forge, with a little piping.
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I'm going to build a tiny smelter like >>936529

Always wanted to melt aluminium and copper.

Thhanks for the info guys, also how can i check that the tank i find is completly empty of gas?

I'll get that angle grinder if i can, very thankfull!

Not really much to say... The only way to cut it open is to cut it open
>how can i check that the tank i find is completly empty of gas
Open the valve all the way. Leave it for a day and it'll be empty, and de-pressurized.
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If I punch a hole in the tank, like a little one, and its not 100% empty (put like 90-95%), will it blow up?
I certianly would. Only after it's completely empty though. The main issue is fumes, and even though it's empty for any particular use, the valve may not be enough to vent the remaining fumes inside the tank. I'd keep the valve open for a long time (a day or more), drill very slowly, and run compressed air through it.
you can't do this safely without proper tools. Find a better alternative.

take off the brass fitting at the top
fill with water
cut with whatever method you like
to purge the tank open the valve and vent it out over night or a day than unscrew the entire valve and fill the tank with water. empty out the water and you wont need to make another thread to help you look for your legs.
Propane is less dense than air by under half so there's no way at ground level propane will be left in the bottle if you leave it with the valve open for a day.

Those who are saying you'll blow yourself up could generally be looked at flat earthers and gravity doubters.

If you're really still in doubt, propane is stored as liquid under pressure. If you can't hear it splashing about inside the bottle there's nothing there.

>no tools at all
Time to buy some. You could by all means do it with a hack saw but I'd guess if you don't have tools, you won't have a vast amount of experience. A hack saw would be hard work, take time and you'll no doubt break a shit ton of blades.

A 9" angle grinder is the best, cost effective tool for the job. If you've not had experience with one I'd put money on the cut you make will he rougher than a cactus force fed to a virgins ass hole but it'll do what you want it to regardless.

This is a safe bet.
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>inb4 rekt thread
The top of a gas bottle has a pressurised ball bearing to stop babe release bot gas should a gate valve be removed.
This guy is an idiot. It is standard practice to fill a propane tank with water or sand before cutting on it.

No, it's not going to explode but they can and do hold gas and you can get a pretty good pop out of them. Enough to cause eye damage and loss of eyebrows.

The propane permeates into the metal and will smell of the odorant forever. So hopefully it's not being used in a situation where you have to smell it.
Award for biggest pile of steaming shit from someone's who's never cut open a propane bottle goes to this cuckold.
How open would you want it? Angle grinder should do the trick. Just make 100% sure it's properly vented first.
Really? I weld on propane tanks at least weekly.

Just because you helped your dad cut open a propane tank last summer doesn't mean you're an expert, kid.

Never understood why people try to get people to hurt themselves on the internet. Going to teach him how to make crystals next?
>almost weekly

Sure you do, that's evident from the bullshit you keep talking.
Confirmed for never cutting a propane tank before.

They regularly have flames coming out of them. Take a stroll over to youtube for some examples.

>Ignore a safety step because you don't think it will be an issue

Might as well skip eye and ear protection too.
if your paranoid open the top and fill the tank with water... put it underwater in a 5 gallon bucket until it stops bubbling...
save yourself a whole lot of ass pain and don't use a propane tank for smelting in, the steel is very thin and when exposed to high temps and molten aluminum the tank will fail quickly.
I have used 1lb propane cans for crude crucibles and have melted through 3 of them before i decided to go with something a little beefier.
Trust me, having your metal all clean and ready to pour only to watch it drain into your furnace is no fun.
Use an old fire extinguisher first or hammer in a hole with a punch, fill it with water and then cut it so sparks won't ignite. Same thing for welding. Fill it with water.
See>>936583 and >>936758
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OP here, thank to all of u anons, i'll do the water thing, the vent thing, and the angle grinder thing.

Also >>936758 i won't use it as a crucible, i'm using it as a mold to put reflectant cement in it, i'm using some stainless steel as a crucible, hope that is fine.
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I meant u about the crucible thing
I fkin suck at posting here, also could explain that a little better >>936758 i don't get the fire extingushier hammer thing
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Good luck, OP.
Maybe soon you'll be a macho pikachu too.

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