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I want to convert my arcade stick to have...
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I want to convert my arcade stick to have a female printer cable connector (pic related) instead of having its own dedicated USB wire.

How difficult will this be to do? I have some soldering experience but would essentially be going in blind.
That is an USB-B connector
Modifying it should be easy, as you'd just need to run 4 wires from the current connector to the new port.
And you'd need to cut some space for the connector.

Why do you want to do this tho? Seems rather pointless.
you'll have to file/cut/melt out a hole for the centronics connector. you may have to pick the wires a little carefully ( 25? in a printer cable )

but why? do you not want anyone else to use it?
Are you trying to bring out each switch on an individual pin? That's going to be a bit more work than just replacing the connector.
lmfao OP what

i hate this baord it gets worse and worse every day

>thinks USB and DB15 pinouts are the same


are you okay there son

For a couple of reasons

1: the wire that comes with this is flimsy, and bound to get fucked up at some point.

2: I'd like to have just one wire plugged in that i can switch between different devices.

3: Just to learn how


I just want to plug it into my computer with a USB that connects with a usb-b cable


Oh, it's that guy who comes along to be a moron and not actually offer any advice. Hi.
You are the moron. Why would you even need to do this?

I bet you can't even change a tire.
>I just want to plug it into my computer with a USB that connects with a usb-b cable
Don't do that.

USB is designed for hot-plugging, and has different-length pins to ensure they all get connected in the right order.

DB-25 isn't and doesn't.

You're assuming that DB25 is going to be more robust than USB-B, but do you have any evidence?

How many mating cycles d'you think each connector is rated to? The answer might surprise you.

Is your frankenwire going to be more robust than a professionally-manufactured and tested USB wire?

When your custom wire breaks, is it going to be easier or harder to replace than an off-the-shelf USB cable?

And if you are going to make an abomination of a USB wire, why on earth are you using a printer connector when you could be using a connector that's actually designed for heavy duty, such as an XLR?
>Why would you even need to do this?

To troll I suspect.
is this whole thread for real?
, op dont call it a printer cable

>thinks printer cables are 15pin

it is so fucking obvious the op is talking about "new printer cables" which are the usb kind


get something like that
cut/splice/solder the appropriate wires to stuff

itt: no one who changes tires
Soldering up a USB-B socket's not too difficult, but check a couple of things first:

1. Open up the arcade stick. Check there's enough space to put in a socket. You'll want to leave a bit of extra as well to leave you room to solder.

2. Get a multimeter and be 100% sure you know which wire corresponds to which USB contact. USB wiring colour isn't always consistent, and the last thing you want to be doing is damaging your equipment by putting voltages where they shouldn't be.

Other than that, you should be able to use the ends of the wires that are already there. Strip them and solder them onto your new port. Job done.
USB cables are manufactured to a spec. Your replacement cable won't be. Good luck dealing with transfer errors! Oh, and as >>922588 pointed out, remember to always turn off your computer before connecting or disconnecting the stick!
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>ITT confusion and flaming rear-ends

He's converting USB to USB, fucking relax holy shit.
...Does he have to be able to change a tire to do this? Is that a prerequisite? I don't remember that in EE101.
No one can actually figure out what the OP is trying to do, because the OP appears to be a mong who can't even explain the problem he's trying to solve in a coherent manner.
He called a usb-b cable a 'printer cable' because he was born in the nineties.

He wants solder it directly to his stick. Which is dumb as hell but okay. It's entirely straightforward though.

He also abandoned the thread almost instantly because we are too slow for him.

Lol@ the IT folk who think they are EE.

DB-25 isn't official spec, but it is used by many manufacturers when a locking connector is needed, or when more than USB is needed in one connector.
OP never said anything about DB-15 or DB-25. He said a printer cable, which is either a parallel or a USB-b. He supplied a picture of a USB-b socket.

A diy'd cable doesn't need to be up to any kind of spec. The worst thing he could do is short to a data pin.

Also, You'd be amazed how many mission critical cables in the live audio world and elsewhere come nowhere near to the official USB spec.

If anyone actually read OP's post instead of autism-ing about how smart they are because of that one EE class in high-school they took 4 years ago, they would know that OP wants his arcade stick to have a USB-b socket (female port) so he can change the cable if he desires. Probably so he can get a longer/shorter one.
>The worst thing he could do is short to a data pin.
The worst thing he could do is make a flaky cable, and waste lots of time troubleshooting.
>implying sending +5 to data wouldn't cause component damage in the PC which is the worst possible outcome for OP, seeing as he's DIYing it and not hiring a pro
This is why it/compsci ppl should stay on /g/ imo
If something is clearly broken, it can be identified and fixed. If something fails only occasionally, you'll spend much longer troubleshooting it.
Well Considering OP isn't making a cable, but installing a socket, he's either going to have something that works, or something that doesn't. I've never met someone whose soldering is so bad that a hard-mounted socket would cause intermittent issues.
You either didn't read my post or only picked out what you could disagree with.

Plus the first step in diagnosing signal issues-especially intermittent ones- is typically always trying a new cable. This is true from audio all the way up to high power RF. Unless it is a permanent install, in which case an analyzer is used.

I would rather end up needing a new cable than destroying one of the data lines, or a chip by putting +5v on a data pin on a motherboard that can cost 50-300+. If OP wanted to save time, and if he were building a cable instead of installing a socket, he would buy a premade one off of ebay instead of coming to /diy/. You can find every non standard USB- whatever cable you could imagine.

The USB standards are a recommendation, not law or the only way to do things. A well made non-standard USB cable is hardly "flaky".

Either go back to /g/ or be helpful. The former is the better option since you don't even know what OP is talking about.
>A well made non-standard USB cable is hardly "flaky".
Poorly made, non-standard USB cables can be. And you're not offering anything more helpful either, so...?
File: image.jpg (26 KB, 490x364) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 490x364
This is a printer cable.

There's no point in speculating about what OP was attempting to say.
OP seems to have abandoned the thread because instead of helping all the IT fags got their dicks hard.

At least I know what OP wants.
Which, while very low, is on a level of helpful, while confusing everyone with irrelevant standards and misinformation is the opposite.

A USB-b cables is commonly referred to as a "USB printer cable"
That is a parallel cable, which is also referred to as a printer cable. That is not it's only purpose though. Just like the USB variant.

>I want to convert my arcade stick to have a female printer cable connector (pic related)

OP posted a picture of a USB type b socket, and clearly said he wanted it installed in an arcade stick,
>instead of having its own dedicated USB wire.
so he wasn't stuck with one cable that's built in.

Both of you (or just you, since the number of anons in this thread hasn't changed) belong in >>>/g/
>female printer cable connector (pic related)
>(pic related)
>pic is of a usb-b socket which is commonly used by printers
>somehow some retards get the idea that op means a centronics/1284 cable instead because they lack reading comprehension

it's like i'm really on /g/

Do you need to take a nap son?
Buy USB type B female socket, find pin diagram online, dremmel a hole for it, solder in place.

Buy USB B male to USB A male cable of chosen length. Profit.

Trolling or not, your exactly the cancer that should leave. Back to your overrated island you go.
I highly doubt all the posters older than mine or even the OP are still here but diy isnt the best place to ask for help arcade stick related, unless its something specific to a hobby such as soldering, bonding broken parts, or any other electronic work
Your best bet is that elitist shithole that is shoryuken if you have any questions regarding stick mods. I should tell you to expect some real shit headed responses, so youve been warned so do some research.

I tend to help people as best I can but whatever, the point is op look into the Neutrik RJ45 (pic related ) and go from there..oh and good luck. Cant help you because I dont know what you're asking
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Thread images: 4
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