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Angered by your impudence, a witch places a curse on you that plays off your most deviant desires. What is it?
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All females need to dress me and up and I can't resist other then minor complaints.
I no longer obtain nutrition from anything other than breast milk drunk straight from the nipple of a middle-aged woman.
A tall, young and beautiful woman comes into my life and begins to feminize me and age regress me over the course of a couple of days until I am nothing but a tiny, ultra feminine teen girl. She then conditions me to be her catgirl pet, who can only feed from the milk of her breasts. My life becomes nothing but cuddling with my owner, napping in her arms, feeding from her, and occasional sex with her. My free will is entirely taken away from me, I only exist to be pampered and told what a good little girl I am for pleasing Mistress.
I swear, everyone on this board has a feminization fetish
>a witch places a curse on you that plays off your most deviant desires. What is it?
Deviant by who's standards?
If it is society at large, or even 4chan standards then it would be something related to loli but it personally does not bother me.
And the thing that personally kind of bothers me is not really all that deviant.

I guess a middle ground would be monster girls, but how the fuck would that work?
Say, your cum now turns anyone it touches (bar you) into a qt monster girl, whose instinct is to try to devour you.

>curious what the disturbing non-fetish is
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your advances managed to piss off a witch with a wicked sense of humor.

Every time you ejaculate, your dick relocates to another part of your body. Fapping/ having sex too much in a short time supercharges the curse, causing additional dicks to pop up in random places.

Women notice of course. And, insult to injury, your cum now tastes awesome to women and is a 'feel good' kind of drug (think chocolate only 10x more potent). Thus, you acquire female stalkers who would like nothing better than to jump your bones repeatedly... lots of them.

This means you end up with more dicks, attracting the notice of even more women.

Extra dicks do not go away, but if you manage to abstain for a full week they will slowly shrink down to a size that you can hide... until you ejaculate again at least.

Eventually, you will end up as a living sex toy, barely able to move by yourself.
I become a mindless sex slave to a female succubus, or I'm milked by a tentacle monster, I can't pick between the two.
The witch couldn't handle her outrage and threw a bottle of thick purple fluid on you. Aside from ruining your clothes, you notice that it seems to have stained your skin slightly too- not enough to be noticeable, but something that you can see when looking closely.

That night, as you're sleeping alone on your bed, you hear a rustling underneath. Since it's night and odd noises are coming from under your bed, you are understandably startled and call out loud, which seems to be responded to....by the creature under your bed.

In an odd, unlikely conversation with a monster from the darkness, you learn that you now apparently release the same pheromones as a "Hatchling Sack", and the randy monster had come to have some pleasure while also furthering his evil race. Hearing you shout out and learning that you were, in fact, an average human expecting to have an average night-time slumber surprises it just as much as you're surprised by it's appearance, but after a brief moment of contemplation it decides that you would be fun to "seed" anyways.

Tentacles suddenly come out from underneath your bed and wrap around your arms and legs, disabling you. Thicker, more textured tentacles soon join the first, except instead of holding you down they begin exploring your body, a particularly thick tentacle jamming itself into your mouth as you try to call out for help.

As you gag around the tentacle in you mouth, feeling it begin to bring a noticeable bulge in your neck as more is force-fed to you, another one quickly finds your ass(and/or pussy.) Within moments you are squirming and struggling on the bed as the thick lascivious tentacles intrude on your body, going deep enough to form bulges on your stomach.

You last for 2 hours before your body can't take anymore and you pass out, but not before hearing the monster remark that it will enjoy using you very often. The morning after you wake up to the taste of something foul, but no other signs of anything happening last night.
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Slowly and painfully, I get turned into a Wendigo both physically and mentally, giving in to instincts of devouring anything that lives.
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I change into a woman and grow non-stop.
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Every time I cum, I shrink a bit. There is no limit to this: I will shrink until I can drown in a single drop of sweat, until I can hide between human cells and even further, as long as I can bave an orgasm.

Picture very related: full comic at sadpanda /g/831163/1b7580b481
My penis is big, really big, noticeably bigger than any girl i meet's previous biggest. They all know it and it intrigues and excites them.

Except when I'm actually in a sexual situation with a woman it shrinks down to a micropenis, and they're very vocal about their disappointment.

Also dickgirls probably exist or something. I'm too vanilla for this tread.
You're too vanilla for this board, what on earth did you come here for?
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d is for duckgirls.jpg
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Dickgirls, humor threads, and occasional other stuff that strikes my fantasy.
Any clothes I wear will come to life and start fucking me at the most inappropriate times or = during delicate social situations.
Any woman can compel me to service them in the manner of their choosing. First, this puts considerable strain on my schedule, as I'm often being dragged off or keeping appointments. Second, most of my 'clients' are fairly unattractive; they use me because they can't get anyone else. Alternatively, use me because they want something so painful/humiliating that nobody in his right mind would agree to it. Finally, I never get to enjoy whatever I'm forced to do. I can't cum unless she wants me to, and even then it results in a ruined orgasm.
I become in essence, a sexual vampire. I gain power from libido and am able to push myself beyond any limit with sexual energy. Only catch is I need to be having sex often, or my life force depletes
>ctrl + f "chasity" and "femdom"

Cmon, none of you guys have a chasity fetish?
I-I p-posted a chastity one in the last thread, but I didn't want to just repost the same thing twice.
>curious what the disturbing non-fetish is

personification, empathy, and even attraction to certain inanimate objects.

Such thoughts make me uncomfortable and make me question my sanity, but I have them none the less.

If I had the misfortune of pissing off a witch that cursed me with something related to it.
It would probably be that communicate to certain inanimate objects, but no one else could hear them, and I would never know for sure if it was all in my head or not, forever.
Which is probably not all that sexy.
the knowledge of how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop
Nothing so complex for me - I'd probably become a werewoman, forced to change gender at every full moon (or whenever the sun sets, to completely play off my fetish).
Reminds me of a story I read on asstr

Only instead of it being a woman, it was horny lolis once a month.

I should see if theirs been a update now that I think of it, since it was still technically ongoing last I read it.
I guess maybe be turned into a woman's breasts or vagina, labia etc and slowly lose my humanity until I forget I was ever anything other than a near mindless bit of sensitive flesh.
prrrrobably one of two things:

1) get shrunken down to insertable size and get played with by any woman who comes across me (including exes)

2) exude pheromones that cause nearby females to same-size vore me. fortunately i've never been into hard vore, so i guess i'll magically survive each time? still. plaything.

or 3) all of the above
Could you spoonfeed me the title of this story? I'm curious
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I get turned into a woman and am constantly raped, impregnanted by monsters/tentacles for the rest of life.

And I'll fucking love every second of it.
I thought I was on /tg/ for a minute.

I would probably be turned into a horse cocked futanari. Which considering I'm trans wouldn't really be that much of a curse, especially considering I could use it to make tons of money doing porn.
>tfw you'll never absorb some poor helpless boy to make your body better
>tfw youll never see his scared face as he loses strength and flows into you
>tfw youll never hear his last little grunt of effort in getting away before hes completely gone
>tfw youll never look in a mirror and just see yourself, no sign of another person ever existing
>youll never your new body part for sex and pleasure
>youll never get off harder than ever at the idea of some person being reduced to your sex organ
>youll never forget they ever were a person
>youll never stop getting off on it and decide to try it with another person in another body part
life isnt fair sometimes
Hmm, one of two situations, probably/

>I am "cursed" with very erotic hyperelasticity. My body can only hold its proper human shape if I've had the stretchiness fucked out of me for the day. My girlfriend, to help me go through my days, has to use bigger and bigger dildos to stretch me out every morning. I'm so sensitive due to the stretchiness that I can come almost immediately from insertion, but that isn't enough to let me retain my shape. Eventually, I'll need hours of being fucked by her climbing into me and stimulating me inside and out, just to have a couple hours of being human shaped.


>I am suddenly "gifted" with the ability to lay eggs. I'm transformed into a flat-chested futa because of this, and my belly is constantly swollen with eggs to be layed. My dick is still fully functional, and swells up now in harmony with my egglaying cycle, but I can only orgasm when laying eggs. Anything else keeps me edging. And the edging is so addictive I have no choice but to go through my day with vibrators in my new cunt, or an automated onahole on my dick, constantly oozing cum and fluids until I'm ready to lay another egg- no matter where that may be. On a bus? Egg and orgasm, even if it's humiliating. Soon I'm confined to my house, a living sex toy for my girlfriend because of my immobility and inability to do anything other than edge and lay eggs.
over everything here, that takes the cake, that's fucked up.
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How would I be cursed?

>I'd probably be cursed to wake up every morning in a different, and highly sexually appealing body. The body would be vaguely based on one of my many fetishes, but I get no control over what I'll look like in the morning.

>One day I'm a sexy 14 year old girl, the next I'm a well muscled 30 year old man. The next I'm an 18 year old trap. It'd just keep changing, over and over, making a normal life all but impossible, and a large amount of baggy clothing a requirement to survive... not to mention problems I'd have with photo ID and the like.

Oh goodness, sign me up please! (O_o)
A curse based on my desires? That doesn't sound much like a curse though...
Feel like a ton of people are ignoring the curse part of this.

Yeah, no witch is going to curse you with a billion dollars, the body of your dreams, and a construct that will carry out your deranged will.

For me: The witch curses me to no longer conceal my fetishes and to move towards fulfilling them, to a degree I would not have before.

For instance, I am compulsed to buy diapers - huge, unhideable, loud, crinkly ones. I don't take steps to hide or "launder" the purchase. I wear them all the time and eventually lose continence entirely.

If anyone asks, I can't lie about why I am wearing them.
what the fuck?


I'm on my phone, or I'd probably make a write up or something, but here's the gist:

She places a curse on me, which summons a succubus later that night while I am sleeping. Teasing foreplay escalates into the succubus taking me away to whatever magical place she resides because she realizes she had free reign over the curse that summoned her. At her lair, she has already decided what she wants to do with me, and submerges me into vat of pink liquid similar to molasses that almost seems alive as it pulls me under. The goo feels like a full body massage that is almost sexual but not orgasmic, and eventually I pass out.

Some time later, I awake, still in the goo, but before I am able to gather myself, I am ejected onto the floor. Immediately, I notice that I am noticeably different in that I am a girl. Unlike before, I am small and frail with slight curves and didn't even have the courtesy to be given a large pair of breasts. At best, they are a B cup, but they are at least perfectly spaced and pert. Sparing no time, the demon boasts about how well I turned out, and explains the full extent of the curse, which was ultimately her decision. She wants not only a plaything, but an apprentice. Finding a mortal she was allowed free reign over was a rare opportunity, and she did not hesitate. I was told that I was forever bound to my petite form, and made it a point to note about how it includes my comparatively small bust.

With that, she summons tentacles that hold me upright, spread eagle, and fully vulnerable, and makes a point to note that size doesn't mean they won't be enjoyable. She plays with my breasts, and I am overwhelmed with pleasure, cumming as a woman for the first time with my small breasts alone as I hang. She says that is just a taste, and then sinks her teeth into my skin, pumping me with a powerful aphrodisiac. I thrash against the tentacles holding me to no avail as she leaves me hot, wet, and untouched for hours. Training has begun...
If you need me, I'll be at the sables, spitroasting on horsecock. I'll probably need someone to open my cannula a few times a day so my stomach doesn't rupture.
dude, just be the best bank robber in the history of the world

>different face every time
>different fingerprints every time

just remember to use different guns/cars/explosives/speech patterns, and the feds will never find you
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She gives me something that backfires. She gives me a near unbearable stench. I get over it in a few days, but everyone else I meet isn't as lucky. All men can't stand my smell, so I pretty much lose all contact with men. However, as stench does, it works as a weak aphrodisiac. But since it is in such large volume, it's more a knee-bucking aphrodisiac. Because of this, while initially repulsed, women find themselves feeling oddly good around me. Many of them take this as love, and all border on madness trying to win my love. I take advantage of this, and say whoever makes me the happiest is who I will stay with. Once one of them try to win me with sex, they all try, and try to play off different fetishes. I then keep them all cycling for my pleasure.

Well that sure got edgy.
love it
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No one said mine yet ! Amazing !

Having surgery / being born this way : having a "straight" digestive system that allows for all the way thru penetrations

Image: (C87) [Sumomo Dou (Sumomo EX)] Seiyoku Shinryousho _ Lust Clinic [English]
All I wanna do is see you turn into a giant woman, a giant woman!
An education.
You bring up an excellent point. The whole point of this being a curse is that it has a downside.

Like, the idea of getting turned into a woman and then turning into a futa would be really hot, but to make it a curse, I'd probably also have to forget I'd ever been a man and have to end up with a huge cock and a supercharged libido so I was always struggling to hide a ridiculously large erection.

Another idea, and the one that would probably win as my fantasy that would probably suck if it actually happened: my dick grows to porn star big, the most photogenic and irresistible erections ever. I'm never not hard, and cum an impossibly large volume with ever orgasm. Then, every dildo and vibrator in the world is replaced with a copy of my cock, complete with cuming feature. It provides supernatural pleasure to anyone that uses it. It feels so good that women will always have theirs with them, using them multiple times a day, sometimes spending the whole day with it inside them as they are at work or doing whatever. The catch: I feel the pleasure from all of them. Any time anyone anywhere uses my cock, I feel it. My normal life is gone. My ever-ready cock erupts any time any of my duplicates anywhere else does. Plus just the general pleasure alone can add up to my own private orgasm. Extra twist: my life is extended by absorbing the sexual energy. My cock becomes a constant fire hose of semen for the rest of my very, very, long life.
check out this paste, courtesy of the ovi thread >>6645538
i kill my family, wear their skin, and live in the woods practicing shapeshifting magics
In fact, the witch was a hot girl who just so happened to be lesbian. She had been looking for a girlfriend for a while, but it was hard to find someone cute enough for her tastes. Until she realised: Why not just make one? Her curse transforms me into her ideal girlfriend in a matter of seconds, leaving me wholly confused. While my mind was intact, her specifications for an ideal girl also included an incredibly sensitive body, one that becomes especially easily aroused around her. She soon got to work making the most of her new girlfriend, dressing me up and taking me on dates despite constant protests. And her hands all too frequently slipped onto me, groping and toying with my erotic and soft form and making sure to tease me with the pleasures of a female body. I was forced into all kinds of acts, pushed into a maid uniform to serve her, her magic making sure that I would never escape and could only hope to remain hers for eternity.
But, the worst part is that it isn't all that bad...
So basically the adult/erotic version of Doc Mcstuffins
Found it finally

(asstr web address) ~AnonyMPC/LollyAnne001.html

Old index system is old so searching for it was a pain in the ass.
Gives me the power to put people under my control 3 times a day. Once i say the command word while directing it at them (have to be in line of sight or recent picture of them in front of me), they basically fall into a hypnosis like state and have to follow any command i give (only i can issue commands though). They cannot act on there own free will, although i can give them basic commands, it basically puts there bodies in auto pilot mode so i dont have to specifically say everything you want them to do.

Now for the curse part
>Once hypnotized, they have to be under my command for 24 hours. I cant release them before that but if i wish can keep them as long as 36 hours. If released before 24 hour period, the subject will suffer a major seizure and usually die. If kept after the 36 hour mark, I suffer a major seizure and die.

>They will revert back to normal self after released, all traces of any hypnosis vanish after released (prevents any subtle hypnosis lasting after being released).

>While they are under hypnosis, i can make them forgot three 5 min intervals as long as i specifically state the min:hour:day:month:year between the two times the interval to place. They will remember everything else did while under hypnosis and will completely understand that you hypnotized them.

>From here on out, no one will ever preform any sort of sexual activity with me unless i put them under hypnosis first.
>I get turned into a woman and am constantly raped, impregnanted by monsters/tentacles for the rest of life.
Why not turn into a woman AND an impregnating Tentacle Monster?
File: Get the fuck out.png (260 KB, 738x529) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Get the fuck out.png
260 KB, 738x529
Mah Wendiniggo. Fuckin love this one.
> You'll never experience the most intense orgasm of your life as you look on in horror while your body begins to merge into your girlfriend.
> You'll never look on with shock and terror as your girlfriend examines herself in the mirror and you're eye level with one of her sexy parts.
> You'll never feel all rational thought slip away as she pleasures you with her massive hands.
> You'll never completely lose yourself to pleasure as your entire body has become an erogenous zone.
> You'll never start to unconsciously refer to her as "Mistress" or "owner" as you unwittingly begin to accept your new role.
> You'll never forget your own name and start referring to yourself as whatever body part you've become.
> You'll never only exist in quiet contentment and pleasure.
File: futa succubus.png (540 KB, 562x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
futa succubus.png
540 KB, 562x800
You are cursed with the Succubus' curse.

At first you think nothing of it, because you are male.

However all that changes the first time you have sex. Half the sexual energy that girl now generates goes to you wherever you are, making you incredibly horny whenever she masturbates or has sex.

It doesn't stop there. Whatever mark your curse put on her is contagious. She sleeps around. And the guys she slept with sleep around. Eventually you have a constant torrent of sexual energy flowing into you 24/7. You would be worried about the constant orgasms and that your boner hasn't gone away for a week, but you have bigger concerns.

The energy is warping your body. Your dick is now a literal foot long. You never run out of cum. A hole is developing behind your balls and you have a sneaking suspicion of what it is, as your ass is getting bigger as well. And you are growing breasts...

Sorry did i say breasts? I meant hooters, bazongas, Weapons of Mass Destruction. They are around G cup already. You can see them getting bigger as you watch. The weight would be worrisome save that you seem to be getting stronger as well.

At O cups your breasts grow to their limit and the female sexual energy, not having an outlet, starts making clits for your newly grown pussy - yes clits, plural. They are not helping.

Only then, after your sex drive is in space, and your sexual attributes, both male and female are huge does something in you snap. A tail starts growing. Despite yourself you can't help but like it as you can change it from normal to dick to pussy-tipped at will. The wings come next, but are a let down cause there is no way you can fly with them.. maybe you'll think of something though. Last though is the eyes and horns. Kitty slit red eyes and dainty white horns grow.

At the very end of the change is a sanity-bursting orgasm that never ends... and the knowledge you can pick a person and pass on curse. What to do now? Who.. to.. do..?
File: 1427088837915.png (556 KB, 908x1120) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Your dick is now a literal foot long
Ugh, dropped...
>Penis is now a literal Subway footlong
>It has meatballs, salami, everything
>It shoots mayo when you rub it

Damn it I came for fap not laugh! Now I lost my boner.
i shrunk to the size of 1 inch tall
No sooner has she stopped uttering the curse, than I feel my entire body start to morph. My limbs swell, then retract, then multiply? My skin turns glossy and damp. My body elongates, until I have turned into a slimy mass of thin, pulsating tentacles, and I slide down a gutter and into the dark.

Two weeks later, a young college student enters a cubicle in a public toilet and sits down to do her business. With the most graceful of motions two of my tentacles slip around her thighs and grip, while another three shove themselves into her mouth and nostrils, silencing her completely. Tentacles caress her pussy lips and penetrate her, while others gently fondle her body, and she writhes in pleasure as she succumbs to an act no man can equal, her eyes rolling back in her head. Alas, I cannot feel pleasure, as the witch did not provide me with erogenous tentacles. Rather, I must spread her anus, and squeeze tentacles up her intestines in search of half-digested food to feed on. When I am done, I will sink back into the toilet in search of another victim.
The curse causes any woman I come in physical contact with to lose weight until she is so skinny her ribs are visible. I will never be truly sexually satisfied again.

On the bright side, I become filthy rich by selling my weight-loss services to women worldwide.
sauce plz? No hits from the usual engines...
Turned into a girl except I don't legally exist. All of my stuff has to be sold to pay for food rent. Eventually I find that the only person willing to hire me is the witch who cursed me in the first place, and the only position available is personal maid.

Oh wait shit, I didn't read the fine print. Turns out that he amount of money I earn is exactly enough to pay for the food and rent of living at this mansion (and uniform hire)

Quitting means being kicked out with not even the clothes on my back snd starving on the streets, but staying means basically being a slave. The 'uniform' is quite awkward too.

At least I get to have a maid around the house, right?
My pick-up line was so terrible that the Witch wanted to see me suffer for my idiocy. My cock grew painfully hard, thickening and lengthening but agonizingly so. My balls swelled with sperm nearly doubling in size. The urge to stroke myself to cum was unbearable but even as I tore off my pants and quickly pumped my shaft I only realized moments later what she had truly done to me.

Thick with arousal and bloated with seed, the Witch had made it so I could not achieve orgasm. Nor could any normal man/woman/Sasquatch. Only a woman who wanted to be impregnated by me could break the curse and true love's womb would set me free.

I become a were-slut, painfully transforming into a asian bimbo who will fuck anyone anywhere anyhow.

And I infect others, based on how deviant they are.

to slowly become carnage itself and cut free from civilication.

I want that.
>>Penis is now a literal Subway footlong
>>It has meatballs, salami, everything
>>It shoots mayo when you rub it
>Damn it I came for fap not laugh! Now I lost my boner.
...Honestly I don't think I'd mind that...
File: th.jpg (6 KB, 160x226) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 160x226
Everytime I cum my cum flows unto the floor and forms in to a futa with a huge dick and rapes me until the morning
Top tier fetish. For me, it might be this but at a way slower pace. I'd want the hopelessness to drag on for longer with each orgasm being weighed against my dwindling ability to live a normal life.


My dick becomes clit-sized or smaller, well beyond inadequate, and so sensitive that I frequently cum for no reason at all. Around women, I completely lose control and cum over and over again in a very obvious and expressive manner.
So someone thats wants to impregnate you or someone that wants to be impregnated by you?
Your dick is subjected to cartoon physics. 2 example effects:

1. like a leaky bucket in cartoons, if you obstruct your flow of cum with anything - clothes, condom, tissue, etc. a new urethral opening opens up somewhere else on your body. Its fairly small so its hard to notice until you feel where the load is going to when you masturbate.

If a full load pumps through it, a full blown dick grows as well. If both of those are blocked at the same time, yet another opening develops, etc etc.

2. You dick acts like an Acme magnet if it comes anywhere near a pussy. The effect temporarily stops while in a pussy (gotta pump somehow) or for a short time while in sage mode following orgasm.
When the witch claimed she laid a curse on you, you laughed. Later when you started watching the pounds fall off, and the fat shift to fill out your curves you laughed even harder, for a completely different reason.

A curse, sure, maybe, for someone who had not been dreaming about this for years. Every day that passed, leaving you more pleasantly curved left you even more giddy.

Sure you had to quit your job, get a new id, and throw out all your old clothes when they started to slip over you rather than cling nicely to your form. But a month later, you are still laughing, even as you drape yourself against the man you met at the airport bar.

His jacket looks fancy, and whatever payout you get will be a nice bonus on top of the fun night tonight.
"If you want to give up control so badly, so be it." The witch punctuates the last word with a flare of sparks as she tosses something or other into her fire. "I have laid a curse on you, now go away."

"What?" I stare at her, "That's it? Go away? I don't feel a thing."

The witch has the audacity to smile at that. A grin so smug it takes all my willpower not to step in and smack it off her face. No matter how creepy her bullshit about wanting to be controlled was, no matter how much it resonated deep down inside, who was she to insult me like that.

"I don't think you even have the power to curse me at all, I think that sparkly lightshow was your limit."

She actually laughs at that. and the urge to go over there and take out your anger on her doubles. "Oh I know," she says slowly, as if speaking to a child, "It's wonderfully subtle, isn't it."

And then all that anger vanishes. and all my thoughts about what I should do the the witch are crowded to the back of my mind by the simple directive, the call and response that deserves an answer. The curse is real, that certainty flows through my cleared head. And more than that, it is subtle, wonderfully so, and I need to tell the witch. "Yes," I say, carefully and clearly. "It is wonderfully subtle."

And with that question fulfilled, all the anger rushes back, and only the new fear of the witch's reaction stops me from rushing across the room to attack her. "What the hell was that!" I scream, and the tiny crack in my voice only makes me more angry.

The witch's laugh has morphed into full on cackling. "Oh it will wear off in a few months if you haven't lost yourself by then. Now get out, before I have to tell you a third time."

"How about I come over there and force you to take this curse off me?" I snarl, and I'm not sure how the witch can breathe for all that she's laughing. She tries to compose words a few times before getting control of herself. (1/2)
"It's a bit stupid of you to think you actually have that option? You know better, don't you." And I do, even as my thoughts flee again, leaving only that phrase sitting in my head. I can remember why I was angry, but I can't feel anything except shame at not realizing I knew better this entire time.

"Yes, I do know better," and all the thoughts and anger rushed back, tempered only by that solid knowledge that I knew better than to attack the witch.

"Ooooh, you're learning! And just think, all you have to do is avoid anyone saying a trigger around you for a few months! That is, if you want to stay an angry jerk who lives an unfulfilled life. But I think you'd prefer to be obedient, wouldn't you." (2/2)
When you tripped over the cat on the way through the fair you laughed it off and smiled as the huge black mound of fur ran into the bushes.

You realized your mistake not even ten minutes later when you walked into the witch's tent and saw that same tomcat, sitting regally on the pillows and hissing at you.

The witch did not even deign to speak to you, instead just waving her hand and casting you back out into the fairgrounds, and you thought it was over, until your friend pointed out you were shrinking and covered in fur.

By the time he had noticed you were already slightly shorter than him, and when he spoke you could hear all the little variances in his tone, Concern for what was happening, Fear for himself, and a small bit of arousal you would have been happier never knowing about.

As you stumbled through the fairground towards the center, you tried to speak, to ask what was going on, but every sound passing through your throat turned to yowls, and you could not keep an idea straight in your head for the deep thrumming need that was forming.

When one of the other workers caught sight of you and shooed your friend away to help, it was all you could do to understand his words of "dammit serena, another one?"

When he touched you the nameless need in your head and guts spiked, driving you to lean into him and be led into a tent, and to a post. It wasn't until he left your sight that the unfulfilled need faded enough to see that your paws and feet had been tied in place.

"CATGIRL IN HEAT" the signs proclaimed. "Tied for your safety, inquire prices within"
nah, you're into SPH and humiliation, you're in the right place
I love shrinking stuff too
My ex girlfriend now has my penis, and I have her pussy. She convinces me to get back together so she'll give it back to me, but what she does is take us to situations where I'm almost getting laid, interrupts, points out I have a pussy and proceeds to fuck the girl in my place.

Later, she fucks me with my dick and I have the most outrageous orgasms. I spend th days hating her and the nights wishing she'll fuck me again.

One day, she returns my dick, but it's pretty tiny, and she disappears from my life. I only hears stories from girls that keep being fucked by her and that she now has an enormous dick that gives them unbelieavable orgasms.

Every girl I met and fall in love with loves me madly until she sees my dick and starts humiliating me. Not long after she betrays me with my ex and her big dick.

You didn't even notice the curse until you woke up the next morning to find your dick sitting in the bed next to you. You knew at a glance that it wasn't a clone, and you knew that, despite the weird bulging knotted thing that had replaced it, it was not supposed to be off of you.

Needless to say, you panicked, you called up your old girlfriend, and though skeptical, she did agree to come over and check. By the time she got there you had calmed down a little, which lasted until she scooped up the dick and started playing with it.

She waved it about, she sucked along the edges and the tip, she slid it into her shirt, all while laughing at the pained noises you made at seeing your former manhood so treated.

Then she held it at her crotch, wiggling it about and talking about how good it would look on her, and it stuck. It stuck and suddenly you could both feel every little breath of your cold bedroom air against it. Then you both freaked out. You at the sensation and her at the appendage.

She fled, taking your old manhood with her, and you spent the rest of the day feeling it brush and shift against her soft panties, until about lunchtime, when apparently her curiosity got the better of her. You could feel fingers running up and down the shaft, exploring and transmitting the sensation as she played with your, no, her new cock.

From there everything started to spin out of control, you spent the rest of the night shivering from phantom touches as she talked her girlfriends into trying it out, and eventually passed out along orgasm from the phantom cock.

When you woke up, your dick was laying next to you. The new one, the shiny red one with a bulge at the base. You shivered in fear of what might have taken it's place, but were relieved to find a normal penis, if wider than any you had seen before.

Your relief ended when that girlfriend called you up and asked if you knew a way she could get her friends cocks like hers. You had no choice but to say yes.
Alongside turning me into a cute feminine boy with a fat butt, the curse would really begin whenever I'd come into intimate physical contact with a woman. A day after a kiss, blowjob, sex, what have you the woman would begin to groan, as her chest swells up bigger and bigger straining her clothing, and she begins to gag and gurggle as a white thick liquid begins to drip and spurt from her mouth, Which she immediately recognizes as male semen. Her breasts have become large swollen testicles as she continues to spew semen whenever she becomes aroused, The only way for the woman to be free of the curse is to break up with me and break my heart, If she chooses to stay with me however the curse will gradually get better, making her able to control it if she finds it pleasurable, so the woman can control it at her own will.
File: 1453514996570.gif (3 MB, 320x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 320x180
I am transformed into a loli. Everyone older than me has an uncontrollable urge to take care of me. On top of that, now the only way for me to get off is by hand holding.
Source on the image? image search options bring up nothing.
"You'd make a cute little slut," the witch says, although you can't see what about you might give her that impression. "Yes, I can just see you making yourself useful. Offering up those oh so fuckable lips, willing to do anything just to enjoy bringing others pleasure."

Damned if the witch's words don't leave you squirming and thanking the table for hiding your arousal. "You wouldn't really do that," you plead, although whether you're hoping for a positive or negative answer is something not even you can tell.

"Oh, but never let it be said that I am not fair. I will make you a deal. If you can make it the rest of the day without falling to your knees and begging someone to use you, the spell will fade, and you can go back to your boring life."

You nod along wordlessly, it's not fair in the least, and you know that, but arguing with the witch seems like an even bigger risk. So you smile, and you take the challenge. It should not be that hard to go a day without begging someone to use and abuse you, right?

You don't make it an hour.

The witch grins at you, "Is that what you truly want, to think yourself above the common masses. I think you should see people as they really are."

She blows the fumes from her cauldron, and they swirl about your head. You try to stay upright, but each breath of the gas draws you deeper into unconsciousness.

When you wake up in bed the next morning, you write it off as a dream, with only a pounding headache as proof that something happened. This delusion lasts right up until you open the door to see your neighbor, and the bulging cock in her pants.

You can't help but stare, as your head fills with vague memories of fantasies, dreams of sinking your cock into some wonderfully tight asshole. You can almost hear the gasps and feel the squirms of whatever imaginary partner-

"Hey, are you alright?" your neighbor calls, startling you out of the fugue.

"Anal" you ever so wittily reply. A grin spreads across your neighbor's face.

"Yeah!" she says, grabbing you by the arm and dragging you into her apartment, "I always wanted to try pegging! Just the thought of plunging into some guy as he tries to play cool! Let's do it!"

When you stumble out of her clutches an hour later, unforgivably late for work, you pile into your car and take off, only to be pulled over half a mile away from your house. As the police officer begins to grill you on what a hurry you were in, you fugue again. You stare at his arms and see how much he'd like to take some suspect in, chain him in a back room, and take turns with his buddies.

"What are you staring at? Are you trying to start something with me?" he growls at you. and again, before your brain can process, you respond.

"Oh, what are you going to do, chain me up?"

"That," he says, beginning to grin, "is a distinct possibility."

It's only then that you start to think that it might be best to surround yourself with normalfags. Even if sometimes it's hard to tell the difference at a glance.
would you be dominant over other transgirls [spoiler]i'm a transgirl[/spoiler]
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I am shrunken and placed in a sandwich for my ex girlfriend, but the curse prevents me being chewed to death so I must be digested along with the the food, which I am no better than. Or shrunken and placed into a milf's boot, but I am immortal and cannot escape, my only drink is her sweat and my only food is her toejam.
The witch curses me with boundless strength and durability. I can lift buildings, I can break a tank open with my face. It's amazing...

Except my clothes are all made of weak flimsy fabric and can't keep up. Whenever I exert my strength for any purpose, the fabric rips and tears, leaving me only in shredded cloth.

The worst part, erections cannot bear to be bound by flimsy clothing, and will not allow themselves to be hidden. When I get horny, *rrriiiip*, everyone knows.
>turn into twink with both cock and pussy

okay. Life wouldn't be much different.
Well then it's hardly a curse is it?

I'm sure you have the imagination to think of a suitable negative.
I begin to emit an undetectable pheromone that gradually transforms women into futanari, whilst also causing them to lust over me. The sexual attraction effect becomes stronger the longer she stays in my presence, as the pheromones are addictive.

It also has a somewhat feminizing effect on males, including myself, though it doesn't affect breast growth. Males are more resistant to but not completely immune to the lust effect.
Combine these two
The curse is that she fools me into thinking something amazing will happen to change my life in some radical manner, but I get home, fall asleep, wake up in the morning with only half an hour before I need to be working and the realization slowly dawns on me that nothing has changed, and that my life will continue down this path because there's such thing as magic or curses, just crippling disappointment and loneliness.
>What would happen
Gurochan would happen
Guys would constantly come up to me and fuck me in the ass no matter where.
Mind control plays out in one of two ways:
-I can control the thoughts of others, but they can do anything except what I tell them. If it wears off when I leave them, then I can no longer have fulfilling relationships, fulfilling hobbies, or a fulfilling life. If it doesn't wear off, society collapses. Either way, I must force myself into seclusion.
-I can read the thoughts of others and must do or act out whatever is being thought of in my vicinity. Again, I must sequester myself.

That sounds more like a gift for the morally corrupt (which you're already pretty close to being since you're here). Not much of a curse.
and there's my fetish
So would an enterprising dominant type, say, trap your hands in glass cases and proceed to fuck you mercilessly while deny you sweet pleasure and release?

I'm a terrible person for imagining this, aren't I?
File: 25122120-2.jpg (118 KB, 675x787) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The witch transforms me into an onahole/pocket-pussy/cock-sleeve. I look like a tiny sex-toy version of myself, remaining fully sentient but unable to move or communicate. At the same time my mother/aunt/female teacher, etc... grows an enormous cock and an insatiable libido. I'm left on her pillow to be discovered, along with a note informing her that only when she's cum in me 666 times, will her curse be broken. No matter what she tries she can only climax while penetrating me and any attempt to cum another way simply adds to her sexual frustration.

>turned into a cute, super girly trap with a tiny cock and humiliated
>oorrr turned into a burly cuntboy
.. and humiliated
>Suddenly become hypersensitive to virile male hormones
>I love lamp
There is now a monster under my bed.
Every night I turn into a girl and get raped.

Well, at least it's some kind of symbiont, granting me better sleep.
Occasionally the thing tries to spice things up, like by keeping me male or giving me a different shape or changing its own shape.
Thankfully, it's unpleasant at most and enjoyable at times.

It only lurks if I'm sleeping alone.
Man, that'd be a lovely way to retire.

Living the dream in a lovely and healthy body.
Once someone finds out what's happening, you'd be sodomized and dead.
I get a very cute and dedicated yandere who loves me very much.

She often kidnaps me for for days at a time then covers up any trace of evidence making it impractical to hold any sort of regular hours job. It's all very sexy, scary and inconvenient.
File: 42633213_p0.jpg (268 KB, 700x708) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I am sent to a world that is perpetually in a state of war and ruled by a brutal dictator. No law, no order, Rioting, looting, and rape is common. Those rebels who find themselves fighting are in a dead lock and have been this was for several years.

This world is much like our own, similar technology like cars and planes, electricity(where available) radio and television. Firearms are widely used.

I find myself trapped as a women rebel. The women gained a reputation for fighting to the death, rather than surrender to the regime's forces. Rumors and stories emerged of all the brutal rape that happens to women rebels who surrender or are captured. Many found raped to death.

I had the option to stay in a more secured area, but many of those girls work as prostitutes, or are pregnant. But I chose to fight. I was doing very well, gaining respect as a leader and a fighter. I lead many successful raids on Regime forces.

My reputation got the better of me, I got over confident when I lead a raid on a Regime garrison. It was a trap. My men shot to hell we tried to escape. I was captured. I tried to kill myself but the pistol I tried to use was empty.

In the middle of all the bloodshed they rape me one by one fucking me and filming it to be shown on public broadcast.
>not keeping your sidearm properly loaded at all times (or keeping track of remaining ammunition)
>not having a false molar filled with a nugget of C4 or cyanide
>not having a grenade daisy chain as a last resort
>not biting off your own tongue
Practically begging for it, really.
Maybe the weapon was empty when she picked it up. Maybe dentistry sucks in that country. Maybe she used up her grenades.

But what do I know, were you there fighting regime scum?
File: consentacles.jpg (251 KB, 708x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
251 KB, 708x1000
Slaanesh sneezed in your direction and you became a tentacle monster. More, one that needs to dwell within a woman to survive long term.

Communicating was a bit of a pain but finally you think you've found a likely girl...
bump cause I find this interesting
got any translations?
what the hell is that dress made of??
I can't masturbate, ever. Like, somehow, when my hand goes to my cock, it is repelled.
And sometimes, at random intervals, my underwear will start stimulating me, anywhere I am.
I'll be edging and begging for sex, which is my only escape, but I'll only be able to get it if I manage to get a girl.
Sometimes stimulation will be so powerful that I'll barely be "there".
The witch gave me two presents. First the gift of motherhood, second is the creature that has me snared in it's clutches. It supplies me with nutrients and hydration in the form of a paste that I am forced fed and swallow. Every day it fucks me until I go crazy from orgasms, then after I am exhausted from all the sex it impregnates me with up to a dozen eggs at a time. After 12 hours of gestation inside my womb the eggs release and hatch moments later creating more of the little creatures.

She said she would be back for me in a while after I helped repopulate this creatures species. I don't know when that will be but I can't remember, days months.
i don't have it but i know its been translated at some point
Censor mandated materials
Its like you didnt even try to read my wall of text.
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