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Last thread:
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Incoming Pocharu dump.
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Wow, who are the artists? Have they done other megucas?
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pocharu http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=277620 and yes, including a doujin thing that'll never see the light of day

shit...that's amazing
>Pocharu drawing kemono
>41 new image updates
>JeetohX trade/fanart

Christmas came early...and so did I

is this stoneman?
is this fucking stoneman?
Ahahaha holy shit it is.
Actually it's the Golem from Dragon Warrior
And that's what they said, it's Stoneman/Goldman in the american release.
I thought they were talking about Stoneman from Megaman

those names are retarded and untrue. i played Dragon warroir monsters and it was always Golem
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Which boatgirl is this?
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Nice fetish
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stoneman/stone golems are a palette swap of a golem, they aren't the same lol

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thread needs more fatchouli!!
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Don't make me get out my cart of Dragon Warrior and drive it through your skull you fucking hipster shit.
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If the fat in question was gray color then yes we'd say it was a Stoneman. But since its a gold color, its Golem you living piece of human garbage.
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Hm. Hm. Hm. Hm. People of the AMS...

A lot of this stuff would really fit better on a chubby thread and not a ssbbw thread
Not even that.
It belongs more on /e/ than /d/.
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Fat is not allowed on /h/ and /e/
/e/ has had chubby threads for quite a while now.
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/e/ chubby threads are ''realistically sized women'' imo senpai
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I swear Pocharu is the best BBW artist ever!
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fuck off
Holy shit, has fmsu improved?
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Wait a second, this isnt on his pixiv or his deviantart
Jeetdoh has a Patreon where he shows off his work a couple of weeks early, maybe it came from there.
Jeetdoh never fails to amaze.
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Yammy a cute!

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Now I feel bad for ever bringing this guy up
what is yammy and where can i get one
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Anyone got sauce on this pic?
Dude it's pocharu's artwork, it's the easiest shit to find.
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No I have absolutely no idea
fuck that's just adorable
I'm really wondering if tumblrites are incapable of talent or if they intentionally make characters ugly to project themselves, or how much of either one. Because you can spot these a mile away. Even with little to no tumblr nose, their faces are always ridiculously overdone, always with misshapen ugly noses. They're not good enough to be detailed, and they try too hard to be passed off as just a stylization. Stylization at least has form, and none of this has any form. No base structure, no order to the placement, everything's just kind of planted on their faces like a Mr. Potato Head.
Also how much blush does that girl need? On her shoulders, elbows, even ass cheeks, isn't that a little overkill? Sometimes less is more. Hell, that's why anime is so popular, it generally understands this concept.
Maybe it DOES belong there.
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Pocharu is so good.


I can't wait until hands/feet become the new autistic ramblings of the "Muh noses" shitters.
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For your masturbation

All anatomic errors were corrected in professional studio "Micerosoft Paint"

Please view patiently.
dude its cute enough dont be autistic
Anyone have that picture of the girl from the Road to Eldorado movie stuck in a wall? I'd appreciate if someone could post it.
File: 144849485823.jpg (96 KB, 1019x784) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Much appreciated
There this too if you don't already know.
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bingo wings.png
762 KB, 1300x1355
File: 510808121.png (314 KB, 600x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This was based on my EX GF
You need some quality control, both here and in real life.
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tetsu 2.jpg
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File: 00.jpg (2 MB, 2169x3108) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2169x3108

Its called

Zannen Shiyou
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This show has been good for fetish material.

The show is Valkyrie drive, seriously you could have just said it for others.
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fat dog days.png
3 MB, 3000x3000
What are they doing to her?
i assumed they were measuring her.
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This thread is totally full of meals for a futa who likes vore. If only there were a h/f futa/bbw vore thread.
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If only degenerates were gassed.
That pic is awesome. One of my favorite artist, is Ruebenesque
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372 KB, 1600x1200

Just because the thread has slowed down drastically doesn't mean you can shitpost about unrelated fetishes or act like you're from a retard board.
File: Dat Priscilla tho.png (669 KB, 1848x1903) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Dat Priscilla tho.png
669 KB, 1848x1903
I hope this thread isn't dead yet..
>Christmas Eve
>Nobody posted a BBW in a santa suit
File: 1266640219775.png (202 KB, 535x682) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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quit your bitching, I find your lack of faith on the eve of the birth of our Lord and savior lacking

here it is you humbug
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3 MB, 2000x1499
The way everyones clothes are way too small implies that they were all normal size then just instantly gained a ton of weight.

Also this artist sure loves to cram a ton of fatties together in a cramped room or on top of each other.
File: 1417728397223-3.jpg (122 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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1 MB, 1000x1000
Is posting stories accepatable here?
I'm writing ot my first one with some semblance of a plot, and I wanted to get feedback.
Fuck it. I'll check the thread later. Tear my writing apart while I'm gone.


A woman appears on the monitor, her hazel green eyes focusing somewhere off the bottom left of the camera in concentration. A slight frown on her face as she types and clicks. Brushing a strand of ruddy brown hair out of the way she looks up at the camera and claps once in an exaggerated gesture.

"Synch." She stares into the camera awkwardly for a few seconds.
"Um... Test recording number one. Checking audio levels and lighting. No one is going to see this so I'll use it as a video diary." She looks off camera and cocks her mouth to the side.
"It would help if I had a topic. Something interesting..." she trails off, looking through the monitor for a moment as she considers. She has a thought, lifting her eyebrows in consideration. Taking a deep breath, exhaling slowly, and closing her eyes, she begins.

"I love food." She opens her eyes and focuses thoughtfully at the camera.
"No, that's not quite right." Staring up at the ceiling, she continues, "Everybody loves food. Everybody likes to eat. I... this is not the same. I have a deep, carnal need for food."
She hesitates, blushing slightly. She licks her plump lips.
"Binging gets me excited. The anticipation of eating so much food. Then, the act itself- the absolute surrender of myself to basic instinct. The tastes and flavors in my mouth... swallowing and feeling the warm food slide down the back of my throat." She rubs her neck from jaw to collerbone. "To satisfy my urges so completely, stuffing myself to uncomfortable fullness..."

"I feel guilty about it, at the same time. I know that others would look on in horror, to see someone eating with wild abandon. They would hold me back, tell me to stop. They would tell me I'm going to get fat. Obese." She looks down, off camera.
"I could stop, easily. I normally do. That's always in the back of my head when I'm bingeing, ruining the moment."
She focused intently on the camera.
"At the same time, though, I'm actually turned on knowing the food is going to make me fatter. I know that with each mouthful I'm downing hundreds of calories. It fucking turns me on to rebel so completely against what I'm supposed to do. I want to get fat. I need to get fat."
She started squirming in her seat.
"I want to be obese. I want to eat and eat and eat all day, every day. I want to become huge. I fantasize about getting too fat to move. I don't just mean not being able to walk. I want to be so buried in my own obesity that I can't move my arms enough to feed myself. A giant middle finger to everyone that insisted I maintain my diet."
She closes her eyes again as she continues.
"I would lay there completely helpless, as someone continued to feed me. I would eat and eat knowing that it was just making me fatter and fatter. I would never stop eating. I want to become so fat..." her eyes open unfocused, searching for a description to properly convey her need. "I wouldn't ever want to stop."
She stays lost in her daydream for a few moments before snapping back to reality. Flushed, she collects herself and sighs longingly.
"Well, I guess I'm definitely not showing this to anybody now."

The video ends.

Andrew sits in his chair, face flushed, staring at the monitor. His mouth is slightly open, forgotten in his attention to the video. He pops open a reply dialog and adds his question to the ongoing thread.
Post ID: 9900134888
What's this model's name? Skinny women aren't my usual thing, but she's definitely got my fetish pegged to a tee.
He leans back in his chair, taking a drink and trying to ignore the erection the video gave him. A few seconds go by before a response to his post appears.
Post ID: 9900134897
> 9900134888
Not a model. Video was posted the first time last week. No one has dox yet. Just people bullshitting, but somebody thinks it was uploaded by accident. If it's a fetish model, she's a damn good actor.

Opening a new browser window, he gets to work finding the woman in the video while a copy downloads.

That's it for now. I'll write more later.
I've got a general outline of the story. It's obviously just smut. Don't expect realism, especially later as she reaches the extreme sizes mentioned in this first dump.
File: 141650506615.png (291 KB, 1400x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
291 KB, 1400x900
Also requesting moar. If this gets finished, I'm highly temped to do some illustrations for it.
File: 139093985890.jpg (92 KB, 1033x755) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92 KB, 1033x755

Cool. I'll keep posting then.
Tina nearly chokes as she opens the video attached to the top post on her favorite fat fetish board. There she is, staring back at herself. She feels her stomach drop when she notices it already had been viewed several thousand times. Someone would have already saved it. Her darkest secret was out and there was no way to get the genie back in the bottle.
She wanted to curl up into a ball and shut out the world. She would get to that, but first she was going to do damage control. Opening up her recording software, she finds that her recording session had been streamed to her new (thankfully anonymous) account. She immediately deletes the streaming account, hoping that no one had been able to link it back to her yet.

Back to the thread to see if anyone has already recognized her. Reading the body of the original post, she suddenly unsure of her next action.
I will give $5000 to the woman in this video. Just message me with proof and a bitcoin address.
Sighing heavily, she puts her head in her hands, trying to convince herself to pass up $5k.
"Fuck it," she exclaims to the empty room, hitting record.
"Hi. The time is 1:30AM, Eastern Standard Time on December 28th, 2035. Yes, that was me. Hope this is enough proof."
She attaches the video to a message along with her bitcoin address. Only five minutes pass before she receives a response.
Check your account. I'll pay another $5k if you agree to meet for conversation. I've set up a private chat room here:
Password is: immobilegirl
Sure enough, her bitcoin wallet has $5k in it. She starts running her fingers through her hair nervously. This guy could be a complete creeper and/or nutjob. She decides to boot up her quantum encrypted VPN before establishing a connection. As she slips on her VR headset, she is greeted by a man already waiting for her.

"Hi there," the man nervously rubs his left wrist with his other hand. "Can you hear and see me okay?"
"Hi. Yes. I should log off now," she said more to herself than anyone.
"Wait!" The man holds his hands up in a placating gesture. "I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Andrew Wong." He pauses for a few moments, as though he expects her to know his name.
Tina addresses the room, "Google, search Andrew Wong." A window appeared with the results and she recognized him after a moment.
"You were in the news a few years back for solving some major computer problem, right?" Tina questioned.
"I solved THE computer problem. P equals NP, and I proved it," Andrew announced, a little too smugly for Tina's liking.
"So where does a mathmatician make enough money to throw out 10k on a whim?"
"I played the stock market for a month between making the discovery and publishing the paper. Then I spent that money patenting a few dozen applications of my theory. The government also paid big money to have a system capable of cracking all but quantum encryption, among other things..." Andrew trails off.
"So you're wealthy. I get it." Tina winces. That had come out quite a bit harsher than she anticipated. "...I'm sorry. I'm a little stressed out right now. That video was never meant to be posted."
Andrew nods. "I was under that impression, yes."
Tina sits quitely for a few moments as the sinking feeling in her stomach returns.
Andrew nervously continues, "I share your fetish. I am a feeder, and I want to make our fantasies real."
She stares at him for a long moment before responding, "I don't doubt you have the resources to do it, but that would kill me."

There is a deafening pause in the conversation, before Andrew breaks the silence. "Yes, it would have killed you."
Tina leaned forward. "If that pause was for dramatic effect, it worked. You had better not be fucking with me. Explain."
"Molecular machines."
"Nanobots? That's been ten years away for the past two decades."
"Until I solved P equals NP. I can model proteins on your desktop computer. I can reprogram your own cells to produce the machines. I've thrown five hundred million dollars at prototyping a suite of machines to keep a person healthy no matter how fat they might get."
"But-" Tina tries to interject.
"The set currently ready will support up to about fifty tons. After that, we run into some problems with surface area limitations. If we want to go bigger, some more extensive body modifications will need to be made." Andrew waves his hand dismissively.
"Are you literally hand-waving that last part?" Tina asks, disbelievingly.
"I have the first design made up, but they haven't been refined or tested. I figure I have plenty of time." Andrew added emphasis on the last three words.
"So this set that's ready to go... it's been tested?"
"Animals models have all passed with flying colors. Human simulations haven't shown any side effects."
"So I'd be the guinea pig."
"...Only if you agree to be. I understand if you want to think-"
"Sign me the fuck up." Tina interrupts, eager to exchange information before she can change her mind.

Okay, that's it for tonight. I'll do three post a night like this for the next few days. I promise kinky shit soon. I'll try to have the next part written before I post tomorrow.
>50 tons is the CURRENT limit right out of the gate
>sweats profusely
File: 1426144070389.png (19 KB, 512x323) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 141.80.jpg (426 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
426 KB, 1920x1080
>The plot is held together by nanomachines
My suspension of disbelief remains intact. I can't wait to see where this goes. I'm loving this.
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Jesus H Christ what the fuck happened
What's the problem.
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pretty sure that's dufel

---Warning: more exposition. Skip if you just want to fap.---

"Last one you have to sign, I promise. This releases Omnitech from any civil liabilites should the results be unfavorable. Medical treatment will, of course, be paid for in such an event."
Tina wearily signs the final page.
"Thank you for your time and cooperation. I'll leave you to the doctor now," The omnitech lawyer formally states as he exits the room.
"Well, that was fun," Tina remarks just before the doctor enters the room.
"Hi. My name is Bill. Let's get you up to speed on what we'll be doing in the next few weeks."
"...Yes. I'll be doing a full physical today with blood work. Then you'll be waiting a week for the epigenetic analysis and gene modeling. On January 8th through the 14th, you'll be undergoing vector initialization gene therapy."
"What?" Tina questioned.
"Uh, we need to reprogram your cells the old fashioned way to produce the gene delivery nanomachines first." The doctor waits for acknowledgement of comprehension.
"Okay..." she squinted her eyes as she drew out the word.
"It cuts what would be a multi-year intensive gene therapy regimen to a day."
"Okay." Tina nods. "Got it."
"On January 15th, you'll receive the full suite of experimental genes." He flips a page on his clipboard and starts reading off the list. Tina's mind begins to wander after the first dozen.
"...and finally HEART-D5. Full information on each will be provided to you in a packet we'll send home with you today."
The doctor lowers his voice. "And on a personal note, tell Andy he's wasting the company's time. I know what he's planning to do, and it will make the test results completely invalid for securing further human trials."
Tina is taken aback by the sudden change in tone, but quickly regains her composure. "I don't think he's worried about that."
"I know. Let's get started on your physical."
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I just wanted to fap, now I'm too busy reading about P versus NP.

The car sped away, off to its next passenger. Tina stood in front of the largest house she had ever seen. At this size she was tempted to call it an estate, if not for the modern architecture. She settled on calling it a compound as she approached the front door. It opens on its own as she approaches.
"That's... a little weird." She observes as she takes a step inside. She is immediately hit by the smell of food. "Hello? Anybody home?"
The intercom system dings. "Be there in a minute. Dining room is to the right of the entry if you want to get started."
She sets her luggage on the floor and draps her coat over it before making her way to the dining room. There, her eyes widen as she sees a banquet table being loaded with food by a robot. It does not acknowledge her as it leaves the room, only making a quiet beeping noise as it passes her. Tina's nose brings her attention back to the table.
A mounded serving tray of ham cutlets sits in the middle of the table. Surrounding it are a full range of sides, each nearly overflowing their serving bowls. Cheesy mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, sweet potatoes, gravy, rolls already covered with butter, green beans, and pudding all steamed with an intoxicating aroma. She noticed that only two places had been set, although the amount of food would easily feed a dozen people. She knew why; she had fully read the packet of information during her two weeks of preparation. The modifications had included stomach elasticity and digestive efficiency improvements, not that she'd been able to test them yet. The clinic had kept her on a strict diet during the ordeal. She was the perfect eating machine and now she was finally being unchained.
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Theoretically speaking, if I commissioned a picture of a girl fattening up to fit snugly into an enormous body stocking, who from the endless supply of girls do you think it should be?

Bonus points if it could maybe kind of sort of make sense in their respective universe. No lolis please

The obvious answer is Tharja, but she's got plenty of fat art. I'm leaning toward Sorceress myself, but maybe you've got a better idea.

She begins shaking in anticipation as she loads her plate. More than she would have eaten even during a binge, and this would only be the first course. She sits down and brings the first forkful of ham to her mouth, then another quickly as the flavors explode in her mouth. This is by far the best food she had eaten in a long time. After the third piece, she starts eating the ham with her fingers, rolling up each slice and shoving it into her mouth. The rolls were next. She crams the first one fully into her mouth and picks up a drink to help wash it down. Tina groans in pleasure as the taste of vanilla milkshake mixes with the dinner roll and butter.
Andrew stood in the doorway, watching her eat for a few minutes. She is so engrossed in her meal that she doesn't notice him walk into the room.
"So I take it the food is good?" He interrupted as she finished her first plate. She starts in her seat. She flushes with embarrasment at being caught binging.
"Sorry, I didn't see you."
"Quite alright. I'm glad your enjoying yourself. Please, continue" Andrew says as he approaches the table and takes a few pieces of everything. It seems like a small portion compared to what she had already eaten.
"So your really expecting me to eat all of this today?"
"Of course. I portioned it out based on your size and a conservative estimate of the modifications. Meaning... you should still have room for dessert," he smiles at her as he sits. "...Later tonight." She begins to grow wet with the implications and the thought of continuing her feasting throughout the night. She moves to stand and reload her plate, but Andrew holds up a hand. "Please, stay seated." He picks up a remote and fiddles with it for a moment. The robot from earlier enters the dining room.
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Hinata or Anko

"Jarvis, please refill Miss Mills' plate with food from the table and keep it filled until she's eaten all of the food on the table." He pauses thoughtfully. "Excluding anything on my plate." He turns to Tina. "He ususally understands context, but I wanted to be sure."
"Jarvis?" she asked, mockingly.
"I could have named him Alfred."
"Fair enough." Jarvis picked up her plate and began his task. "So..." she trailed off, trying to fill the silence while she waited. "Are you going to give me a tour of this place?"
"We'll worry about that tomorrow. Tonight I plan on leaving you so full you can't move." Her heart skipped a beat.
"Don't tease me."
"I even have a suprise waiting for you." Jarvis sits a mounded plate in front of her. She picked up her fork and knife to cut a slice of ham. "Don't bother with proper table manners," he scoffed, "or we'll be here until dawn. I already saw you gorging earlier and I'd like to watch that again." His voice grew more urgent, almost aggressive. "I want to watch you desperately cram food down your throat. I want to see you live your fantasy." Her heart was beating faster now. She had known that he shared her fetish, but this a raw emotional display she hadn't seen from him before.
She loads a slice of ham with stuffing and gravy like a taco. "I'm going to eat all of this, then you're going to fuck me while you feed me desert." She takes a massive bite while eyeing him across the table. His mouth is slightly open. He inhales sharply as she takes another bite, exhaling in a stuttering breath. He wanted her, she could see it in his eyes. For now he would have to wait.
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That's it for tonight. More tomorrow.
Here's a rough sketch to tide you over.
>Making sure to clarify "excluding anything on my plate" so its script understands the condition
This warms my dorky little heart.
holy shit she has gorrilla arms.

The robot moved diligently back and forth along the table, keeping Tina's plate full. Her appetite had completely taken control. With one hand she gripped a spoon, shoveling mashed potatoes and green beans to her face. With the other hand she alternates between ham, corn on the cob, and the dinner rolls. Her mouth is only free long enough to gasp for breath or moan between bites.
"Mmmm... Jarvis, just bring me the bowl of sweet potatoes." The robot obliges, setting the bowl next to her. She shudders as she issues her next command.
"Hold the bowl up to my face and tilt it towards me." Steadying the bowl with one hand, she pours the decadant mixture of sweet potato, butter, and sugar directly into her mouth. She visibily goes limp as she swallows mouthful after mouthful. She breaths hard through her nose, bringing the spoon up to scrap the remanents off the sides.
Finished with the bowl, Tina leans back in the chair. She massages her stomach, closing her eyes and letting her mouth fall open. She felt a heaviness in her gut, feeling strangly full but without the nausea that normally followed a binge.

"Jarvis, mix the bowls of gravy and stuffing together." Andrew wiped his mouth and stood up from the table as the robot worked. "...And stop refilling her plate. I don't think she'll be needing it." He picks up the now combined bowl and steps behind her.
"Oh god, please feed me." Bringing the bowl around, he corrals the gooey combination into her mouth with a serving spoon.
"150 pounds? You are so terribly thin. I want you to completely let go. Just eat and eat and eat. Every meal. Everyday." Andrew words drove her mad with desire. She could feel her stomach distending. She was so close as she finished the bowl.
" Fuck... pudding. Now." She commands.
"Jarvis, feed Miss Mills pudding from the bowl. Same as before." He reaches down and massages her stomach as she begins to gulp the thick dessert.
"I'm going to feed you mountains of food. I'm going to fill your skinny body with so much fat you can't move." His words finally push her over the edge. She groans and arches her back as she climaxes. Tina manages to continue swallowing, prolonging her orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasure wash over her until the bowl is pulled away, empty.

Slumped back in her chair, Tina looks up at Andrew. Breathing hard and sweating faintly, she smiles contentedly, her eyes half closed.
"Just... a few more bites." She leans foward to grab the last food from her plate. The pressure from her stomach stops her.
"... I can't reach." Huffing, she returns to her slouched position. Andrew slowly feeds her the last morsels of food. She gratefully accepts the help.
"Just... give me a minute." Tina grabs both sides of the chair and hefts herself into a standing position. "I feel incredibly full, but yet somehow I'm not sick and I feel like I could eat more," she voiced her concern.
"Sounds like everything is doing its job, then. You'll know when you can't eat anymore." He takes her hands in his. "Now, I believe we still had desert to get to."
Andrew leads her out of the dining room and down a hall.
'Thank god the bedroom is on the first floor' Tina thinks to herself. Her legs still felt like jello from earlier.
"Time for the suprise," Andrew looks back expectantly as he opens the bedroom door. Inside is a huge contraption suspended over the king bed. Tina inhales sharply at the sight, a tingle between her thighs growing again.
"Is that..."
"A fifty gallon hopper."
"I can't..."
"Not yet, but you will. For now I'm going to load it with a gallon of milkshake. What kind do you prefer?"
"Perfect. Jarvis, load the hopper with a gallon of chocolate milkshake."

"I'm going to get so fat..." Tina moans, her eyes wandering the room, spotting several other sweets set on the nightstand. Andrew pulls her around to face him.
"What-" Tina questions before she's interrupted by a kiss. She stiffens instinctively. He wraps his arms around her as she relaxes. Biting his bottom lip playfully, she stares into his eyes seductively. He pulls her shirt off over her head and starts unbuttoning his own shirt. His eyes take in her body. At five foot six, she had a layer of fat only because of her petite build. Her C cup breasts come free as she removes her bra. Underneath, her stomach pushes out her midsection. If the buldge weren't too high up on her torso, he would have thought she was pregnant. She has a shadow of a pooch, leading to hips that flare out modestly. He unbuttons her pants as she does the same for him. She takes his massive erection in her hands and strokes it gently. He had been pent up for nearly an hour watching her eat. She slides her panties off, Andrew taking note that they are discolored with wetness.
She climbs onto the bed gingerly and into position underneath the tube, avoiding compressing her stomach. She sighs when he penetrates her and begins thrusting. Wrapping her legs around him, she starts shouting.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck! I want to be fat! I want to be huge!" Andrew holds the tube up to her. She takes it in her mouth as he opens the valve. Her cheeks bulge as she begins to swallow. He can see the mass of food straining against her throat as she feverishly gulps the liquid.
"Yes! Keep eating!" Andrew yells while slamming himself into her. She's managed to down half the gallon already. "Oh GOD, you're going to be so fucking fat!" Her body goes stiff as he feels her massive release. She manages to swallow again before breathing hard around the tube. Finishing the last of the shake, she looks down at him with a fire in her eyes.
"I'm going to satisfy your most immoderate, reckless fantasies. Feed me forever. Bury me in fat. I'm only ever going to scream for more. Let's see how big you can make me. Jarvis, FEED ME," she shouts, closing her eyes and opening her mouth. He grabs her hips and pulls her hard against him, gritting his teeth as he starts to cum. The robot shoves a slice of cheesecake into her mouth. She grips him hard as she's pushed over the edge again. His hot load is pumping inside of her while she swallows forcefully. Another slice is brought to her mouth and she takes it greedily. Andrew is still cumming while she downs the third slice. He finally starts to come down, thrusting gently as she finishes the rest of the cheesecake. Pulling out, he lays beside her on the bed.
"I can't move," she breathes heavily, passing out into a food coma.
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That's it for now. I'll be back on the 2nd to post more.
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>"Coming soon!!"
>1 year later
>"Coming soon!!"

And meanwhile, sokky has yet to fucking post anything else.
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>The Dude's name is Andy
>My name is Andy
O boi this is getting personal
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anyone have a collection of Sokky's stuff? can't find an archive anywhere
It's a new years miracle
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I hate it when the guy in a video/comic/fic shares my name. It makes me feel too embarrassed to fap to it.
You gotta embrace it, anon
Go even further

Stirring, Tina blinks against the harsh light of the morning. Andrew was already gone from the bed. She rises from the bed and stretches, feeling refreshed. Her meal had been digested over the night, she realizes as she scratches at her stomach. Even more peculiar, she feels perceptibly softer to the touch than yesterday. She rushes to the bathroom, giddy to see the results.
The master bathroom was impressive. An extremely large shower and jet tub were along one wall. The other held the sink, countertop, and a large bariatric toilet. The mirror revealed no apparent change to her appearance, so she steps on the scale. The display flashes 157 lbs after a second.
'Seven pounds?' she thought. 'I gained seven pounds in one meal?' Growing aroused at the prospect of gaining even more today, she decides to skip a shower until breakfast is over. After using the facilities, she changed into her pajamas and went looking for Andrew.

A din was coming from somewhere down the hall and the smell of breakfast drifted past Tina. Through an archeway she can see the kitchen where two robots are cooking. They look almost exactly like the one she had encountered yesterday. The kitchen itself was incredible, outfitted with four ovens, three fridges, a commercial deepfryer, and a walk-in freezer. Andrew came in through a side door and motioned to Tina.
“Good morning. Breakfast is almost ready.” He thumbed at the door behind him. “Dining room is through that door, if you want to take a shortcut.” Tina approached Andrew as he was picking up a stack of pancakes.
“So you have more than one robot?”
“Five, actually.”
“Oh. What are their names?”
“They're all Jarvis. A centralized server runs the robots. Think of the physical robots as tools, rather than individuals,” he explains as he pushes open the door to the dining room. The table is filled with food again. Two dozen eggs, two pounds of bacon, two stacks of pancakes, and a bottle of maple syrup. She begins to salivate at the sight, her stomach growling.
“After breakfast, you're giving me the grand tour,” she points at him with a fork after taking her seat.

Instead of filling a plate like last night, she began eating directly out of the tray of eggs. She shovels them into her mouth quickly, her hunger from yesterday having returned. Everything else fades away as she consumes, engrossed in the texture and taste. The eggs gone, she moves onto the bacon. Forgoing silverware, she picks up two slices at a time and folds them into her mouth. Grease runs down her chin while she chews. The taste of fat and salt elicit a small groan. She stops half way through the tray to gulp heavy cream from a one liter container. The idea of consuming nearly pure liquid fat makes her squirm in her chair. Soon the bacon is also devoured, leaving her with the stacks of pancakes. She drenches them in syrup and butter before digging in. Her jaw hurts from chewing as she nears the end. The last of the cream is finished as the dishes are cleaned from the table. Jarvis helps her up from the table and leads her back to the master bathroom, where it has prepared a bath in the whirlpool tub. She nearly falls asleep as the jets massage her.

Tina, refreshed from her bath, stands in the hallway next to Andrew. Her stomach is already returning to normal, her breakfast half digested. She's wearing a green tshirt with black underarmor and lowrider bluejeans. Her stomach is causing the shirt to ride up, and her entire outfit is tight.
“I weighed myself after the bath. I'm at 162 now.” She ran her hands down her front and hips. “There's probably a few pounds of food in there, but I've gained at least ten pounds in the last eighteen hours.”
“Two meals to go today. I think we can stretch this shirt a little more.” Andrew says, tugging downwards on the front. “Anyway, I thought you wanted the tour.”
“Right. Please, continue.”
“The rest of the hall here is bedrooms. We've got four guest bedrooms and other bath on this hall, aside from the master bedroom and bath. He goes around to each door and opens it, letting her peak in. “They're good for people crashing after house parties. I don't plan on having long term guests.”
He walks back down the hall and past the kitchen archeway. “You've already seen the kitchen and dining room. That's it for the right wing of the house.”

He makes his way through the entrance area and through another archeway. “This is the living room. We're fully equipped with a wet bar and a full fridge, pool table, and a one hundred inch display.” He continues walking towards a hallway. “First door on your right is another full bathroom. The second door...” he pauses as he opens it, “is my study. A bookshelf lines the right entire wall, covered with a multitude of books, games, and knick-knacks. A server rack sits in one corner with a full VR harness next to it. A fireplace interrupts the left wall with an overstuffed recliner and end table next to it. Closing the door, he motions to the left. “Through here we have the pool and exercise room.” He opens the door into a vestbule and opens the inner door. The smell of chlorine and sweat drifts through. “We also have a hot tub and a sauna.” He ushers Tina back into the hallway. She looks down the hall when Andrew makes no move towards it.
“You forgot a room. Seem pretty large from the outside of the house.” She points at the last door at the end of the hall. It's a double door, taking up the width of the 5 ft wide hallway.
“That room is currently being renovated. Call it... another surprise. I'll let you take a look after you've gotten some meat on your bones.” He pinches her side, grabbing the small layer of fat that was starting to develop.
“How about you just tell me what it is,” she said, annoyed at his quasi-patronizing remark. “I'm not just a thing for you to toy with. I want to know what I'm getting into.”
Andrew holds up his hands in front of him in mock surrender. “Alright, fine. It's a room specially equipped to deal with you once you become immobile.” Tina sucked in her breath as she stared at the door. “But I do want it to be a surprise, so I'm keeping it locked until you're ready.”

“Until I'm nearly immobile.” The word struck a chord with her libido, but a pang of anxiety echoed as well. “I... think I need a drink.” She turned away, walking back toward the living room. Concerned, Andrew walked after her.
“I'm sorry, I'm just not entirely sure about all of this.” She walks behind the bar and pulls out a glass. “I mean, the fantasy is amazing, but...” she pauses as she pours herself a beer. “Actually going through with it? Giving up everything else in my life for food?” She felt another tug on her libido at the words, despite herself. She hid the heat rising to her cheeks with the beer glass, taking a drink.
“Isn't this what you wanted, though?” Andrew had taken a seat at the bar.
“I mean, yes. I do. I just... I just got done with my undergraduate in physics. I was going to pursue my doctorate in Gravitron Theory. I wanted to change the world, help humanity-” she took another drink.
“We all want to do great things in our lives.” A smile appeared on Andrew's face. “At least you'll go down in the record books.”
“Yeah, for my body.” She chugs the rest of the drink. “I'm sure that's what every woman wants, right?” She looked at Andrew accusingly. “You've already made your mark on the world.”

“Ouch. True.” He tapped his finger on the bar counter. “I think I might need one of those too.”
“I'm not saying I'm ungrateful,” she shook her head as she poured another beer. “I just want to feel like I've accomplished something.” She passed him the drink and refilled her glass.
“I understand.” He took a sip. “I can only offer you my contacts and access to Jarvis. It's equipped with an Augur processor.”
“Holy hell.” She took another swig. “I suppose you did create the theory behind it.”
“Damn right.” He swirled his glass. “I'll make some modifications so you can access the server well into helpless immensity.” Finishing his glass, he adds, “Making your mark on the world will be on you, though. I'm just giving you a helping hand.” He gets up from the bar stool. “But in exchange...” his voice lowers as he approaches her from behind. “I want you to let go, completely. No inhibitions. I want this,” he grabs her belly, “to touch the floor.”
She turns her head to whisper in his ear, “Then I'm going to need lunch.”

--Story Input--
I've got lunch planned out. Does anybody want to request anything specific happen for dinner & dessert? You have about 21,000 calories to work with.

After the end of the day in story, I'll start doing time skips.
Bbwchan is down.
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It happens every one in a while.
its back up, they updated to actually function like a modern chan :D but all the posts are gone :\
A vat of something creamy and messy, tiramisu for dessert? I assume she's still forgoing utensils. And maybe jello, with a tongue in cheek reference? Anyhow, this is going fantastically. :3

Tina sat on the couch while Jarvis brought out platters of ten greasy double bacon cheeseburgers and around two pounds of fries. It sets down a bottle of ketchup and a two liter of root beer next to the trays on the coffee table.
“Care for something to watch?” Andrew flicks on the TV and switches to a show about BBQ ribs.
“I suppose I should have seen that coming,” Tina observes with a smile as she picks up the first burger. Meat, grease, fat, salt, and sweetness from the bread mix in her mouth in a storm of flavors. She shivers with joy while swallowing the first bite. “Oh fuck, these are good.” Launching back into the burger, she makes quick work of it. “Mind getting the ketchup?” she asks, unscrewing the two liter.
“Sure, where?”
“Fries, all of it.” She takes a massive bite of the next burger as he adds the ketchup. She had often ordered multiple meals at fast food drive-throughs when she was preparing for a binge. It had only ever been two meals at most, though. This was on a entirely different level. She stuffs the burger back in her mouth, remembering how many nights she had masterbated with a huge burger in her mouth – just like this. She flushes with the memory. The second burger gone, she undoes her jeans and slides out of her pants.

“Need more room?” Andrew queries.
“No – well, yes.” She picks up her third burger. “I want you to do something for me.” She takes another massive bite.
Swallowing, “Eat me out while I eat.” Andrew quickly moves the food to the couch and endtable. Positioning himself in front of her, he slides off her panties. She spreads her legs and moans through a mouthful as he begins to work her. “Mmpph!”
The burgers disappear quickly in a frenzy of food and lust. Trembling with excitement, she picks up the two liter with the last burger in hand. She barely chews before washing it down with the sugary drink. Andrew wraps his arms around her hips underneath her legs and pulls her closer. His head is suddenly squeezed tightly by her legs. She shakes with the force of her orgasm while chugging the two liter. A minute later, she relaxes and puts the two liter down. She burps loudly and breathes hard.
“Don't stop!” The tray of fries is brought forth and she begins shoving them into her mouth with large handfuls. Ketchup mixes with the grease on her hand and face. Salty, fat, and starch crunch in her mouth while the ketchup acts as a sweet lubriant. Andrew flicks her clit, causing her to jerk again as another orgasm washes over her. She starts to sweat, franticly gorging on the potatoes. Nearing the end, she sets the pan down and grabs the last fries in two large handfuls. She presses them both against her mouth, not able to get all of them in with one bite. The large mass is swallowed as she opens to cram the rest of them in. The feeling of the food in her throat while more is being pressed into her mouth overwelms her. She spasms in ecstasy once more. In a half-delirious state, she chugs the rest of the two liter.
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Man I wish I could write that quickly
It's simple. Just think, and live your fantasy through your fingers. Sounds dumb and oversimplified, but once you get used to doing it, it just comes to life.

Her gut is stretched to its limit, not having fully digested breakfast before her massive lunch. Groaning, she reaches down and pats Andrew on the head.
“Okay.” She huffs. “I'm good.” Her breath is shallow and rapid. She winces. “Ohhhh, I think I overdid it,” she confirms while pushing downward on her stomach with her palms. Andrew visits the bar, coming back with a towel and pain killers. She dry swallows the pills and leans back, trying to find relief. Andrew wipes up the grease and ketchup she's spilled down her front. She mutters a quiet “Thank you” while continuing to knead her swollen stomach. Just as Andrew finishes cleaning up, Tina lets out a long belch. “Oh my god, that feels so much better.”
“Glad you enjoyed lunch.”
“I just wish I didn't feel this nauseated, overstuffed bullshit.” She motions to Andrew, “Why didn't you design an 'instant disgestion' nanobot? Then I could just eat all day, getting fatter before your very eyes.”
He leans down and kisses her forehead. “Just relax and watch tv or take a nap. You'll have digested plenty in a few hours.”

The rest of the afternoon passed by. She was fitted for a custom VR headset including a skullcap to monitor brain activity. By training the computer to recognize her movements, she could eventually manipulate her avatar just by thinking about it. It would take some time, but she was confident the technology would suit her needs. The headset was done printing around three. Andrew came looking for her around seven in the evening, finding her strapped into the VR harness.
“Dinner's ready.” He announced to Tina.
“Okay, hold on a few minutes. I've gotten the avatar's arms to synch, but I'm still having trouble with my hands. I thought maybe using the harness motions as a secondary input feed would help train this thing faster, but it's still an agonizingly slow learner.”
Andrew folded his arms across his chest, tapping his finger against his shoulder thoughtfully. “I never thought to do that. It took me a whole day just to get one arm to move in relatively the same direction as mine. Took a whole damn week for my arms to fully synch, and you've done it in four hours.”
“Color me shocked. He does have humility.” She takes off the harness and shakes out her hair, flashing him a sly grin.
Andrew purses his lips, “Hey, I can't be an expert on everything.”
“Uh huh. Maybe I'm just smarter than you.” She reaches back and pinches his ass as she walks by, causing him to start. “What's for dinner?” she askes, stretching out her arms while leaving the room. Andrew looks after her, a smile spreading across his face.

I made up an outline weeks before I started writing the story. Characters, setting, rules of the story world, and plot need to be established in advance. It also helps with balancing the fantasy against suspension of disbelief, even though smut can push it further than normal writing.

“Dinner will be a bit simplier than last night. Just over 5lbs of shrimp linguini alfredo.” He takes the lid off the two trays. They've been modified to have a spout on one side. Tina started to salivate. She had fully digested lunch and was actually hungry again.
“Jarvis, if you would please hold the pan up to Tina.” Andrew took at seat with his own small plate.
“Uh, I don't see any utensils.” Tina questioned.
He twirled the pasta around his own fork. “Yep. Dig in.”
She stares at the pan with a decided expression, rolling up her sleeves. Adjusting the pan's placement, she tips it towards herself. Gingerly, she sticks her hands into the pasta. It's hot, but not overly so. Scooping it towards the spout, she opens her mouth wide as the first pasta starts to tumble off the lip. Bits of pasta and sauce miss her mouth, but she continues to ferry the meal into her waiting maw. Putting her hand over the spout, she chews and catches her breath. Pushing the pan level, Tina strips off her shirt and underarmor, already soiled with sauce. Pulling the pan towards her, she places the spout at her lips and tilts it upwards again. Her hands grip the spout, forming a trough to contain the pasta as it pours into her mouth. Alfredo sauce dribbles down her chin and onto her breasts as she gorges.

She could have demanded a fork or at least a spoon. This was what she really wanted, though. To be reduced to eating like a pig, so compelled to consume that she abandoned all sense of dignity. Andrew was seeing her for what she really was, a slave to unabashed gluttony. She rolls her hips back and forth, needing to show him her full weakness for food. The first tray exhausted, she looks down at herself. Sauce and pasta are littered down her front and onto the chair. She scraps some off her belly with her hands, looking at Andrew as she consumes it. The second tray is brought into position. She stuck her hand into her pants and plunged her fingers into herself as she swallowed. She wanted him to see her for the depraved food-obsessed animal she was. Her cheeks burned hot red as she bucked her hips. Her eyes focused on him, begging him to use her. He stood up as she neared the last of the pasta, his cock throbbing against his pants. She pulled away from the pan as she swallowed the last bit of sauce. He grabbed her by the head, his erection already out, and jammed her mouth down around his dick. She choked as he rammed himself down her throat a few times before forcing her face down to the base of his length. He came down her throat as she brought herself to her own crashing orgasm.
File: 1437251884482.jpg (254 KB, 1500x851) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
254 KB, 1500x851

She pulled her head off of him and doubled over, coughing in rasping gasps. Resting her forehead on the table, she regains her composure.
“Water,” she croaks.
“Here,” Andrew says quietly, placing a glass in her hand. She takes it without looking up. After a minute, she rises and downs the water.
“I'm going to need a shower.” Tina observes, voice still rough, looking down at herself. “But first... I'm still hungry.”
“Jarvis, bring out dessert.” The robot disappears into the kitchen. Tina looks up at Andrew and smiles. He picks up a cloth napkin and wipes her mouth and chin off. She takes the napkin and cleans her hands of sauce while the robot returns. A seven by eleven inch pan of three inch deep chocolate tiramisu is set in front of her. Andrew cuts out a slice and hand feeds it to her slowly. The rich creamy dessert sooths her throat on the way down. She whimpers as it slides down her throat. She licks his fingers.
“I said I was still hungry, and I already need a shower.” She whispers, “I want this in me as fast as possible.”

He pauses, taken aback at her statement after just being throat-fucked a minute ago. She catches the look on his face and quivers with arousal, knowing she'd pushed even his expectations of her depravity.
“Shove this down my throat like you did your cock.” He needs no futher instruction. He motions to the robot.
“Hold the tray.” He grabs the back of her head and picks up a piece. “Take a deep breath.” She inhales. He smashes the piece into her mouth, cream overflowing onto her lips and chin. As she starts to swallow, mouth still agape, he forces another piece in. Her throat already open, the mashed dessert is forced down her throat as he holds her head and pushes in with his palm. She clentches her fists as he repeats the motion. One piece after another enters her, bits falling onto her distenting middle. She shakes both with the need to breathe and with the throbbing coming from her cunt. The barrage relents after half is inside her. She gasps for breath, panting. She nods after half a minute, drawing in a lungful of air.
“Eat.” He commands as he starts again. “Gorge.” He rams another in. “Plump. Fat. Obese.” He times a piece with eat word. “Immobile.” She jerks with the last word and hunk of dessert, her legs convulsing inward.
Anybody have the one where some girls eat some SUPER XL GAIN WEIGHT FAST bars or something and they end up making clothes out of shower curtains while one friend calls the bar company?

Captcha was for noodles, kek.

Head hanging, sagging in the chair, Tina rubs her hand over her belly, smearing the alfredo sauce and tiramisu. She breathes slowly, still lost in the endorphin high. Food has drenched the chair, the refuse from the meal staining the fabric. She leans on Andrew as he gets her into a standing position. Her legs buckle under when she applies weight to them. He finally picks her up, straining, and carries her unsteadily to the master shower. Their soiled clothing is stripped off. She sits on the stone floor, barely coherent as he gently washes her.
“I...,” she finally speaks as she is being toweled off. “...didn't know I wanted to be force-fed until today.”
He smiles affectionately and leads her back to the bed. A plate of red jello cubes and whipped cream sits on the nightstand.
“Oh, baby. I don't know if I can...” she voices her concern while shaking her head.
“Oh come on, there's always room for jello.” Andrew smirks.
Tina groans. “Don't say that again and I'll try.”
Cuddling, Andrew feeds Tina cubes of jello until she nods off.

The room was a sterile white. Color came only from medical equipment and anatomical diagrams adorning the walls. A black metal weight scooted down to the end of it's track. Still the scale didn't balance. The nurse checked her sheet, confused.
“Tina Mills, right?”
The nurse scribbles something down on the paper and moves a block on the second row over into the two hundred slot. The scale tilts as the nurse readjusts the top weight, finding its equilibrium at thirty pounds. Tina sits on the bench as the nurse takes the rest of her vitals.
“Alright. Everything looks good. The doctor will be in shortly.”
Tina readjusts her top as the nurse leaves her and Andrew alone. The green sweater was new, along with her DD bra and jeans. Her panties were even starting to dig in. She'd have to replace those today. She caught Andrew staring and stuck out her tongue while grabbing a roll of fat on her side. Her upper arm jiggled as she shook it. Her legs had filled out noticeably. Her thigh gap was gone, replaced with a gentle rubbing of her upper thighs when she walked. She smiled broadly at Andrew with her cherubic face.

Bill opened the door, looking at Tina's file.
“Sorry for the wait, let's-”, he cuts off abruptly while scanning the chart. He looks up at Tina, and vexed expression coming over his face. Turning to Andrew, he rubs his mouth with his free hand while maintaining his fuming expression.
“Eighty pounds?” the doctor spits out. “Eighty pounds in a week? Are you serious?”
Andrew just grins widely. Tina clears her throat.
“This is my checkup exam, not his,” she clarifies.
“Fine.” Bill turns to her. “You gained eighty pounds in a week?”
“Yes, we've established that,” Tina answers patronizingly. Bill sighs and rubs the bridge of his nose.
“The nurse thought your weight from last week was a typo.”
Tina giggles.
Bill throws up his hands. “Fine, okay. Let's get this over with. As your doctor I'm advising you that this kind of rapid weight gain is dangerous and unhealthy. You need to cut down and get back to a healthy weight. I know you think these new advances in nanomedicine will protect you, but this is a trial.” He over-enunciates the last word, trying to get it to sink in. “At least give the nanites time to normalize to a healthy weight and diet. I don't know what effect drastically altering your diet and body will have on these things.” He points a finger accusingly at Andrew. “And neither does he.”
am I the only one who really prefers this guy's work without shading? the one on the right just looks like plastic or something.
It's the little white highlights. Kip's copying eastern style and they're addicted to stupid little shiny spots. I've always found it overkill.
>stupid little shiny spots
Jesus fucking christ what IS that called? Because I fucking hate it.
Aside from 'highlights' I dunno. But it certainly shows no understanding of natural light.
File: ustream_session09t.jpg (220 KB, 1200x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
220 KB, 1200x900

Found the first picture. Can't find the rest. Artist is Jacques00.

“Is anything currently wrong with me?” Tina inquired.
“Aside from the rapid weight gain, I don't think so.” Bill admitted.
“Then please, enough with the lecture. If and when anything goes awry, I will stop immediately and get help. Until then I'm not going to stop.”
“This is still reckless. Let's get your blood work done so the lab can check the nanites.”

“I told you it would be better not to check the scale everyday.” Andrew whispered to Tina as they got in the car to head home from the clinic.
“I still can't believe I'm up eighty pounds in a week,” she bubbled. “Let get something to celebrate. I want pizza.”
“Alright, I'll pick some up for-”
“No, I want to eat at a restaurant.”
“But we can't have fun in public.” Andrew pulled out of the parking lot.
“You can't have fun. I am perfectly capable of eating myself to satisfaction,” she said while placing a hand on her chest and closing her eyes. “You'll just have to watch.”
“You are the worst kind of tease.”
“That one!” She pointed to a local pizza parlor. “They're soooo good.”

I'll write more tomorrow. Pizza scene, then another week timeskip.
Thanks a million, mate.
File: 1436566369940.jpg (123 KB, 894x894) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
123 KB, 894x894
File: image.jpg (761 KB, 2025x1350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
761 KB, 2025x1350
I got you, bud.
File: image.jpg (1 MB, 3375x1575) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3375x1575
File: image.jpg (2 MB, 4800x2700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 4800x2700
The elusive 4th pic.

Fuckin' Saved. Never knew there was a fourth pic.

“We'll take five large meat deluxe pizzas and two sodas,” Tina ordered with a grin.
“Alright, anything else?” The waitress replied disinterestedly.
“Oh, and don't cut them.” Tina finished. The waitress left for the kitchen.
“I thought she'd ask if we had more people coming,” Tina pouted. Andrew shrugged.
She picked up a breadstick and pointed it at him. “So since the doctor brought them up, let's go over the nanomachines. There were a few I didn't understand.”
“Okay, so I understood the cardiovascular cleanup and repair set, the heart enlargement one, digestive aids, each organ had its own to improve function, the skin growth and repair set, metabolite chaperons, and the lung growth and surface area set.” She took a bite of the breadstick. “But I didn't understand the a few of the ones involving bones and cartilage.”
“Right. Most of them improve and repair bone and cartilage function. I've got one in there, however, that promotes the elongation and growth of cartilage and bone in the rib cage specifically.”
“Oh, so it was targeted.”
“Right. As your heart, stomach, and lungs enlarge to handle your weight, your ribcage will expand to hold them. Otherwise they'd be crushed into one another. At the same time, your ribcage needs to be strong enough to handle literally feet of fat being piled on it.”
“Oh shit, I really am going to get that huge, aren't I?” She says while staring off, imagining being fatter than she ever thought possible.

She refocuses on Andrew. “The other ones I didn't understand had to do with triglyceride and adipocyte motility.”
“It mainly, in conjunction with the collagen factors, keeps you from developing cellulite to any great extent. But...,” he grinned, “they also bind a biologically inert chemical and will ferry triglycerides to fat cells with a higher concentration.”
“It can make me fatter, selectively?” She raised an eyebrow.
“I may have made a skin cream with that chemical.” He fidgeted with his thumbs.
“So it's not enough I'm going to get huge, you want the perfect shape too,” she chastised coyly.
“Damn right.”

The waitress came back with the pizzas. Tina rolled up the first and took a bite out of the end. Her cheeks swelled as she chewed, grease on mouth and chin.
“Oh, that's so fucking good.” With one bite after another the pizza was promptly dispatched. She rolled up the second and caught a few people starting to stare at her display of gluttony. Trying to eat faster, she was getting worked up from the thought of others watching her gorge. They would think she was a greedy pig. She could feel their stares of disapproval. The taste of ham, sausage, pepperoni, bacon, tomato and mozzarella caressed her tongue. Mouthful after mouthful she swallowed until the second pizza was no more. Now feeling voracious, she dumped an entire container of parmesan on the third pizza before rolling it up. She had already eaten enough for eight people, yet she knew she could fit in so much more. Practically inhaling the third pizza, Tina was gyrating her hips ever so slightly.

She didn't know if others could see her motions, but she secretly wanted them to. Other people in the restaurant had abandoned social propriety and were now outright staring at her. She picked up the forth pizza, rolled, and attacked. As the first greasy bite slid down her throat, she thought about still having another pizza after this one. She took another bite, her excitement building in intensity. She was going to cum in public just from eating. The thought pushed her over. She stuffed the next bite fully into her mouth to muffle her moan. “Mmmmph!” She grunted around the pizza with her eyes closed. Her head, arms, and legs jerked slightly inwards.
The thought of having came in public with food in her mouth sent waves of pleasure through her as she finished the forth pizza. Her toes curled in the continued bliss of her meal as she started on the final pie. She now looked around as she ate. Some other patrons were actively avoiding gazing in her direction now, while others were sending disapproving stares. One boy, flushed, was trying to avoid eye contact while sneaking glances. She focused directly on him until he tried to take another peak. She smiled as their eyes met. Jarred at having been caught, his face flushed bright red and he looked away. Tina laughed.

The couch groaned slightly as Tina sat down. After another week of bingeing all day, every day, she had packed on another hundred pounds of feminine flesh. Tina had placed the skullcap and headset on. She carefully directed a robot nearby without moving her own limbs. It jerkily made its way over to her carrying a three gallon jug of chocolate milkshake. She opened her mouth and directed the robot to insert a tube into it. She clamped down and tilted the jug up with the robot, sending the dairy mixture down the tube. She swallowed and swallowed and swallowed, basking in the flavor and texture. Through the robot, she looked at herself drinking the shake.

Her double belly now folded over her waist and rested lightly on her thighs. Her thighs had plumped up so that they were now rubbing while walking about halfway to her knees. While she sat, they flattened out to around eighteen inches wide each. There was a small crease of fat above her knees when she walked. Her lower legs had expanded as well, now surrounded by a few inches of fat. Even her feet seemed a little plumper. Her ass had fattened wonderfully, producing a rounded curve from her thighs to mid-back that stuck out six inches. Her shoulder blades and upper back jiggled with several inches of fat, forming a crease where they met the top of her butt. This connected under her arms to meet her breasts, which had surged forth with the help of the cream to near the top of the G range. She heaved her boobs up to adjust her bra which was now growing too tight. Her upper arm fat wobbled with the motion, even her forearms were getting larger. She now had a double chin that blended into her rounding cheeks. They themselves were supported well by her cheekbones with small dimples to the sides of her mouth.

She had already gained nearly two hundred pounds in two weeks. How much would she weigh in a few months? A year? She did a quick mental calculation at one hundred pounds per week. Five thousand pounds?! She imagined herself taking up the entire couch, her belly resting on the floor. How much would she be able to eat at a time? Ten gallons? Fifty? She imagined drinking from a fifty gallon drum of milkshake as she swallowed and swallowed. So much food, and so much more needed to get that fat. Peaking, she watches herself jiggle in the throws of orgasm. She kept cumming as she watched herself eat and quiver, caught in a cycle of food-obsessed fat worship. The tube finally ran dry and she collapsed backward into the couch, exhausted.
File: fat.jpg (99 KB, 600x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Dear /d/ I am female and want to get as fat as the girls in pic related for now. I have a relatively small stomach and seem to gain weight slowly. Is there anything I can do to make it faster?
--yo-yo diet, it makes your metabolism think food is scarce


--drink non-diet soda regularly
--snack regularly in addition to regular meals
--sit on your butt more/ cut out regular exertions
--drink 'meal replacement' drinks like slimfast in addition to meals.

good luck and have fun.
Oh please, I need MORE.
if you can stomach it, heavy cream will put the pounds on you craaazy fast. if you can't half n half is pretty good for gaining too.
Just out of curiosity, what made you decide to start gaining?
File: 1451870512794.jpg (78 KB, 587x870) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Every night right before bed drink a large milkshake, about 32 ounces in volume. Mix in ice-cream and peanut butter as desired.

This is the healthiest way to gain weight quickly. You will get fatter without compromising your future. Also, a starting strength exercise regimen will help without the cardio portion. Basically lots of squats.

I am also curious as to your goals. Why do you wish to gain?
File: 1451870787683.jpg (744 KB, 1200x525) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1452209690645.jpg (140 KB, 800x756) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1452216660927.png (577 KB, 1280x1036) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1452258606216.png (3 MB, 4000x2600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 4000x2600
girlfriend is a chubby chaser and feeder, but its long distance
for my girlfriend and also i just really like the idea of getting fat. like a lot.
But yeah, not sure when I want to stop for now but when we get together irl my goal will be 350-375. Looks like I'll be drinking a lot more cream and milkshakes over the next few years! (If you guys remember me, I'm the anon who put a collection of patreon fats in a zip folder online, I quite like fats hahah) :)
File: 1441300954192.jpg (2 MB, 3571x3507) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3571x3507
This is one of the reasons I envy women. You can deliberately set out to gain weight and still have people lust after you, it doesn't matter how revolting you are there is a man, maybe even another woman, somewhere desperate enough to fuck you.

There's also numerous fetish reasons, but if science can one day make me a full woman I would take up the offer. But as it stands I'd become a freak like Bruce Jenner or Wu.
I like fat guys too, and know a lot of other people who are attracted to chubby guys.
File: 1440433494526.jpg (83 KB, 900x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well I am glad you are getting fat for your own interests and have someone else who appreciates you for who you are and for who you wish to become.

If it isn't too personal, may I ask what you like about the idea of getting fat?
File: 1445730797727.jpg (162 KB, 950x860) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
162 KB, 950x860

You asked for it.

--“I don't know what to say.” Bill sat with his hand on his forehead, eyes closed. “Five hundred and eighty pounds. You not only didn't follow my advice, you did the opposite.”
“I just can't help it, I'm soooo hungry.” Tina cooed at the doctor.
“No, no, no.” He held up a finger. “...No. You're not going to involve me in any of your weird fetish bullshit. You're going to sit there and let me do the exam, then we do your bloodwork, and then you're going to leave. I'm not lecturing you any more, since it doesn't work. I'm just going to do my job.”
Tina pouted.
“Don't care.” His pulled out his otoscope and began the exam. “..And I'm not going to do a housecall next month,” he added.
“Wh- Oh.” Her mind raced at the idea of being too fat to leave the house.
Her abundant stomach lay heavily on his own, reaching to his last ribs. Grabbing two handfuls of her lower belly, he heaved upwards, pushing her now larger-than-head P cup breasts upwards into her double chin. She reached behind and undid her bra, letting her massive breasts free. They rolled off the side of her stomach, still filling most of the space between her belly and chin. She pushed them together in front of her, obscuring her face from him. Her upper arms spread out nearly a foot against her sides, creasing and overflowing at her elbows, trying to hide her fattening lower arms. Her chubby fingers caressed her breasts.
“Five hundred and eighty pounds.” She purred. “You've made me four hundred and thirty pounds heavier in a month.” Grinding her hips against him sent her lower body wobbling. Her thighs squashed up against his waist, eighteen inches in diameter each. Her ass was trying to keep up, jutting out to form a small rounded shelf behind her.

“I'm feeling fat tonight.” She grabbed the tube hanging above the bed. “This is over a gallon of melted butter. I had Jarvis weigh out thirty-five thousand calories worth.” She felt his cock twitch within her. “Ah ah, not yet. I'm going to drink this. I'm going to gain ten pounds while you pound me.” She turned the tap and began to swallow. Her fat face contorted in pleasure as she consumed nearly pure fat. She imagined numbers on a scale climbing and climbing and climbing. He could only jiggle her with his forceful thrusts. She was becoming too heavy to move easily. A breast in one hand and a hip in the other, he pulled as he tried to get some leverage, desperate to get as deep as possible within her with every thrust. She gripped him as she came halfway through the gallon. Five pounds heavier since they had started. Five pounds more to go. Leisurely, he forced his rock hard member inward, past her clenched walls. A wail of satisfaction came from around her between the sounds of heavy swallowing.
“You're getting fatter, with every swallow, with every thrust.” He accentuated the last word with a powerful push. “Keep eating, you'll never be fat enough!” She clamped down on him again. He gripped her hips and pulled, unyielding as he exploded into her. Spurt after spurt of cum filled her, his dick hammering as it pumped its seemingly endless load.

More tomorrow.
This is fantastic
Gain the weight in time hun. Fast also means strech marks. Aim for like 3 lbs a week tops. Also get some coco butter/lotion and I'd apply even 2 days if you already dont. As for where the fat goes all genetics. If you find it hard to eat try calorie heavy items right before bed.

Happy gaining!
File: Kurisu.png (684 KB, 1737x2953) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
684 KB, 1737x2953
Got some pics from OverlordZeon.
File: Kouko.png (423 KB, 1387x2002) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
423 KB, 1387x2002
File: Haruhi.png (697 KB, 1604x3000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
697 KB, 1604x3000
File: Yoko.png (720 KB, 1732x2628) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
720 KB, 1732x2628
And that's it.
File: CXUmDkPU0AAcEGa.jpg (49 KB, 599x449) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 599x449
Hey anon, any chance you could upload more patreon fats?
File: zjuhuij.png (299 KB, 910x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
299 KB, 910x1200
File: 14301430096680.jpg (85 KB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85 KB, 640x360
File: CODENAMECOWGIRL.png (2 MB, 1723x1980) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1723x1980
Just do, I really like the idea of getting big. Having bigger and softer parts of myself will also make me feel more girly. I used to be pretty much a stick-figure. I want to have parts of me that I can grab and play with, like my stomach or thighs. I also feel really fucking cold all of the time and want to be warm. And there's the fact that I get off to gaining weight. That's a big one too.
There's really not that more. I'll see if I can, I have a test to study for very soon.
I see anon. Thanks and good luck with the test!!

Where did you get them?
One of my favorite images. Wish there were more like it.
File: 12884230051.jpg (20 KB, 374x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 374x480
Kato Hayabusa pls come back
some of whats to come from patreon (maybe tomorrow idk guys sorrryyyyyy)
Is this trinity-fate or Jaykuma? Seriously cannot tell.
I said they were commissions from OverlordZeon. Dude has a tumblr and a deviantart, these cost $15 each.
JayKuma. You can tell because they added a nose
it's jay.
I've been in a long-distance relationship for 5 years. Sometimes you find someone that's worth it.
As for advice, I'm no doctor, but I came across pic related. Don't do cream, it's awful for your health.
New thread
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