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you are going to be transformed into some...
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you are going to be transformed into some bug/insect monster, and your sole purpose is to kidnap and rape girls.you can have any features you want.

what would your features be /b/?
I would like to not be dyslexic, like the OP.
Orange pustules to herald my arrival.
Two knife-like legs, to keep them pinned down.
Natural armor, so that even when I'm not in cover attackers are less likely to hurt me.
An ovipositor in my mouth, making so that after about 30 seconds another one of me bursts out.

[spoiler]cannot be stunned[/spoiler]
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I then proceed to /not/ live up to my sole purpose. I had only /one job/, yes, and blew it, but I'm like this now? I couldn't give less fucks.
I would have a camouflaging carapace that would allow me to become invisible when not moving, and I would have long front legs to reach out and grab/pin down mates. I would also want strong back legs so that I can escape if I find myself in a dangerous situation, or if I decide that I want to chase a girl instead of silently stalk her. My other two legs would have multiple joints so that I would be able to hold a girl while leaping with my back legs, so that I am able to take a girl back to my hideout if I want to take my time with her.

Just go Lictor man. Maybe throw in a Genestealer-like ovipositor for good measure and make yourself a Lictor-Patriarch Hybrid.
very short, maybe 3-4 feet tops
large wings

>Long phallic proboscis for consuming lining of uterus (major food source)
>needle in said appendage with a venom that produces extreme lust, lactation, servile behavior, induces her body to respond well to having eggs laid in her womb. venom effects for weeks/longer than it takes my eggs to hatch. Is highly addictive, within a couple egg laying cycles they actively want it
>large soft abdomen with proper parts for laying eggs in largely helpless girls

And here I was figuring you for some sort of slug monster.

Anyways, do Verdugo count? As I like the mix of sass, chitin, and giving no fucks about military hardware.
>you are going to be transformed into some bug/insect monster, and your sole purpose is to kidnap and rape girls.you can have any features you want.

I'd have a meta-feature that allows me to cocoon for a duration of time to adapt. I know that sounds shitty, but that's exactly how my brain works. Seems like something I would do if that was my sole purpose.

Sole purpose doesn't necessarily equal sole capability. I mean in theory our sole functions as humans are to pass on our genetics and die later rather than sooner. Doesn't mean we aren't doing a bunch of stuff between (and in the case of passing on our genetics, ignoring some altogether).

C'mon, there's a /tg/ thread in the catalogue. You should know by now how to rules lawyer with "rules as written" instead of "rules as intended".
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it seemed too off topic for this thread, even if that's my main sort of interest.

though it did just occur to me that the venom set I wrote up there leaves some vulnerability (its all female targeting). Maybe have it that if injected into a male human that it turns them into a similar bug girl.
This thread is relevant to my interests
I would be a female half-human half-dragonfly with a vagina and a clitoris that could transform into, and back from, a fully functioning penis (with a functioning male reproductive system) as necessary.

I would have a long tongue to capture prey, which would have saliva that stuns and arouses.

I would have the ability to turn a boy into a girl through an arousing process by kissing them.

I would be able to deposit eggs orally, through the penis/clitoris, anally, through the vagina, and through budding.

Xenomorph, extra pair of arms, ovipositor to impregnate and "convert". Excuse me for being uncreative but Giger got it right.

What if I want to be a consensual lovin' monster? Can I have a James Bondian charm that'll seduce any woman I want?
Hah, Gaaaaaaaaaaaaay
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download (5).jpg
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>that image
I would need a cool belt to transform and have really strong kicks. Let's throw in a scarf, a chest blaster, and a rocket punch too. And a bike. Let's also make the bike alive and able to transform into a badass insect robot that can combine with other insect robots into a giant insect robot.

Yes. Perfect. My sole purpose shall be JUSTICE.
There is only one thing i would like.

I want a absolute insectoid control via my insectoid augmented brain. All the insectoids mentioned in this thread, I can go Assuming Direct Control. And every other Insect in rage at the same time.

Considering the large amount of Chittering masses, there needs to be control and communication nodes like me, and with the ability to scout a entire citiy through vanilla bugs I could locate and isolate targets with ease. Not only that but the awarness would allow me to even scrubb any trace evidence once done.

And well, there are enough fetishes that i can now use the bugs for, from the monstrous in this threat using them as a meatpuppet, to massive swarms of millipedes, spiders , worms, bees, etc.

I can make ajustable supreme fine control and contorting dildos by having milipedes going in a condom, or going au naturel inside a cavity.

Hard exoskeleton. paralytic venom, ovipositor, ability to communicate, either through vocalizations or telepathy, ability to secrete chemicals that reduce intelligence and make victims suitable for incubating eggs, possibly produced by the same set of glands that produce the venom.

"Woman-flesh. Information you must have. When I sting shallow flesh is weak, but under control. When I sting deep flesh paralyzed, but aware. You have been stung shallow. You now have a choice. You may drink. Grow dim. Nurture brood in-flesh. Be cared for. Numb, happy, euphoric. You may spit. Be stung deep. Flesh becomes food, devoured alive. Long life as brood eats within flesh, consumes flesh."

Either that or something like a queen Slave-making ant. A giant bloated mass laying eggs that will hatch into devoted soldiers. The solders will go out and kidnap women to serve as caretakers and recreation for a growing brood.
ovipositor is a must have imo
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You motherfucker.
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>The ability to release airborne pheromones stealthily to make the girl come to me
>A small ovipositor that can break past the crevix with ease, but release large eggs inside
>I'd want to be a species that leaves the woman completely unharmed as my larva spawn hatch from the eggs inside of her womb and wriggle around inside of her before breaking out
>Pheromones make the girl enjoy birthing as much as an orgasm
More parasite/insect transformation please
So pretty much a xenomorph queen? Kidnap hosts, Lay eggs, Eggs hatch, Facehuggers facerape.
File: 089_15982502_p0.jpg (805 KB, 857x1050) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A sentient swarm of surprisingly agile worms, secreting mind affecting oils and capable of invading and controlling a living host. They vary in thickness from a segment of thread to as wide as your wrist -no matter what, they all find a way inside somehow.
The strong willed are coerced into obeying for the sake of pleasure, the weak are subsumed entirely to mindless bliss; all are permanently changed, modified, re-purposed to fit the needs of the hivemind.
For some, it may be as simple as enhanced endowments fit for infiltration and seduction with a slimy, writhing surprise hidden inside. Maybe only isolated infestation occurs and the host remains visibly almost normal, but is being driven to a lustful frenzy by their tortured prostate, heavy, swollen, visibly squirming and heaving testes and inhumanly engorged phallus, freely oozing inhuman slime and letting escape its living contents.
Others will be barely recognizable anymore: unnecessary limbs removed, mindless breeders with breasts and bellies bloated and stretched taut over the quivering mass growing within, their faces contorted and eyes glazed in permanent orgasm while their engorged vulvae and teats ooze musky fluids.

...well that got out of hand quickly.
But I don't want to rape girls, I want to turn them into beautiful hybrid insect girls to turn the rest of humanity into beautiful hybrid insect girls.
i really like the concept of hypno bees
Armored exoskeleton
Ovipositor for pumping eggs into girls
I guess some sort of egg/conversion sack for birthing and unbirthing
also being able to pump eggs through my mouth.
cocoon spinning too
File: opm_v01_088.jpg (325 KB, 860x1236) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Mosquito Girl already has this power on a Mosquito-specific scale, and specific often trumps general, so woo for retaining control! You weren't that interested in annoying old mosquitoes were you anyhow?
I would start out with something cute and desirable, the kind of stuff you'd see kept as a "pet." Likely some kind of beetle, hand-sized and cute-faced. Probably fuzzy in places, for added appeal. I fly around until I'm caught by a female and taken home, which is when the "plan" begins.

She wouldn't have noticed it during my capture, but my wings have a dusting inside of them that is spread into the air when I fly or even preen. That beetle dust has a slight aphrodesiac, slight captivating effect when inhaled, but also works at a lesser scale through skin contact. Long enough exposure has the "pet owner" keeping me outside of my captivity at all times, perhaps masturbating with me nearby.

That's when phase two begins. With new hypnotic control over the lady, she gets commanded on all fours. I extend a little needle that pokes in to the nape of her neck, then start injecting something special in to her- my consciousness and very important [genetic/magic] code. While the rest of my insectoid body dries and molts away, I am swiftly taking control of the woman. Once in full control I gain her intelligence, and in the course of a couple weeks she gains insectoid qualities such as a thick ovipositor and wings with similar beetle dust.

Then, it's only a matter of "who do I fuck first?"
If anybody here has seen AVP Requiem.

Opinions of its quality aside, remember the hospital scene where the predalien impregnates the pregnant women by attaching the tongue to their faces and forcing the eggs down?
Was I the only one who got a boner off of that?
I blame /d/.
spider girl
File: Eileen_umbilical.jpg (88 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I never watched that movie, but I looked up the scene because of this post and I got somewhat excited from it. I really liked the shot where the eggs were forced down her throat, and the first half of the aftermath with all the babies wiggling around in her belly. Not a big fan of fatal birth though.

I would like to be some sort of mollusk, earthworm hybrid that burrow underground creating elaborate tunnels and sinkholes around urban areas. The slime secreted from my body would function both as a lubricant and as a protective barrier that is both hard to break through and impossible to deal with chemically.

I'd regurgitate an acid that melted inorganic matter so clothes would not be an issue to me. Plastics and metals might take longer, but they'd succumb too after enough exposure.

Slithering through my dank, dark tunnels I'd eat and digest all males, while females were sent to an alternative 'stomach where they would be kept alive and molested by thousands of tendrils going in every orifice they could find. After they are thoroughly bred they are disposed off in the dark tunnels and will give birth to a few thousand worms that will spread through the earth and continue the cycle elsewhere.
oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
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Honestly, probably would work the best.
File: Chryssalid.png (491 KB, 1600x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Why kidnap or rape when you can do it consensually?

>Iridescence (common among insects)
Being beautiful is never a downside.
>Luminescence (from fireflies)
A soft glow helps set the mood and make people feel safe.
>Proboscis (from moths)
A long, soft proboscis helps reach and stimulate parts in ways that humans never could.
>Thrumming chirps (from crickets)
Be a living vibrator, or sing to them as they fall asleep in your arms.
>Multiple arms (from all insects)
Better in bed, and useful in general too.
That gif gets reported all the time and it's my favorite thing on /d/.
>what would your features be /b/?
I see you took my advice and moved here, but you forgot to change this minor detail.

As for features, I said tentacles originally, but if I'm gonna be a bug then it wouldn't really make sense. I guess aphrodesiac semen, and armour around the penis base (I'd want her to try and bite when I stick it in her mouth, before the ejaculate gets her horny.

Sharp legs to hold her so she can struggle against me painfully until my cum turns her into a willing cumslut. Proboscis for getting into her cunt and lapping up all that sweet nectar, which I'll turn into semen. (Bees collect nectar from flowers, I'll collect from girls.)
This is my kind of thread.

Female arachne, morphology is a mix of silk-making spiders and blood-sucking hard ticks. Traits include:
> Ovipositor
Must have. Ovipositor injects hormones and other substances that help make the host's womb extra stretchy and adequate for the many, many eggs to be pumped into it. Hormones will also promote lactation and the curvature of the host. Eggs will take in DNA of host while in her womb. Offspring are loyal monster ticks rather than arachnes, but otherwise possess most of the other traits.
> Spinnerette
To bind prey and hosts in various ways. Silk is soft to the touch but very durable. Also for making web-filled lairs.
> Paralytic aphrodisiac venom
Applied through saliva from licks, or directly injected through bites. Can be laced into the silk too. Makes sure prey/host can't resist or move other than cute futile squirms. Induces feverish lust in target, making females more eager for carrying eggs and shortening the cooldown between orgasms in males. Also dulls pain to make even blood drinking pleasurable to them.
> Vampiric bite
Taste buds are altered to make blood taste delightfully sweet. Consumption of blood promotes production of eggs. Semen and breast milk could be used as substitutes.
> Parthenogenesis
If no hosts are on hand but I do need some man-power, eggs can be laid without the need for humans. The resulting offspring is weaker, but gets the job done.
> Pheromones and siren song
Because it's so much easier to make your prey come to you rather that the other way around.
> Lactation
Milk has all the nutrients for the host to say healthy. The milk also serves as a royal jelly of sorts, as it will make offspring molt from monster ticks to arachne ticks.
> Insulative ointment
Found often with ticks. Serves to keep both hosts and eggs warm and safe.

And finally, good looks along with soft, silky fuzz covering the spider half of the body. Because who says arachnid monstrosities aren't allowed to look pretty and inviting?
Oh, I almost forgot: turning humans into arachnid-hybrids through unbirthing. They're completely loyal and have various spider or tick related abilities and traits, but can still pass off as human with the right clothing. Meant to bring me anything I need, and is a reward for any captured humans I've grown a liking too. Can be used as love toy and host just as well as humans.
Kinda like that one. The insect species from that "Infected Girl" short comes to mind.

For those who didn't see it, it injects girls with a pretty much magic fluid that makes them extremely obedient to it and mutate into a human-mimic insectoid creature able to be fertilised. Each pregnancy produces hundreds of offsprings to repeat the cycle.

The girls are left mostly intact brain-wise (ok, some inhibitions get thrown out the window but there's no intelligence loss) so choosing your first target wisely can lead to world domination.

The men... whoops. Sorry guys, gotta feed the wife, nothing personal. She's eating for 500 now.
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Damnit, now you have me imagining some sort of Earth-sprawling colony lead by a Hive Mind.

>Convert fauna into minor drone workforce.
>Create spore chimney in the ass end of nowhere.
>Repeat across planet several times. Let chimneys build their payloads / serve as temporary hive during the process. Surviving drone workforce interred in chimneys to serve as food / hosts for more effective drones.
>Once atmosphere saturation is possible, have spore chimneys blow their tops and flood the atmosphere. Spores barely show up on any tests / come up as allergens and passive and whatnot, nobody (hopefully) pays attention.
>About a month after flooding the atmosphere, spores enter Stage 2. Already infected humans, even if only a few hours so, find somewhere dark damp and safe to hibernate / begin metamorphosis (think parasitic behavioral changes) then slip into a coma-like state. Infected plants undergo rapid growth and release spores triggering positive feedback loop (more rapid growth) + further human infections (in case someone was missed somehow). Carnivorous and omnivorous animals naturally avoid eating metamorphosing humans.
>Personally assimilate / deal with any lingering resistance, using aforementioned "more effective drones" to do so.
>Wait for humanity to finish metamorphosis, rule planet-encompasing hive benevolently. Rapid plant growth and lack of competition eliminates hunger, population growth as fast / slow as I want, start unmanned space programs to keep Earth safe from meteor impacts and whatnot unless Hive Mind works across any distance / vacuum, in which case spread throughout the solar system.
I love it
This is the best thread I've seen in ages.
I wouldn't want to be the monster, I would rather want to be the victim.
Aha, but what would your dream assailant be, in that case?
Like OP's picture but with a more towards human face and entirely made out of latex.
Probably a mantis like futanari, women who serve as broodmares end up turning after birthing enough eggs, males would be sucked into the womb and converted that way, mating between us would be common too, telepathic communication would enable talk in the swarm, rather cordial conversation
File: 1370160359472.jpg (408 KB, 880x1262) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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A glorious, multipurpose scorpion tail and the ability to molt to restore damage. And maybe some digger claws for burrowing dwarf holes.
My tail has several retractable stingers, each with their own purpose. The first sting sedates the girl, then I inject magical transformative chemicals in all the right spots before wrapping her into a cocoon with my silk spinner. My prey metamorphoses into soft, limbless, helpless grubgirls, sluggirls, wormgirls and what have you. Powerless, they cannot resist the fuckings that will turn them into fat, gravid broodmothers whose children shall be sent to the Great Hive; although some are kept as servants. Over time, my girls learn to accept their fates, maybe even enjoy life without responsibility, their basic needs wholly fulfilled by others. As my harem grows, an odd few even compete and vie for my attention... and the privilege of sucking my phallic stinger.

Without wings or a swarm of compatriots my progress will be limited... but fuck tha hive, I do what I want. They can take care of the conquest.
A few traits I would like.

Not be very buggy. Bugs kinda freak me out, so I'd be something somewhat cute if I could get away with it. Maybe like some kinda moth or butterfly, but with legs that were better to clinging and crawling.

I want to emit a subtle psychic wave that causes most creatures to be unable to notice I exist. Just a sort of aura that blocks out anything nearby of seeing me, feeling me, or hearing me. I could just relax and exist freely without worry. A pretty cozy life, you know?

Now onto the /d/. I want a big ol' virile dick capable of knocking up anything. I wouldn't cum traditional sperm. It would be better to describe it as a male ovum that attaches to the inside of whatever I cum in and merges with it's DNA to begin growing. Each orgasm would release one of these along with a excessive amount of cum goo to provide it nutrients. That way I can choose to just leave a lady (or anything really) with just one offspring or I could go to town and pump em full.

Also, said aura of undetectability would develop within the 'womb' meaning no girl I'd knock up would be realize it because the baby itself is able to suppress their awareness to it's presence. So I'd just go around knocking chicks up in public without anybody being the wiser. Leaving entire high school classes pregnant, breeding bitches while they wait in line for coffee, knocking up a whole family while they enjoy movie night. Would be nice. Oh, and throw in some kind of gender transformation venom or something too for the hell of it. Hehe, you could already be pregnant and you'd never even know it...
Emerging from my chrysalis, I seem human at first, but in time, that fades quickly as the mutations do their work; within a week, I've grown to over 8 feet in height and swollen with new mass as I've grown a chitin-plated form worthy of my role as the queen of a new hive, an elegant and terrifying blend of alien physiology and human flesh.

A subtle flaw in my design causes me to seek males instead for breeding purposes; I find ones of a suitable sort, and capture them, before injecting them with chemicals designed to weaken them. Lust-boosting toxins and viral compounds within my body begin subtly mutating them as I fuck their asses, the chems gradually causing them to see me as a friend, ally, and lover.

As I rape them, they become increasingly female; their cocks shrink, their breasts swell with new mass, their hips grow wider. The more female they become, the more traits of my species they take on, gradually becoming my drones. By the time they are fully feminized and ready to breed, they are begging for me to complete the process, to inject them with the final doses that will cause their cocks to shrivel and drop off, leaving nothing but a ready-to-breed cunt behind.
My tyranidda.
I'd go for a Hive Tyrant-Patriarch with two scything claws to threaten and pin, and two clawed hands to grapple. Plus a pelvis-mounted "venom cannon" if you know what I mean, and some repurposed flesh hooks for extra tentacle action.
Then just dig out a den close to a dense population center and occasionally make off with some poor girl that nobody'll miss, in the dead of night.
And then, savage them every day until they like it, starting a big happy, incestuous family-cult.
No funny mindcontrol business though. Anyone who can't keep firm control of their breedin' hos with only their pimp-claw, don't deserve'm.
Razor blade penis for traumatic insemination. I dont care about the rest.
I'm the most insidious yet compassionate rapesect I can think of.

I start as a cute, cuddly creature like a pokemon. Little bigger than a mouse, I fly around town for years if I must to find the perfect mate to be my breed-queen. I use the pheremone powder of my dusty wings to bait and lure her into the woods, where she encounters me, realises I'm a magical, fairy-like creature, and takes me home to be her secret pet.

Safely alone with her, I subliminally give her the impression that nobody must know, while she takes care of me like a kitten. I grow more and more over the course of a few days. My wing powder arouses her in ways she cannot yet understand... she suddenly realises she wants children, and begins ovulating at an increased rate. She brings me food, I grow bigger... around the time she starts lingere shopping and playing with herself whenever she's not cuddling with her pet, me, I begin to coccoon in a corner of her room. She's beginning to panic, her worship-like obsession with her magical pet has her carressing the coccoon, which makes her wet... she now understands that her constant arrousal has something to do with me. She dolls herself up without knowing why, and waits patiently outside the coccoon. Pressing herself against it's soft, warm exterior. She fingers herself constantly, her fear slipping away as she becomes my willing slave.

After a few weeks, I hatch, and emerge as a beautiful fairy-like woman-moth. She wraps her arms around me and the first kiss has her hornier than she's ever been. My thorax immediatly slides a thick, wet ovipositor inside her, and pumps her full of hot white cum. With every thrust her last resistance is burned away.

As she climaxes, she buries her hands into my silky fur, and my arms enfold around her. I smash through the wall and take flight. As my massive wings carry us off into unexplored wilderness, she struggles to gasp out shouted declarations of her undying love for me in between screaming climaxes.
She begins to change before we land. Her skin sprouts hairs that eventually become a thin layer of fur. She's delighted to sprout small buds to become vestigal wings. The bump of her own thorax begins to protrude from her tailbone. She births our first eggs in a quivering orgasm. They grow large and hatch into girl-drones. These drones caress their parents in a sexual manner, before flitting off for more victims. Those they bring us are ideal for breeding, and my brood queen, transforming more and more, eventually impregnates. Several herself. Those we like, we make into hybrid queens like her, those we don't, breed drones as willing cuntslaves untill they collapse into their own mind-snapping ecstasy. They are dissolved in the goo of their own afterbirth and their dna is absorbed by the hive. More drone girls bring us food and build a hive, our offspring bring more and more mates to fuck in an endless orgy of reproduction.
File: camelspider.jpg (210 KB, 908x747) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Most of the time I'll look like a human male but have the ability to shape shift my body into any male human form, provided I have first consumed the man in question , only showing the true form at the last moment or when threated. I have super human strength and speed able to lift a tank or dogde a bullet, i also heal incredibly fast and have unlimited stamina. The carapace requires tremendous force or heat to break. I can consciously decide weather or not a raped female will become pregnant.

In carapace for i will be able to grow tendrils from my back which can either shoot jizz, a glue like substance, or a nourishing syrup that extends human life span indefinitely when drank, allowing the drinker to remain youthful and fertile. The substance allows air to pass through it, is stronger than concrete and hardens in a matter of seconds. This is used for building a nest, normally in abandoned building or high rises. The tendrils themselves can lift a human easily as well as extending to 30 meters.

When it comes to hunting for a mate it will be a simple matter of assuming a disguise wooing the woman and taking her back to the nest. Alternatively I could just swipe them off the streets. Finally the female is raped and force fed the syrup. This is done nearly none stop for about a weeK before the female is released and allowed to resume her life.

In addition to extending human life the syrup is addictive so once the female is released she will return every couple of days for more syrup and fucking. The syrup will prevent her from telling anyone about me and keep her coming back to me.
File: brawler2.jpg (470 KB, 800x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
470 KB, 800x450
The offspring will start off small but will grow into bear sized creatures, looking like werewolves with raw muscle instead of fur. These beast can develop and be born in the space of 1 month and grow to maturity in a week. I can telepathically give them orders and the women who birth them will nurture them as they grow.

They can burrow through rock, leap over houses and flip cars over
They can grow tendrils from their backs same as me and will expand the nest under ground. They will mostly stay underground or near to the females as they go about their lives
how unrealistic are these features allowed to be? becaue, tbh, something along the lines of the marunomi critter is pretty much my biggest fetish.
> unrealistic
I don't think you're doing this /b/ thing right
there's a difference between shit that humans can't do and things that break every rule the universe has to offer.
what's the marunomi critter?
File: 1378431648025.jpg (53 KB, 625x418) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 625x418
Marunomi is a game where you hunt down and vore lolis so you can rape them forever in your squirmy tentacle-y insides. Has surprisingly good plot and characterisation.
they can be as unrealistic as you want. what would your ideal creature be then?
File: maru.jpg (9 KB, 259x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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the ability to drag girls into a pocket dimension so i can hunt in peace, a large body composed primarily of muscle in a vaguely slug like shape. prey gets swallowed to be raped internally by tenticles, slowly brainwashing them into being completely devoted to me.

not at all friend, not at all. That scene was hot as FUCK.
Anyone else seen the moving Mimic?

I turn into a monstrous looking six legged conglomeration of roach, beetle, ant, and probably bee.

But I have the unerring ability to fold my terrible visage into any form.

Preferably some stacked babe. I'll exude pheromones that would make me incredibly attractive to nominally straight girls into seeking me out.

My fingernails will exude a powerful aphrodisiac venom that leaves them writhing and begging.

Then my venomcock sprouts and the raping begins, leaving them a poisoned, concussed, mewling mess unsuitable for anything except fodder for cattle.
pretty much this, except without the brainwashing part since i like it better when they struggle. my insides would also secrete a fluid that increases sensitivity of their bodies, and would also prevent aging so i can imprison them for eternity
File: 1361388724502.png (1 MB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 900x900

Funny thing is, if someone kept to the Genestealer method of reproduction, it's arguable - if done right - that they could get by in many First World nations without trouble. I mean as far as everyone else is aware the implant doesn't hurt the body, mutated children are unlikely to be killed (especially with their parents going "NO MY BABY I LOVE IT EVEN IF IT DOES HAVE THREE ARMS"), only conspiracy theorists are going to consider running with the "Psychic Hive Mind!" theory...

Assume everyone else forgets about the Tyranids' existence / their media is retroactively removed from the world, you're pretty much set to slowly build up a demographic of faithful [whatever Tyranid you decide you want to be a Patriarch of here].
Man, I swear I've had or interacted with someone who discussed this very same idea at one point...

It's really damn good and probably the route I'd also go with. One would probably accuse said person in charge of the hive being mad with power, but I still love it.
File: Alder_zil_male_A_MQ.png (813 KB, 1200x1091) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
813 KB, 1200x1091

The most iffy thing about it is "Re-writing people's minds", but even that is only vaguely so. The poking around in the brain is done with everyone (so it's not like you're singling out a certain demographic), and assuming you found a way to retain some level of individuality amongst your Hive's population the only thing being scrubbed out would be violent / criminal tendencies (things that most people want to see reduced / vanish anyways!).

Think HELIOS, only with Bug People instead of Nano Augmentation. Not sure if that'd make the Hive Mind into Bug Jesus or not.
Honestly, I've always approached the concept of the Hive Mind with a positive mentality. Everyone maintains mostly free thought with maybe one core ruler/queen/whatever managing to quell negative thoughts or calm worries/fears.

So yeah, I buy more into Bug Jesus than Insect Overlord. I mean, when I think of Hive Minds, I always go to the idea of a soothed beast because really, I feel like that's all I ever want when I'm annoyed/angry. I want a concept of relief of tension or stress and the idea of a hive ruler being able to chemically or mentally calm its subjects in a controlled manner seems extremely appealing.

I don't like 'mind control', I like 'willing subjugation' I think is the way to put it... But not in some BDSM way or in a way I'd want to participate outside of this completely implausible fantasy.

There's nothing, inherently, wrong with a Hive Mind. It's how its applied. And in this case "practical utopia of bug people tending to everyone's needs and ensuring a happy, productive population" is hard to apply wrong without taking some very dubious stances (like ensuring everyone's happy by literally removing their ability to be anything but).

Take over world, usher in Golden Age of "Humanity", fuck lots of satisfied bug girls / bug guys / bug futas / whatever the hell floats your boat.
I'd want to be pretty big. Standing like a mantis, I'd say ~10ft tall, but more heavily built and armored.

eyes positioned all around my head. 8 legs, 4 on the ground for stability, four mantis-like claws for grabbing. I'd be strong enough to drag off 4 girls at once, but I could probably only fly carrying one.

I would make my nests in the woods near campgrounds in temperate places, I think. plenty to eat and a steady, if somewhat slow, stream of victims. The slow pace would be fine, I wouldn't be growing tired of them very quickly. My nests would be a natural fortress, surrounded by brambles. nearby bees and plenty of spiders would keep curious humans away.
Inside, the brambles would be cushioned by webbing and bits of fur and moss I'd gathered.

One of my most important tools for hunting would be a sound-canceling "ear". I could extend it and it would act as a microphone, then my armor and wings would vibrate at the same frequency with just the right time offset to silence everything within 5 meters of me, the effect lessening outside of that and dropping off completely at 10 meters. this would allow me to move silently, and also keep my victims' screams from reaching anyone, even if I'd simply picked off a girl while all her friends' backs were turned.

After dragging a new girl back home, I'd hold her while I applied a natural temporary glue to her lips, forearms and knees before sticking her to the ground in a prone position and sealing her mouth shut.
Now my silencer could finally turn off and my injector could slide from under my armor and curl around to stand at attention.
From there, I'd mount her, and I'd pump into her a fluid with higher a higher concentration of prostaglandins than human semen, softening her cervix for it's own penetration.
Once I could press into her womb, I would fill it with my eggs until her belly swelled with them. After, I would leave her there as she slipped into a chemical coma for later use.
Curious to know if there's more to this.
yeah, I hit the character limit and it was so late that the freedom of a whole other post would have just kept me up longer.

I would return in about a fortnight, before she could regain consciousness, my belly full of food. I would have digested enough for myself already and everything stored would be for my girls. the glue I applied to her before would be long dissolved.
I would feed her like a bird, holding her against me on a bed of webbing that would hold the eggs for the final days before hatching. My saliva would would include many compounds that would go down with the food: an antidote to the tranquilizer, a memory inhibitor, a painkiller, and more prostaglandins for inducing labor. After being such a good incubator, I'd like her awake to help me get all the eggs out of her.
The golf ball-sized eggs would begin to fall into the nest even before she was fully awake, due to my chemicals and massaging of her belly. Whether she chose to simply help in the process or decided to struggle, eventually all the eggs would be in the soft, heat-retaining bed.
with her stomach full and her job done, I would put her back to sleep for a rest and I would leave again. The more mature eggs would begin to hatch about 12 hours after that, but any left after 3 days would be duds, food for the others. These hatchlings would be my workers, they would be the ones to scout new nests and to cultivate the defenses. Only about 1 in every 250,000 would have the chance of becoming a full-fledged adult.

I would keep the girls for 6-8 birthings, depending on the supply of victims. Each full cycle of impregnation, incubation, birth, and rest taking a little over a month. With as many doses of memory inhibitor as that would take, they would leave my care with mostly temporary amnesia, their time with me only ever returning as nightmares.
if they don't get brainwashed, how long would you keep them inside you for?
>living vibrator that hums and glows
File: 007.jpg (160 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I would be like this, except inside that arm wrapped around her head is a transcranial magnetic stimulator which enables synthetic telepathy between me and the subject. My thoughts lay bare to her and vice versa, though I can manipulate both. The physical and emotional pleasure (which has a duration of about 45-60 seconds for safety and time efficiency, followed by an orgasm of equal duration) is magnified by the neural feedback loop, causing the subject to fall deeply in love with me and crave my sex. The subjects are impregnated with a placeholder pregnancy (doesn't progress past the first few weeks of development for the purpose of stealth) which prevents them from being impregnated if they are raped by a man and also makes their boobs bigger. Nice.

Afterward the subject will be unable to be satisfied by any human and will become devoted to my cause. I would target women with ample financial resources (successful with their own careers or married, preferably without children yet) so that they would come to financially dominate their husbands and use them to further my goals. Over time (a decade or two) I would quietly amass a loyal army of subjects and, using their capital, buy up the world's supply of private islands, maybe eventually upgrading to seasteads. From this network of hives my subjects and I would continue to amass capital and begin influencing cultural attitudes such that eventually human reproduction takes place solely between women and animals/bugs/monsters/etc. which have been genetically modified to be compatible with humans. The ratio of female to male births would be increased to 10,000:1 to maximize the population growth rate. When the earth is covered over with this new civilization it will spread out into the solar system and then the stars, taking advantage of the infinite space and resources to reproduce and spread for ever.

I probably shouldn't be a rape monster.
I'd be an arachne, with female secondary sex characteristics (ie, a nice rack) on my human-shaped half. My spider half would resemble a large jumping spider, with a legspan of roughly 3 meters, covered with iron-reinforced chitinous armor (making me effectively immune to small arms and blunt force), in turn concealed beneath a layer of fine, mothlike sensory hair to sense air currents and provide insulation. The human half would have similar armour plating, with a redundant set of vital organs contained within the abdomen. To either side of the human half's attachment point would be a movable set of "mandibles" containing venom glands and armed with a hollow fang for injection. I would be able to see from thermal infrared to ultraviolet, enabling me to track prey via their body heat and negating conventional camouflage. Tracking would be aided by enhanced senses of hearing and smell.
>scorpion like body, with small wings that allow me to fly small distances
>aphrodisiac venom that i can secrete from my saliva, stinger and penis
>from the waist up, i'm an attractive female, with a nice rack
>i have mantis like claws right below my arms, giving me a good means of pinning down prey
>i have twin cocks, each at least a foot long, as well as an ovipositor
Sounds good?
Pic somewhat related, would look like this, but with small wings, a humanoid body from the waist up, an actual stinger, and my carapace would be black
File: Somanylegs.png (215 KB, 562x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Cont... In order to increase genetic diversity in the arachne population, as well as to bolster my ranks faster than I could on my own, I would be able to implant fertilized ova into human females. Upon finding a suitable victim (typically a hiker or camper) I would stalk it for days at a time, slowly wearing away at her sanity. Then, I would strike, first injecting her with a short-acting paralytic and aphrodisiac venom (and if I'm feeling merciful, a light painkiller). Next, I would make a series of surgically-precise injections to the frontal lobe, making my victim totally loyal to myself. Once the paralytic wears off, I would lead it to my lair. If the victim was male, I would have sex with him, storing his sperm in order to fertilize an ovum at a later date, becoming pregnant myself if I so wished. I would keep him with me for several days, repeating the process until satisfied. If I had no further use for him, I would then return him to civilization, another series of injections reversing the "lobotomization" leaving him with no memories of the incident whatsoever. If the victim was female, I would use my ovipositor to implant a series of fertilized ova into her womb, essentially turning her into a living incubator for my young while it incorporates portions of her genetic code. I would return her exactly as I would a male, however she would be irresistibly compelled to return to my lair in order to give birth to several arachne spiderlings, identical in morphology to myself. Alternatively, sex between arachne such as myself is indeed possible, with ova being exchanged and fertilized within the receptive partner.
File: image.jpg (128 KB, 600x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That image man
Posting a serious answer this time: I'm in a situation where a Queen / Tyrant is turning me into a bug monster. It'll make me kidnap and rape (presumably to reproduce with) women, but will let me pick what features I have. Since I'm not a fan of that goal, the first feature I try to tweak is the rape part.

I know, "it's a fucking /d/ fetish thread, roll with it and just rape them", but for myself (and I'm sure a few others) there's something MUCH more appealing about the human woman willingly going through with it. So people can have their cake and eat it too let's just say that there's others in whatever brood I'm in that go with the "force themselves on victim" schitck, and I only get away with avoiding it because I get the same net result in the end (Person dragged into Hive to breed / sate lusts with).

Back on topic, not-rapey. How? Communication. Namely, I can mimic human speech (thus communicate), and have at least one pair of limbs that can work hold a pencil, type buttons, or in general do more than grasp hips for aiding insertion. Hive Queen / Tyrant probably goes along with it, if only because it'll help with infiltration (ex: I can open doors instead of having to smash them) and with luring people (ex: mimic the noise of someone calling out for help).

With that taken care of, other features. I'm supposed to kidnap people for the hive, so presumably I want to be good at hiding / disappearing (so as to not bring unwanted guests to the hive). Thus, camouflage. Preferably I'd get something like a Lictor's chameleonic scales and chitin and whatnot, allowing me to blend seamlessly into most environments and dupe most sensors such as IR and whatnot. Assuming that's too powerful / energy extensive, then after a large meal and in a few days I can molt in a coloration suited for whatever environment I'm currently in (defaulting a non-glossy black carapace w/ grey flesh otherwise).

I've covered the basics for kidnapping, so on to screwing, then bonus features..
File: 1358211461308.jpg (174 KB, 1200x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Post 2: The Screwing.

First thing I ask for is a knot. Why? I'm dragging people back to a hive full of bugs that have the goals "kidnap and rape people". I'm going to want some way to make sure my willing victims aren't immediately dragged off after to become a second (and third, and fourth, and fiftieth) bug's victim. That's my excuse for me. For the T / Q? Probably more along the lines of "I can hold them in place and steadily deposit a load until they're sure to be pregnant".

Second, on its way out of the cunt my cum quickly hardens into a sort of resin plug. My justification is "Other bugs still can't fuck victim" and "I can still butt-fuck without killing them", T / Q is "It seals the cum in even longer" and "it frees me to move on to the next".

Third, ribbed for our pleasure. Why not? If I need justification for the leader, "it plugs the cum higher inside". Similarly my dong's damp / wet with an aphrodisiac that makes it more pleasurable for the victim.

Finally, the young. Each fertilized egg develops into 1-2 grubs that have aid in the delivery and pretty much always born safely. Being very simple larvae, they take only 10-12 weeks to develop (enough time so the stretching isn't too rapid). They imprint immediately on their genetic mother and pheromones of their father.

Males: When grown, they will never breed with their mother (T/Q BS "Prevents genetic issues", Real Reason "No giant incest family") and consider her honorary royalty thus protecting her and listening to non-hive threatening / superseded commands (T/Q BS "Guard strong breeding combination", Real "No forced breedings").

Females: If it's sent out to become a Queen, it brings her (+ me any harem I have by extension) as Advisors. T/Q "Start with good breeding mares, I can make sure they stay in line, any future genetic faults are neatly contained", Real "Do what we want, maybe go public and assimilate into global society (bugs don't rule) / have non-dystopian Hive (bugs seize world)".
Bonus features:

The broken / obvious stuff: Biological immortality (no going old and dying for me, worst-case scenario I need to enter a cocoon for a short while every couple of years / decades to shave off the years). Limb and organ regeneration, if I can't find food for such, my body temporarily cannibalizes itself (ex: Lower half cut off, top half eventually grows lower half but I'm now scaled down half my old mass). Base mind (if my brain has to regenerate it goes towards my Day 0 As Bug self, not sans-personality hive soldier). Verdugo physical package for damage soaking, dishing, etcetera.

Lots of crazy stuff, but I can probably justify most of it if asked (ex: Eat a severed limb to leave no evidence / restore functionality, be strong to run off with victims regardless of resistance / armament, base brain keeps me from being duped if caught and killed, etcetera). And of course, it helps to keep victims from being forced onto by others in the Hive.

So, hm, I wonder what the others in the Hive look like? What is the Tyrant / Queen that's shaping me? How?

>Others in Hive
Maybe a mix of my own and other choices in the thread? A few Verdugo-esque knock-offs of me for infiltration and enforcing? OP-image for mind breaking strong + willful victims? Arachne overseers (hunt rogue bugs) and observers?

>Tyrant / Queen
No idea, but considering how I'm thinking they shape me...

Specialized larvae implantation / orifice entering? The Slug Guy / a few others here probably will get what I mean, but like the Doomwidow from Lunate? Maybe the Queen / Tyrant can tailor new shapes REALLY good only once (thus why I get to pick features), and from there uses cheap-knock offs until they can safely make the next new strain.

>Bug Domination?
If we assume one of many Hives, stretching the globe, who's to say they even need conflict? Poison / Grub enough water supplies at once, mop up resistance, start Hive City-States.
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And since it hit me, a fourth post: What would you (other posters) do if you're basically consigned to be being a hunter and breeder for a secret insect monster hive / society?

You're an outcast from Humanity, you probably (especially if an unrepentant victim trafficker / snatcher for some time) can't go back without a bit of work. What of the Hive you're in? Are you one of the few sapient beings? Living in a giant caste system of sorts full of assorted insect varieties who all have their own function? Do you gleefully accept your new nature? Do you try and hold on like I did, build a small bubble of civility? If you're in a hive of other smart insect monsters, are you just a punch-clock hunter-rapist and otherwise spending your time drinking bug-booze and oggling the abdomen on that eight-eyed floozie at the bar?
Assuming that I have magic to make me work, wings. Big fucking wings, so I can pick the girl up and fly away with her to rape her in my rape cave.

Bullet proof chitin.

A pelican like neck so I can swallow my victim for transport, then spit her out in the cave. She'll think she's been saved since she isn't getting eaten, and then the dicks come out

My saliva would be a combo anasthetic/aphrodisiac so they aren't able to resist.

Two dicks, one for reproduction, complete with a knot and barbs. Also, it painlessly detaches inside her as a plug, and a new one grows back. The second isn't as much a dick as a feed tube, first up her ass to feed her directly, and then later down her throat as she's gestating.

Also, I'd have the ability to excrete a quick drying sludge akin to the xenos from the Alien movies, so I can encase my victims into the walls of my rape cave.
I'd probably look "relatively" "human" on the outside, initially. Being able to take off and put on my skin would be a must.
>Maybe shapeshifting too, for funsies.
I'd have pheromone sacs that make women crazy horny, of course. Once we get in private, I slip into something a little more exoskeletal, but they don't care when they see the massive, ridged, thrumming, hydrostatic penis.
I bow deeply and ask with a buzzing hypnotic voice if they would like to try it out. If they say no, they can leave.
>It's a rare occurrence, what with the aphrodisiac pheromones.
Once we're done, and the pheromones wear off, the offer of conversion is made. Become one of us, spread the offer to others, become pregnant with our kind and gain control of your fertility, and experience this pleasure frequently; or I leave and never bother them again. The choice is theirs.
can anyone post the scene?
This is my fetish.
I would like to be little shiny parasite that sneaks into woman womb when they sleep.
Then starting gaining control of its owner body, making prevert things to puriest girls.
I'd be a swarm of these bee-mimicking blister beetles, but really tiny and imitating human women instead of female bees. When a man has sex with the ball of beetles, some of them detach and go inside his penis. When that man has sex with a real woman, these beetles transfer to her womb and lay their eggs directly in it. So I'd pretty much become a STD that makes you give birth to beetle grubs.

I'd then laze around all day while humanity handles this whole "find human women and impregnate them" nonsense for me.
SJWs will unleash the genestealer menace.
>Slithering through my dank, dark tunnels I'd eat and digest all males, while females were sent to an alternative 'stomach where they would be kept alive and molested by thousands of tendrils going in every orifice they could find.

This is hot

>tfw digesting in your belly while only a few inches away I can hear the females moaning in pleasure as they are molested by tentacles

Damnit, vore fetish, this is unhealthy
File: 1379569439456.jpg (315 KB, 430x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
315 KB, 430x600

Um, what?

Anyways, Genestealer.
>making prevert things to puriest girls.
File: delete.jpg (141 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> mostly humanoid, with tail-stinger that causes both paralysis and induces ovulation
> bullet-resistant chitinous plating
> increased strength and agility
> Large knotted dick, oversized testicles
> Can survive without food, water or rest for long periods of time
> Long, tubular tounge that I can pump various chemicals/food through.

I would use my stinger to paralyze my victims, and additional compounds in the venom would also force ovulation. I would then drag them back to a secluded location, perhaps an abandoned building or cave to impregnate them. I would force my tounge down their throats to pump addictive chemicals, mind numbing agents and aphrodisiac into their stomachs directly, and then I would proceed to fuck them.

After knotting, I would stay stuck in the victim for three days, ejaculating every thirty minutes to ensure pregnancy. The concoction of addictive drugs and aphrodisiac means that after the first day the ladies stop fighting and begin to accept my seed.

From there, i would slowly build a harem of hyper fertile, loyal and bloated birthers for my army of spawn, and hopefully my entire species will enslave the human race.
If I have to rape some-one, at least let it serve a greater purpose (Summoning Hive fleet X)
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