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Post a pic, and all reproductive-aged women are transformed to match the kink depicted in said pic.

I've always wondered what would happen if women everywhere were turned into mermaids - what species of fish would they turn into, how broad would that selection of species be and would that species just be random for every woman?

Of course, things get even darker if you think about more realistic mermaid transformations for every woman, including a loss of ability to breathe outside of water, more fundamental biological/psychological changes for the human half of their bodies and men forced to find a way to get these women to the nearest compatible large body of water as possible before they die....
Why only women? Why not let the poster decide who is transformed?
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Because the vast majority of /d/ is already about dicks.

You could turn all women into futas, I suppose, but man, it's nice to have a relatively cock-free sanctuary around here.
IDK man, it just seems mighty sexist and objectifying to me. Especially with all the "all women get turned into mindless animals" topics in past threads. (I'm not here trying to stop these threads or anything, I'm just going to slink away now)
It's not meant to be politically correct, it's meant to get us off. You don't make your fetishes PC, it's fucking retarded.

Those pics man, goddam.

Ha. I figure that every woman's going to have to resort to something similar (practically living in the nearest bathtub or taking ferquent "breathers" in the closest fishtank or toilet) until they can be put to sea or placed in a giant zoo aquarium to live in.


Eh. For some people the sexist (and sometimes literal) objectification of women is half the point.
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Dunno, but it'd sure help a lot if I could comprehend them.
Any more realistic mer-formed art you have?

I'd love to indulge into a conversation about that topic because I often think about the similar.
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Oh, I just figured out one.

Make them age like tortoises - once fully developed they just stop there and pretty much never deterioriate.

(comparing women to tortoises may seem weird, but then you get pic related)
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Of course, with more realistic mass mermaid transformations, you also have to start worrying about women potentially becoming cold-blooded, radical shifts in diet, wether or not a woman becomes a saltwater or freshwater mermaid, women's legal status as human beings, and of course the potentially slow and tortuous transformation process...
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>IDK man, it just seems mighty sexist and objectifying to me
You can leave if you don't like it.
We still have your cover charge.
I don't mind if you want to post your own ideas or global change even if it's on males.
But don't start flinging your agenda around here.
That shit don't float. Pun kinda intended.

My opinion that they can breathe out of water.

But not survive indefinitely out of water.
Think like whales and dolphins.
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See: >>5580464

I think it's dumb that it just happens to women too, if things were to go best it would happen to both sexes.

Then I would also probably have a list of what would be applied to other things... (Pic related)
I've had lengthy discussions on that topic with my ex, who was a pretty hardcore swimmer and loved mermaids and the mythology.

The topic of reproduction came up, how the transformation proceeds in vivid detail, male transformations and survival topics.

The last Pirates of the Caribbean did a pretty well done transformation process.
File: 1401272030471-1.jpg (164 KB, 600x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What was the consensus regarding the transformation process, reproduction and survival topics?

For some reason I imagine the transformation process being slow to reduce the chances of shock or the transformee dying from such a radical physical change, but that results in a slow transformation that, in it's own way, is more humiliating and arduous than a simple and quick transformation would've been.

A slow change of skin pallor, eating and breathing habits followed by a gradual loss of mobility as the hips begin to change and the legs prepare to merge - what happens next would depend on if you want mermaids with human asses/vulvas, or women completely changed from the waist down.
She was a bit of a realist and ironically a marine biologist. Stating that the whole process was extremely painful and at a week rate or so, not be grotesque but she said she presumed it would feel like a period x500.

She was a 5'6 girl 110 pounds and said that the tail, at least the fluke would add about another 5-6 inches to be feasible to any degree of propulsion, it would increase in various degress by the height, weight and leg length of the girl.

Reproduction well, depending on the mermaid of your taste, her's were the generic TLM style with no genitalia. All of it would be internal identical to a dolphin's, again, she made this on realism.

Survival said that the new race would be adaptable to fish-like breathing, with the ability to gain gills or something of the sort, out of water would be a couple hours max.

Pain would be enough to kill or at least maim the weak and old.
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This is all pretty much what I assume, though in a case where a woman is all fish below the waist, the transformation would have to include the lengthening of the spine to replace the leg bones in the fish half, which, between that and all the metabolic and respiratory changes, yes, it's easy to understand why that would be one hell of a confusing and painful transformation.

Also a bit gruesome would be the flesh of the jaw detaching from the flesh of the neck with that hollow growing gills, which would alter the looks of every subject somewhat.

I wonder how women would survive until they can be relocated to a body of water large enough for them to live in. Would they just need to have men dumping buckets of water over their heads to oxygenate the gills and keep their bodies moist (which would also require that all women more or less remain nude now?)
Hmmm, would the environmental needs of the mermaid in question vary based on the species of fish that they resemble? I would imagine that it would really suck if you turned into a tropical species when you live, say, right by the north Atlantic Ocean, at least before the infrastructure has time to be developed to handle difficult cases.

What would happen to mermaids that were released into the oceans and caught by fishing boats? Slavery? A simple "Sorry ma'am, we didn't mean to bother you"?
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Yes, unless what kind of mermaid is the result of that woman's immediate environment (say, a women living in Seattle or Portland are turned into salmon mermaids who can easily be dumped into the nearby Pacific), millions of women are likely to die, and even then, what would landlocked women turn into?

There would be a rush to dump women into nearest rivers and oceans just to keep them alive, but how can anyone guess how women would behave once released into the wild, especially since they'd be more than half animal now? Even the smartest, most humane and independent-minded women may find themselves falling victim to uncontrollable animal instincts that would keep them from being easily tracked, and you never know - after enough time away from human civilization, most women could end up going feral, which would make their legal status as sentient human beings even more tenuous (and potentially opening the door for the above-mentioned fishing boats having their way with any mermaids they come across.)
wouldnt they all die if they all became merfolk?
But...women are 100% animal already. Replacing legs for fins doesn't make them more animal. Or are you one of those wierdos who thinks humans are pure, crystal intellect and not at all driven by the biological urges of our bodies? The urges stay the same (save for different enviroment they apply to), if she could control herself on land she'd still control herself in the sea. Unless brain is also affected by the same magic?

Seriously. Going Feral. Are the eskimo feral? Do deer hunters in the US who spend few weeks in the woods suddenly forget how to speak and shit on the carpet? Stop being an idiot.
>sexist and objectifying
On the other hand, humanity would no longer afford to ignore the pollution of oceans that goes on, or the overfishing of it. Oilspills no longer kill dumb sardines, they kill your loved ones.

And in a generation all human life would move into sea, because if the mermaids remained capable of breeding with humans, they'd sure as fuck give birth to more mermaids...or do you want your infants to drown? They're fish-women, they aren't turtles to crawl out on the beaches to brith.
That's because women are objects. Especially on /d/.
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Women can now bite you with their fingers. Or suck on you, I suppose.
>only *reproductive age* women

Because /d/ is full of MRA whiners. Post your guy fetish if you want. Ignore the butthurt.
Bullshit. The reason it's only women is because there are only women in the world and women who don't realise they're women yet. Men are just a social creation.
People making the accusation of MRA often are on the opposite side.

I see no "MRA whiners" in this thread.
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Women transforming to become more than half of a simpler animal species could easily affect their behavior, especially since their brains would have to be altered anyway so as to control their entirely new pulmonary and respiratory systems - it would take but a few microscopic changes in their already-changing brains to radically alter their intelligence, memory, and behavioral/survival instincts (really, such a fundamental transformation could just as likely scramble womens' brains altogether, but let's pretend that the power changing them is elegant enough to simply blend their human minds with the baser physiological needs and instincts of a fish without fucking up the wiring too much.)

That's not some goo-goo eyed mysticism, that's just fact. Calm down and get off your high horse there, buddy.
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Man how pathetic do you have to be to whine about a non-issue.

If you want to make it about men then do so. What the fuck do you care if someone's kink is demeaning to women when /d/ is exactly for this shit.
You must be a neckbeard loser virgin MRA mysoginist then.

Translator's note:
feminazi actually said this in this thread
can i pls has
Not so much a fetish, but an idea I had the other day. All women become uncontrollably gassy whenever they lie.
I'm the one who posted that and I'm a dude. You may wish to get some ointment for that sensitive butt of yours.

I like these threads but it's kind of hard to deny that when they get ruined by bitching, it usually goes:

>someone asks why only women
>OMG shut up make ur own thred x6
>someone tries to argue about it
>50 posts raging at feminists when nobody even mentioned feminism
>thread becomes shit

So, yeah. Either it's MRAs or trolls, but either way, there's a reason global fetish threads get deleted. Have a good one, buddy. I'm off to fap.
This thread just trainwrecked.
I presume if we are all in this thread, safe to say we all have a mermaid thing?
Anyone got any stories or photos?

>tfw you have a mermaid/transformation fetish ever since you saw The Little Mermaid with your next door neighbor girl next door at age 10
>move don't see her in years
>bump into her one day, 7-8/10, perfect height and skinny as you remember her
>end up dating her
>she is obsessed with mermaids and wants to be one for Halloween
>half jokingly say I want to make her one and then fuck about with it regardless of the holiday
>she accepts and wants to do it more then I do
>she is cool with role playing a mermaid all day with her legs voluntary tied together
>tfw she gets really involved, wants to get a professional tail done by one of the many mertail makers
>tfw getting to live out a fetish/fantasy in the coming months when she gets her new tail

There is hope /d/
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A slow, painful and humiliating transformation into cowgirls (piggirls and chickengirls, too, depending on body type) would be nice to watch happen.

Don't creep on your friend though. If she sees it as an innocent thing and you are jerking it every time you get home after seeing her like that, that's really uncool.

Oh missed the part where you're dating her - mostly ignore what I said.

But still you should tell her you're into it as a kink kind of thing! She may get even more into it, who knows?
There was one idea from the last thread that I liked.
>All women on earth vanish (reason doesn't matter, women stop being born, diseases kill them off, aliens abduct them)
>For the survival of the human species governments begin investing technology into allowing transexuals to become fully fertile women.
>They succeed but regular transexuals aren't numerous enough to keep humanity alive and governments go around recruiting people to get sex changes
>Nations like Korea just take the sons of political dissidents and generally marry them off to important people or set them up in breeding factories when they are finished turning them into women.
>Western countries like the US and most of Europe use tests to find those most likely to accept the process and those genetically and hormonally predisposed to better adapting to the hormones, surgery, and childbirth.
>One day all the kids from a single grade are gathered together by a school and undergo various tests physical (strength, endurance, hormone levels, blood samples), psychological (generally individuals who seem to have a degree of gender confusion are preferred), and intelligence (generally those with higher intelligence are preferred)
>Students can also have individuals vouch for their masculinity by getting people (friends, family, teachers, coaches) to fill out a questionnaire to mail in stating whether they believe they would accept transitioning well.
>Around 10% (eventually it is planned for a higher percentage to be taken in, this is like a test run) of students are selected and sent to government where they undergo hormone therapy and surgery to turn them into fully fertile women
>Are trained to act and dress like girls, defiance is met with humiliating punishments (disobey an instructor you get spanked 50 times in front of everyone, refuse to wear a skirt, you are forced to wear an extremely frilly dress)

>Girls receive tons of attention when they get back to school being outnumbered 9:1 by boys and receiving various modifications to make them more appealing to the opposite sex or increase their fertility (women give off extremely powerful pheromones at their most fertile times, multiple births are more common)
>Many schools adopt uniforms or at least dresscodes that require that girls where skirts or dresses
>Many schools and other activities and jobs attempt to pressure girls into doing more girly sports or activities (cheerleading, gymnastics, beauty pageants, modelling (particularly girly stuff that it would be harder to find willing models for like wedding dresses or prom dresses))
>Some schools begin to change the classes taken by boys and girls (yeah you don't get to take Chemistry, biology, or other sciences, instead you will take home economics from your freshman year till your senior year)
>Some countries go backwards on women's rights in order to keep women home and having babies (Can't get a full time job now, we need you having babies. Going to college, why would you need a degree to raise children?)
>Some countries also assign the new women to future partners in order to increase the chance of children, carry out political favours, and attempt to ensure that the most fit people reproduce.

Long story short, some unwilling boys are turned into girls where they are forced to dress girly, pressured into girly activities, and get tons of unwanted attention. Also you might not be allowed to go to college and might be forced to marry the son of a Senator or CEO as a political favour to someone important
And they'd all crave your cock, got it.
>Either it's MRAs or trolls

You're retarded.
Disliking feminism or feminists does not make you an MRA.
File: SailorMoonTF.png (133 KB, 400x2750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>feminism wasn't even mentioned!
>mention objectification and sexism

Yeah no. You can't play that card. It was implicitly mentioned. "I DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT FEMINISM! (I just completely acted like one and pushed a political agenda in a thread that did not need one.)

Eat shit you lying sack of shit.
Saying you're a guy doesn't make you not a feminist. Nor do I even have to believe it considering the above mentioning of what a liar you are.

Here's some mermaid tf too so I can contribute too while I call you out on being a shitlord. Or shitlady. Whichever you are. Can't be exclusionary here, because lord is strictly males, and lady is the exact same word as lord only for women.

I wouldn't want to be seen as sexist.
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Also the two posts above me were also me.

Made the mistake of not including those all in one post. Sorry about that. I meant to post all at once.

Here. Have some more mermaid TF.
8/10, rolled my eyes at the obvious samefag spamming bitter MRA bullshit, but was so surprised by the twist samefag admission that I got distracted from fapping

Stop using this.
it doesn't mean, "person who disagrees with me."
File: 1305389918265.jpg (333 KB, 650x662) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sorry forgot to mention:
If you believe in equality, you believe in me being equal as a person.
If you believe in me being equal as a person, I deserve the same treatment as you.

You would not treat yourself with the disrespect you are showing me.
You would not say, "He doesn't DESERVE a rational argument." Because that is not believing that they are equal.
Using a non-rational argument because you think you are above the argument is a fallacy before the argument even starts. It's a fallacy in your PHILOSOPHY. Your morals. It's a fallacy in your way of thinking in equality. That's not equality.

It's hypocrisy.
You're not above a logical argument or equality.
I've seen you and people like you make this statement and believe countless times and it's the most hypocritical thing ever.

"I don't have to make a rational argument against YOU. Your argument doesn't DESERVE one."
You're not contributing to the thread.
You're shitposting.
Either calm down and seek to understand before seeking to be understood or stop posting.
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Okay, knock it off, folks - this is 4chan, not Tumblr.

Women gradually become robots, one piece at a time - a few women welcome this change and some are indifferent, but the vast majority of them struggle against the change, especially when parts of their brains become computerized and they can begin to feel unwanted programming starting to interfere with their natural instincts, memories and personalities.
File: 1251233644373.jpg (427 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here's a question for you:
Would a woman that got turned into a machine be a cyborg?
How much of her is being transformed?
File: jexepz.png (1 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1920x1080
Tenno ladies. Tenno ladies everywhere.

Since it's only "reproductive-aged women", I don't even have to worry about indirectly wiping out humanity for "Tenno may-or-may-not be energy beings in a hominid-shaped jar" reasons. Hail to our new Technocyte queens!

Oh, and many thanks to our Technocyte maids too.
pls go /pol/

Let that go for the "nobody likes a Feminist" people too. This is a global fetish thread, people posting here want to read and / or write erotic things happening globally. Put your "Lol MRA" or "Lol Feminism" where it belongs (See: Not /d/, at least unless scat is allowed again in which case feel free to throw your shit across the board).
File: 139816435278-1.jpg (145 KB, 469x599) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
145 KB, 469x599

That's a good question.

From the moment they're first infected until the last moment they retain any organic parts every woman would technically be a cyborg, but since that balance of flesh and synthetic parts would always be changing in each woman's body, they wouldn't be the sexy/ideal cyborg you always see in movies or whatever.

You'd have women's skills and abilities being constantly in flux as they gradually change - limping around as a they might only have one steampunk robotic leg that doesn't quite match up with the remaining organic one, or digestive problems as their bodies' metabolism gets thrown out of whack, or fall mute as their vocal chords are slowly replaced with a robotic voicebox (or nothing at all, forcing the woman to communicate some other way with the people around her).
File: 139816435278-1.jpg (145 KB, 469x599) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
145 KB, 469x599

That's a good question.

I imagine every woman eventually becoming entirely synthetic, though what kind of robot a woman becomes might depend on her body type, personality and skills/hobbies, with what kind of robot she would be "designed" to being the result of carrying out a task related to something she may've been skilled at while still human. A girl who likes to draw may be turned into a clockwork robot who draws with a 19th century crowquill, or become a female-shaped Macbook Pro that can interface directly with other computers to generate artwork in Photoshop.

From the moment they're first infected until the the moment they lose their last scrap of organic flesh, every woman would technically be a cyborg, but since that balance of flesh and synthetic parts would always be changing in each woman's body, they wouldn't be the sexy/ideal cyborg you always see in movies or whatever.

You'd have women's skills and abilities being constantly in flux as they gradually change - limping around as a they might only have one steampunk robotic leg that doesn't quite match up with the remaining organic one, or digestive problems as their bodies' metabolism gets thrown out of whack, or fall mute as their vocal chords are slowly replaced with a robotic voicebox (or nothing at all, forcing the woman to communicate some other way with the people around her).
File: yum_b0800.jpg (67 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>a female-shaped Macbook Pro that can interface directly with other computers to generate artwork in Photoshop.
I'm surprisingly well equipped for this.
File: 7or6vmC.jpg (473 KB, 1500x1800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
473 KB, 1500x1800

Suddenly women who use computers or game consoles a lot have to worry about which corporate brand they might literally become an extension of.
File: girl spectrum.jpg (56 KB, 673x397) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
girl spectrum.jpg
56 KB, 673x397
women now have 5 personalities each ranging along the S-M spectrum, with various individualized triggers to switch between the five. Triggers are completely random and may or may not be able to be triggered at a girl's will depending. All girls remember everything under normal circumstances (trauma, diseases and psychoses not withstanding).

They also emit particular pheromones that, over the course of an hour or so of close contact, will temporarily alter a man's personality to the girls' exact opposite on the spectrum, or balanced if the girl is also balanced. So being around a girl with a hardcore M personality dominant will slowly turn guys around her into hardcore S, and vice versa. Guy's personalities stay that way until they encounter a new girl or revert to a 'normal' state if alone for enough time.

Confused pheromones (multiple types of girls near by) do not trigger a change in men. Multiple girls of the same type bring out male changes faster.
Women become unable to experience orgasm or sexual pleasure in any capacity. Sex and sex-related activities are numb and boring at best, painful at worst.

Women are forced to resort to other means to find rushes of pleasure, mostly overeating on sweets and chocolate to give endorphin rushes and dangerous activities to induce adrenaline production, or just other basic pastimes, like video games and reading.

There is also a global cut-off of intellect for women, averaging out at around 20 points of lost IQ across the gender.

Most women report a marked loss of personal interaction skills as well, finding it much more difficult to speak to other people or introduce themselves to strangers, especially in person or by phone. Most women resort to using the internet for human interaction.

Along with this, personal hygiene among women takes a nosedive. Across the entire gender, girls stop cleaning up after themselves, soon finding their houses turned into pig-stys, and things like showers and dental care going from daily activies to bi-monthly chores.

Women also find themselves shrinking in certain areas, with thinner hips, much smaller breasts. If they gain weight, most of the new fat deposits itself on their stomachs, never going near the chest or thighs.

Health issues crop up much more often as well, with the most marked increases in asthma and diminishing eyesight. Countless girls find themselves saddled with glasses and inhalers.

Insomnia and other sleeping disabilities become far more common as well. It's not uncommon for most women to walk around acting like sleep-deprived zombies with deep bags under their eyes.

Lastly, mental issues like severe anxiety and paranoia skyrocket as well, leading to many women cutting themselves off from the outside world and holing up into hikikomori dens by themselves 24/7.
>Angler Fish girl
>Says she's into kink
>Has you bite her tail
>You find yourself stuck to her
>Slowly you're sucked into her body as she absorbs you while at the same time rubbing at you and cooing encouragement
>Soon enough all that's left of you is an ill-defined bump, one of many on her lower half

/co/ is here now because of "incase"

That's stupid. Its just a fetish that has no applicability to real life. It doesn't reflect what someone thibks of the opposite sex. Is femdom sexist against males?
How do you fuck the robopussy?
Do they come with standard robocunts that can be upgraded later on?
Can I install a mechanivag5000 with spinning parts and tentacles inside?
Expand on the robopussies plz
The flesh is probably replaced with latex.

Dude why.
I think it's a kind of anti-fetish.
I like the idea of girls turning into shiftless, nerdy, unfulfilled hikikomori slobs with moderate social, mental and physical issues. I think it's cute.
god I enjoy warframe.
They show up for the homestuck threads, too.
Wait so you like mentally handicapped women with glasses, bloated stomachs, horrible hygiene, bad breath, horrible social skills, and bags under there eyes. And you don't even want them having sex?

You my friend have a Downs syndrome fetish.
Nah. I don't want them to be that stupid, or to have the downs look.
Its just the strangest thing I've ever heard.
What is hikokomori?
Why no sex?
Bad hygiene I get, I love to fuck my girl after she runs, the smell is great sometimes but for them to generally be slobs...
And the insomnia, and nerdiness
Do you just want them to become like the generic 4chan user?
To relate to them or something?
File: 125256.jpg (14 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 500x281
Eh. They can have sex, they just wouldn't really enjoy it. I just think it's cuter if they devote themselves to other things for pleasure.

Hikikomori is essentially a japanese term for being a shut-in. a NEET. I guess the relatable thing might have some credence to it, but i'm not really sure if that's all of it. It's just a mix of traits I think are cute.

I'm a big fan of Slob threads and qt anime girls like Tomoko Kuroki so that's a lot to do with it too.

I'm not really trying to defend my weird-ass fetish but I don't want people to think i'm a troll or a downs-syndrome lover.
OK. Makes at least a little sense
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Men and women alike are forced to shave their head on a weekly basis ... everybody would be bald, which is really damn sexy
File: 1262621825528882.jpg (195 KB, 1045x1007) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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An alien invasion involving a global rape and enslavement of all the world's women is the only answer here, especially if the aliens leave a few anons alive to help take care of the 3.5 billion-head haul.
>Alien invasion to enslave all of Earth's women for their global
>Turned women into exosuit-bound energy beings for their global

Everything turned out better than I expected!
Go back to /fa/, Bald-chan, there are dozens of pictures that need baldening.
>Each fetus has a 75% chance of being born female, 25% chance of being born male

>Every girl physically and hormonally develops ~5 years faster than boys do, mental/emotional development is normal, puberty finishes at roughly 16

>The average post pubescent woman is seven and a half feet tall, wiiiide hips, and next to zero breast tissue. Well toned muscles that are far stronger than they appear to be (average woman capable of squatting one ton)

>Breasts enlarge by about three cup sizes with every pregnancy, completely permanent

>It is seen as a source of prestige to be pregnant, female on male rape is not uncommon,

>Libidos are unusually high so it is not uncommon for young girls to be sleeping with older men, who they match in development

>Males have very dense bones, making injuries during sex/rape not unheard of, but fairly rare
Oh god yes tomoko
File: 1151732225338.jpg (55 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 640x480
That would have interesting results in China.

Anyway, this gives me an idea. Lactation becomes a sport. Volume, distance, frequency, and so on.
File: Boku_no_Kawaii.jpg (361 KB, 1009x762) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
361 KB, 1009x762
After giving birth to 2 kids women stop being able to get pregnant or having their period. They don't go through menopause or have hormonal issue but other changes do happen.

Most of the changes revolve around fresh male cum. The more breast are played with the larger they get, if they are left alone they go down in size. Sucking on nipples will cause lactation, yes the standard BE/LA stuff.

Beauty creams are only used by by those that haven't had 2 kids yet, if they want to get rid of those crows feet it's simple just apply fresh cum to the spot and let it absorb in. Dried skin, that's right apply some cum right from the source to the spot you need.

Want a more shapely ass just take a few cum loads in the the ass, they will need to keep up the amount to keep the size. This is different for each women so they all need to experiment to find the right number for the balance.

Any cum load taken in the pussy can be stored for later user for any of it's benefits. Their is a catch to this, the more loads stored the more it looks like they are pregnant. For some 20 loads may look like they 3 months pregnant, 50 loads could make them look 9 months pregnant the amount varies for every women.
File: Titikei_First.jpg (607 KB, 1400x1993) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
607 KB, 1400x1993
>>5587263 Part 2

Now why would they want to store cum and look pregnant, that's simple it's the cums best effect to those who have had 2 kids, it becomes a healing factor. If they get a small cut apply 1 load of cum and it heals in minutes, a larger cut might require a few more loads. By swallowing cum they can apply the healing factor to internal health issues and prolong their life a little, the cum stored in pussies can also be absorbed to be used for the healing abilities.

If they get diagnosed with breast cancer, the doctor wouldn't prescribe and meds or therapies they would just say "Just swallow or 50 loads orally or vaginally within 48 hours and you'll be cured". Pussy stored cum can be used automatically if they get in a accident so they have a greater change of just getting minor injuries. If a woman gets hit by a bus or a car the EMTs wouldn't rush her to the ER they would lube her up and let the bystanders fuck her to perfect health. STD aren't an issue since the cum's healing factor would cure it automatically.

That's cool and all, but let's flip that around.

All women become more attractive, more intelligent, and have drastically increased sex drives. But their sex drives are directed into various perversions which aren't possible to directly act on. For instance, some go into impossible /d/ fantasies, while others merely become fujoshi, fantasizing about men having romances without them being able to get involved. As such, they masturbate constantly, and devote their energies to writing and drawing out their fantasies, with little interest in sex with actual people, although of course that does happen from time to time.

Their social skills start to deteriorate. Many become uncomfortable talking to regular people while their minds fill with lust, while others enthusiastically embrace their perversions while society doesn't automatically start accepting this, so they get ostracized. Even other women don't really feel comfortable with the perverse stuff other women are into. With their increased intelligence helping compensate for this, women are still perfectly capable of functioning in society, and in fact many are able to rise up in society, but they become alienated from it. Women delve into various subcultures to further distance themselves from reality. So mental illness increases.

But women attempt to improve their lot in society, and try to push for a society which is more accepting of their perverse ways. Feminist movements, although not rejecting their previous goals, make it a top priority that perversion be embraced by society. And slowly, society does progress in that direction. But until then, women are just a bunch of perverted weirdos.
>have a globalized fetish of girls turning into big muscular kemonos ala Trump or Sindoll, and social dynamics are now collaring girls instead of marrying them
>can't post it because furry
I just want an eight-foot fluffy wolf girl who calls me master and I can give ear scratches to. Is that so wrong?
Because this website mostly caters to straight males who like boobs and feminine natures.

It sucks that there aren't more threads with male material but whatever.
so your fetish is to give women a mans mentality... i like it!
Then make some. I'd get all up in a decent maledom thread.
File: lunarlol.jpg (542 KB, 2844x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
542 KB, 2844x1600
>thinking you are the one calling her master

Fu fu fu fu
File: Seriously.jpg (13 KB, 276x271) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 276x271
You know what I'd do in the case the world basically went crazy and women turned into mermaids? I'd indulge my long standing desire to eat one and drive to the nearest body of water with my shotgun and some M80s. But then I'd take it too far and I'd get involved in a tense standoff with the FBI for a couple of hours before they tore me apart like fresh bread.

Yep, that's what would happen alright.
Men and women exchange sex drives.

Male sex drive is now linked to emotions and mental state. We get boners from warm fuzzies and romance.

Women's is more based on 5 senses and stray thoughts. They get fem-boners from anything, including nothing.
Power =/= Position.
well I've got nothing to contribute here, I just wanna say I'm pretty thrilled so many others have mermaid fetishes, especially fe-males
File: UFQ0Y.jpg (480 KB, 2031x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
480 KB, 2031x1500
eh, what the hell: gay mersex in the hizz'ouse (would not globalize tho)

This. A thousand times this.
the real reason threads like this turn to shit is because dumbfucks like you are too pelvis pulverized about certain groups that you are irrationally hateful of them and so you see everything as an attack and rush to "defend" when in reality all you are doing is contributing to this fucking mudslide of shit dragging the thread back to 10.

if you'd actually like to contribute, post fetishes, report shit posters, and hide their posts. you will do neither of these though, because you are too invested in your butthurt that any shit poster or troll will send you into a tirade. not to mention your hate for feminism is hilarious, like they've changed into some boogy man that are responsible for all the worlds woes. Every social movement is pretty much like feminism is today at almost any point in history. like most people, you like to pin all of humanities woes on a big boogy man when the situation is far more granular and complicated. and you love to do so SO much that contributing to this bullshit is a natural response instead of just taking actual preventitive action.

The whole of you fucks could learn a thing or two about what not to do from this faggot. Even I have problems with this kind of shit
File: Pokeball.png (17 KB, 300x301) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 300x301
Women are now able to be put into pokeballs, and can be traded with others when bored with them. A bit of mind control as well so that they follow orders.
Oddly specific but I see the lewd
See, I would love the transition phase where it is somewhat understood but not widely known that women are almost uncontrollably horny, and a guy could walk up to one, pull her into a kiss, start fingering her (in a possibly public environment) and she just melts.
>mermaid FBI
sounds good I likey
But what if I get off to both? Now I am unable to bonerfy dam you
So everyone dies of old age because there are no viable mating partners to make another generation. That's ok if it is your fetish But keep in mind of what happens after.
File: 00_20.jpg (52 KB, 429x337) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 429x337
everyone either becomes a female or futa centaur, but with the lower body of a common mammal in their area. They are still genetically compatible and the world changes to better suit us.
File: 1356699706209.gif (1 MB, 846x830) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 846x830
The more sex a woman has, the smarter she becomes.

Pregnant women temporarily gain proficiency equal to a decade of experience in a field they're most suited for from the 21st week till birth.

Just think on the implications for a while.
And THAT'S when I wake up screaming.
File: 1404965408770.jpg (432 KB, 750x1045) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
432 KB, 750x1045
I can fucking fap to this. I came rainbows. also your pic made me think of muscle man screams

I have an astrophysicist friend, and a neurologist friend, both women, both attractive, both massive sluts. Both, however, even bigger anti feminists.

Tumblr btfo, women can be successful, heterosexual, and not believe in a glass ceiling
File: 1405596874948s.jpg (3 KB, 125x123) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 KB, 125x123
in re: all human females gain the following abilities:

Hypnotic Gaze (Sp): The woman's gaze is so intense it stops others in their tracks. As a swift action once per round, it may attempt to hypnotize a single target, as per the spell hypnotism (caster level equal to the woman's Hit Dice). The DC of this effect is equal to 11 + the woman's Charisma modifier. The effects of the hypnotic gaze only last a number of minutes equal to the the woman's charisma modifier times ten. This ability usable a number of times per day equal to the woman's Hit Dice divided by two, round up. This racial trait replaces PMS.

File: 1404810894690.jpg (97 KB, 618x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
97 KB, 618x800

It would be interesting to see what happens to womens' human rights since, from a strict scientific viewpoint, they couldn't be classified as human anymore, which would lead to real legal grey area when it would come to hunting transformed women for food.

Also, I would love to see how sushi-eating women react to turning into the same fish they've eaten raw themselves.
How on earth aren't they human anymore? The gap of sexual dimorphism has broadened that doesn't make them a different species. We would still need their chromosomal data to reproduce.
THIS. i have mini giantess AND transformation/corruption fetish yet this idea seems complete BS perhaps say
10% of women grow into GTS instead
GTS women see men as inferior and therefor wish to enslave not kill
the milk thing still happens but they only give it to other women
the mini GTS women start converting other women and enslaving men until amazoness society is go, in this society ofcorse public sex is absolutely normal due to the high libido of women so they just keep men on a leash and whenever need to just fuck them etc etc
File: 1392744461883.png (895 KB, 900x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
895 KB, 900x1200

They sure as hell wouldn't be homo sapiens anymore, hence you couldn't classify them as being fully "human".

To say nothing of the fact that their bottom halves would be 100% fish and even their upper haves would have to be altered in all sorts of subtle ways to be part fish as well, and you've got 3.5 billion women who are now literally more than half fish.
Wait are there actually femanons that have merfetish?
I thought that was only for the poor unfortunate boys that got their mind ruined by disney
File: 1405370519858.jpg (135 KB, 918x604) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
135 KB, 918x604
How are you defining homo sapiens? You said "strict scientific" dimorphism doesn't make a different species out of two genetically linked creatures. If you meant they wouldn't be human by some purely reactionary post-rationalist bullshit then fine. But saying someone isn't human because they look different or have different needs is neither by any stretch scientific nor in any rigorous sense strict. Politicians might agree with you that lookin' funny is a good reason to label someone not human but no scientist ever will.

Not unless part of your wish was for humans to be able to fuck any fish not just mermaids and have either male humans or mermaids or fish, but that would violate the basis for thread: that wishes affect mature female humans.
Am femanon, have merfetish. Then again, I'm bi, so I'm not entirely sure if I count in what you were expecting.

As for whether the newly created mermaids are human or not from a biology standpoint, that really would depend on if you can have viable (and fertile) offspring in between men and the newly-created mermaids. If yes, they're the same species. If no, they're not.

Of course, that doesn't mean that mermaids wouldn't necessarily get shafted on human rights. People are very good at justifying what they want, facts be damned.
Very curious, when did you discover you had one?

Do you have a transformation fetish as well?

Do you fantasize over being transformed or having your partner transformed?
File: 1387003968964.jpg (285 KB, 426x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
285 KB, 426x600
I think I realized it was something in the past two or so years, mostly due to the monstergirl adventure threads that occasionally pop up around here. It's not nearly as intense as, say, wanting to be an alraune, but it's definitely present.

If by transformation fetish, you mean to have a fetish towards the process of transformation itself, then no. A nice, quick, comfortable transformation would probably be best, as opposed to something that would require hospitalization and have my nerves screaming for hours or days as my legs fuse together and gills open up.

I'm more partial towards being transformed myself than I am with it happening to my boyfriend. I'm not entirely sure why that is, though. Maybe because he's my dominant, and the idea of having a fetish applied to him just feels weird? I mean, I'm definitely okay with merfolk-y play partners of either sex, and I'm not opposed to him being a merman (?), but having him be the target of a transformation just feels like...NOPE.

And now to contribute: All people of reproductive age turn into some type of monstergirl/monsterguy. Fetishes are addressed first, and then going off of the person's personality.
Man, what kind of woman wouldn't want to become a robot? I get unrealistic fantasies, but...
I have a fantasy of being turned into a female android, or maybe synthoid is a better word. I have a whole elaborate story in my head to explain how and why it happened but it's just because I have a tf fetish, a tg fetish, fantasized about being turned into a woman, and it just seems really cool to be a robot.
All humans are attractive now,and they're desirable to many different Alien species who would treat them very well most of the time.

Human men risk being sold to groups who use them to fight other humans,like dog fighters for betting. Many of the fights are like historical reenactments of battles. Men who "die" are reborned to fight another day.

Other than the men risk being abducted,there's really no abuse to humans as they can be easily sold off.

Humans don't age and keep their youthfulness if desired.

Every human is smarter due to the ability to download data to their minds. Yet they must gain "wisdom" to fully utilize the knowledge over many years.

Humans don't need to work unless they want to do so,and groups can segregate from each other without hassle to empty planets or space stations.
so where's the kink or what's the fetish here?
>We want higher intelligence subjects to prevent from getting degrees

File: 3466548887w87.jpg (51 KB, 700x525) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 700x525
I still love the idea of women gradually (magically) losing bits of their bodies, perhaps over the course of years, until the point they become headless writhing torsos that can somehow survive indefinitely without a head.

Baby girls are still born whole, but probably start to succumb to the same fate once they hit their 20's.
File: 1406216599627.gif (3 MB, 480x292) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 480x292
>When ever people are short sighted enough write entire paragraphs to a troll explaining things nobody gives a shit about.
File: slicker1ec.gif (13 KB, 230x187) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 230x187
Pet fetish gone science fiction.

Think about this.

There are 300 hundreds billion of stars in this galaxy alone.

The most current estimates guess that there are 100 to 200 billion galaxies in the Universe, each of which has hundreds of billions of stars. A recent German supercomputer simulation put that number even higher: 500 billion. In other words, there could be a galaxy out there for every star in the Milky Way

From the starwars wiki.

The population, of the nearly 70 million systems that the Empire was responsible for, amounted to more than 100 quadrillion beings.

That's one galaxy

There are only 7 billion humans. Imagine humans being abducted and sold off to the pet market.
Hollywood adopts Africans from Africa as pets basically,so this scenario is not tooo crazy.

Humans are aged,regressed in age depending on the client's taste.
For all we know Aliens would find this type of man very attractive like cockelpoodles.

Some clients find different music forms of human food,or music amazing.
So Entire orchestras could be abducted and sold off to some company.,or rich client.

Maybe some humans would be turned into monster girls.
I'd love to become a robot girl.
File: 1405615475857.jpg (645 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
645 KB, 1280x960
now are two types of women: normal girls and dick girls who fuck normal ones
>Imagine humans being abducted and sold off to the pet market.
Except the original guy mentioned besides men being forced to fight there is nothing wrong, no mention of abduction, kidnapping, or sex beyond humans being attractive.
>Just think on the implications for a while.
>Kidnap some small weak boy
>Rape him several times a day

Men are dominated by women who rape them repeatedly almost like an intelligence drug. By the time most women reach 20 they are mensa level intelligence, men by comparison are practically retarded and the idea of being in a romantic relationship is seen like being in a romantic relationship with a cow is today.
>being in a romantic relationship with a cow is today.
Well, on /d/ this is quite popular...
small dicked boys are taken away from their parents at 12 and turned into effeminate sex slaves through hormone therapy and lots of rough sex. I'd want to be one of those boys.
>female android
The correct term is gynoid.
There is a reason it is on /d/ and not in public. A board on 4chan about romantic relationships with men in this alternate reality.
>tfw when don't want to rape my bf
>tfw dumb as shit
So Pokegirls?
You misunderstand, it's the opposite: the caption says they would target intelligent boys for transformation, then restrict their ability to get a degree.
Says that they would prefer them, not all smart boys get turned into girls. So it seems more like if they are undecided on if a boy should be feminised they see if he is smart, if he isn't he goes free, if he is he gets feminized. Besides if men outnumber women by a large margin and women are practically forced to get married and have kids due to laws restricting their freedom wouldn't you prefer that smart people reproduce instead of dumb people? Unless there is a shortage of people willing to get college degrees it really shouldn't do much damage.
Fish eat other fish all the time.
File: 1344741521147.jpg (162 KB, 792x413) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
162 KB, 792x413
Awful lot of hate you're spewin.
I'd like to hear different systems for deciding who to feminize. Different kinds of tests, etc. Also how girls are treated once they're created. Then we can imagine which countries use which methods.
It sounds terrible, but I'd love to see women everywhere forced to wear a burka for a short amount of time (maybe just a week or a month).

Mostly I want to see how western feminists and lesbians react to being forced to dress like the Muslim women they're so afraid of becoming like - maybe whatever transforms women's clothing into burkas also makes it impossible to remove anywhere but a bathroom, and even then just to shower.

Bonus: everyone gets a mega-boner when women are allowed to dress normally again when this magic bullshit is lifted.
File: 1383943734828.jpg (186 KB, 800x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
186 KB, 800x1200
All non Alpha-males are turned into mincing, weak, girly, little, sissy faggots for abuse by real men and women.

Also, to make up for loss of parting the male population from being breeding stock, some women become dickgirls/futas
File: 132350838835.png (201 KB, 595x841) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
201 KB, 595x841
It's called "The Sync".

Men and women everywhere develop bonds. But one day, say this guy and this girl meet, and really hit it off. We're talking "instant best friends" kind of connection. As time goes on, they get closer and closer, and one day, she decides to just break the tension, and they fuck.

More time spent in each others' presence, until one day one of them notices something: the other is maybe taller, or thinner, or bustier, or more muscular. And every day, more changes, until the tension grows again. And slowly but surely, noticeable changes become known. Maybe skin color, maybe skin type, maybe their body is suddenly larger because of their skeleton in certain areas. But the bond grows and grows, and one day, the change just... stops. They are still who they are, but they're no longer who they once were. The couple is stronger, and maybe stranger than they were alone, but they're no longer alone. They've found who they were looking for. And their partner has become just that.

And that's what happens to all single people the world over. Gay, straight, what have you, the Sync promotes true love regardless of who they were or will be. There are age limits (older can get younger to a point, but anyone under the age of 14 remains unaffected, with those teenagers only going through temporary effects until the real Sync later in life). But when it does happen, it's the bond that can't be broken. Personifying strength and trust, making both parties perfect for each other. Families are formed, friendships grow, and people can just finally stop worrying about something in their life for once.

There are some oddities, though. Like one party Syncing with a harem of their preferred partner type, like the one woman who formed a harem of men that slowly turned into autonomous sexbots. Or the rarer still Loner becoming their type, thus overriding their loneliness. But stranger things have yet to happen with the Sync.
While it can happen at any point in a man's life, mostly it occurs during the mid-to-late puberty when the sex drive and aggression are at their peak. While some especially submissive males are willing transformed, and some are transformed from rape, mostly it occurs through sex fights. Two males, overcome by their urges, attempt to physically dominate each other, with the loser becoming female.

Sex fights are a regular occurrence in school locker rooms and high school parties almost always end up with a few of the weaker boys getting put in their place.

All of the remaining men tend to be very alpha. Genetically, it also ensures that only dominant, alpha males have their Y chromosome passed on, as females lose theirs in the transformation, when their X chromosome copies itself.
Do girls ever post in these threads?
What kind of kinks do they have?
Bdsm body transformation, feminization male on male, gender bent pregnancy, lesbianism, futanari and breeding. Also monsters.
cccan we make them latex?
I love these, but I always take them too seriously and spend way too much time trying to come up with them. Let me see, something like:

>All women give off some sort of magic radiation that only affects me personally. It basically gives me the power of "power bestowal" so I can give myself and others essentially any power.

My end goal is basically to have a harem of all sorts of different girls and traps ranging from creepily-young to milf, and having a perfect life of everything I ever wanted, and being worshiped like a god, etc. Normal narcissistic stuff.
File: topimg01.jpg (444 KB, 780x592) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
444 KB, 780x592
all the clothes that women wear suddenly become sexy video game/anime/comics action girl cosplay material. no conservative cosplay here, all are designed to be fetish fuel. even if women try to wear other mundane clothes, they still turn into cosplay material that match their body types well while in turn making them overall healthier and sexier, making their bodies more ideal but still ensuring variety (unlike posted pic).
jerseys or sweatshirts become tightfit ninja catsuits, school uniforms become hentai version of sailor moon outfits or some mahou shoujo outfit, office uniforms become sci-fi plugsuits, pajamas become succubus outfit, pants become hotto pantsu, socks are promoted to grade A zettai ryouiki, formal dresses become revealing sorceress or demon queen robes, outdoor clothing vary from lewd himekishi armor to mecha musume to gothic lolita to sexy superhero to whatever and many more. heck, even if they're naked, collar and chains magically appear. underwear disappear, unless it's part of the costume. it's like the world looks like some fantasy/supernatural/sci-fi/fighting nukige, at least when it comes to what women look.

I like this - no woman would be able to bathe or even visit a gynecologist without having to suffer the humiliating clank and clang of chains and a collar, and they would have to plan around what kind of clothing *might* force them into the least humiliating, most tasteful fetish getup for a wedding.
If you come up with answers like that, change the premise so that it can't refer to you personally. You'll only benefit from what any man in your scenario gets.

On one hand that's sort of hot, on the other, since it'd apply to me, I'd fucking kill you.
it's already pretty harmless compared to other stuff posted here. women would just look different but definitely sexier. if you want some compensating, i'm also welcome to let women use a portion of the powers that are associated with said costumes.
ninja catsuits make women more agile while knowing some martial arts, sci-fi plugsuits make women smarter and more dexterous when working with technology and guns, sorceress/demon queen robes make women more intelligent and wise while being able to dominate lower life forms easily as if having familiars and gaining some extra senses, succubus outfit allows women to gain some energy and youthfulness by making intimate contact with men. mahou shoujo and superhero outfit make them kinda stronger. the thing here is to allow women to gain some small benefit based on their cosplay that is above mundane but below the level of vulgar magic, so as not to risk the safety of the world. heck, being naked and in collar and chains give women better endurance though they won't be stronger or smarter than usual with this.
it's hard for men to win against women when they're wearing something in this world actually. but it's not like they're invincible.
Which real clothes and equivalent cosplay would you wear, for maximum modesty?

What about if you got minor powers from your cosplay like >>5598786?
I think as a man it'd be pretty easy to win against most women (unless they're buffing their agility) by just having lots of costume makeup scars and slapping one on her forehead and BAM! Instant lobotomy.

Would the combination of cloths woman wear affect how the cloths transform?

So if the same woman wears the same sun dress but underneath is different (eg granny panties and sports bra, Victoria bra/panty combo or nothing) would this make the cloth range from being thick but still skin tight to ultra thin.
File: b0nl.jpg (277 KB, 850x1105) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
277 KB, 850x1105
i posted this:
>underwear disappear, unless it's part of the costume
i don't exactly know what would happen either if you tried doing combinations. maybe something similar to pic would happen (it's like two costumes in one but still look hawt). what matters is that it's still fantastic cosplay fetish fuel in the end.
A lot of people ignore the entire premise and just make it into a "your biggest fantasy" thread. Several threads leave women unchanged and only change men, some change both sexes, some change only a select few.
File: 1293230167150.png (506 KB, 800x599) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
506 KB, 800x599
Breast size is variable and directly linked to a woman's happiness at a given moment.

A cups or smaller are legitimate and immediate cause for an intervention by anyone and everyone, often resulting in a warmer fuzzier version of a gangbang.

Churches have had to undergo major structural changes so that roofs don't routinely get destroyed and the guests don't get squished by blissful brides. Wedding gowns come with a tear-away portion over the breasts as a matter of course. It's a considerably good omen if the bride spews milk over all the guests.
Balance Policy!
Would those who mate with clownfish Mermaids change gender upon their lover's death?
File: Witch2.jpg (679 KB, 900x1414) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
679 KB, 900x1414
>Globalized fetish

Oh boy, the holy grail of /tg/ and it's very hard to make. It isn't simple to invent an entire social and cultural structure, on a global level, based on a fetish. Sure it's possible but, can it be done properly? Without sounding silly? It really depends.

One of my simple settings often comes down to include a post-apocalyptic scenario. It easily explains how society as we knew came to collapse while still maintaining a certain mystery and allure and advanced tech, if you feel like writing an actual world other than a fetish.

Regarding sex. How can a society be around it? Well, the easiest setting would be lack of females, or at least a percentage of fertile ones. A fertile female or a fertile male would be a prized possession, especially if they are capable of conceiving with sterile ones. We can open up your fantasies a little further, by granting settings where these men and women are forced to have several partners, for the sole purpose of sexual delight and procreation. This explains why it's decent and allowed public displays of sex. Everything is allowed as long it ensures pregnancy.

This simple setting is very useful for almost anything. From femdom to maledom, to monogamy to full blown creampie gangbangs, etc.

You can even make up diseases that cause men to turn into women, or make up a new flora/fauna that sexually predates humans.


It's in this setting that I start my idea. Two siblings, one initially a man with some experience in mechanics turned woman, the other a natural born female, are acquired by a small band of mercs. Fifty males, with the eldest being in his thirties, have two women. Other than gynoids, which they brutally abuse during their fervorous sexual sessions, to the point of ripping limbs, the girls are the first females they set their eyes on. Unable to escape, the sisters spend their days either fucking or sucking and altered to please the men in exchange of protection, water and food.
Pic related, but what animal species a woman is partially transformed to is based off of body type, personality and looks.

Generally, women with big tits become cows, fat + ugly women (even if they have big tits) become pigs, skinny flatchested women may become anything from goats to chicken to donkeys, but any of that can be trumped if the woman would simply be more attractive as different breed of animal.

I still can't believe it was a genetic sickeness that caused this. Pretty sure her mom fucked a sheep.
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