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hi /co/
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hi /co/
this is my first time postin here, dont lynch me pls
what are the best wh40k graphic novels / comics in your opinion?
if you have download links i would be most grateful
ask /tg/.
The one with Cadians fighting Tau is pretty great though, i know it was storytimed here before. Deff skwaden (ork spelling is silly) is legit, and i know you can find a link from the 1d4chan page for it.
How fortunate a lot of us on /co/ are joint posters.

OP: Lone Wolves, Damnation Crusade, Deffskwadron, The Redeemer, and I think there's a cool Assassin focused one I'm forgetting. That's what I have off the top of my head at least.
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Storytime something faggots
I actually am planning to do Damnation Crusade but am kind of doing something else for another hour or two.
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Just keeping the thread bumped till I get free.
That's fanatastic

How do they recruit from Hiveworlds anyway? Are nine-year olds in the hive gangs?
Yes. Lower hive gangs are vicious and you start young.
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The quality of 40k comics, like pretty much anything 40k, varies wildly. I actually ended up buying 'Blood and Thunder' which turned out to be pretty shit, yet it had a bunch of one shots in the back that were quite good. There was one (I believe it was called The Visitors?) that had a segment about a dying marine which really stood out.
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The Redeemer, Kal Jerico, Deff Skwadron, Blood and Thunder, Danmnation Crusade and Lone Wolves are all pretty good, Redeemer being tippest of toppest of tiers.
Other than that, looking for old Inferno issues or things like Titan are good as well, if you can deal with somewhat fugly artwork.

Seriously though, Necromunda comics were the best, fucking Karl Kopinski and Wayne Reynolds working on artwork was amazing.

In the meantime I'll storytime an old Inferno tale.
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Because we all know that only one Assassin Clade is worth anything.
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Late 2nd to late 3rd edition truely was the golden age we'll never get back.
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The true origin of BLAM
You kind of forget that some planets barely see any sign of the Imperium in decades or centuries and the only forms of interstellar communications are from insane psychic people who may or may not be possessed by a demon.

If you're part of a system that hasn't been visited by this so-called Imperium in 100+ years (aside from sending tithes which you never see again) it's easy to see why you think you'll get away with rebelling. Plus there's the chance the Imperium is so shitty and bureaucratic that there may not be a response until long after you died of natural causes in your fancy throne room made of diamonds.
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Finally free! Time for BLACK TEMPLARS
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Also this isn't Damnation Crusade but I put it in the same folder for a reason. Namely because this is a great intro to the chapter and setting for those of you who aren't fa/tg/uys.
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The Brave Little Bolter.

Also since the reply limit is like 500 or something, some discussion: Who here in this thread knows anything about 40k in at all and who is going into this stone cold?
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"We're putting you in a dreadnought dumbass."
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Been familiar with the universe since the 5th edition. Dropped it after they announced the 6h (but I still kept in touch with the videogames) and I just recently dig my old orks army and started anew.

If this thread is still around by tomorrow night, I might storytime The Redeemer. It's been a few years since the last time I read it.
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And now Damnation Crusade proper. I'll be skipping the credits page just because I have no idea how long this actually is, having not counted it before, so we shall have to do the traditional 40k opening text a different way.

By which of course I mean, bow your heads and pray with me to the God-Emperor the traditional prayer.

>It is the 41st Millennium...
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I just did a count. 149 more pages after that one I just did, minus the credits ones I will be cutting to save time. You might need to make a new thread and link it.

>For more than a hundred centuries The Emperor has sat immobile on the Golden Throne of Earth. He is the Master of Mankind by the will of the gods, and master of a million worlds by the might of his inexhaustible armies. He is a rotting carcass writhing invisibly with power from the Dark Age of Technology. He is the Carrion Lord of the Imperium for whom a thousand souls are sacrificed every day, so that he may never truly die.
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>Yet even in his deathless state, the Emperor continues his eternal vigilance. Mighty battlefleets cross the daemon-infested miasma of the Warp, the only route between distant stars, their way lit by the Astronomican, the psychic manifestation of the Emperor's will. Vast armies give battle in his name on uncounted worlds. Greatest amongst his soldiers are the Adeptus Astartes, the Space Marines, bio-engineered super-warriors. Their comrades in arms are legion: the Imperial Guard and countless planetary defence forces, the ever vigilant Inquisition and the tech-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus to name only a few. But for all their multitudes, they are barely enough to hold off the ever-present threat from aliens, heretics, mutants - and worse.
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>To be a man in such times is to be one amongst untold billions. It is to live in the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable. These are the tales of those times. Forget the power of technology and science, for so much has been forgotten, never to be re-learned. Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for in the grim dark future there is only war. There is no peace amongst the stars, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter, and the laughter of thirsting gods.
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Some 80's stuff is pretty awesome, there's one about some Arbites finding an ancient chaos titan.
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>You-You talk funny

How childish
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the Gun is narrating.
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Last issue for tonight. I just looked at the time, I have to sleep soon. Tomorrow I'll finish this is the thread is still up or make a new thread. Or if anyone who isn't about to crash wants to do 4-6 that's great too
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>Why can't I hold all these alternate covers
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Also sorry for delays. Microwaving some food which causes my wireless to drop out in the kitchen. Which would sound like bullshit to me had I not been experiencing that for ages now.
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Brother Cassius has the doofiest face
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Tankred is what experts would call 'hardcore'
See, if this was the Salamanders, the Ravenguard, or the greatest chapter of all, the Ultramarines, they would ensure the citizens that they're there to help and inspire hope to them while repairing the damage caused in the conflict. Kind of lame the Black Templars just left those people to die with no resources at all, nothing to help bring them back to their feet.
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Legit. Even the Space Wolves would have at least stopped long enough for a feast or two.
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Just be glad it's not the Iron Hands who came to rescue them. Knowing them, they would have killed all the Orks and the Ogryns, then start executing those poor, primitive people for being too weak to protect themselves that they needed Space Marines to save them.

Or worse, if the crazy, fanatical Inquisition was somehow involved. Those zealots would have just exterminatus this insignificant world and the surrounding star systems for good measure, then act like petulant child when someone calls them out on their kill-more-people-than-save policy.
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>Make a wish!
File: 1429238835616.jpg (493 KB, 1024x1559) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You know that the final sanction of Exterminatus isn't used that lightly. Habitable worlds are hard to get, and they're only destroyed when there is no more hope of salvation.

Or if you're a whackjob but usually the Inquisition kind of takes care of its own who go too far off the rails like that.
File: 1429238964926.jpg (480 KB, 1024x1561) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anyway, night friends. I'll finish this up tomorrow if someone doesn't get to it before me.
The Black Templars have a surprisingly large, pedant vocabulary, despite most of them originating from barbaric death worlds or corrupt hive plant-sized cities. Are all SMs educated to this degree? It's pleasing that they focused their warriors are more intellectual pursuits, but I was honestly expecting them to be more succinct. The young marine pontificating his views of the chapter's battle victory by comparing to a harvest was the last thing I was expecting.
>Are all SMs educated to this degree? I

Yeah. They're highly intelligent warrior-monks. Even Barbo, son of Barbo, a dirt scrabbling kid when the Chapter takes them in will come out as a scout (or Neophyte) who is literate, articulate enough to operate on the battlefield with their own brothers and those of other chapters and arms of the imperium, and an intelligent warrior. Plus they do a lot of reading, religious texts and documents on warfare both.
i love chaplains
The Space Wolves hook their illiterate viking recruits up to infodump machines for a week while they're being modified. "This is a spacecraft, dummy." "Here's what the Emperor's about, dummy." "These are Xenos, dummy."
The Deathwatch does the same thing (At least some sectors of it, since it is a fragmented organization) with new recruits to help them become better xenos killers. I think hypno-indoctrination is standard for everyone to some degree or another.
One of the first comics I ever read was a 40k series about three bloodangels stranded in the Warp. It was fucking awesome. Also the redeemer was cool as fuck.
File: WH make a wish.jpg (411 KB, 1024x1562) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
WH make a wish.jpg
411 KB, 1024x1562
I have that edit
Also the other one that shows up all the time
Don't forget Deth Skwadron and the one comic series about the Titan crew. Now those were awesome.
File: 1402820087079.gif (2 MB, 348x323) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 348x323

Fuck yeah!
Man, either those primitive worlds somehow have forced the human children inhabiting those planets to resemble and have the strength of young grizzled adults, or the BTs have somehow found a way to recruit adults and implant them with their gene-seed. Seriously, those guys don't look like the age range of 10-16 years that most chapters go for.
Sometimes authors just 'forget' the recruit younger teens rule. Or maybe they just are that hardcore at 14.
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>Not Lamenters
gr8 b8 m8 lets go on a d8
I fucking wish I could find just one page of Deth Skwadron.
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