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/co/'s favorite cartoons poll
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Vote for your five favorite titles from the list, then post your results here:
This is the fifth day I'm postin this. We'll see how many votes will come in today and depending on it it might be the last or I'll pull it one or two days max more.

To keep the thread up post the titles you voted for and comment on other's tastes. Or post cartoon boobies.
More cartoon boobies pls

>steven universe is winning
/col/ btfo
>No Star vs

Shit poll, will not vote.
I'm not sure about the limits and what will get me banned. Would posting a naked character that covers their nipples be fine?
Oh, forgot to post that. But this is based on a thread in which people were supposed to choose five titles they like in general. The ones with the most votes got into the strawpoll. Your show just didn't cut it.
>/co/'s "most hated" shows at the top
>and Avatar

This is rich. Also Avatar's about to overtake SU, so that's something.
The problem with this is that it's not a poll about what the best shows are, it's a poll about what your favorite shows are
Polls don't measure shit. Especially not here. Threads have demographic bias purely based on how they present. Further louder needier people are more willing to vote. The only objective poll would be something like all /co/ posters getting a warning from mods which lifts when they answer (but that would be stupid)
As it stands straw polls can be proxied and even worse are the statistical problems outlined above.
Fuck you dumb retards. Now I'm going to have to see /co/ck heads posting this trying to defend their cu//ck taste despite this meaning literally less than nothing. It's just a good judge of attention seeking fans. No surprise we see SU and AtLA, the same board flooding retards that have plagued this place in their respective peaks.
It's the same in the end, the best shows for you are your favorites.
>best shows are your favourites
This is patently wrong. Subjectivity and objectivity are different. Perceived entertainment and perceived quality are different.
There are films I know are brilliant that aren't my thing. There are films I know that are terrible but I still have a soft spot for.

Unless you're measuring marketability the two aren't comparable at all.
I remember the first time I made a pool and in it was a lot more neutral in tone and instead of cheesecake the OP image was just a voting signature. I got exactly zero votes.
Entertainment is based on quality. If those two are strikingly different for you then you might just not be true to yourself about what you actually value in a show.
What, no Justice League?
You are literally wrong. That's like saying there's no technical measure for film quality or music quality. There notable features, techniques and theories that everyone can acknowledge when done right. Just because you have absolutely no idea about the media that you consume and are only capable of measuring the quality of the media on how much you liked doesn't mean that everyone else is so disarmingly simple.

I might personally love an image someone sketched up for me but that doesn't mean I think it's one of the greatest pieces of concept design I've ever seen.
I have fun watching 'The Room' is it a good film because of that?
I prefer fantasy books over true crime does that mean that all true crime is worse written than fantasy?
You have to be baiting, autistic or simple to dilute what is common sense to so many into this warped equivalence.
File: 1436441911933.jpg (484 KB, 5000x5000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>hundreds of cartoons
>very limited choices
>no Megas XLR
>no JL or JLU
>no Star Vs
>no Ben 10
>not even fucking Scooby Doo
>no Courage the Cowardly Dog
this poll is shit
I like the late-nite trolls here.
They go meta.
I like things based on how good I percieve them to be. So to me this kind of dichotomy doesn't exist. I enjoy something if its qualit impresses me, if it's of poor quality then why would I enjoy it?
Because sometimes crap is hilarious because it's crap.

So we've excluded simple. Now we need to figure out whether it's autism or just plain old bait.
Link to thread?
No idea, back then I didn't even think of developing it into a bigger poll. The only thing I have is the counted up points in a notepad file so I'll post them. I also know I had pic related as the op pic so I don't know if it's possible to find the thread in the archive based on that.
1st (14 points):
Avatar the Last Airbender

2nd (13 points):
Samurai Jack

3rd (10 points):
Ed, Edd and Eddy

4th (8 points):

5th (7 points):
Adventure Time

6th (6 points):
Bojack Horseman, Gravity Falls, King of the Hill, Spongebob, Rick and Morty

7th (5 points):
Batman: TAS, Steven Universe

8th (4 points):
Aqua Teen Hunger Force, My little Pony, Simpsons, The Maxx

9th (3 points):
Clone High, Hey Arnold, Moral Orel, Over the Garden Wall, South Park, Sym-bionic Titan, Xiaolin Showdown, Venture Bros

10th (2 points):
Batman: Brave and the Bold, Beavis and Butthead, Batman Beyond, Billy and Mandy, Clerks TAS, Duckman, Filmore, Harvey Birdman, Home Movies, Invader Zim, Wakfu

11th (1 points):
Aeon Flux, American Dad, Angry Beavers, Ben 10, China, IL, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Cybersix, Daria, Darkwing Duck, Dan Vs., Dilbert, Downtown, Drawn Together, Gargoyles, Homestar Runner, Jimmy Neutron, Johnny Bravo, Johnny Quest, Kablam, Kids Next Door, Justice League Unlimited, Looney Tunes, Rotates, Sam and Max, Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, Sealab 2021, Space Ghost to the Coast, Spectaculat Spider Man, Superjail, Superman: TAS, Superman (40s), Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Static Shock, Teen Titans, The Critic, The Legend of Korra, The Legend of Prince Valiant, Transformers Animated, Tron: Uprising, Out There, Xavier Renegade Angel, Young Justice

I had to be selective with the two point titles so I just went with what is more talked about and popular on /co/.

Also, I guess you could treat this as a practice poll. I've already thought of a way how to make this process more efficient. But I might do that next year, won't be doing the same thing any time soon.
File: Edangry.gif (148 KB, 300x181) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
148 KB, 300x181
>No Transformers series
>No Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
>No Cow and Chicken
>No Johnny Bravo

I don't know what's more disgusting, your OP image of choice, or your ignorance.
Maybe the fact that you won't check what's written in this thread?
File: 1448183179339.png (468 KB, 1392x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
468 KB, 1392x540
>no Daria
>no Dexter's Lab

Yeah, your taste is shit.
we should really do a bigger one
Exact tie between Avatar and Steven Universe when I voted. Honestly didn't expect to see anything different.
Two incredibly popular cartoons, yeah.

I voted SU but I fully expect Avatar to overtake it.

R&M in third is what's surprising.
Yeah, but it's kind of hard. The best way is through the google docs poll manager, but I actually tried to do one of those and the response was minimal. Not only it requires you to have a google account but we'd have to make it so that people would put the answers in yourself.
This already required more effort:>>78823156
since people had to actually type in answers in the thread. There were like 70-80 responses in the span of more than 30 hours and then a few hours of me bumping the thread and nobody answering anymore.

In the OP poll people just had to select answers and nothing more so I had the same amount of votes in the span of like 6 hours.
The highest ranking one I voted for is at #3 right now. I'm surprised Moral Orel is so low. It's something everyone ought to watch like once a year.
I think most people who watched it would have had it in their top 5, it's juts that not many people have seen it. Same goes for The Maxx, which is even less popular.
It's really telling of this sites general age by looking at the top 3. Lots of children.
So what would be some "adult" choices according to you?
Why do you keep using an AT image, OP. You should use a neutral image
I really liked old Simpsons, but I don't know if I should vote for Simpsons since so much of it is bad now.
I already mentioned that when I used a neutral image I had zero response.
Why isnt MLP in the first place? I thought it was the most popular cartoon
Batman TAS, Futurama, Beavis and Butthead, Venture Bros, or King of the hill.

Also the patrician choices.
I prefer consistent world-building and narrative continuity from random episodic comedy. Futurama or Beavis and Butthead might be aimed for adults but they aren't exactly mature.

No, i'm sorry. This poll is shit and it just proves that people voting on this have zero taste.
>consistent world-building
>Adventure Time

Suuuure anon
File: 1451785365051.png (405 KB, 804x670) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
405 KB, 804x670
There iis pretty limited options, OP.

Also, when you mean Avatar:The Last Airbender, do you mean just the one with Aang, or both Aang and Korra series? If the latter, then I take back my vote, I don't like the Korra series.
Because that won't attract anyone's attention.
The Last Airbender not The Legend of Korra.
>older shows have to be your favorite or you're not cool

File: mad.jpg (281 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>only 40 votes for Duckman
Fuck all 290 of you
also where the fuck is Drawn Together?
File: LOSINGIT.png (49 KB, 406x377) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 406x377
>not even 30 votes for Maxx.
OP here and The Maxx is my favorite cartoon. Poll votes for it don't exactly make me happy but what can you do.
Is ATLA the Evangelion of /co/?
In terms of popularity yes, though SU or AT might be more similar since it's also polarizing or at least has an equally vocal contrarian reaction to it.

In terms of content I'd say Evangelion is more like Moral Orel or The Maxx. Or a weird combo of both.

>Nothing ever changes
File: 1450117900520.jpg (37 KB, 595x554) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 595x554

This is so fucking shitty that i refuse to associate it with /co/.
What does that have to do with world-building. I mentioned character development. Besides, power structures and the setting actually do change in Ooo.
Then please, leave.

>Setting changes in Ooo
>PB is a princess again

Sure, anon. Whatever you say, you fucking lesbian waifufag.
Here's your reply! Make a screencap of this one so you can show it off to your friends.
>No argument

I expected this answer, waifufag.
Second reply? Wow anon, you're on a roll today!
So, will Finn win anything?
Who /ventureuniverseclonejackeddy/ here? I can't be the only one also where's Harvey birdman and sealab?
>ablublublu no one agrees with me and I'm superior to everyone so that must mean everyone else sucks ablublublu
>can't win the bubble princess bowl
>can't win the vampire girl bowl
>can't win the flame bitch bowl
>they make him gay to get the korrasami audience

Do you REALLY believe Adventure Time is better than The Max?
Fuck off, this is not "/co/'s favorite shows" it's "the few anons who bothered clicking the threads favorite shows".
Make a popular and a patrician one.

I'm screencapping this so I don't need to type that out anymore.
Thread replies: 66
Thread images: 11
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