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What is simplest dish you can make that tastes...
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What is simplest dish you can make that tastes and people think is really complex?
I'm looking for the best ratio of low input to great reception on the part of friends and family.
I've been told French Onion Soup isn't hard just take a bit of time, is that true?
Yes, that's true. French onion soup is incredibly easy, but it takes quite a bit of time, because the onions require deep caramelization. But yeah, that's a soup that everyone loves and most people are easily impressed by, but it's easy as fuck to make. You HAVE TO use quality ingredients, though.
Throw honey in spaghetti with tomato sauce
trust me
no it is not true
Onion Soup is a classical example of classical French cuisine, which is mostly concerned with taking meh-tier ingredients like onions or tough stringy cock meat and turning them into good food by judicious application of technique, wine and butter
it is easy to make but hard to get just right

look into Japanese style clear soups, nigiri sushi, stuff like that
those are pretty forgiving
I can think of several...

Pork chops - everything about cooking good steak applies to these. Most people have not had a pork chop that surpasses a dry deck of cards. If you cook at high heat for a short time, they come out delicious. Then you serve that up with some saurkraut (rinse well and cook w/ a cup of apple juice) and green beans... mmmm, people love it!

Rocky Mountain Toast - butter both sides of a piece of bread, use a cup to cut out center, fry the two pieces and crack an egg into the hole you've made. Flip both pieces, salt and pepper, add a piece of cheese atop the big piece of bread, then the small circle of bread atop that when it's done. Cover with a bowl to melt the cheese fast. The yolk should be runny when you cut into it. This is great for beach vacations!

Popcorn - so many people buy the microwave kind. Why bother? It's easy to make. Cover the bottom of a medium sized pot with kernels and add enough veg. oil to cover just barely. Swish the popcorn around to coat thoroughly. Cover the pot and cook on high until you hear the suffering kernels trying to escape, but don't let them. Shake the pot as the kernels pop and dump the popcorn into a large bowl when you get less than 1 pop per second. Add salt and serve to your friends who didn't know popcorn until they came over to watch Con Air with you.
french onion soup is stupid easy.
>saute onions in butter
>add wine
>simmer for three hours
>put in bowls
>slices of baquette or ciabatta
>grate some gruyere
>under the grill
wa la. just don't forget to season like a retard.

you need to caramelize the onion, not just sautee it, and soup is NOT boiled wine... also you need regular bread

> caramelize onion
> deglaze with wine
> bring mirepoix with herbs to a boil
> pour the veg-water over the onions
> bring to a simmer
soup is done
> toast day-old bread
> put in bowls of soup
> grate goats' cheese on
> into hot oven or under salamander until cheese browns

pretty technical shit, if you ask me. also labor intensive, also not something that will impress plebs who don't actually know how much work goes into it and just taste oniony water anyway because the fine contrast between the cheese and the soup is lost on their pleb palates
Coq au vin with something like chicken thighs instead. Bonus points for having a french name.
Stupidly easy and "fancy" enough that it practically guaranteed to blow them away.
Chicken Supreme.
>vegetable broth
>goat cheese

Goddamn, you're a faggot.
>rocky mountain toast

I think this is called an egg in a basket anon
crab or lobster
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>using anything but beef broth
>goat cheese
>onion soup is pretty technical

What happened in your past that made you this damaged?
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powerade chicken

They don't need to know that... senpai
Shepherd's pie. Easy as fuck, gets a girl's panties off every time.
Zuccini Stuffed Chicken. I always give this, it's the ultimate recipe and it looks fancy.

Shred zuccini and an onion in the food processor. Cook in a pot and add bread crumbs, an egg (make sure to mix while adding the egg so it doesn't cook it into pieces), s&p and garlic powder. I've added other veggies too like mushrooms. Stuff the filling under the chicken skin (thighs or breasts). Paprika the chicken and drizzle honey. Bake uncovered and to really brown the skin, broil just at the end.

I believe you'll find its a toad in the hole, mate
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>cut avomato in half
>season with salt and pepper
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Pretty much anything slow cooked tastes like you know way more than you do about cooking. I do a beef short rib recipe that is basically searing the ribs, then cooking in garlic, broth, and wine for 4+ hours. It's super easy and every time I make it for a group plus some mashed taters and a veggie people rave about how it's the best meal they've ever had
>Con Air

Can I come over and eat your popcorn if I bring a blu-ray of Con Air with me?
Nothing about the dish is technically difficult. The fuck is the matter with you? Time-consuming, sure. More of a pain than most people will bother with, sure. Difficult to do? No.
I love Con Air as much as the next guy, but popcorn isn't going to impress anybody.
As far as dessert goes, I always found that tiramisu gets people raving and I don't find it that hard to make. It's even easier if you use store-bought ladyfingers.
Bitches seem to be impressed by ceviche and it's dead simple.

Also beignets, they're a bit of work but not too much if you prepare the night before.
Get yourself an oily fish like mackerel with the skin on. Clean and season the inside.
Put two drums of the cheapest salt you can find in a bowl and splash a little bit of water on it so it clumps like snow.
Pack the salt on a tray, lay the fish on top and pack on the rest over the fish so it's covered completely. Bake for 10 minutes or so, depending on the fish and size.

Mix fish sauce, sugar, crushed garlic, ginger and chilies with a touch of sesame oil.

Takes like 12 minutes altogether and you've got a smorgasbord of flavor complexity.
> broth
it's called stock, fucktards. beef stock is no bueno, as it sidelines the fucking onion. you want beef soup you make beef soup
> goat cheese
chevretine. creamy, thick, fat, easy to spread on toast, very quick to melt, powerful taste. what is not to like?
the caramelization step WILL be fucked up by 90%+ of home cooks
there is very little that is difficult about even the most advanced cooking techniques, per se. they are regularly taught to people who are otherwise unemployable except as dishies.
what is difficult is applying them properly and repeatably that's where most home cooks fail
unlike in a professional kitchen, there is no chef to explain that they went wrong, where they went wrong and how to fix it, so the family eats dried out turkey every god damn year for three decades
That is a turkey you fucking retard.
>using stock and not broth in french onion soup
>using anything but beef
>using anything but gruyere

Jesus you're a shit cook.
yes, please explain to me in great detail how the French restaurant in France that I learned this recipe in SHOULD have done things
by all means, continue to make an ass of yourself by calling for "broth" instead of stock
you probably don't even skim your brown stock, you fucking heathen
You know that stock and broth are different things, right?
perhaps you replied to my post on accident, friend
Thin slick chicken
thin slice 4 bell peppers
this slice onion
2 cloved garlic
1 tbsp olive oil
add lemon pepper, cumin, chili powder and corriander

Fry until chicken is cooked.

Serve with sour cream in a tortilla
>Not just draining the stock and letting the fat settle as it cools so you can skim it all off easily in one go

The lazy man's way is to just leave it in the cool room or fridge and remove the solidified fat by hand easily when the stock settles into jelly. Is there any reason at all for pedantically skimming fat off the top every time you see it for hours on end? Does it produce a better stock, and is that something you can actually prove?

toss up

linguine alla vongole
steak pizzaiola
arni kleftiko
cottage pie

most are just simple sautes or bakes

Do you feel up to explaining what exactly has gotten you so upset?

Or perhaps you are having technical issues, and responded to the wrong post by accident?
> lazy man's way
> solidified fat
what about the protein and the rest of the assorted scum? you just let it bubble back in?
> skimming fat off the top
you skim the grey foamy scum, which is quite nasty... you should taste it sometime, if you're not yet convinced you really don't want that in your stock
> does it produce a better stock
yes, it does. better tasting and better looking

I was a fan of the raft method in the kitchen, but skimming is a better way for the home cook, less to go wrong, but you still get about 90% of the effects
Every time I make fried rice my friends and family rave about it but its the easiest thing to make
Stuffed chicken breasts [doesn't matter what I stuff it with
Any kind of sushi dish. I used to work for a sushi place and managed one and was taught how to make simple rolls, so it is simple to impress with maki if you get certain ingredients. I Americanize the shit out of it and people adore it
Seafood gumbo
Just steak and lobster tail. So simple, too expensive. I often swap out the lobster to royal red Bayou la Batre Gulf Coast shrimp. They are like gigantic amaebi [sweet shrimp] and just boiling it with one of those Old Bay sacks and homemade Creole seasoning is amazing.
And Eggs Benedict. I use the microwave a lot more than I'd care to admit.
>not calling it eggy weggy wheat
250g ground beef
some garlic
half an onion
50g butter
some flour
5dl milk
3dl tomato sauce
italian spices
grated parmesan
If you know what you do, you don't even need a second pan or plate. Just move the meat at one side of the pan and make the bechamel sauce on the other side. add tomatosauce and penne instead of lasagna sheets.

crêpes suzette
the batter is
2 eggs
1 dl milk
1 dl water
100g flour
the sauce:
4 tblspoon sugar
1dl grand manrier
1dl amaretto
both together maybe 40min of work
uhh prove it you stupid piece o fshit
Do you mind spending a lot of time? Pot roast is fairly easy. Or really any sort of beef stew you like.
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images (28).jpg
26 KB, 470x313

Pic is toad in the hole.
Braised whatever.

Get some oxtail, or ribs, or even fucking turkey legs, braise it some wine, chicken broth and mirepoix.

Cook for three hours, plebs will shit themselves.
Fuck that. My grandpa has THE most meat-&-potatoes bland midwestern diet; every Sunday that motherfucker whips up a batch of some of the tastiest salt & pepper popcorn from 'scratch' before the football comes on.

I don't give a shit about football and I hate how popcorn gets stuck in my teeth but I love going over to his place and snacking on it with him. Popcorn can be fucking impressive. And if you don't think so, you haven't had impressive popcorn imo.
French bread pizza is piss easy
>mix tomato sauce, basil, and some aregano for sauce
>buy a loaf of french bread
>apply sauce
>coat with mozzarella and cheddar if you feel adventurous
>bake in oven
>mix equal parts butter and garlic powder
>coat pizza lightly with garlic sauce
It will take maybe 15-20 minutes in all
This is what is better known as a "Pseudo-intellectual"
You're a fucking idiot, like all clappyfats.
French onion soup is very easy. Just follow this master
2nd on slow cooking.

Flawless Chili:
1. buy slow cooker chili spice mix
2. buy all the other stuff on the recipe on the back of the spice mix packet
3. drive home
4. dump it all in the slow cooker
5. wait
6. cheese
7. serve

You can use this exact recipe with literally any spice mix in the supermarket too! Very versatile. Fuck, they should give me my own cooking show.
different person here, actually interested.

so the protein and scum doesn't remain on top in the solid fats?

I'm willing to change my ways if that's true.
Bread with shit in it. You just kind of have to already know how much flour makes approx how much bread.

1. get your flour & yeast mixed
2. add water until it's doughy
3. rise
4. punch, knead, roll/spread into a thick rectangle (ish) on your baking sheet
5. put your stuff in the middle (pepperoni and cheese is good)
6. wrap it up
7. rise again
8. bake until it's bread.

people go fucking nuts.
Mousaka. It just takes a while to prepare, but it's easy as fuck and looks really impressive.

Any kind of curry. Easy as shit to make.

As others have said: any slow cooking dish. They are really hard to fuck up and taste great.
pulled pork is pretty cool and takes zero effort
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