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guys i keep doing something stupid
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guys i keep doing something stupid

i start boiling water for tea and go back to my comp to do stuff while it heats up.
Then i just forget about it
eventually all the water boils out and the pot heats up and smells up the house.

Nonstic pot.

is it bad to keep using the pot? I wait till it cools, then scrub it with a plastic-mesh covered sponge. Feels dry and scratchy.. i do it till the water that hits it comes out clear (its kinda light brown for a bit)
also, ive had these pots for 15 years. I cook with high heat and usually just stir stuff a lot to prevent it from sticking but heat up faster (i cook shitty comfort food mostly). Theyre not the magical non-stick that brand new nonstick pots are, but i have 1 regular pot that i hate using cuz it takes so much effort to clean by comparison. At least i know they still are somewhat doing their job, but i heard a thing saying never use anything above medium heat and replace ever couple of years.. sounds pricey. Do i really need to? what dangers am i even looking at since i never got anything weird from them?
You only need one nonstick pan, the rest should be steel. You can add in a cast iron if you want. If you have a restaurant depot or an Asian market near you they usually have cheap pots and and pans that are pretty good.
You could get a cheap kettle. Those whistle when the water inside boils.
why so?
like i said, im a shitty cook so i tend to just toss cans of stuff in a pot and heat it up.. Pasta, rice, cans of beans/vegies.
i try not to put cheese in the pot cuz it sticks to the bottom but sometimes i toss it in if theres left overs..

wife and i dont eat meat ever so im not looking for something that meat requires to be done right.

Even with our 1 steel pot, my wife manages to burn shit to the bottom that takes endless soak and scrubs to get out.. Really hate that one.

So why the limited use of nonstick? what dangers are there really?
why steel?
i have a few, but theyre a bitch to clean. I know, dont need to clean out much, but with the hard water in my area it tends to build up lots of deposit inside.
>hard water
Huh, I didn't even know that was a thing.
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yea. depends on where you live is how bad it is. Shower heads and faucets build up minerals and get gross.. theres a line of sediment on some things that i cant even scrub out; its like concrete.
Youll see it in something that water goes into and boils out of constantly cuz it doesnt evaporate with the water.

this is the pot i overheated.. Those spots are from whats left of the water.. Takes a fuck ton of effort to scrub it out cuz those minerals react to what its touching under heat and over time. Hasnt been long but it was pretty hot.
Preheat your pans and preheat your oil. Teflon is terrible for high temps. You don't want that shit in your food.
i never preheat.. like i said, my food comes out of cans or gets boiled.. It really just needs to be heated up; not cooked.. Theres no need for oil since its boiling water or pasta with sauce or something.. The danger isnt from heating my foods, its from accidentally boiling water until all the water evaporated and it heated up beyond the temp it gets when theres stuff in it.

Now, why dont i want teflon in my food? lotta sites say "Danger!" but never say why.. It vaporizes and makes people nauseous but otherwise, what does it do to the body? not reading any adverse health affects anywhere..
Have you tried not being fucking retarded?
Are you a real person?
You say you're married, but neither of you cook?
What do you eat? What's a meal plan for you?
Why do you eat canned food all the time? It's not always cheaper.

Also you don't want teflon in your food because it's a proven carcinogen, and there seems to be links with alzheimers and
Learn to discipline yourself to not forget things while you do other things. Chances are you have poor self-discipline already if you let this continue, consider this a sign.
thank you for your contribution

i used to cook more elaborate things when i had more time
wife cooks better stuff now. Still comfort food tho
pasta (box o pasta, jar o sauce, dried herbs, can o beans/peas, capers if im lucky)
rice n beans (rice, beans, spices n herbs, maybe cheese after its on a plate)
borito (canned refried beans that i heat on the lowest possible temp to warm it without burning)
wife makes some other things that arent really that far off of rice n beans.. like rice and tempeh, curried rice n tempeh, shit like that..

shes not very domestic
i lived too many years in utter poverty and have reverted back to them quik n easy ways of just heating up 40cent cans of beans/veggies. To me, adding rice is a luxury.

cancer.org says that its not a proven link to be a carcinogen.
if i go pick up new pot set, should i really invest in something high end or is just whatever nonstick from walmart good enough?
my current set never flaked or anything; no seams where stuff gets into and lasted 15 years, but i think they were pricy when they were new.. iunno if theres a real difference in quality or if its like the difference in expensive and cheap hammers... just metal that does a job
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