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Is anyone else really autistic about having...
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Is anyone else really autistic about having a complete meal? As in all the sides and appropriate drinks and such?

>Roommate says he's cooking steaks for dinner
>Run to the store to buy wine, mashed potatoes, and salad
>Get a bowl of white rice and orange chicken at Panda Express
>Grab and cook up the bag of potstickers from the freezer, brew some tea while they cook
>Only have the ingredients for a sandwich if I want a proper dinner but out of chips
>Grab my bag of emergency backup chips taped to the shelf in one of my cabinets
>Think about making scrambled eggs tomorrow morning
>Stop on the way home to buy some fresh squeezed orange juice to go with the eggs and sourdough toast
Why didn't you just save room for the steaks?

Your roommate probably put a lot of effort into them.
rewrite your story bruh, it currently reads like you did this all at once, obviously you didn't but still
If you're female, thus makes sense.

If you're male, you eat your steak on the kitchen counter and your only side is a beer (which you already had in the fridge.)

What a retarded thing to say.
I do this.
But he's 100% correct.

>statement on stereotypes about the difference between men and women
>100% correct

Next you're going to say that only women cook and there's nobody on /ck/ but little girls.
It depends.
I was raised in a pretty sophisticated culinary home. My mother was a culinary arts teacher (she was a professional chef before she had children), and my dad came from a family who had full meals (which included full place settings and all the accoutrements) at every meal. So, growing up, these sorts of things were instilled in me
>only eat at the table, unless you are barbecuing, then you can eat at the picnic table or the table on the patio
>unless you are actually on a picnic, and then you still need to have a picnic blanket, plates, utensils, glasses, napkins, and all the food laid out neatly and nicely
>No food or drinks allowed anywhere in the house except the kitchen, dining room, breakfast table, patio or picnic table. Except glasses or carafes of water, which were allowed in the bathrooms and bedrooms too
>It's fine to have a simple supper, but it should still represent a decent meal - like a fruit and cheese plate, or charcuterie plate, or an omelet, etc.

So, when I got out on my own, and had roommates, it was like living with aliens. I still remember the first time I saw someone make Kraft mac and cheese - I was a freshman in college, and I thought it was the most bizarre thing I'd ever seen (growing up, my friends families were pretty much like mine).
Anyway, to make a long story shorter at least, I'm totally okay with having snacky foods for dinner, but I STILL have to make it seem like it's a real meal. Like for example, if I wanted to have potstickers, I'd have to have some other things to round it out, like some miso soup and a salad with sesame dressing, or something like that.
And don't even get me started on the Superbowl coming up. I ALWAYS go overboard for what it is, and make way too much and too fancy for what it is. My guests always enjoy themselves, though, lol.
not really, i will go all out sometimes but its not a spergtastic thing.

i do sperg on how I eat tho, i basically need every bite to have a cobination of protie, startch and vegetable


all on one fork in the appropriate portions. I really really don't like to eat unless this is possible
Man that'd be pretty great if that were true.
>lolis will never criticize my cooking abilities
>lolis will never lament alcoholism with me

Life is, in a word, suffering
I'm much less specific about this having to go with that. While I could never imagine being in a panic over potato chips or OJ I do like coherency in my meals. If I'm eating something traditionally served with other dishes I'd like at least some of them to be represented. Meals that are just a mishmash of random shit aren't satisfying to me. And I think many traditional wine and beer pairings with food make sense. I don't think I would enjoy a French or Italian dinner without wine - something would seem missing. But I don't feel particularly compelled to drink tea with Chinese American food or soda with fast food.
This is also what I do, and I'm pretty sure what everyone is supposed to do, however I don't feel the need to combine it all on my fork.
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