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Diet Meals
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do you guys have any tips, suggestions of meals or anything like that for someone that is trying to loose fat, but don't want to eat tasteless fit food?
Looking for the same
Eat less.
Exercise more.

I'm not even trying to be clever here; ironically, if you're doing it right, you actually have to *increase* your calorific intake to compensate for the increased effort you're putting in (the trick is to increase it in specific ways I.e. fats in the morning, carbs & protein after a workout etc.)
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Stir fry.
No rice.
it sucks to say but you really just gotta cut all the carb heavy food, stay away from pastas, potatoes, and any other starchy food. Don't eat fruit except for bananas because they all are pretty much nothing but sugar and acids. Stick to lean meats for a while.

You won't ever stay feeling full for a long time but if you're cooking for yourself you'll eventually become an expert at rapidly producing awesome plates for yourself.
Op here

I am looking for salad dressings that don't use mayo. Other ways to prepare chicken breasts, besides the classic stir fried. Salad combinations. Light Soups. That kind of stuff.
got any recipes for the sauce?
That is what I am already doing. But Thanks, anyway.

What I learned so far is to use spices, they usually up your metabolism, tomatoes, asparagus and lemon have some beneficial effects too. So I thought in the following plate:

stir fried chicken breasts, seasoned with pepper and paprika, covered with tomatoe, garlic, and lemon sauce. sided with stir fried asparagus and some salad.
Just simmer some pasatta, garlic and a little chili.
Salt and black pepper.
Let it thicken.
You can always make your own mayonnaise with olive oil. The vegetable oils they put in the pre-made stuff really isn't that good for you. You can make basic vinaigrettes. Healthy fats really aren't bad for you when you remember to count the calories. It's the carbs that are going to make losing weight difficult. If you absolutely don't want to include fats, you can use mustards.
I started losing weight just over a year ago and, looking back, starting with no real knowledge really sucks. It took me a long time before I understood that /fit/'s diets are fake as fuck and just awful. All you really need to do is stick to cooking 4-5 dishes and drinking the full 8 glasses of ice water every day, the water is most important and you'll instantly start feeling better and healthier.

The easiest and best "getting healthy" dishes I got good at were...
-roasted pork Tenderloin
-Oven Baked garlic/Rosemary Salmon in foil
-Seasoned Pulled Pork
-Roasted Chicken
You got me
I'm really good at cutting weight if I stick to it and don't start hitting the bottle. Trying to just drink once a week, but when I drink I usually end up cooking and eating a lot, so it's kinda double trouble. But, when I'm dieting, here's what I do

-2 meals a day, breakfast and early dinner. -Don't eat past 7 (I cook at 6 and usually finish eating before 7).
-Breakfast, 1 small-medium potato cooked into hash browns with chopped bell pepper, chopped onion, maybe some turkey or ham to get protein. A bowl of fiber cereal with light almond milk, and a small, egg white (or egg beater) omelet with whatever leftover onions or peppers you have. Ends up being 400-600 calories depending.

-Dinner... I buy a ton of meat on sale. A lotta times my Kroger will have Tyson chicken breasts for $1.60 a pound or something. I'll buy 15 pounds and cook 4 chicken breasts at a time, freeze the rest. 1 chicken breast, a huge helping of broccoli, and maybe a bowl of low cal, low sodium soup if I'm still hungry.

The big thing for me is having a lot of the food already prepared. I usually bake a lot of potatoes at once, cook 4-5 chicken breasts, have a lot of the veggies already cut and ready to throw on the pan, etc. I can prepare most meals in 15-20 mins max. Stick to it, and of course, exercise if you can. Simple things like 100 push ups a day, yoga, or just taking a 30 min walk helps. also, LOTS OF WATER!!

If you can cut out booze, kudos. I just haven't gotten that far yet. Sry for the novel.
>everyone ignoring the single most obvious answer

Taking up "diet meals" wont keep the fat off once you give up which you inevitably will because of the temporary diet mindset.

If you want to get lean get used to portion control. Dont cut out what you enjoy, eat what you need and no more. Savour the hunger.
Eat less and cut down on carbs. Works for everyone
>but don't want to eat tasteless fit food?

>what are herbs and spices
Don't trust herbs and spices. They make food taste too good, causing you to over eat. It's better to hate your food and not eat as much
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I use a lot of low calorie marinades to keep things interesting, and roast my veggies in the oven with lime juice and some olive oil/spices. This marinade was (didn't measure ingredients because I just eyeballj:
Chicken breast + thigh pieces
Like 1/4-1/2 cup soy sauce
~1tbsp vinegar
~1tsp brown sugar
Some paprika and cumin

Then I had greek yogurt after this for dessert and call it a day. Watch your portions and keep exercising, you'll make it!

Oh also, tomatoes are your friends.

Eat more veggies and drink more water to make you feel fuller with less calories
Eat the same tasty stuff you ate before, just less.
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god help me why live
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