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BBQ cooking for beginners
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Hi, /ck/

I'm not a regular here so apologies if this is a topic that comes up a lot, but I've just bought a gas BBQ and I'm looking for some recommendations on cookbooks and guides for bbq cooking.

I've never really used a BBQ much before so I'm ideally looking for something intended for beginners that hopefully includes stuff about what temperatures to use, grill vs hotplate, how to add wood chips for smoking stuff, etc.

Anyone got any good suggestions?
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Someone help this feller out.
For starters, get a nice thermometer to place on your grill when cooking. Secondly, start off with burgers and hotdogs, something cheap, to get a feel for any hot or cold spots. Beyond that barbecue isn't particularly complex, it just requires patience and a little attention. Make sure to get an actual meat thermometer too.
That's a good start, thanks.

Anyone else got some input?
jack on the meat before cooking it to assert dominance
Keep in mind that gas grills don't impart the same flavor that charcoal does. IMHO, cooking on a gas grill is just cooking outside...you'd get the same results (basically) as if you were broiling.

Try adding wood chips for extra flavor. Your grill manual should have some info on that.
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Grilling is not barbecue, it's grilling.

Barbecue uses wood to smoke the meat, grilling uses either charcoal or gas.

Regardless, you can use your grill as a smoker, if that's your goal.

First, make sure you have good thermometers capable of measuring the heat from your grill, and your meat. A lot of meat gets ruined because people THINK they can "just tell" how hot their grill is, or how well done their meat is. They can't. So don't be a dumb ass, use a thermometer. I'd recommend one capable of measuring your grill temp, and a remote probe you can put in the meat to measure the internal meat temps.

Grilling, and smoking, in a grill is best accomplished by creating two different zones for heat. The first zone is for direct heat, and is used to provide the additional sear on your meats, and is also used to create smoke from any wood you may use. The second zone is for indirect heating, and this is the area you use after you sear your meat to slowly bring it up to temperature, it is also the zone you use to smoke meats.

You can create these zones in both charcoal and gas grills. Pic related. Use this approach and your grilling, or smoking, will be right on motherfuckin' time.

Good luck.

Pick one.

Your welcome
You are welcome

>Grilling is not barbecue, it's grilling.

Depends on what country you're in. British / Australian English uses barbecue for cooking over direct heat, grilling is the same as the American English term broiling.
>op asks about barbecue
>burgers and hotdogs

just because barbecue isn't halal and doesn't exist in your country doesn't mean you're free to misuse words
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What do I serve with BBQ pork ribs? I want some greens with heavily seasoned meat but nothing really matches well with complex flavor of smoked BBQ.
A nice slaw. I'd probably go way of a Vietnamese inspired salad. Lightly pickled vegetables, chop up some greens, red onions, cucumbers and you're good to go.That bit of acid from the pickling brine should brighten things up and provide some contrast to the meat and maybe help with digestion.

Green bean salad.
Cucumber salad.
Vinegar based coleslaw.
Stewed spinach and tomatoes.
Collard greens seasoned with part of the pork rib, black pepper, and tabasco.
Broccoli and ginger or garlic.
Black eyed peas.
Sweet potato.
Thanks anon. I decided to go with slaw, pickled salad and cornbread
I like to just watch barbecuing channels on Youtube and you pick things up as you go with no effort. I really like this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwr47jJEhAI
>you must obey my definitions of a word

Lmao typical burgerclap trying to claim authority over a language that isn't even theirs.
Thread replies: 18
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