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What can I do with kale? I want a recipe...
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What can I do with kale? I want a recipe I will actually eat. Something beautiful.
Boil it in broth and eat it with cream.
Mobile posters shouldn't be allowed to start threads.
Kale chips are pretty good, but you need the right seasonings because they are too brittle to dip
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Kale, 200g/half pound
Onion, 2 large
Garlic, 6-8 cloves
Chillies, if/as desired
Beans, cooked, whatever sort you'd like, 500g/1lb
>i like white, but you may use ethnically challenged, if you so choose
>or chickpeas; chickpeas would be nice
Salt, a generous sprinkling
Olive oil, quarter cup
Water, 1-1½ cups
Stock/broth, 1 litre/quart

Blanch and finely chop kale and put into the pan.
Peel, decore and thinly slice the onion and put into the pan.
Mince the garlic and put into the pan.
Mince the chillies, if using, and put into the pan.
Salt generously.
Add olive oil.
Set to high heat and sauté.
When the garlic starts to blond, add a third of the water, toss around and reduce back out.
When the garlic starts to brown, add a third of the water, toss around and reduce back out.
When the garlic starts to caramelise, add a third of the water, toss around and reduce back out.
Add the stock/broth and bring to the boil.
Adjust salt to taste if/as needed and serve.

Also nice: blanch and shock kale then steam with peeled potatoes and onions until potatoes are just fork tender.
Very, VERY finely chop the kale then mash the onion and potatoes and whip the lot together with bacon grease.
Serve with smoked sausages.
>these niggers never even heard of Stamppot Boerenkool
Laughing my dutch ass off.
(stamppot literally means mash-pot, btw)

Use: Kale and 1.5 times as much potatoes as you're using kale
>get a big pot
>cook potatoes for 5-10 minutes (depending on size etc., they don't need to be fully cooked at this point)
>add kale, make sure everything is underwater, cook for another 15 minutes
>drain pot
>On low heat, add some butter, whole milk, nutmeg, pepper and salt
>Mash until it's relatively smooth (slightly more chunky than like you would have when making mashed potatoes)

>Little butter in frying pan (just enough to put a tiny layer of it on the surface of the pan, you'll get more fat from the bacon)
>Fry some bacon until it's crispy, take out of the pan, leave the fat
>Fry bratwurst (actually it's braadworst, but for the americans amongst us I'll use the german name since that'll probably be easier to find) in leftover fat
>add finely chopped onions
>fry until the onions are nice and brown and the sausage is done

Put fat, onions and sausage on top of your "stamppot" and eat with mustard.
I usually trim it and saute it with butter and olive oil. Great with eggs as part of breakfast
That actually looks good! Would eat.
Cut up some bacon, brown it, drain on some paper towels.

In the bacon fat, saute some chopped onion and mushrooms if you want, add some salt and pepper, fresh thyme, minced garlic and red pepper flakes if you want it spicy. Add a couple handfuls of chopped kale, stirring it around to wilt it before adding the next batch. Once it's all added and wilted, add some chicken stock and a splash of cider vinegar, mix it in, cover it and let it cook for a few minutes until the kale is tender and dark green.

Dump the bacon back in and mix it up right before serving, taste and add some more salt and pepper if needed. I also usually squeeze in some fresh lemon juice at the end as well.
I just squirt some tahini dressing on mine and eat it raw. I'll eat 5 pounds of it as long as my bottle of tahini dressing is ready. I like bitter food
I can never get an even cook for kale chips. I get some that are burnt to a crisp, some perfect, and the rest with chewy middles. Also they seem to absorb ambient moisture rather quickly and go right back to being floppy leaves.
Kale pairs well with pumpkin, pine nuts and olive oil.
>not buying $15,000 lab oven to make your kale chips

>not packaging your kale chips during production

>not selling your kale chips to Whole Foods so they can put a 500% markup on them and stock them over the hot bar.
that sounds yum as fuck
Ban them.

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>being this unfamiliar with NSA strategy for mobile comms.
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Zuppa Toscana
Pan fried with garlic served with steak
mine is better, plus the intro doesn't make me want to instantly stop it
guanciale (bacon)
dried red pepper flakes
3 tomatoes
Penne (or rigatonni)
pecorino cheese

fry bacon
chop garlic
fry garlic in bacon
add pepper plakes to taste
dice tomatoes
add tomatoes
add salt

Cut Kale in strips
Boil pasta til it's 1 minute before being al dente
add kale to sauce
add pasta
stir everything otgether and sauce covers pasta
add some grated pecorino

get rid of the stocks if you're having that problem.
Hey man big fan. I didn't know you posted here
Kale tortellini bake. Saute kale with mushrooms and garlic. Add pesto and cream and tortellini. Bring to a boil and then simmer til tortellini is cooked. While it's cooking mix panko crumbs with olive oil and parmesan and herbs and garlic powder. Transfer the tortellini to an oven safe pan sprinkle with crumb topping and bake til crunchy. It's a gourmet delicious meal in like 20 min
I make garlicky kale
>steam kale in pan with a tiny bit of water
>once wilted saute kale in olive oil, add salt n pepper
>move kale add more olive oil and saute garlic and chili flakes for 1 min
>mix together and squeeze lemon juice on top
>cook until desired
Today I just cooked a bunch of shit together with a little oil and it actually tasted pretty good.

1.5 Large onions
1 green apple
2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
Some pepper
0.5 lbs kale
Some sun dried tomatoes

Basically I just cooked the onions first until they were browned, and then threw in the apple until it got soft, and threw the rest of the stuff in. The apple cider vinegar complements it well without needing any other acid. This is a good way to use up old ingredients in your fridge (the sun dried tomatoes and apples are at least 2 months old)

echt lekker, [email protected]
Dinosaur kale is great in soups or noodles but that's kind of different.
the "trick" to evenly crisp kale chips is to leave the oven door up a bit so the moisture can escape. i just coat mine with oil and salt and eat them with hummus. actually: i'm going to make some right now.
that's colcannon ya dutch bastard
Low quality Jack bait thread
Smoothie with spinach, pineapple, apples, lime juice, and a bit of lemonade.
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You have summoned the King of /ck/
Thread replies: 35
Thread images: 6
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