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ITT: Sausage
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Hi, co/ck/s

After impulsively buying a meat grinder, I got straight to making sausages. This latest batch is great!

How does /ck/ make their sausages?

(recipe to follow)

>pork shoulder (I used a little over 4kg)
>dry red wine
>fresh, minced garlic
>finely-chopped Italian parsley
>pink peppercorns
>cayenne powder
>toasted fennel seeds
>anise seeds
>white vinegar
>orange zest

1. Grind pork shoulder
2. Mix ingredients (to taste; run "test" batches in a pan until you have the right taste)
3. Stuff casings
Damn those links look good OP
I wish I had a meat grinder, but my money needs to buy a new set of knives right now

I don't make sausages OP but yours look fantastic, no homo.

What casing did you use?
Don't have a complete recipe but my butcher makes some apple brats where he throws apple chunks in and some cider in as a liquid replacement.

Those things are freaking awesome.

You should definitely try if you haven't already - it will change your life.

I bought the casings in a little Italian market in Ottawa. They were just labeled "sausage casings." I'm assuming they're just your typical hog casings. They looked so small, but it's amazing how much you can stuff in them before they burst!
Franconian bratwurst

white pepper

coarse grind
my dad has a meat-grinder and wants to make sausages since the longest time. where do i get casings? at the butcher?
what are the best cuts (preferably not pork) to use for sausages? how would i proceed if i want to air-dry/smoke them?
You bought your casing at Nicastro's on Merivale Road.

I too make sausage and live in Ottawa. Want to be friends? I promise I won't kill you and turn you into sausage.
it's a trap anon
You can get casings at a butcher or online packed in salt.

No pork? GTFO of a sausage thread
Last one I made was lamb.

Lean meat, tail fat and grated garlic blitzed with egg white until relatively smooth.
Then food starch, salt and various spices (mostly cumin and strong paprika) are stirred in.
Next, squeezed into casing and steamed or boiled until cooked through.
Finally, the cooked sausages are hot-smoked over oak.

Before that, just regular-ass hot dogs.
60% lean shoulder, 20% smoked belly bacon, 20% smoked salo blitzed with egg whites and mixed with starch and curing salt (pink powder, sugar and koshering salt). Squeezed. Boiled. Smoked over cherry wood.

Actually!! I forgot something! The last one I made was sardine, but not sure that counts because I didn't use casings. Deboned sardines and grated ginger (for odour) blitzed smooth with egg whites then mixed with salt, chopped scallion greens, red chilli, coriander leaves, foodstarch and a little alum powder (for whitening, otherwise, the sausage comes grey), then placed into clingfilm-lined loaf pan and poached. Since I slice up fish sausages for stir-fries and soups, I didn't think using a casing was important.

I just ate the last bit of it yesterday, stir-fried with sweet soy sauce and pickled mustards.

I also make fresh sausages from time to time but haven't in a long while because reasons.

At the butcher, yeah. They're cheap. You can get natural pork, natural beef/zebu or natural lamb/mutton, though manufactured collagen ones seem to be more common nowadays. Alternately, if you're not making fresh ones, you can just use clingfilm for the poaching/boiling/steaming phase then remove it as I did with the sardine ones.
I get mine from either the durkadurka store (lamb/mutton) or the Chinese store (pork).
1 tbsp Fennel
1 tsp cardomum
1 tbsp thyme
2 cloves garlic, crushed and chopped
1 cup chopped spinach
optional: 1/4 finely crubled feta

Ingredients per pound of pork shoulder

Stuff links. Amazing on the grill
1/4 cup feta
What if I want chicken sausage?

then use chicken. But honestly pork fat is best for sausage making from a scientific perspective due to its melting point. Read some recipes; even chicken sausage will will call for some pork fat.
would destroy m8

would it make the sausage better to put nice cuts of meat in there like filet minyon or something?
Not really, it all gets ground up so that process tenderizes it and you also want to use cheaper, fattier cuts of meat to it'll be moist.

If you used something like filet mignon or pork loin, you'd need to add a bunch of extra fat to the mix otherwise you'll end up with shitty dry sausages. It would be needlessly expensive and time consuming when you could have just used a cheaper, fatty cut of meat to begin with and had the same result.
I don't have a grinder but I get homemade sausage from my Mothers family in Westerly RI
pic related
As for dried/cured I get soppressata or soupie as they call it from friends they knew in high school there. Some of the best I ever had.
My father has made sausage with them I just never took it on at this point.
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>Not using chicken skin for your chicken sausages.

Most commercial sausages have two parts fat to one part protein. I mean that specifically on a molecular nutritional level. Not two parts backfat to one part flesh. I mean in terms of how many grams of fat and protein wind up in the final product.

If you buy a whole chicken and use the skin from the whole chicken + the thigh meat you'll get a bit more fat than protein.

If you add the legs in too, you'll get a bit less fat than protein but still enough for a viable sausage.

If you put the breasts in too (so at this point you're using the whole chicken) then you'll get a rather lean but still workable sausage. I'd probably lube the whole thing up with some olive oil.

Cook low and slow. Which you should be doing any way.
Ew those look like the pic where the guy shits in all those condoms and plays with them
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