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Who else is proud to be vegan?
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Who else is proud to be vegan?
Diet choices are a strange thing to be proud of, but whatever floats your boat.
There's already a thread, you fucking retard.
I don't give a fuck that you're vegan, do what you want in life. But that being said, why do you think that anyone else cares you're a vegan? You don't see me making a thread asking who's proud to eat meat.
I'm proud to bully vegans
no one

Why all the hate? What's your problem?

whenever I meet a new person, I inform them of my vegan activities. This is to make sure that the person making my dinner will not put animals in my food.

Thank you.
Food zealots are fucking pathetic and deserve to be thrown into the Victorian era for a year or two.
Food Zealots?
>whenever I meet a new person, I inform them of my vegan activities.
Meaning you're insufferable. Stop giving the rest of us a bad reputation.
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Fucking loser
Jesus Christo! We are become Neo-/b/
bump for /b/
/ck/ has never tolerated vegans, newfriend. It's called self moderation. Please learn about board culture before posting or lurk moar as we like to say.
I don't wanna eat the kitties
I don't wanna eat the kitty products
So I don't
My close friends know

I special order stuff off menus and look the waiter straight in the eye and use brisk and masculine hand gestures as I say:
".....no eggs. no cheese. no meat, just vegetables and.."
and the waiter looks at me dead in the eye like we have a secret pact and repeats with his own masculine hand gestures:
".....no eggs. no cheese. no meat, just vegetables and.."

and he knows and I know and maybe if they're close the people I'm with know, but no one can prove that in fact I'm vegan... for alls they know it might be part of my religion

I live in southern california so everyone is veggie oriented but man it's so embarrasing to say "IS THIS VEGAN" or "THATS THE VEGAN ONE RIGHT"

.....fuck all you memes for fucking my shit up it's just a fucking way of eating fuck

also I attend special free functions with the rich like 10 times out of the year and if the restaraunt is one at which I'd never be able to afford, (100$+ per person, I'll eat meat or eggs or dairy if it looks good, but it's very very rare and the next day I'm constipated.
(the portions are usually cocktail sized so I feel gluttony is key and killing an animal for personal pleasure is in fact gluttony-one of the 7 deadly sins may I add)

I do beleive in moderation, however my modertation is actually moderate unlike most 6.6
in fact, if everyone only ate animal products for ONE meal 10 times a year at most, I'd be very ok with the world. animal products should be an absolute special occasion thing. Animal products should cost 100$ per person per meal. then people would eat more responsibly.

also damnit mexicans stop using lard in all your shit fuck
Wow, didn't know /ck/ had copypasta, too.

>self moderation

We're actually at the mercy of the whims of the new janitor right now.

He got a dozen people banned for telling a joey spammer to fuck of just yesterday, when it's the same after school circle jerk as joey, who the mods finally realized was cancer and now delete, after /ck/ complained and reported those threads.

The worst part was that the threads where for not making quality posts, when everyone has to look at jack's disgusting face and disgusting food, reposted incessantly, every time they come to /ck/.
shurrup u animal

also I'm drunk when I wrote all this and that

yeah I know a vegan (the only other I know irl)
and she's a fucking uptight bitch who was like OMG U TOO U CAN ONLY DRINK THESE BEERS AND THESE WINES N BLA BLA BLA LECTURES
go fuck urself bitch
my feelings relate to my diet yes
my health relates to my diet yes
but this fucking better than thou bs makes u worse than the meateaters
I hateeeeeee aghhhhhh
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Well, the case is that in the past people had to fucking HUNT their meals, faggot(you must be one, I assume).
Also, I'm Mexican, and where I lived we used to feed, and take care of our own game, so we could later eat them.
>Stay mad, veggie.
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Don chucho loves you, too ;)
duh dude
that's why I'm pro meat if you have the balls to go hunt kill and etc

also fuck you mexican food is the bomb but fuck dude that shit hurts my arteries with all that lard

>>my bf is mexican
>>started living at his house
>>gained 40 lbs in a year
>>wtf I don't eat the kitties
>>found out everything has lard and is spicy

also stop making delicious gawd

also for the record if I lived in the forest I would have different feels for the stuff I eat.
If I had chickens I could care for myself, and knew they weren't being abused I would happily eat their eggs
If my cows or goats made milk and had extra I would happily steal a little for my coffee
If I had to, I would kill and eat meat, but would prefer not to-however, if my cow was injured to the point of death would be better I would happilly monch that hide

Also fuck you mexicans with ur aztec bs cocoa and quinoa fuck u for eating what I eat
tacos are the shit but in california yall get inferior meat from the vietnamese (I worked there) and cover it in lard n shit to make it taste "good"

also plz stop looking at me weird for ordering beans and onion and cilantro tacos ITS A FUCKING THING IN MEXICO U DICKS
>vegans drinking fermented beverages
What did yeast ever do to you?
Considering doing a vegetarian with dairy diet for health reasons (heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes are extremely prominent in my family).

The problem is every meal I cook incorperates ground beef or fish and I'm having a hard time finding decent meatless meals that aren't "just throw 50 kinds of veggies in water/on a plate, add grain to the side".
Anyone has good vegan/veggie youtube channels to recommand?
Nah but there's a ton that I already checked, just asking if you guys like any in particular, cause I couldn't find a lot of interesting ones.
omg this

so I have a serious feelings problem for yeast, mushrooms and now apparently oysters cuz of some fucking cuckposter before


I feel bad for vegetables too but I'll die if I just eat bourbon
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Yeah, I don't like my food too spicy. Anyways, I think that it's not "good" to just stop eating meat. I mean, in a situation where you have to eat meat, you're stomach will not resist it because it's become literally useless.
What about your teeth ?
Why do you think we have molars ?

>mfw huevos a la mexicana with little chiles and a good coffee in the morning are heaven~
Just drink till you are dead inside then eat what you want

Other idiots.
oik shuurrup both of u


pad thai (frozen veggies+rice sticks+sauce+possible peanuts n extras LIKE TOFU)
fried rice (see above, add tofu)
tempeh sammies
quinoa bowls of all types

there's lots but fuck whats wrong with buying a few bags of frozen vegghies and chucking them into a meal?
you NEED to add nutritional yeast (b12 assist)
I personally want sick abs so I add as much protein as possible to every meal...

just follow grains(carbs)+veggies+protein(tofu, seitan, tempeh, others)+sauce for every meal and you'll be healthier than eating FUCKING GROUND BEEF R U SICK IN THE HEAD WTF IF UR GONNA EAT MEAT AT LEAST EAT SOMETHING DELICIOUS LIKE FUCKING BUFFALO OR FUCKING LAMB FUCK

sorry drrunk
I wish I was drunk. Pls drnk for me
Dumb ass you really goofed. How the fuck do you not notice FORTY pounds as you gain it. It's really easy to source good meat and dairy if you put in a tiny bit of effort and money. There's loads of local farms you could contact and visit if you're willing to pay for a front loaded cost. Buy half or quarter of a cow from a farm that will happily have you visit before hand or order a delivery of eggs the same way. You just have to deal with larger upfront costs and storage.

I bought half a lamb for my mom for Christmas. Had it delivered and then had a local butcher cut it into parts that my mom could cook. Butcher only charged me 20 bucks for her time. She doesn't get people bringing her things to divide often because people DON'T THINK TO ORDER LOCAL MEAT IN BULK. The farm this little baby sheep came from is adorable and the animals all get ample pasture time with comfy living space. Took a Google search and a couple of phone conversations to get it all set up.

Get my eggs delivered biweekly from a farm 20 miles south of chicago suburbs I live in and my chicken from the same place only slightly more expensive per pound than the local grocery store (not including shipping sadly).

All it takes is a little research and effort to get locally sourced animal products for reasonable prices and a clean conscience. Still get yogurt and milk from the store.

On another note, almond farms are a leading cause of drought and other plant farms fuck up ecosystems and lead to the decimation of species. No matter what you eat you're fucking something up.
Just one block away from where I live, there's a "tacos car" or however it's translated that sell really good tacos~
>go buy some tacos de lengua, and burritos
>there's parent buying a burrito...
>a burrito without meat, just rice and beans
>it was for her vegan daughter

I personally don't believe in any of that meat bs

my family is from argentina, we are known for our amazing beef (back then... now we've sold out... ergh>>/pol)
I had been vegetarian for 10+years and I ate a huge amount of meat (for a vegetarian)
I got constipated and broke out but that's about it

I think rock soup would be fine if you were in a syrian situation but I would think that based on our teeth we would eat things we can kill with our own hands or scavenge.
eg: you can eat fish raw, you can catch it, eat it etc with your bare hands.
can't kill a cow but if you happened upon a dying one, you could get the pieces that are salvageable and digest them
same with chickies

in other words, meats should be a luxury, vegetables and grains a norm

however, I recently read an article describing our mental growth as a species grew because meat proteins = less eating time =more productivity
but also if that's valid, then tofu and meat alternatives=more brain capacity because less impact earth wise

so the debate is up in the air, but basically if you wanna be healthy just FUCKING BE HEALTHY U KEK eat meat rarely.
we just often forget what rarely means>>>1 per month is more than rarely

rarely should be the equal amount of times you would want to not eat at all for an entire day per year
drinkin babe
oh yeah fuck almond farms kek
yeah the thing is (here comes >>/x) humans are fucking horrible no matter what and I'm pretty sure we're not supposed to live here (iodine) but whatever the vegan "IDEA" is to cause less impact
You'll enjoy this:

>>be me
>>look at expensive ORGANIC veggies because vegan n shit
>>would rather pay 1$ extra per fucking sad mexican imported cucumber, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, onion and green belle pepper (I WANT FAJITAS DAMNIT)
>>go home
>>wtf is this sticker
>>mfw veggies arent vegan
>>I ate these and contemplated how much it would cost me to buy a house that has a small amount of land to plant veggies without beeswax.... only gotta make like 30$ an hour in california and it's mine....
Actually, it was thanks to our ancestors( the really old ones~) that we could developed our brains so quickly.
How? Proteins, high proportions of it, which as you said it could give them plenty of energy.
I have a cousin that never liked meat, he would a chicken soup without chicken, and things like that. Also, avoid milk, eggs, most animal products.
He's the only person I know to be "partly" vegan for a really long time.
lol I learned this when a friend and I went to mexico and were ridiculed in public

lol vegan daughter u should do what I do and stock up on shitty frozen food when you're too lazy to cuck
also I would prefer not to kill creatures just to have a good meal, but if it's going to happen I want the damn furry friend to have a good life..
also the 40 lbs crept up through boobs and muscle (cuz muh gains) and I was like weird, I'm not as limber but also my pants still fit so....

needless to say vegans have perkier tits, if you eat too much meat your tits flop around
^not facts, just facts tho

check out our soccer players though,
good meat is good meat if you wanna be messi

however, again, I live in california and californians should eat what california gets>>>>japan diet
Your logic is all over the place. I'm a geologist who often takes several month trips to south America including Argentina (them sweet sweet rare metals necessary for computers=big bucks despite China recession) and I still can't make sense of your shit.

If you're active physically and require muscles then the protein from animals is amazing. You'd have to eat a much larger amount of plants to get the same amount of macro nutrients.

Humans have the ability to kill large animals like cows goats sheep lamas by using ambush tactics easily learned off of other large predators like cougars and jaguars. Lions provide a perfect example to copy. Some wait in hiding while others corral the prey toward them. Stone spears and other weapons are common in archaeology. We don't eat the stomach contents of the animals we kill like other large predators do, so we must also consume plants.

Basically, your activity level dictates your dietary needs. More active=more animal products to lower the sheer amount of foods you need to eat for maximum benefit.
I tried it once, but I still eat seafood, poultry and dairy.

I'm 6'3 and I cross-country ski and such. When I tried it I felt like I was starving. I got to the point where I was shaky from a lack of quick-digesting protein.

I think you're actually harming your body by being vegan at worst and treating your body like it's a fucking science experiment at best.
yeah, I mean the facts are partly vegan is the way to be.
our ancestors didn't shitpost on 4chan all day though so we have to substract 4chan time = maybe 3-5 animal product days a year kek

seriously though if you wanna be healthy, really don't eat animal products... except when you're dyin for one or you get one for free of actual quality (ur friend paying for ur mcnuggets doesn't count)
Most vegans don't even lift. They're skinny, slow... Like younger jebs
Also, for some reason to be vegan is more adaptable to women than men.
I agree with this

but the thing is most people don't do messi/lion physical actitvities tehrefore should eat less meat.

if you're messi or a lion you should eat as much of whatever makes you be a lion or messi

but for all us plebes, grains and veggies suffice
inb4 ARGH I LIFT WIEGHTS >>>eat tempeh u fuck

there's like vegan bodybuilders and shit out there and honestly I'm super proud of them

there's many reasons I'm vegan but the starting point for me was the quality of meat in california is detestable in comparison to argentina and probably every other country out there

being said, if I go to argentina, and I'm in a certain area, I will happilly monch meats
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Honestly, what the fuck did you even just say...
I don't have friends, but...Fck
I know how to cook, and know many dishes that use only veggies ( because Mexican). Since I started college, I used meat to cook once a week, but after I began to go to gym it was really difficult to get the necessary proteins with only veggies. So I prepared meat more often ( mostly chicken, and turkey and sometimes red meat)
... body size and muscle mass.

I'm a bagina who lifts weights and I could never go vegan. My sister was vegan before I got her to lift weights with me and now she eats more meat than I do.

Foundation of diet should always be vegetables with fruit and animal products making up the rest. Grains like bread pasta and rice are garbage calories for the uninformed. I still love them though despite how they're just calories with zero nutrition (processed grain = sugar as far as your body is concerned). They just taste so good. Learn to cook vegetables like beans peas and fiber heavy grains mixed with other veggies to make a stable foundation for a good diet with animal products as needed based on activity levels.
I'm against the idea of men vs women etc but yeah I agree. the female idea is more relayed to a veganism than the male idea in society-
that being said, there's vegan weightlifters etc
if you're a lazy fuck and you don't exercise no matter what you eat you're shitty kekekkeke

I assure you whatever you eat just do some lifts and you'll be better than everyone that don't

I hate vegan shitholes but I there's shitty people in every catagory so.... mostly vegans's the way to be man. just save up for those prze meats
Just go to a Mexican market early in the morning to get your fresh, cheap veggies :3
I also live in California ( currently in southern Cal visiting my family)
I study in Northern Cal, and veggies are expensive af :(
it's the future babe, there's non animal proteins now that are usually healthier than animals 9_9 AND CHEAPER

also anyone that says "they could never go vegan" doesn't know how to cook and shouldn't be on /ck

lol it's not hard
it just requires intelligence
just eat tempeh that shit's fucked
also pea protein shakes if you're hard into lifting

it won't give you whey farts
and it'll make your cum/dick taste better <<FACTS (because no whey farts)

also mexicans are the original vegan athletes

you might have to sacrifice a virgin or two tho worth et
thats how I do boo
sucks that north is more expensive tho, that's where all the farms are at that sucks

so get this
>>be me at market
>>1.30$ EACH
>>wtf I thought socal was made of avocados
>>check label
WTF my friends with houses litterally throw them out because too many
after research because avocado trauma: apparently cali makes money by selling avocados to shitstates and we buy the mexico ones because that's how they make money


There's going to be a greater emphasis on protein sourced from seafood and poultry, but what you're speaking of is little more than a vegan pipe-dream.

I've tried going vegan and I'd nearly argue that I'm biologically incapable of it. Sure, I cut out red meat but cutting meat entirely isn't possible for me.

I "could never go vegan" because I would have to subject myself to undue suffering for little reason other than the piece-of-mind for others.
also if you're gonna eat cheap meat eat fish
but also meat's fucked dude just eat tempeh

trader joe's it's like 1/2$ for 40g full protein
Tempeh sounds expensive
>sacrifice a virgin
Cannot kill myself yet
Have you tasted you're own semen ?.?
I'm not in hard mode yet, but I appreciate the tips, I don't want to fart every two steps sempai
> $1.30

In northern cal I found avocados 2 dollars each one!
Right know we're eating avocados almost everyday because a neighbor has an avocado tree. He gave us 15 avocados for 5 bucks :3
>mfw spicy guacamole in my tacos
Nope. I'm not eating the massive amount of veggies and I hate the texture of legumes outside of peas. I put in the effort to get my meat and eggs locally sourced when I'm in town from places that treat their animals nicely and let me visit whenever I want. Buying shitty tasting/textured heavily processed veg products for more than I want to pay is not my style. I made my own satin for a while and that stuff is shit. Got bored and disgusted by it and the store varieties are even worse. Agricultural practices are also shitty for the environment and lead to droughts like in California.

I'm happy getting my meat in bulk from local farms and my eggs and chicken delivered for just a few dollars more than grocery prices.

When I'm not in the states because of work my meat is safely kept in my freezer and I'll be eating local food on the job sight of the dig or the more adventurous locating of valuable minerals. I can't control my food sources then and I need many many calories after hours of hiking to get to and from my work place.

If you're active and want to maintain your health and muscle mass animal products are necessary.

It's possible to eat meat with a clear conscience.
lol undue suffering
>>syrians dying of starvation
just eat ur lentils fuck ppl are litterally dying of hunger

biologically incapable:
ok, I get your feels for this let's try this (all the things I mention have happened to me) mind you I'm from argentina, all we do biologically is meat:
>>I get lightheaded because foods!
eat slow, more times a day, with protein
>>but my schedules and protein means I eat less times=more productivity
>>you're actually not doing anything actually important call me when you're saving lives or creating amazing art
>>not enough gains
learn about nutrition: tempeh, seitan nuts etc
damn gurl I said learn about nutrition it's the future there's plenty of shit out there inscluding nurtitional yeast etc

>>I "could never go vegan" because I would have to subject myself to undue suffering for little reason other than the piece-of-mind for others.
uhhh ego check think about the world not about what flavors you want to monch.
If you care that much about yourself then donate the mount of $$ you save by going vegan to a foodbank for people that can't afford to suffer for little reason other than the piece of mind of others and that will make your ego sleep well at night.
yas make neighborzzzz @_@
And there are people eating corpses by drinking their local water supply that just happens to be the place where people leave corpses. There's children being raped in central Africa in the name of peace keeping. There's children who die from curable diseases because of their parents beliefs on vaccines or their faith in their religion. There are people literally being tortured right now because they don't share the exact specific variety of religion that their captures have (afghan vs Palestine for example).

You can't guilt people with logic like that. You just come off as ignorant while trying to lecture others.
lol dude that person litterally said I "could never go vegan" because I would have to subject myself to undue suffering for little reason other than the piece-of-mind for others."

I'm just saying that's a shitty excuse, at least say a valid reason for killing something not just I'm rich (1st world=rich)and can afford options for flavor
Where is all that degeneracy from?
Indians can't even POO IN LOO because they're afraid of a witch stealing their souls. They throw corpses in a river and bath on it.
And you expect us to feel sorry for them?
tempeh 1-2$ at trader joe's

>please don't eat cum without getting paid for it or being in a loving relationship unless you're a sick fuck and then I applaud you

the thing about hard mode is that we're humans and it's bs to be in hard mode
just take steps to be better
try everytime to not eat animal products, make choices when grocery shopping and live a fulfilled life. try thinking of others, some people/creatures don't have the choices you have. Your choices may make future choices for others.
get a few chickens, eat their eggs.
FInd out which items are gluttony and if you love them, enjoy them as gluttony. ex: I'm sad I want gluttony vs my mother died all hope is dead feed me that steak plz I want to feel anything besides this
I'm bored I want sour cream and onion chips
I'm in a natural disaster and all there is is tuna
I eat well as much as possible
today my company's once a year holiday party is taking us to a steakhouse that I could never afford

also why u virgin tell the truth also age
Most people are not in a stable enough environment to even consider such things. Working unreasonable hours or living with emotionally unstable people will tax someone and they won't think of these things. They may have never been taught to think of their diet and just eat food that they've enjoyed their entire lives. There's loads of reasons to eat dirty and unhealthy food that happens to be vegetarian or vegan but is actually full of shitty nutrient devoid calories.

You're avoiding the many variables that real people face every day and in doing so making yourself out to be morally superior.

I have to get up in 7 hours to lift weights and cook my locally sourced eggs with kale that I picked from my yard after the first winter freeze a month back. I'm lucky to have such a stable that I was able to make such choices. I won't blame other people for viewing steaks as an emotional high point of their day or KFC as a luxury to carry them through another shitty day. I'm no better than they are. I'm just in a position where I've been able to make different choices.
all in all, the lesson learned here is go vegan until your true breaking point, eat some animals, get constipated, find out it wasn't the greatest idea but you're not opposed to it, go back to vegan, eat snimals once in a very slim while, work out, and shitpost daily, help people in need and realize if you eat meat you're gonna eat insects in the next 10-20 years
That's the environment they were raised in. If you were born in their position you'd see nothing wrong with it.

You're acting self centered and small minded all as a dick stroking masturbatory act.

Fuck this place. I've spent enough time in rural south America to not be such a fuck head. Go back far enough in your own ancestry and you'll find people who were just as fucked. Europeans becoming alcoholics because they finally figured out drinking their own shit water was bad etc etc. The ignorance is actually making me a bit mad.

That's not a relevant argument. My eating chicken on one continent has little to do with the starvation of humans on another.

Should I curse you for eating legumes where you live because there's a starving child in Nigeria? What you suggest is idiocy.
I like to exercise, the feeling after running, or workout is just blissful.
Yet I have a condition that retains me from doing all that, after a certain time. My skin is too sensible and can hurt really easy, it's fucking painful, but I've been able to run up to one hour nonstop
(My greatest achievement til now)
Right now I'm with my parents, so I haven't exercised and gained some weight ;-;
I'm 18 (19 in February)
sempai welp
Where do you think I come from?
The city?

I'm not an entitle cvck to say: oh look at them, poor people, let them into our countries and give them all they need.
So they fuck everything up
Or say: eww look at those nasty people, don't touch me.
This isn't /vg/
I totally agree with this.
becasus ethis is /ck:

I live in my bf's ROOM in his ma's house
I don't cook there because she scares me/can't prove I'm living here
I make minimum wage because I'm lazy
I work 10-15 hours a week
I don't own a car
I have to leave the house every day from 9-6 when bf leaves (he just got a job!) so his ma doesn't suspect
And there's much on other fronts

with that in mind,
I excersize, read, create, do a bunch of shit every day and still manage to eat vegan every day and remain very healthy (I don't get sick, at most a 1 day cold) and am full of energy

I'm basically a homeless person with a warm place to sleep and shitpost and I'm vegan

If you want to, you can do it. Honestly, if you have access to a kitchen even once or twice a week you're just making excuses. I visit a friend that has a double burner and 1 pan twice a week and cook for the entire week there. I make grains, veggies and tofu and reheat it (Ihate the microwave, but do as I must) to make food every day.

I'm not morally superior.

I do try though, against all odds, and anyone with an actual kitchen (which I litterally dream of nightly!) can't say shit. Just bake some veggies and reheat them all week long.

I wish I had a garden or could afford locally sourced eggs. I live in the city. Taco bell I hate, but eat there maybe once a week because 2-3$ =vegan burrito with enough sodium and chemicals to fill you up for a day
File: 3c1.jpg (65 KB, 693x459) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 693x459

I'm an asshole with a doctorate running a volunteer ranger station in the winter. The only respite is unlimited mobile data and great reception. I don't know what the fuck people did here before the 21st century.
Eating vegan is normal, not something to be proud of.
silly baby you're still young you'll get laid eventually.

If you have a condition, ask doctors and nutritionists for dietary advice. Also if you need to excersize in a small space try body weight conditioning, you can get sick gains and gain ladies with those gains eventually!

Focus on feeling good:
be sure to incorporate these into ur daily life:
-work or education
-create (art, music, writing whatever)
-fun (vidja? shitposting?)
-religion, spiritual, //x, or helping others (moral/spiritual gains)

and also if you haven't tasted your own cum you crazy boo try it and see if it changes after eating more/less meat or cookies or whatever
we let the aliums help us
get a job u cuck
I'm the drunk shitposter telling everyone to go vegan 98% of the time goodnight I'm off to bed so I can shitpost early tomorrow

veganism should mean:

to be better
whatever that means

anything helps bros
I love being vegan! 4 years and counting.
No you dumb shit their lives have no impact on your own and their sorry situation is not their fault either. That's the entire point. You didn't choose to be born in your situation and neither did they but you can both do what you believe would be best to create a better situation for yourself and those you care about.

You going vegan won't help people who see meat as a luxury good and want something nice to eat when large corporations will do all they can to provide animal products for as cheap as possible to maximize their own profits (as is natural in a capitalistic society ain't nothing wrong with working the system ya dig).

If going vegan seems like the best choice for you that's fine, but understand that other options exist. That their choices may be just as moral in their perspective as being vegan is in yours. That there are vegans that eat horribly and pay no attention to their own or the environments health. That there are choices outside of being vegan that might be just as valid like supporting small farms that raise their animals ethically.

This was never a black or white/right or wrong issue.
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Just for you OP


I mean. I don't pretend that the poultry I eat wants to die. Yet I doubt they know the difference. I'm relatively certain that they're incapable of suffering when killed properly. Fish are even lower. What you're injecting into it is your personal feelings. The fish doesn't have the neural capacity to feel as you do. This is 100% proven.

I mean, it barely has a discernible brain beyond that of any insect.

Veganism is far more about their personal ideals than the practicality of it, and that's what bothers me.

I no longer eat red meat because I can't stand the idea of killing another mammal.They too easily remind me of my dogs, and I psychologically can't handle it. At my core the rest can fuck themselves. I don't have sympathy for something that has zero capability to feel the way I do.
Fell asleep
If you still there, thanks for the hopes up, I really needed it.
Starting again ( I wanna make some type of timeline with pics of my progress, similar to the ones posted on /fit/ )
> work or education
Currently in Uni, taking an engineering career
I really want to draw something, but still don't know what.
Not enough time for a hobby, but I have a bamboo, if it counts.
I don't like vydia at all, I'll with /pol/ and cooking
Yess, I think family is really important for mental health. Also, spend time with them now that I can.
Recently I've been growing an interest for religion. I have to get rid off some degeneracy:3

It'll be difficult to taste my semen after cumming, I've tried (to taste it) but lost interest on the idea after relieving stress.
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