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Let's talk about rice. It's cheap,...
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Let's talk about rice. It's cheap, delicious, and quickly becoming a staple of my diet.

1. What are your favorite recipes or ways to eat rice?

2. What variety of rice do you prefer and why?

3. Can you weebs recommend a brand of furikake that you like? I've never had it.
Tofu, vegetables and rice stir fry
Onigiri if I have cooked salmon to use in it
Lazy avacado sushi rolls

2. White, short grain rice.
3. I usually use Nori Komi Furikake, but I'm sure there are better ones.
sorry I'm white and naturally only eat potato
Quick and easy Mexican rice tho

Chop half an onion and as much garlic as you like, saute it in oil in a pot
Once the onion is opaque throw in a cup of white rice, cook it just a bit, 5 minutes
Throw in bout half a cup of salsa and two cups of chicken broth
Bring to boil, cover, drop heat and let simmer for 20
I like to cook up some steak strips and bell peppers and throw it all in a flour tortilla.
I eat steamed rice three times a day. It's extra long grain. It'll grow on you.
Oh and throw in about a teaspoon of cumin
My favorite way to eat rice is white steamed rice with soy sauce and chili oil, as a side dish to sichuan cuisine


curry, stir fry, with black beans, with heavy sauces


a mix between a good japanese short grain (can be expensive) and usually thai jasmin rice. just about 50/50. it's the best rice you'll ever eat, trust me.

aside from that basmati with some saffron is also great and very aesthetic.


my gf is half jap, I'll ask her what brand she uses. dk if I'll remember this thread tho.

truly patrician 2bh

you should read Brecht's good person of Szechuan, you'll love it.
>1. What are your favorite recipes or ways to eat rice?
Recipes are too numerous to single out just one. I eat a lot of rice, especially in the winter months since I have rice pudding a lot for breakfast.

>2. What variety of rice do you prefer and why?
I buy two: glutinous and jasmine.

>3. Can you weebs recommend a brand of furikake that you like? I've never had it.
I don't know enough about furikake to recommend a brand, sorry. I like to eat plain steamed glutinous rice with mufoi, though.

What is mufoi? Google returns nothing useful.
Noted. Literally made a note. Thanks
1. Arroz con gandules
Arroz con pollo
White rice with fried egg, mushrooms, scallions and soy sauce
Stir fry

2. I don't have a favorite. I couldn't live without a variety of rices. I use plain long grain or medium grain rice for most Latin and European dishes, short-grain for some weeb shit and a few Latin dishes (and generally for breakfast... I like a nice bowl of sticky, short-grain rice for breakfast), Basmati for South Asian and some Middle Eastern dishes, and jasmine rice when I want a treat. Having a preferred variety is limiting.

3. Nope. I use it very rarely and I don't have any brand preference.
>steamed rice
>short grain/sweet rice
>cook it 'til it's sticky and water is gone
>put some in a bowl

Sometimes I"ll do rice balls. You can fill them with anything you want, make them as thick as you want, you just have to work with pretty hot rice and a bowl of salt water to dip your hands in and shake off. it's annoying.

i usually pick a random rice from indian grocery store and buy a random bag of beans from ethnic grocery store and mix put them together with random spices. I make okay money but am cheap and rice and beans are good and vegan
Some plastic foodservice gloves are worth the investment if you have onigiri/sushi fairly regularly
1. Persian Rice (With potatoes) god this shit is the best.
2. Jasmine, because it's the most versatile kind of rice (for my recipes at least)
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1. Turmeric rice, Congee, steamed with pan fried chicken thighs, fried

2. Jasmine is my favorite. Grew up with it and it's cheaper then most good short grain rices for reasons beyond my understanding. Better for frying and overall recipe variety in general I think. Short grain is uncontested for sushi and other stuff too though.

3. Never had any, sorry.

Pic related is a decent brand.
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>Favorite ways to eat rice:
Sometimes when I lazy and I just microwave some old rice with a knob of butter and soy sauce. Then I shred nori on top. It's A+: quickest and tastiest meal for me.
Also when I get a batch of chili my main way of eating it is on top of rice, with a bit of cheese, sour cream, and chives on top.

Calrose for sushi rice. Jasmine for everything else. Oh, and sweet, sticky rice for when I make rice-based desserts like rice pudding.

I've only ever tried pic related. It' a bit smokey, but very tasty like bonito flakes should be. It's also in individually wrapped servings so that's pretty cool.
>Three Ladies brand milagrosa.
Mein nigga.
Yeah, that's what I use too. Very versatile.

>pls remember ;_;

I remembered.

It's not so much about what brand - even the big brands like Tanaka make decent furikake seasoning. It's more about picking one that fits your rice or your dish. You should probably start w/ a cheap one, find a favorite and then try higher grade brands.
Why isn't there much love for brown rice? I think it tasted much better than white


Pic related is the OG, and a good place to start.

Check out the ingredient list before buying it if you're scared off by bit words.
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I've run out of soy sauce, but I want to have rice.

I also need to work on eating turkey leftovers.

How can I flavour the turkey / rice meal without soy sauce?

I have hoisin sauce and a very small amount of worcestershire sauce, along with a somewhat stocked spice cupboard.
>Once the onion is opaque
nigga onions start out opaque
Do you make your own salsa or do you use store bought?
>fry fatty chicken thighs
>fry rice in the liquid fat

yum yum nigga
You NEED to try chamorro style red rice. There are so many recipes,but they are all good. You will thank me later. You tube it.
I like doing stuff with rice and I can emulate a very good copy of 'Bachelors Savoury Riceā„¢' . .Brit chaps will know what I am talking about and I might divulge if requested. But I have something different here.

>Fry a load of bacon cut into 1" strips
>fry 1 sliced onion
>wait until bacon is grey
>add a few handfuls of sliced or quartered small mushrooms
>add a sliced courgette (zucchini)
>add a sliced bell pepper (I prefer Yellow for this)
>add 2 OXO cubes or other beef stock.
>mix with precooked Basmati or long-grain rice
>season to taste
He was trying to say "once the onion softens, but before it begins to turn brown and caramelize"
in other words,

once the onion sweats...
If you can spring for a good short grain rice, Risotto is an option.
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Well could someone be helpful and tell me what the black slime/sludge are on the egdes of my cooking pot after i have cooked brown rice?
Are my rice still edible? ;_;
I have rinsed them before cooking.
It's peeling teflon m8
If you ever eat anything out of that pan again you're going to die
Might just be starch, but I would get a new pot just to be sure.
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