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Heartwarming stories
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Grab your favorite blanket, a mug of hot chocolate, and share with your fellow gulls those precious con memories that once upon a time ma
de your cold, drama loving heart melt!
I wish for all the world I had a picture but I dont.

>AWA 2014
>Dressed as Armin from SnK
>Had only been in cosplay about a year, just having fun being my favorite characters, nothing serious
>Browsing dealers room for merch
>This tiny little Armin, probably like 11, approaches with me with her mom
>She wants a picture with me
>Super flattered, I hadn't even had many people take my picture yet because my costumes weren't that great

It still makes me smile so much. I should have given my phone to her mom so I could have a copy of the picture too.
I remember this one the most, since it made me smile so much afterward, and really made me glad that I gave cosplaying a shot.

>Go to my first con last year and get pretty hyped for it
>Cosplay as Mikorin from GSNK
>Think I did pretty good for my first cosplay (even though I admit it was simple), get stopped every so often for pictures
>While walking around I get approached by a girl dressed as Yuno
>She's in her early to mid teens probably, costume looks store bought but she did a great job with her wig. Might have been her first con too for all I knew
>She's excited and asks for a picture, so of course I let her take one
>She takes it and is about to go on her way, but I tell her to stay for a sec since I've got another pose for her
>I had drawn red lines on the back of my hands so that when I cover my face they look like embarrassed blush marks (Which is kinda a trademark for this character).
>Crank that excitement up to 11, she's beaming and fan-girling a bit
>She even asks for a selfie together and a hug afterwards,
>Give her a big smile as she leaves and tell her to stay safe/cool, since it was both hot out and it didn't seem like she was with anyone else.

Best request for a picture I had gotten over 3 days, it really made the weekend for me and I hope that she had an awesome time. It feels kinda cool and nice to dress up as someone's favorite character and get it right enough that they love it.
>At local con last year, in very large and cumbersome/uncomfortable costume
>come out of costume judging to huge line for maid cafe my mother who was acting as my handler and I will have to somehow navigate while my feet are killing me
>random sweet lady maid/worker of the hotel notices we're struggling and offers to guide us through closed off back rooms to get out
>This lady literally had other workers telling her we couldn't be in those rooms but insisted it was fine and guided us through
>Finally get out and thank the lady profusely, my mother tips the lady like 20$ and she nearly cries.
>We get back to our hotel finally, and later call the hotel she works in to talk to her superior and give her a reccommendation ect

Idk anons that lady was a godsend, my feet were in so much pain and she was so sweet. Makes me sad how hotel staff can get treated so poorly during cons.
>at my first all-weekend con
>receptionist at the front desk of the hotel was super sweet, every time we went in and out she would always get excited about our costumes and ask about them
>said she wanted to go to the con next year (had never been before) and cosplay lumpy space princess
>she made our con experience so nice my friends and i found a lsp button and bought it for her

another time

>live on east coast
>go to la to visit my sister, drag her and her boyfriend (both normies) to ax because artists of a webcomic i've followed for years would be there
>didn't finish cosplay i was gonna wear in time so threw together something last minute out of stuff i already had
>feeling paranoid because i'd never been to a west coast con, it was one of the biggest i've been to, didn't know anyone other than my sister and her bf, and my cosplay was not that great, plus from a series that doesn't get cosplayed much
>person asks for my pic
>tells me i'm one of the best character i was dressed as they'd ever seen
>met the artists of the webcomic they were both super nice and gave me a free copy of the preview of the novel the writer of the comic was selling
>convinced my sister and her bf to wear their previous halloween costumes of tj and spinelli from recess and they both looked super cute
>everything went better than expected
It was my first time at my local comic con and I'd gone on my own because I was a friendless loser at the time. I cosplayed Mako Mori from Pacific Rim since it was super easy, but I tried to get all the details right so I would really look like her. I was going through the Artist Hall when someone was calling "Mako! Hey! Mako!" and it was someone tabling. He was probably middle aged Asian guy who said, "Oh wow you're the best Mako I've seen today!" which was nice, despite the fact I hadn't seen any other Mako at the con. "My daughter loves Pacific Rim, and she was Mako for Halloween! Can I take your picture for her?" I say sure and pose and he shows me pictures of his daughter at Halloween like a gushing father. It was really cute! I decide to buy a small print since his ink work prints were really nice, and he asks me who my favorite character from Pacific Rim was besides Mako. I answer the triplets, and he doodles me a little thing on a 4 x 6 for free. I passed his table like two more times that con, and every time he would wave or I made sure to say hi. It was probably the nicest con experience I ever had.
>Be babylita
>Scared out of my pants to wear the fashion in public
>Convince myself to wear a coord to the grocery store
>Mom is a bit weirded out but is fine with it
>Get to the store, Mom sends me on a quest to get lettuce
>I get the lettuce, notice very tall, intimidating man staring at me
>Little 13-year-old heart starts beating like a scared bunny's
>Hope he doesn't walk over
>I brace myself to run if he does anything creepy
>Guy reaches me, asks me if I'd like to take a picture with his sister
>Sister is a very friendly girl probably in her 20s
>She tells me how cute I look, picture gets taken
>Leave the grocery store with warm fuzzies

OK, not the best story EVER, but I get all happy inside when I think about it.
I'm glad you repaid her favour! That was really sweet of you.
This is great. Which webcomic was it?
Hotel front desk people either love you or hate you, there's usually no between.

>went to out of state con
>hanging out in the lobby waiting for shuttle
>usually we'd walk since it's so close but I'm in stiletto heels and it's raining
>neither of us have umbrella
>instead talking with the front desk workers
>they're asking us about costumes
>super into it
>Mortal Kombat group comes down to lobby
>one worker loses his mind because it's first costumes he recognizes plus his childhood in real life
>goes to get a selfies with all of them
>MK and hotel worker doing fighting poses for group photo his cowowrker takes of them
>can't stop grinning over it
there have been two bus related instances in which old women go crazy for cosplay
>waiting for bus to a local con alone
>in cosplay, early morning
>two little old ladies sitting beside me
>whispering to each other while looking over at me
>get nervous because my cosplay wasn't that great
>one speaks up
>"dear, how do you get your hair so black? it looks almost oily."
>explain to her it's a wig, her eyes light up
>she and her friend tell me how they would wear big wigs in their younger years
>find out they've known each other for almost 50 years, cue warm fuzzies
>they ask me what i'm dressed for, explain
>the other lady then asks about my frames, saying she has never seen such thick glasses prescribed
>explain to her they are also fake
>the two of them clap their hands in delight
>soak up their compliments like a sponge until the bus arrives
>we sit apart on the bus but my stop is before theirs
>they wave goodbye as i leave, wishing me luck at the con
>giddy the whole day
another instance
>different con, same cosplay
>con finishes, on way home
>board bus also full of cosplayers
>talk to them for a while
>bus starts to fill up fast
>old lady sits beside me
>looks around the bus before turning to me
>"so are you all coming back from a party?"
>explain there was a first time convention in the city
>she smiles and continues to ask myself and others what we're dressed as and how the cosplays were made until i get to my stop

not very interesting stories, but the women were lovely and took genuine interest. it was great.
Anyone have that story about the nerdy cosplayer that got together with a Princess Tutu they met at a con?

This thread is just what I needed today. Keep it up anons!
the webcomic is called always raining here!
I think I've told this one before but god damn it was such a cute story I wanna tell it again
>AWA 2013 babbys first con
>ZUN is there so obviously gotta cosplay Touhou
>dressed as Remilia while bf is dressed as Sakuya
>honestly our cosplays weren't very good. Mine was store bought and had weird proportions while my bf made his and his wig didn't have the braids so lots of people thought he was just a generic maid
>Friday night right after some panel with ZUN walking through the hallways trying to get through the crowd this little girl who looks about 12 runs up to us dragging her dad behind her
>she is just losing her shit over our cosplays and asks for a picture with us
>her dad explains its her first con too and takes the picture and she then runs off to the next group of Touhou cosplayers she sees to ask for a picture
That was just so goddamn cute and really made my day. She was just so genuinely excited to see everyone dressed up even if their costumes weren't great.
>wearing a kigurumi on the way back from a con, 8hr drive, with sister and boyfriend
>decide to stop and eat at a fast food joint
>don't even care about taking off the kigurumi, it's a fast food place
>sit down
>lady behind me taps on my shoulder and tells me her son got so excited about the walking, talking bear in the restaurant
>look at the kid (he's like 4), he's hiding his eyes when i look at him
>feel good rest of day
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Perhaps not the usual heartwarming story, but it is for me.
>At a nice mall meetup
>Decided to meet next to a statue in the mall because it's more maze then mall
>Everyone starts arriving
>Hang out in that area a bit waiting for more people to arrive
>Get nice compliments from people etc
>Some people take pictures without asking, but they apologize when we approach them about it
>They delete the pictures
>Take new pictures with most of those people because they asked nicely afterwards
>See one guy in his 50s with his phone pointed towards the group
>"Sir, please ask before taking pictures of us"
>"I'm not taking pictures, just uh.. testing my phone"
>He is obviously taking our pictures because the phone is pointed right towards us at face hight
>Tell him so
>"It's none of your business what I'm doing bitch!"
>"It is my business because you're taking pictures of me when I polity asked you to stop" (This kind of thing is illegal here to some extent.)
>Puts hand in front of his camera so he can't take anymore pictures
>Guy gets mad and starts walking away
>Return to chat with the group
>Guy also returns, and is obviously taking pictures of us again from a different area
>Petticoat fluffs up in rage
>Stomp up to him
>Store owners in the area who saw what happened before back me up
>Guy runs away
>Feels fierce and brave that I stood up to him
>Feels good that I stood up for the girls in my comm.
If you were in a public area, photographers don't have to ask.
If you were at a convention where people pay to get in, public areas - don't need to ask.
In smaller rooms or confined hallways - it's a good idea to ask.
On reflection of reading the missive, you gave a bad impression on that person. If that's what you wanted to do, you did it. Give them incentive to ask.
Not necessarily true outside of the US.
Exactly as >>8850081 says.
I'm not in the US and know the photography laws of where I am- taking a photo of someone in a public place is looked down on (So there's still paparazzi for famous people.) but if you aren't a public figure and the person continue taking pictures after they've been told to stop it's illegal. Especially when minors are involved (A few girls from the group were 16-17 at the time.)
Did you not read where OP said it's illegal to an extent to do that sort of thing?
>first time going to a big con
>first time wearing actual lolita (bodyline)
>sixteen and twinning with a friend in blue/white coords with white wigs
>walking to train
>tiny girl with her mother stares at us as they walk
>"Look mummy! Angels!"

that memory reinspired me to start buying lolita and join the comm again, though I don't wear sweet.
Ages ago but still makes me happy.

>Be 13-14, weeby but keep powerlevels mostly hidden
>Discover lolita, cue desperate urge to spend a fortune on terrible lace and shitty sewing because brand is too OTT (kek)
>Poorfag, so thankfully can't
>Whine about it to similarly weeby friend who I can trust not to call me a weirdo, get talking about other Jfash, especially gyaru, which I was fascinated by but didn't have the guts to wear
>Next month at school, she tells me to check my locker
>Little 'lolita' bag made from black satin and white lace with little gashapons inside- they have yamanba stickers and things like that, really cute, plus some assorted Claire's jewellery
>'I know it's not the same, but I hope it's fine' written on a little Hello Kitty notepad under the bag

I still have it, tucked away in a box somewhere. It made me so damn happy.
It's not illegal but it's common fucking courtesy
>see something interesting happening
>take pictures of it
don't prance around in public if you don't want people to notice. holy shit
>Stuck in abusive friendship
>using me for sewing obviously, beating her room mate. at this point I know she's batshit and I am just too scared to get out until after con because it's only one week out
>con comes, get the cold shoulder, out of money, didn't wanna be there, told my free sewing for her was garbage and excluded from my friends group
>attempt to make weekend worth it
>best friend had been worried about me, calls me up to her hotel room
>thank god, I need a break after this train wreck
>friend had gotten me a figure only available for preorder online
>started crying because I thought everyone had forgotten my birthday
>piece of shit abuser claims I stole money to buy it, tells me I don't deserve a gift
>jokes on you bitch, it's not even available in the dealers hall be salty all you like

I'm not looking for sympathy for getting stuck where I was, I know I shouldn't have been suckered into a guilt tripping abusive situation, but I got free of shitty friend after con. Point is, my longtime friend really showed how wonderful a person she is with that small thing. Every time I look at it I'm reminded that I do have good people in my life.
Oh and another one from me sorry
>in costume contest for fun, go be in a panel shortly before it
>didn't win anything, had fun, met people
>left green room, recognize girl from panel earlier that morning
>she went and bought me flowers and heartfelt told me how much she appreciated my hard work and how gorgeous I looked
I almost couldn't take the flowers but she seriously went out to a store and then asked around where to find me. I took them home gingerly and kept them till they fell apart.
OP here. I did ask him nicely to stop taking pictures first (If you'll reread my post you'll see that I even called him sir.) as we asked all the other people who were taking pictures of us. Most of them didn't even think of asking first so they apologized, deleted the candid pictures and then we posed for them so those interested could get good pictures of us.
He decided to lie and about taking pictures of us and called me a bitch after I asked him polity to stop. I also only shouted at him the second time he started taking pictures without asking, after he already knew to ask first.
>Sorry I couldn't be a lovely lolita
My favorite story in the thread. Sounds like it's right out of a manga.
Why didn't you want the flowers?
>>"Look mummy! Angels!"
10/10 would d'aww again
Do we have that one about the blacksmith guy, repairing this girls skirt in the middle of the convention?
I was embarrassed that someone went to the trouble to do something like that for me.
What? Deets?
My greentext-fu is weak, bear with me.

>London con
>Wearing homemade Spider-Gwen cos
>Feeling kinda good. It's not perfect, and I'm a little overweight, but I'm proud of myself.
>Walking through middle hallway
>Tiny preeschool age girl in a supergirl tutu appears in front of me
>Asks for photo then toddles back to their table
>Her mum explains little girls name is Gwen
>So Spider-Gwen is her favourite
>Call the kid back. Give her a hug
>Mum tells me I made her day
>"She made mine!!!"

I wish I'd gotten a photo on my own camera with her, her wee face just lit up like the sun.
How adorable <3
>scrape together last minute shitty cosplay for con, crappy ebay wig, outfit made from $3 polycotton, etc.
>Yakumo from Shinzo/Mushrambo, expect literally no one to know who I'm supposed to be
>on public transport to con
>"are you cosplaying from Shinzo that was one of my favourite series"
>all my feels when someone actually knew the character/series well enough to recognise me

I still can't believe someone actually recognised who I was supposed to be.
Anime North about 4 years ago.

> I'm con-mom, showing a bunch of friends their first con
> One friend makes a kickass Domo suit to wear all weekend, can't walk two feet without getting stopped
> we all go to the rave, he figures, why not, and wears the suit for laughs and funny videos.
> we're outside taking a breather and this young kid comes up. About 10 years old, wearing an Akatski cloak.
> lost his cousin that he's at the con with. the brick-sized flip phone he'd borrowed for the day is dead
> he's tired and scared and recognized Domo from earlier in the day when he got a hug, so he asked our group for help
> while Domo entertains the kid, I start asking around for chargers, finally find a match
> call the kids mom, who's been worried and unable to get ahold of him since 8pm. It's now 11pm.
> we walk this kid to a meeting spot, he hugs us, mom thanks us like crazy, says she's so thankful that the environment is so safe and friendly
> see the kid the next day, he tells us be brought a charger this time, just in case!
Anime North has a rave??
That's not something interesting, they're people. Fuck off if you think you're entitled to take anyone's photo when you want just because they exist in your line of sight, no dam manners.
This is adorable.
She politely asked him to stop first.
I personally wouldn't care if I gave someone a negative impression of myself if they were the ones being an asshole first, which he was.
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