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Do you have any cool stories about meeting...
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Do you have any cool stories about meeting guests at anime cons? Any spaghetti stories? I'm sure Doug Walker alone has seen enough spaghetti to last a lifetime.

>MTAC 2012
>Eric Stuart signing autographs
>fat hick kid wanders over
>"Hey, can you say 'Fuck da police' as Brock?"
>"Eheh. No."
>"Seto Kaiba?"
>awkward pause
>fatty sighs like an asshole and rolls away

Monic Rial and Jamie Marchi complimented my Panty and Stocking drawing in the artist alley. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I probably got a little starstruck and babbled at them, but oh well.

They were super cute.
Michael Sinterniklaas hit on me one time at a con. If he had asked me for a drink I would have said yes but there was dramu with friends and I had to go fix it

>why are you being crabby anon?
>you guys cockblocked me that's why
I met cinnamontoastKen before he got super popular. Was successfully chatting him up, Hoped to hang out with him but my friend showed up and cockblocked me.
I'll never forget that shit. His videos and online personal are cringe as fuck now, but you do what you gotta for dem YouTube dollas
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I got to meet Mike Sinterniklaas a few years ago in my GaoGaiGar suit. I couldn't resist asking him to do a 'Hell & Heaven' with me.

I had a drink at the hotel bar with Paul St. Peter a few years ago. Chatted about Robotech and other stuff.
smoked a joint with brentalfloss once. what a great guy!
Oh boy, I met Quinton Flynn at a con once and he gave me his phone number. I still have it somewhere I think. I was 19 at the time, so it wasn't exactly a Vic-type scenario, but I can easily pass for younger, so it was still pretty awkward.
I dressed as Stocking and Monica complimented me, one of my fav con moments
>Went to a Pokémon Movie screening
>Met Junchi Masuda
>All I could do is stutter out a "H-h-heyyy"
>Pose with him for a photo
>Forced to take awkward photos with someone in a Pikachu outfit
>Say thank you to Masuda by doing a weird juttered bow thing
>What the fuck

AND the movie was shite.
>Invadercon II
>In the same elevator as Richard Horvitz

>SDCC 2012
>Meet Andrew Hussie
>absolutely no line or anything to see him
>he compliments my Nannasprite drawing I show to him, draws a John in my notebook, signs the Vriska poster I buy from the booth
>Go to first con
>Dad's friend is a big shot so my mom and I wanted to go to his panel
>Play it wise of going to panel beforehand
>Entire Teen Titans original voice cast shows up, Glan Murakami starts signing stuff
>draws raven in my child's version autograph book
>I then proceed to watch the film premier that closed one of the better cartoon network shows of an era

Tears when I look back at it now. I should dig it out and frame it at some point
Sorry can't type when looking through my nostalgia glasses
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Not really meeting anyone, but it's weird at least...

>at con a few years ago
>bored, wandering around
>get approached by staff member
>get asked to go get lunch for a voice actress
>but wait, I'm not staff
>staff member thinks I'm just being lazy, gives me money and goes
>dunno what the fuck I'm doing but I don't want the VA to go hungry
>go find a nice cafe a few streets down and get lunch for voice actor and her manager
>bring it back and leave it in her room with the change
>sadly she isn't there, but probably a good thing
>nobody will ever know that some unauthorised stranger was given money out of the con budget to leave with, access to the VA's waiting room, and bought her food from god knows where

Thinking back on it, I should have just gone and found someone else on the staff to take care of it, but I kinda panicked and didn't want to cause any trouble.
I'm laughing so hard right now. This is beautiful.
I have a lot of odd stories about meeting Japanese guests, most of them musicians. I'm just glad most of them occurred after I'd calmed down from my embarrassing Visual Kei fangirl days.

For now I'll just share my best and my worst one.

>at Katsu one year
>Aural Vampire was the guest music
>get near the front of the line for first concert
>right against the railing, best view ever
>some reason the second concert is on a Sunday?
>not looking forward to getting up in the morning
>friend works with radio station, is there for press
>bypass the line entirely
>walk right into the concert room and sit in the back to watch sound checks
>see YMCK an 8bit Japanese band try out their interactive video game for the show
>get up to stretch my legs and walk around the otherwise empty room after YMCK goes off stage
>Raveman from Aural Vampire shows up out of nowhere on stage
>nods at me, starts messing with his sound stuff
>starts playing music to test sound, maybe to just mess around?
>Michael Jackson coming through the speakers
>Raveman's dancing around to it
>can't help but dance a little in the back of the room
>just the three of us in the room with Beat It playing
>still bummed I never saw them live after that because they haven't toured overseas in 6 years

and my worst which still makes me cringe even now

>be a VK weeb for years
>get into the utter VK weeb haven that was Tainted Reality's jrock radio show
>Tainted Reality is/was East Coast based, brought a lot of jrockers to cons and venues
>end up meeting the head of TR at numerous places because of it
>is apparently the lone lesbian in a sea of dick-hungry fangirls
>TR head friends me soley because of that, chats me up all the time
>dude was a bit of a perv but funny so fuck it, yeah I'll talk to you
>go to con TR has guests at, including Takuya Angel, a big fashion guest
>spot the Takuya Angel booth in the dealers room and see the TR head
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1 MB, 500x206
>dealers room is crowded as hell
>with my female friend at the time, holding hands so we don't get split up in the crowd
>go over to the booth just to say hey to TR head before continuing our way to look at some anime merch
>Takuya Angel is folding clothes beside us, I don't know him so I don't bother to say anything to him
>don't really think it's rude or anything since I'm nobody basically
>TR head barely says anything to us and then gets Takuya's attention and starts motioning to me and speaking in Japanese
>Takuya looks me over standing there holding my friend's hand before nodding
>not sure what the fuck just happened so I smile and nod back before telling TR head we'd see him later
>he's busy the rest of the weekend, don't actually get to speak to him again
>get odd looks every time we pass by the booth again
>go online later to ask TR head what he said
>"Oh I said you were my lesbian friend!"
thats pretty crazy anon, i swore homestuck was still really popular back in 2012
this made me laugh so hard anon jesus fucking christ i cant believe instead of correcting them you played along thats amazing
I knew that the VA would only get a small window of time in order to eat, so finding someone, explaining the situation, and the trouble it caused may have meant she missed out on eating... I would have felt really bad about it, so I just went and did it.
>at a con last Halloween
>CinemaSins is there doing a QA panel
>one of their running gags is that bad guys in movies eat apples to look more like assholes.
>Bring an apple to the panel.
>How does this apple make me look?
>" Well, you look like an Asshole"

I told all my friend the guys from cinemasins called me an asshole. I had a lot of fun with that.
you are a good sport. the world needs more lunch heroes
I met Todd Haberkorn recently and gushed to him about how I'd been into Keroro Gunso since I was 11 and that the english dub was the reason why my sister and I managed to stay so close even though we live far apart and he was such a sweetheart. I've been waiting to go to a con that he'd be at for over a year but I hadn't gotten a chance until recently. He signed one of my rare plushes and called me a princess and hugged me and It was probably one of the best signings of my life. I'm still crying over it.
I met him at a con and he told me that he used to fill in for Vic McLasagna when he didn't show up.
I really wanted to ask him out for a drink, but I would have just sphaghettied.
It's funny you mention Vic Mcfluffernutter because as he was hitting on me he whipped out his phone and showed me that god awful pic of Vic in a red wig and shark hoodie and we had a good laugh about it.
>day drinking all day at a con
>go to panel that Aaron Dismuke (original Alphonse Elric English VA) was at
>yell at him that he's my sweet, innocent Alphonse
>he apparently comes and sits with me and even puts his arm around my shoulders
>I don't remember any of this, and I heard from some of the people around me the next day that they occasionally heard me saying some really dirty stuff
My face is burning just thinking about it, and it doesn't help that I apparently tried to sleep outside the panel room and one of my friends had to walk me back to the hotel room. Never doing the day drinking thing again.
>AWA 2015
>time to meet Aoi Eir
>been waiting in line for actually like a year so i have time to think more about what i'm going to say
>practice my moonspeak over and over to myself in line without making any noise so i just look like a serial killer probably
>finally get to meet her
>staff is rushing me as soon as i walk up
>spaghetti spills all over the floor
>"I like your stuff."
>run away
>turn around
>"i mean-"
>visibly cringe at her

it still haunts me.
>KLK Q/A panel, AX 2014
>Q: "Why did you draw the characters in such skimpy outfits?"
>Sushio: "Because I wanted to see sexy cosplayers."
>I am a fat, bearded man wearing transformed Senketsu.
>There is another man behind me crossdressing as Nui.
>We both are the next people up to ask questions
>Sushio adjusts his glasses
I still feel really burned that I'd woken up late and missed the Crunchyroll KLK cosplay contest, because he was there and hanging out and taking pictures and stuff.
Don't worry, anon. Happens to a lot of us. I totally forgot how tone works once when speaking to a cosplay celebrity and ended up sounding super condescending when I said "I love your work". Didn't mean too, but I was too embarrassed to correct myself so ran off.
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>Sushio adjusts his glasses
>met Shoko Nakagawa at event
>she was one of the presenter for cosplay competition
>cosplaying as Hime from Kaibutsu Oujo
>has Hiro with me
>won 3rd place, went up to stage
> Shokotan was complimenting us on how regal we look, how we are still in character as we walk to her
>asks Hiro to kneel at her while we receive our prize
>she's delighted, going all 'kakkoi' on us
>I'm so happy gahhh
>meet kate beaton at british con
>ask her to sign a copy of her 'pops' book that im gonna give to my brother as a christmas present
>she drew a drawing on the first persons book, so i should ask her for a drawing on my book too rite?
>ask her if she knows any british labour politicians since my bro is studying politics
>she smiles awkwardly
>obviously she doesnt shes fucking canadian
>i ask her to draw an alien in a newcastle shirt instead since thats an inside joke between bro and me
>why did i think she'd know what a newcastle football shirt looks like
>i cant stop apologizing
>spaghetti is falling out of every orifice of my body
>shes super nice
>i am become spaghetti
I love threads like these, it makes me wish my job would let me take weekends off so I could go to more cons. I just have a ton of work stories about meeting guest that were at local cons which isn't nearly as fun. Post more stories and let me live vicariously through y'all.
Jason Marsdon came to me and my roomates hotel room. We hung out and partied for a little bit. Really chill guy.
This was also at Shadocon last year
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>mfw Vic is a guest at a con I'm wearing my Rin themed nanchatte and Rin itabag to
I'm gonna do it, gulls. I'm gonna fucking do it and get a hilarious selfie if nothing else.
The con I anually go to has Chris Ayres every year.
He is the cringiest motherfucker I ever had the misfortune to meet.
I went to his raw and uncensored panel at AB last year and after he was done he went to exit through the back hallway and I heard him say "that was fucking shit" and it seemed really uncalled for t b h
He thinks he's gods gift to weeaboos.
I honestly don't know how he comes in with super model girlfriends.
I would be less salty if he didn't treat people like the scum on the bottom of his shoe, when he's an ugly old jew.
>win tickets to the Marvel Stage show during Metrocon.
>spend show being huge comic dweebs and yell out to characters with friend
> Hawkeye does something cool, I scream out 'WHOOO GO CLINT'
>Hear 'you're welcome!' from my right
>look over
>It's fucking Troy Baker
>melt into embarrassment puddle

Then the during the following day I decided to use my free autograph to see him. When he saw me his first reaction (since I was in full Lolita) Was to say 'Hey gorgeous-' but cut off when he recognized me; 'Oh, it's you!'. I was so embarrassed at the time, but he was a super cool dude and I loved talking to him.
ddduude i'm jealous
>friend of mine asks me to help him out with his karaoke group at a small 1st year (in 2010) local con.
>Agree and figure I'll just help by taking names and setting up equipment.
>End up getting suckered into hosting.
>about 30 or so people all night long, a nice relaxed atmosphere.
>Guy calling himself Mercer sings a ton and I even get in on the action as we duet Erasure's "Always" (which was huge at the time)

>show ends around 3am. Get back up to our hotel room and I flip through the programming book.
>"Hey... isn't that the guy I was singing with?"
>Go to his panel the next day and we talk, now that I know who he is. We end up becoming friends on Facebook and I always see him whenever he comes into town for cons.

And that's how I became friends with a voice actor.
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>Project A-kon ... 7? 9? Can't remember.
>Bruce Campbell is scheduled as a guest.
>I have to pee, so duck into a nearby restroom.
>It's crowded, several guys waiting ahead of me.
>Bruce Campbell walks in.
>Says, "What is this? Some kind of a line?" in his Ash voice.
>Walks out to find less crowded place to pee.

"What is this, some kind of a line?" in as Bruce Campbell-ish a voice as I can muster has been part of my lexicon ever since.
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You lucky duck.

I went to a voice acting panel sort of thing that Quinton and another man were hosting, and it ended up being super casual where everyone huddled around on the floor like blissful weeaboos and sang "Daydream Believer" by the Monkees with Quinton leading it near the end of the panel.

He's always smiley and sweet whenever I've seen him, but I've hardly had the chances to go to his con events because of my shitty ex-friends and conflicting arrangements.

I just want to have a beer and talk about MGS2 & Paul McCartney with that man. It's my dream, I don't care if it gets creepy.
He is like on creeper levels of Vic Mignogna though these days, he got really strange after like 2008 and he stopped doing the panels with Jeff Nimoy.

Anon, he would have a beer with you and ask to go back to your hotel room to fuck, he did it to my friend. She declined
Meet vic mignoga at a con I palmdale convention years ago and he had awesome pants with a hand painted pic of edward onthem and he gave them to these girls it was halahilarious the look on their face when he took off his pants
I know right, it was pretty popular. I was surprised at the fact there was no line. It was a Sunday, but still I expected a lot of people.
>and ask to go back to your hotel room to fuck,
pic related

I'll still try my luck
I think I've seen photos of these pants.
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>Be Hambeast
>Con coming up with Quinton Flynn
>So ugly he won't creep on me.
Feels good and bad man
Con called animagic
I feel like he's kind of like Vic in the way that he's more handsy with cute/hot obsessed fans. He'll still be nice.

>I'm sure you're nice looking
I mean

>get him a gift basket with like alcohol or some shit
>ask if he'd be down to have a drink at a close bar to the hotel bar later
Probably 9. I remember he was a guest the year before I started going to A-kon. He was just at the local con and I missed him again. Fucking hell.
I once stayed in a hotel room adjacent to Johnny Yong Bosch when I was a wee weebling. My mom and I kept ending up in the elevator at the same time as him and his bandmates (and doing a tiny gasp every time, because, weeb). He eventually asked if I wanted him to sign anything and he ended up recording a short video for my sister (who was a huge fan of his) in-character as Yukimura. I cringe so hard remembering but he was so nice about it.
I was taking a picture with Bruce And then we got photobombed by Nathan fucking Fillion. We got to chat with both of them a little later. It was great fun!
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You know, adding the actual picture might help.
Thanks for the laugh anon. Which VA was it?
>13 years old, first con ever
>Attend FMA panel with bro, go to Dealer's room after so he can buy the latest DVD
>Bump into this lady at the Funi table.
>"Hey aren't you Laura Bailey?"
>Yes it was, she's trying to do some shopping
>Bro asks if she could sign his newly bought FMA DVD
>Signs it and writes something like "Sorry, wrong character" over Winry
>Does quotes from the show in Lust's voice, and then says them again as Tohru Honda
>Invites us to go shopping with her

And that's the story of the time I went browsing anime merchandise with Laura Bailey. Not very exciting but she was so incredibly nice, especially since we were so young and FMA was so huge, it was exciting to us.
I was working in guest relations at a con for a couple years and nothing stands out more to me than when Chris Patton was in the back seat of my car with Leah Clark. They were both inebriated and I was taking them to a CVS because Leah wanted makeup, and Chris tagged along because he and her were like besties. Literally out of nowhere Chris Patton starts telling me about how often he frequents chaturbate and how he hates when "he accidentally clicks the women section" and also "when someone's just spreading their asshole on camera".

It was funny as fuck to hear Greed from FMA rattle on about his masturbatory escapades.
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Not exactly at a con, I went to AM last year with my boyfriend. We had never been to NASA before so we decided to check it out on Saturday. Fortunately I came prepared with my favorite cosmic print.
To my surprise AP designers Maki and Asuka were there. My boyfriend kept persisting I went to say hi to them but I was super shy.
Finally gather strenght and say hi. Their reaction made me flutter they were super excited I was wearing Cosmic to NASA and asked to take a picture together.
I wish I didn't look so gaunt but work had me crazy stressed out and I lost too much weight.
>pic related
>I was taking a picture with Bruce And then we got photobombed by Nathan fucking Fillion.

Thank you for that cosplay. That was one of the highlights of that panel.
> first anime convention ever
> wasn't even planning on going at all
> friend at the time: "hey anon, a friend of mine has a dealer's pass that he doesn't wanna use, do you want it?"
> hell yeah
> we get to the con
> we see LittleKuriboh leaving the con grounds
> we're not even at the entrance yet
> turns out we caught him right as he was about to leave for the airport

He even signed my con book, too. 16 year old me was really happy that day.
That's awesome!
>at Comic Con 2014
>dressed as splatoon inklings
>game won't be out for another year so the only people who know who we are are Nintendo reps
>tubby quiet kid comes up to us
>he's dressed as Tierno from pokemon XY and very boring and awkward to talk to but hey at least someone knows us
>suddenly older but really friendly & nice man approaches
>"hey, you guys look fantastic! Can I get a picture of you guys for my Twitter? "
>pose for picture, suddenly Tierno jumps in
>I say "uh, I think he meant just the squids"
>Tierno sulks and leaves dejected
>older guy says "sorry I've got an event to run to, but thanks so much!" and dashes off
> friends are freaking out. "dude, you know who that was? That was Bill Trinen!"
>realization I just kicked some innocent child out of a picture with a man he probably idolized

Go my rudeness. Dude whenever you are, I'm so sorry. Bill was great though.
>Go to Star Wars Celebration 2015 in Anaheim
>Have autograph vouchers for Mark Hamill and Jeremy Bulloch, the guy who played Boba Fett in ESB and ROTJ.
>Start spaghetting when I'm a few people away from Mark Hamill
>He signs my TFA poster they had handed out to people the day the 2nd teaser debut dropped
>Head over to meet Jeremy Bulloch hoping I'm not too late because the cutoff time is running out
>Find out that he's postponed his lunch and break times to make sure everyone in line gets their autograph
>He's even taking pictures with people too
>Spaghetti again

Not at a con, but this past December Mark Hamill came to my college to do a Q&A with a relatively small group of people and students and I went. I was shaking a little and had the biggest dumb grin when I got to ask him a question.
>Saw Virginia Hey last october at MCM
>Dropped spaghetti talking to her, say something about her being really pretty
>She looks flattered and asks if I have a girlfriend
>I say yes
>She kisses me on the cheek and hugs me and says "don't tell her"
>Have my stupidly red face and spaghetti dropping out of my pockets immortalised in a photo
Takahata101 was super drunk at the AniMidwest raveand he danced with my group for a bit. He proceeded to get on stage and Fuck around on there. Nice dude overall
Also, We(Takahata and my friends) managed to convince a dude cosplaying as Jesus to give kaiserneko a little Booty clap.
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It is a mystery.jpg
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I got to meet Ian Sinclair (Dandy) at Animate Miami 2015, the only reason this happened was that he stopped me because I was wearing Red Hood from Arkham Knight. Afterwards, we just talked about Batman for 5 minutes straight. It was nice
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Zoe damn fabulus.jpg
54 KB, 624x960
>Friend of mine is letting Jessica Calvello borrow her Hanji costume
>Help Jessica film an AoT-themed promo for another con while we were at the current con
>End up spending whole convention hanging out with her
>She ends up buying us all lunch before she leaves
>Now we hang out with her anytime she's in town
>She pulls strings to get us VIP badges and even got us a hotel room at a con out of town once
>At one con, she was signing in a room with Matt Mercer
>My friends and I get a picture with Jessica and a fan of hers after the signing
>Matt Mercer took the picture
>There's a picture of me on the internet taken by Matt Mercer
>Jessica put my hand on her boob once
>it was nice.
Hey I remember that pic
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