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Mail Horror Thread
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Old one disappeared. Post your mail horror stories here, from missing parcels. props/accessories not arriving on time, bad packaging, damaged items in transit etc.

I'll start it off with this:

>ordered from WW a few times
>recent order, AATP Clock Rabbit Salopette in black
>package arrives and opens
>this is blue, not black
>flips the item over and sees a row of buttons
>Moi Meme Moite cardigan

Waiting a reply from WW about this.
>order dream skirt from Australia
>arrives in US, clears customs, gets to distribution center
>no updates for two weeks
>guess I'll go… ask at the post office
>run into my mail carrier a couple blocks over
>"Hey do you have anything from Austra-- HOLY SHIT THAT'S MINE!"
>address was written on a customs dispatch which has been TORN IN HALF

Someone at the local post office could read the first three letters of my street, and sent it out for delivery even though my last name and the rest of my address were missing. If I hadn't caught the guy out in the street it would have been destroyed as undeliverable, the return address was gone.
TL;DR use plastic envelopes to attach forms to the outside of your parcels.
Wow, that was lucky! Was the skirt ok, anon?
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I literally just got this email. Let me take you on a journey.
>December 5th, arts bovine has a "buy now and have it in time for christmas!" sale
>buy daki print
>after christmas husband says he got a tracking alert that something he ordered from japan was returned to sender.
>we just moved and the post office thought the house we moved into was uninhabited and bounced back all the mail we were supposed to get before christmas
>daki untracked
>wait until Jan 10 to email arts bovine asking if they got it back yet
>Jan 17 they say it finally showed up RTS
>I pay extra for tracked shipping this time
>dead air from arts bovine
>today get this

I just want to hug my video game husbando.
>TL;DR use plastic envelopes to attach forms to the outside of your parcels.

in general please please please be careful gulls when sending international mail, it's going on a long tumultuous journey and i know many of us try to restrict packaging due to high shipping costs but you don't have to do a whole lot to just secure your package a little bit. this means not cramming delicate items into paper envelopes and if you do put something a little more flexible like clothing into a paper envelope then try to at least put it in a secured plastic bag so when the paper gets inevitably ripped the clothing inside will stay as safe as possible. tape down openings and corners, and if you have paper attachments tape them down if possible or like anon said use plastic envelopes. if anyone is using USPS i know you can get plastic coverings for customs forms off their website.

desu, most of this goes for domestic mail too because i've seen people ship things in...not very smart ways. I've had someone send me a button in an envelope and it had ripped through, so I just got an empty envelope. I've had people try to cram blouses and skirts into those paper flat rate priority mail USPS envelopes and it's arrived to me partially torn. This was international but I had another person send me a necklace, and when I got it it was in a box but had no inside packing what so ever - it was a sacred heart necklace from voodoodolly I bought secondhand and the item is a hollow metal locket, so when you shook it around it almost sounded broken. nothing was broken when I opened it up and I'm not sure how prone the necklace was to being broken anyways but I really would've appreciated the necklace just being wrapped in some old newspaper or something.

you def don't need to add so much packing tape you can't open the package or fill something with 5 pounds of packing peanuts but...please y'all, just a little added security is fine.
your bit about people trying to cram things into flat rate boxes reminds me of this story from a year back.

>buy 2ndhand Liz Lisa knit top and winter skirt from a girl
>get email from university's mail center saying that there was a badly damaged package that had my name on it
>arrive to pick up package and see if any of my clothese were damaged
>girl had attempted to stuff all 3 items inside the smallest flat rate box available (the 5"x8" one)
>no plastic bag around the clothes
>the two ends of the box had burst open during transport and the clothes got dirt all over them and looked like they'd been soaked in some kind of murky liquid
>top had a several huge snags across the front and the skirt was so badly stained that washing it multiple times barely lightened the stains
>open Paypal claim mostly because I paid for her to ship the items in the largest flat rate box
>Paypal ends up giving me a full refund even though I only asked for partial
WTF, that box is fucking tiny as shit, how the hell did she manage to just barely stuff all 3 items into the box?

I'm glad paypal gave you a refund though, that's really stupid of that seller. Did you confront her directly or just open a claim?
God, I work in the returns department at a company that builds servers. It's fucking unreal how big name companies will ship systems back to us for maintenance. Like a heavy $75k 36-HDD system packed in nothing but a SINGLE SHEET of bubble wrap in a shit flimsy box. It arrived destroyed. Drive trays, power supplies, chassis, all smashed up. They're just lucky it got there, the handles on the system's power supplies ripped clean through the box.
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Well I received these bows in the mail. They were addressed to the family of my last name. I didn't buy them. So I thought maybe it was a Christmas present from someone in my family. I asked around and turns out, nobody in my family bought them. None of my friends who have my address got them. I don't know who sent me these bows. They're from Guangdong, China. There is no name on the package.
lmao I just realized i forgot to mention that I bought a necklace from her too. That's the third item.
It was fastened around the care label of the top which is how it didn't get lost/destroyed.

I just opened a claim. I figured that if I confronted her, she'd just be like "well it was fucked up during transport so it's not my problem".
I wasn't wrong about that since that's what she tried to tell Paypal when I opened a claim.

There are so many videos and gifs of postal workers treating packages like shit and yet people still think that once their stuff is in a box, the box becomes invincible.
I have no idea what the logic is there.
lol wtf?? free bows at least?? are you sure you didn't accidentally buy something somewhere? or have you made any past purchases from a chinese seller that could be selling these and perhaps looked up the wrong address or something for shipment?
I once bought a bracelet from China and got the same bracelet again several months later, and I've had completely random stuff arrive for me from China. I buy a ton of stuff from Ebay so the sellers probably got my name and address mixed up with someone else's (that or they're being very nice and sending free gifts), it's probably what happened to you.
They look pretty cute too. I'd ask for a source but oh well.
Wow, good thing you got a refund. That's scary.
Not a horror story per se, but a couple of years ago I won a coat off ebay and wasn't in when it was delivered. I had to pick up a bunch of stuff from the post office anyway so it wasn't a big deal. When I got there the guy at the counter looked super excited and asked me if I liked oranges and went off to get my stuff.
Most of it was small envelopes but there was this one fuckoff huge lump with my name and address scrawled across a sheet of printer paper in marker taped to a huge Asda bag that had been taped shut. For some mysterious reason the seller had decided to tape the net that oranges come in to the inside of the bag, and had left the labels on. The guy just wanted to know what the hell it was, so I told him, went home, and opened the bag.
There were three layers of orange-net bag altogether and a lovely note from the seller inside saying that they reinforced the bag so it wouldn't get damaged. While it was very sweet of them to make sure the coat arrived undamaged, the choice of packing materials was a bit weird.
>the net that oranges come in

what the shit
>the guy at the counter looked super excited and asked me if I liked oranges

Honestly anon before I kept reading I thought you were going to say that instead of your coat the seller sent you a shitload of oranges or something
I'm imagining this postal worker's excitement over your package and how this weird orange packaged parcel probably was one of the more interesting things he encountered that day and it makes everything a lot better.
made me laugh, at least your stuff was fine haha!
Not much to say besides a priority package from Russia has been missing for over a month now and was last scanned on December 15th, so. We'll see what happens I guess. Person I bought the item from filed... I think it's called an international claim or something similar, so hopefully we can find it.
this isn't very related to cgl, but I took part in a few card exchanges/sendings online and I have no idea if one of them ever got to its destination, because the receiver never replied to my PMs after the first info message. I can see the fucker posting on reddit, I don't think he's thanked anyone who sent him cards (it's courtesy to make a thankyou post afterwards) and I'm just salty about it. I guess I'll message him passive aggressively on the 24th or something

>this shit is now making me worried about sending a thankyou card to a /cgl/ person
>not worth it
>the post office thought the house we moved into was uninhabited

What. They didn't even ATTEMPT to check? What were they thinking, that someone provided a wrong address on *multiple* packages?? Two different people, no less??? WTF.

>asked me if I liked oranges

All I could think of reading this was that poor girl who got moldy stinking burando because the seller's bf threw orange peels into the package.
sober anon and had has the worst luck receiving gifts
5 people confirmed to get me gifts]
shpping issues fuck me over
Do you know what i got for Chrsitmas from my famiy/friends combo? payed for everyones drinks,got ignored and and watched Morel Oral episodes I've seen a millin times before.Beingsober sucks,being not sober is super fun but like sucks worse
not getting any gifts everyone told me
I got my hopes up that wabest gift from birtihday/holidays combined is a lego spider-man
any email addresses of writers who will respond? I don't have twitter or tumblr.I had a letter published in New Warriors a long time ago and it was a highlight of my lfie
This is less of a horror story and more of a perpetual low-grade annoyance. I live in an apartment building which, like many apartment buildings, has a bank of mailbox-sized boxes, and then a bank of large boxes for packages (where they give you the key to the box for a one time use). The mailboxes are in our building, so USPS could easily take the elevator to our apartments and drop things at our doors like FedEx and UPS do.

Instead, USPS takes anything too big for the mailbox-sized boxes to our leasing office around the corner -- they never use the key-in big parcel boxes. The leasing office hates having to keep track of all our mail, and has asked USPS to stop, but no dice. I hate having to pick up my mail from the leasing office, because they have shit hours.

I used to live in a college town where they wouldn't deliver anything to an apartment unless you put your name on your mailbox. It was weird.
... what?
Same, I live in student housing and they never deliver anything to your door regardless of whether you're home or not. They'll just slip you a delivery note so you can make the trek across the seven seas to the post office/supermarket to get your package.
So my friend's 14yo daughter told me she was super interested in lolita. So I offered to buy her her first dress and have her join me for my comms tea at an upcoming con

>Find Chess Story La robe de Cinderella JSK for good price for from a seller in FL
>seller says she's going to ship the dress by Friday so we could have it in time for con
>3 days go by past ship date, seller is no where to be found, find out she's underage so I can't even message her on FB
>seller removed sales post in group
>send several emails, seller finally gets back to me, says she got kicked out of the house, gives me long sob story about not having the dress and how she needs to go get it from her dad's but that she'll send it the next morning
>wait another 3 days, seller is silent again, no responses to any contact

At this point I'm freaking out and about to file a dispute with seller

>seller finally ships package from USPS kiosk
>track package incessantly until it reaches my PO
>status immediately changes to "Exception"
>Head straight to the PO before it closes, seller never put my name on the package

After a bunch of hassle I was able to get it, but if I hadn't gone that day they would have returned it to sender.

Seriously the last time I deal with anyone underage
What's extra fucked up is it had snowed and our driveway and steps were shoveled so if they would have at least checked it would have been clear people were living there.
Which sales group? This is my nightmare, and why I won't buy anything on FB unless the seller has the item listed on LM
LSE she was promptly kicked out of the group as soon as they figured out she was underage
Yodel thinks that a sectioned off part of road, completely accessible and visible and unprotected from the rain is a safe place for a two foot long, foot high cardboard box.

Needless to say, I had not requested that as a safe place - especially since it's not even my 'balcony'. I loved that they didn't even put my name on it, just so I could mix it up with the parcel that someone else left on my doorstep. I only guessed where/what it was because I got an email.

Managed to get a refund from the company in the end but I hope to hell they pursued Yodel to hell and back for this fuck up.
My dream dress is headed for the UK... But I live in the USA. I asked FromJapan what the hell happened, but they just told me to wait a week and see what happens lol.
How would waiting help. If the postal workers still have it in their system there's a chance to save it. Once it's dropped off at the wrong asshole's house you're fucked
I had a good laugh because of this. Thanks anon! Glad it wasn't just a weird/humorous story, not a horror!

>Go to Japan, ship back a couple boxes
>Few days after I return I break my elbow
>Miss one package that needs a signature
>Others never even actually make an attempt to be delivered (I work from home so I'm around 90% of the time)
>Whatever, just ask for redelivery
>Not redelivered. Ask again. Nope. And again. Nope.
>Can't go to the post office because I have no car, can't bike there b/c of broken elbow, elbow makes me work slower so can't afford to take the time to walk the ~10 mile round trip walk
>Try to talk to one of the new postmen on the route, he's just a jerk and pretty much blows me off
>This has become the straw that breaks me, I'm super stressed out because of how much the injury has affected work, I'm in pain, have minor anxiety attacks
>Dad lives nearby and has a day off, offers to take me to the post office
>They can't find the packages, I try to hide my tears from dad
>New postwoman brings all the packages like half an hour after I get back, apologizes for missing me for the first package, I guess jerk postman really did never check if I was around and the others were stuck on his truck or something.
The packages weren't even THAT important to me, but I was just so stressed out over everything it was affecting me.
One more, just resolved today:
>Order a phone case from Japan
>It arrives one of the few days I'm not around (whoops, my fault, I didn't think it would arrive that fast)
>Request redelivery 3 or 4 times over the next week, they never attempt to redeliver
>Still have no car, bike was stolen a couple months ago so I can't get over to post office during operating hours, I really need them to redeliver
>Try to get it redelivered again a couple days ago, am told it's been sent back to sender
>It's only been there for barely over a week!!
>Flail at @USPSHelp, they contact the post office to figure it out, tell me to expect it within the day
>Arrives that day, THANK-YOU @USPSHELP

I used to have a great postman who was super kind and always got my packages to me, even when I kept accidentally putting my previous apartment number on them. I miss him. I've really only started getting crap service in the last year and a half or so.
I lived in Mexico and one time my package from Japan was headed for Germany. It arrived delayed with German post stamps on it and German packing, but arrived nevertheless.
Just wait.
Not a horror story, it ended awesomely for me
>Order a meowth pillow from ebay
>friend pays it with paypal, Ill pay him when it arrives
>had to arrive in december 1st
>it didnt arrive
>friend requests his money back, seller agreeds
>tells me what happened, im ok with that
>a week ago, he sents me a picture
>the fucking pillow arrived
>tfw now its a free gift from him since he got his money back

Im not sure about how to feel about the seller, im pretty happy otherwise for the gift Im about to receive
Are you sure you're on the right board? Either way I hope things get better.
It could've just been a misread - meaning some worker misread the USA for UK and put it in the wrong bin. In that case the address obviously isn't gonna be for the UK so whoever takes a close look next to sort it will see and notice and send it back to the US.
Unless they just wrote the wrong address but even then there's a large chance it won't match up with anything (i.e. Ontario, CA could be Ontario, Canada or Ontario, California but if you're in the UK there isn't gonna be anywhere called West Hollywood, CA so it might be undeliverable) and they'll send it back to the sender. I guess they want anon to wait since there's no telling exactly why the package is in the UK/what the exact screw up is. It's also entirely possible for them to have fucked up and written someone else's address or even gave them the wrong tracking number.
>con coming up, sewing machine breaks 2 weeks before con
>still have cosplays to sew
>find decent priced machine on amazon that can ship fast
>ships through UPS
>check package status and it shows "delivered"
>check outside my house, no package
>check the delivery information again and it's signed by some guy with an arab name
>tfw I'm a white female
>call UPS, UPS tells me my package is at their warehouse in my town
>go to warehouse, workers there tell me my package isn't there and is likely lost forever
>workers tell me to go to UPS customer service
>UPS customer service offers me a giant pdf to fill out and mail them then just MAYBE they'll reimburse me
>Fuck that shit
>Go to Amazon customer service and they refund me in the same day
>end up borrowing aunt's machine to finish cosplays
I've heard soo many horror stories from UPS. I've heard stories of workers stealing packages and auctioning them. Wouldn't be surprised if this is what happened to me. This was my first experience with them too, and it was terrible.
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One time my campus mail gave my package to the wrong person. We didn't have similar names or anything, we just ordered something from the same store. Apparently, her getting an extra package that had someone else's name on it seemed totally fine to her.
>campus mail calls her
>no response
>it's been over a week since she got my package
>they call her again, no response
>I saw her name come up in the system when we figured out why I never got a package that was definitely delivered so I found her on fb
>ask if I should try to contact her myself, they say they don't want me to but I just want my stuff and it's been nearly 2 weeks now
>contact head of res life, he calls her and says campus safety will get involved
>she gives my shit back by the end of the day
>it's not in original package
>individual items aren't even individually wrapped like they should be
>she just threw my shit in a random plastic bag
>mfw she definitely tried my clothes on
>mfw I ordered underwear
Reminds me of when I bought a $5 wig off a new seller on eBay and when it arrived I had four extra wigs with a string of printed address labels to people in the UK tossed in the package.
not lolita but the mail in my office is fucking horrible.
>work in an office complex, get things delivered at least 5 times a month
>clearly labeled door with our suite number, 303
>90% of packages get sent to 309 because the delivery man can't read
>309 keeps signing for and keeping our shit
>we confronted them about it and they play dumb
>next day they drop off an opened box, general office supplies they didn't want
>kept the expensive ass equipment we bought

We kept arguing with the shipping company for days and eventually forced them to reship our items for free because their dumbass workers can't tell the difference between a 3 and a 9.
>Dad is a postman, has been for 30 years
>people on his route love him and give him lots of holiday gifts, gift cards cookies chocolates you name it. I miss it, he still gives me the Starbucks cards he gets.
>My mailman in my apartment is a pain in my ass, BF works from home, 90% of the time one of us is home, 50% of the time we get a sorry we missed you slip anyway.
>K, whatever I will tip you anyway. I have lived hear for 6 years and he is starting to get better, tip every year.
But the last two years this fucking idiot has been pulling this shit:
>Big red envelope in mailbox with "MAILMAN" on it real big
>check next day, still there
>next week still there ???!?? mail shoved around it.
>our mailbox are top open for the mailman, so I tape it to the top so he cant miss it
>try again
>He finally took it yesterday
common dude, were you too lazy to look at the envelope containing your own tip?!?
Lately I've been having trouble with FedEx and their shit shipping.

Not lolita/j-fash related, but trying to get my book in time for one of my online courses what a nightmare. FedEx sent my book from my city's FedEx location to another "Smart Ship" location that is four hours away in a different state? And then they passed it off to USPS to do the rest??

Honestly I never have trouble with UPS or even USPS: they consistently deliver my packages on time, whereas with FedEx it's the same song and dance :-/
Don't worry, a ton of gulls did the Christmas exchange and very few got grinched or didn't hear back from their people.
Omg what did you do? I would return them but only if the seller would send me money for shipping
Wow, what a bitch.
Shameless but I kept them. I knew some Chinese seller would have either asked me to mail the wigs back which would have cost a fortune, or they would have tried to get me to pay for the extras.
If they signed for it, couldn't you get the authorities involved since it's a crime to open someone elses mail?
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I ordered a couple of mugs from society6, got hit by customs and when I finally got hold of them I found they had been put in a box two times too big for it and wrapped in a single layer of bubble wrap.
Clearly this was a bad combination.
Hope you got your money back.
I sent a dress to a girl internationally, messaged her every couple of weeks to see if it was there. It's been months, I know its there but I just want confirmation it got there, you know?
>Request redelivery 3 or 4 times over the next week, they never attempt to redeliver

Nothing infuriates me more. I rescheduled delivery for a package containing some lucky bags like twice and waited patiently until the day before the "fuck you we're sending it back" cutoff to go down to the post office and pick it up. Absolutely 0 attempts were made past the initial delivery. They didn't even need my signature for it, so I still don't understand why they didn't just leave it on the porch like usual.

Glad you got your stuff, though. Postmen who look out for you are the best.
I just checked the tracking number, and it says that it just left Parcel Force. I can only wish for the best now lol.

Thanks anons! You give me hope. I guess I really have to wait and see what happens.
Why do people make such retarded decisions when it comes to shipping things? It's a goddamn mug, it's going to break, you really can't pretend you didn't think of that before you sent it...
>order LoL umbrella for my sister for Christmas
>wait a month, it turns up from China
>huge rip down the side of the umbrella.
>message seller, they agree to send out a replacement
>wait another month, lumpy package turns up.
>a stuffed LoL plushie

Got tired of waiting for them to fix it so I just gifted my sister that and repaired the umbrella for her as well.
I get pads for breast milk spillage sent to my house once in a while along with other weird stuff- one time a weird bug dildo and one time a really nice jsk- but it was very small.

Idk why sellers do this, any ideas? My theory is they get mixed up with other orders...
>lurking on favorite stores online because the mall around my place isn't somewhere i'd wanna go alone
>see beautiful set of bra + panties for $50
>not bad
>buys set & says it will come in about a week
>everything's fine ships on time
>standing in kitchen
>see mailman opening one of my packages in front of my mailbox
>it's the set
>literally takes it out of package and proceeds to stuff it back into its bag (very obviously opened)
>never ordering anything like that online again
Kind of afraid to even order jfash online. I really don't want my shady mailman ripping open $300+ dresses and stuffing it back into my mailbox.
File: whyyoualways.gif (963 KB, 245x280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>see dress I've been eyeing relisted for the 7th or 8th time and on sales pages for a while so send seller a message about shipping and to negotiate on price
>seller quotes me ridiculous shipping that I can tell is her trying to claw back money
>tell her I'll consider it
>she messages later saying she could pay half of the quoted shipping to 'help me out'
>agree and pay invoice
>hear nothing for days, no tracking number, no confirmation of postage
>send multiple messages, she replies 2 weeks later
>'I sent it without tracking anon, it was cheaper and you got a discount on the dress, thought it would have been there by now'
> 'It will show up'
>4 weeks pass with nothing
>she tells me to check my local post office, check three in the area including sorting office
>ask her if she sent it to 'insert university address' (even though I was sure it wasn't on my paypal)
>she says she 'can't remember'
>call university porter but they can't disclose that information
>uni is 8hrs away but friend checks and says there's nothing there
>paypal dispute
>she insists it was sent but I win the paypal dispute due to her untracked shipping and message history
>she blocks me
>friend sees her selling the same dress a week later
Anon, why is your mailman opening your mail. In my country that's a federal crime.
I live in the U.S. and I'm very aware of this, I called our local post and they're more sketchy than I thought... They said there's "nothing they can do" and hung up. I have so many stories from this particular mailman as well. Never called it in because it's been a joke up until now. Greasy mailman opening my lingerie was where I draw the line.
Film it next time and send the footage to the police. If you can document the post office's indifference to it too.

Or alternately you could probably contact the media and claim it made you feel 'violated', the media loves latching onto creepy stories like this and that would probably force the post people to do something about it.
Also don't want him to loose his job though, you can tell that it's his only source of income and id feel beyond bad if I made someone get fired, I only called in hopes that they would maybe move him into a different department.

Those are really good ideas though, but being on the news is way out of my comfort zone & again I really don't want to get someone fired
He's going through your mail and probably being a huge creeper about it. He deserves to be fired.

Guess that's just my opinion though.
I understand your feelings anon but that's literally not okay lol. Let's just say he wasn't trying to be a creeper to look at women's underwear, but he was looking through the package to see if there was anything "good" that was worth stealing - it's entirely possible he does this to other patrons and steals their mail.

Order something online again and install a video camera or be ready to film it because opening people's mail is hella against the law if you're in the US (and probably other countries too) and very suspicious - there's literally no good reason for your mail man to be opening your packages like that. Trust me. Most people only have 1 job as their only source of income, when they get fired they go get a new one.
>friend sees her selling the same dress a week later
wow, did you alert the mods? even if this happened on LM you might be able to ask the mods on LSE or something if you could post a warning. you know she's gonna scam someone else.
"I don't want a creeper mailman to get fired"
At my old retail job I caught a lady I worked with stealing stuff twice. It was just sodas and candy and I didn't want to get her fired after that so I didn't say anything. A year later I guess she had never stopped because I caught her taking multiple full bags of groceries (mostly candy and chips I don't know why she bothered) out of the store she said she bought earlier. Once I asked around other people said they caught her doing that too, loads of bags. I don't think there was a single person there who hadn't caught her stealing at least once. She even started bullying newbie cashiers into ringing stuff up without payment so she could give them the cash after her break...then she'd go home and never pay them so their drawers were short.
TLDR: shit like this is a sign of a pattern. They know what they're doing and it's their own fault. Report them before they fuck someone else over.
he doesn't look like the kind of guy that finds work easily... We have another mailman that does our route on Saturdays anyway and he usually delivers my packages; I even asked him to try to deliver packages over the usual mailman and he made it sound like he's all too familiar with this particular guy.
>I wanna post more stories about him but you guys get the point he's mental
like I said though, going to the news is way out of my comfort zone and the post won't do anything about it, we also don't have the best police around here. (Michigan)

You guys all have valid opinions but I also don't have footage so maybe I will set up a cheap camera and submit it somewhere anonymously to the news?
anon, I'm sorry but who cares

is right when they say
>TLDR: shit like this is a sign of a pattern. They know what they're doing and it's their own fault. Report them before they fuck someone else over.

like, I'm almost positive that he was looking to see if it was something worth stealing. if it was something electronic/very expensive he probably would've stolen it. would you still be feeling bad about reporting him then? there's NO good reason for him to have opened up your mail like that. literally none.

you really don't even have to go to the news about it unless the post office isn't gonna do anything but I'm telling you anon, it is not at all out of the realm of possibility that he steals other people's packages to keep them or sell them for money.

if you don't want to do anything because you have no proof then that's fine but please don't feel bad about reporting a literal thief. this isn't like...some destitute father stealing baby formula for his child because he can't afford it. mailman opening packages = probably a mail thief
yeah, you're right I really didn't consider the possibility that it could be that serious it's always been a joke until that happened.
Like I said I'm probably just going to set up a camera or I'll try the post again & make a fuss about it?
When I called my intention was to get him moved to a different department but now that the fact that he's stealing that packages instead of just creeping is on the table having him sort or something probably isn't the best either.
We could have, but we tried to get the company to pay for it first before involving the police. If they didn't want to, then we'd have gotten the cops involved for the cost of the items back.
That sucks, man, sorry that happened to you. Glad you got your packages though.
Order something like that again and then lurk around and film it when he shows up.
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I got sent a replacement and they offered to pay customs if I got charged again.
Honestly th second I picked the parcel up I knew something was wrong. That wrong was the handle rattling around the box.
bug dildo??
Anon please report this guy. I trust my postal workers so much and now you're making me worry.
My story is definitely not as horrible as other anons', but here it is:

>live in second-floor apartment in converted house in college town, no buzzer
>constantly receiving packages from japan/china that require a signature
>always miss them due to class/work
>post office they're sent to is 20 minutes away by car
>no car
>one day get a call from an unknown number
>it's the postman
>"Hey, is this anon? I think I have a package for you."
>says he can bring it by on his second round when I'm out of class
>fast forward a few hours
>"I noticed you get a lot of packages. I can text you to see if you're home or when you'll be home. Also, here are some slips, you can leave them signed if you're expecting something."
>what a nice guy!
>fast forward a few weeks
>texts and f2f interactions are laden with creepy puns/innuendo
>"Oh, do I have a /big package/ for you."
>"Not ordering anything embarrassing, right anon?"
>"Got a hot date you're going to wear this lingerie for?" (VS order was fucking pajama pants for my sister)
>etc. etc.

Situations like that make me super fucking anxious/unsure of what to do, so I kind of just brushed/laughed it off until the guy switched to a different route a month or two later. Thankfully I've gotten a lot better about handling them in the last two or three years.

Funnily enough, this was also in Michigan. >>8828830 >>8828490
What the fuck, I'm in MI too and I've never had any shitty people like this delivering my stuff. I hope you guys can sort this out.
oh god.
looks like we need to band together to stop greasy ass men from being employed at the post office.
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i can never let this go

>12 years old, christmas
>parents bought me one of those poppin' cookin things, you know. the japanese miniature food things that were popular a few years ago
>they bought it off ebay from some chinese guy
>was supposed to get here before christmas
>christmas day, no package
>january, no package
>feburary, no package
>parents emailed the guy, response was "Be patient."
>came mid-march
>ran out to the mailbox to try it out
>low and behold, its jammed into the mailbox
>package was too big for the mailbox, was ripped up on the corners and dented badly, had some weird liquid on it
>asshole mailman decided it would fit and shoved it in even though it clearly was too big
>can't get it out of the mailbox, neighbors and parents couldnt get it out
>if we didnt get it out we couldnt even get any mail into the mailbox no matter how small
>end up cutting it out of the package and its expired
>cry about it for hours since i wanted to try it so bad

im never ordering, or letting any order me a poppin cookin from a chinese man on ebay ever again
And how old are you now?
>purchases dream dress
>jan 13 gets message
>pays for fast shipping/etc
>jan 20 seller FINALLY ships the item out
>item now stuck in kentucky due to weather
20. this was 8 years ago and im not over it
Glad you got a replacement. Was it packed better?
Your parents are the reason why eBay has a big red "WARNING: DELIVERY ESTIMATE OVER 30 DAYS" message now


i think i remember hearing this one
he probably knew he was being a shit and believed the envelope would be something negative and confrontational.
75 was completely closed yesterday, it was the center of that storm system. Lol
aw this made me feel sad anon. I know that feel of being a dumb kid and having your heart set on something small like that.
but the snow storm wasn't there until this weekend, they should've sent it out a few days after payment unless they told the buyer otherwise that they wouldn't be able to ship until the 20th, so i kind of can sympathize with their annoyance
>just order new skirt and blouse
>paid and both sellers give me tracking
>2days pass i decide to look at tracking
>Error: Invaildnumber

I know it's only been like 2/3days now but i'm so scared of getting conned causeof all the horror stories i hear. It's my first time buying off of LM...halp
If the sellers are on the east coast of the US their postal service is fucked due to the weather right now so tracking may not be working yet.
Does anyone know anything about Banggood? I made a small order from them earlier in the month and I haven't heard any updates on it since the 15th. I'm debating if I should contact the post office, Paypal, or Banggood themselves first...
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>friend sees her selling the same dress a week later
Name this bitch please so no-one else buys from her and gets scammed like you were.
it looked like a millapede crossed with a dildo, and it wriggled.
well it couldn't have been packed much worse.
The box was a suitable size and it had thicker bubblewrap
That sounds like fun anon.
Message them. Those numbers are so damn long it would be easy to mess up typing it
I did report her to LM mods who (surprise surprise) never replied, and the mods of 3 sales groups I was part of. 2 sets of mods said they were already overseeing in a dispute with others over items she had tried to sell to two people at once, but it took a while for them to realise it was the same person my friend and I were referring to as she'd changed her FB name.

In all this I felt more stupid for running from post office to post office, scared hundreds worth of stuff was lost to the ether and I had been quite harsh to some staff about it (they had previously 'lost' a package so I thought it was a repeat)
Hey you guys,

This is the Postal Inspectors (kind of like the mail police.) They do not fuck around. If any kind of crime happens with your mail, call them up and they will get shit done. They are effective and merciless.
Was it actually a dildo? Or just a particularly unfortunate millipede? I'm incredibly curious now.
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>finds uk based online shop, good reviews
>decide to buy a dress for a new year's eve party
>pays for next day delivery 5 days before party
>3 days pass, no package
>go online to track it, number invalid
>decide to wait it out
>package arrives the morning of the party
>package tiny as hell, dress bundled up and stuffed into it
>sheer at the bottom ripped up, have to cut it off
>wear it out as a top, no one suspects a thing
>next day decide to give the dress bad reviews
>"That item does not exist."

Bought AP British Bear to treat myself after a stretch in an abusive workplace (I am unemployed because management saw nasty emails from my boss to me + testimony of him yelling and shit so now I'm unwelcome) I only have a few brand items. I never buy new releases but thought if I don't get this now, it will only go up in price as is USUALLY the case with AP. Wrong. I paid 47,000 yen (before fees) for a 27,000 dress on 3rd Jan.

Arrived with SS on 9th Jan. Paid shipping then it gets shipped to me on 12th. Arrives in the UK on 14th. Stuck in Customs from 14th-26th and according to the tracking, they raised whatever customs charge they were going to give me. So not only am I going to pay the hugely inflated price I paid for it plus shipping, but the taxes on that figure and maybe more. I haven't received ONE letter yet telling me what I can expect to pay or what they changed the original charge from. I don't even know if I can pay the charge without a letter and reference number as I only found out it was held because I was obsessively checking the tracking.

Fuck this shit, after Holy Lantern I'm never buying AP again (and I only have one AP dress) Because of these charges, the delay and the surprise MTO, it was not worth buying... Now it's back to living on $400 a month and no purchases until this time next year.
If they fired you or forced you to quit because of your boss' abuse, you could definitely sue them if you have evidence.
>have pic related as mailbox
>both sides open with magnets to keep them shut
>back of mailbox won't open unless you cram it full of mail
>for two days now mail carrier has shoved letters and magazines in it so far back it opens the back door
>go to mailbox today and see mail hanging out the back
>look down
>mail is floating in the ditch full of water
>have to fish out my soaking mail including a check

I'm so pissed off right now. I got my roll of duct tape and taped the back door on the mailbox shut.
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Dropped my pic.
So much was wrong. I worked 11am to 3am some days, worked for nothing for 8 weeks with the promise of paid work (minimum wage) after 'proving myself' despite working for free on and off for 6-7 years. The guy repeatedly talked down to me, singled me out in front of people, screamed at me, slammed a door in my face, had me doing meaningful and skilled work because he overshot his deadline and his other employees were going off on vacation, so he got me to pick up the slack and do their jobs under the pretence of allowing me to borrow a computer (Did two of the company's annual showreels + developing their website: entailing complex video editing, audio editing, sourcing and photoshopping images, coding, data entry, proofreading and correction for over 80 individual articles AND I did a bunch of behind the scenes photography for their social media) Had the nerve to insist he was 'doing me a favour' by paying me under the table a fraction of what others would get for the type of work and standard I produced, and for only a fraction of the period I actually worked. I didn't eat all day and sold half my shit for bus fare during that period because he wouldn't pay expenses and didn't end up paying me until 3 weeks AFTER I left.

I have a feeling if I whistleblow my mother (who he also employs) will lose work (he has already suddenly made it difficult for her invoices to get paid) and I'll get in trouble for not having paid income tax and him not having paid National Insurance contributions.

Fuck man, I am in the 98th percentile for IQ and all test scores, have multiple skills, work experience and a good work ethic (working 72hours straight and having high standards, despite being disabled/several chronic, PAINFUL illnesses) I don't want to sound entitled but I just don't want to have to be scraping by all the time. I come from an abusive background (serious violence) too and the occasional lolita purchase is the only thing that really keeps me going. Sage
Anon not for nothing but you shouldnt be ranting about a lolita purchase on an image board. You should be seeking legal help. I dont know anything about labor laws from other countries, but Im pretty sure working for free is illegal in most places.
This was a Sephora purchase, and the only reason I'm even mad was that I had perfume in the package.
>order perfume and some other stuff on sale
>gets shipped, tracking, etc
>date of expected arrival comes.
>get home, no package, check tracking again.
>"packet on patio" the tracking says.
>I turn on my porch light, and the package is there.
>I live on a second floor apartment. They threw my package over the rail from the staircase.
>thankfully, nothing is damaged.
Which shop? And how much did you pay for it?
I'm so glad nothing happened to your perfume. How was it packed? I always get curious when people get fragile stuff like this tossed around and it doesn't break.
Fuck this mailbox. I had one growing up and it was always FULL of spiders.
And now I'll be paranoid of this. Thanks anon.
I hate people like this. If you got the item, send the money back. It's not a "free gift", you're a thief.
Sage for off topic as well, but please oh please get legal help. This is absolute bullshit that nobody should have to deal with, and you can get him in hot water.
>dealing with all that while disabled/chronically ill
Jesus Fucking Christ, buy yourself as many dresses as you can afford to. It's amazing what you've dealt with, but you really shouldn't have had to.
I had this happen, the girl never answered and the dress actually got returned to me because she never paid customs on it. It wasn't even an expensive package so customs was like $20 tops.
I opened a package from Malaysia and a big furry spider fell out, then scuttled under my skirting board. Then I found spider eggs on the ceiling 30cm from my pillow (loft bed) which my little brother aerosol torched for me. I'm as severe a true arachnophobic as you're going to see so this was my ultimate nightmare, in my safe-ish place. I felt like I was being punished for letting my guard down as I used to inspect literally everything/everywhere for spiders, but I mostly insist on checking toilets before entry to avoid being trapped in an enclosed space...

Now I open my mail at arm's length with a clear space directly below me.
a real dildo theyre labelled under dragon dildos on ali, i threw it out because i thought it was from my stalker ex but found some return to info on packaging scraps and worked out it wasnt
JFC, good thing your brother torched them - random spider from malaysia laying its shit in a foreign country sounds like an environmental nuissance/pain in the ass waiting to happen. (unless the spider was from your country and it just got into the package during transport somehow?)
... that's impressive, in a really horrific way.

Who thinks to do that? What if they got the wrong balcony/porch?
Is anyone else's postman a massive dick? I live in a flat where my landlord's office is opposite and the caretaker lives next door to me, I write on all my shipping instructions that it's okay to leave with either of them, I also put this in writing to the post office authorising it. One postman is chill and will do this but the other always leaves a card and the nearest sorting office is in a sketchy industrial estate.
contact the post office, they have to honor that stuff.
I have, I get put on hold and passed around the departments, I've tried emailing customer services so hopefully that'll get a response. He's trying to argue they aren't secure locations but I'm not entirely sure how a triple locked office isn't secure. I've seen this dick leave packages in the lobby and in people's doorways too.
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Not really a horror story per se than a seemingly common occurrence but it keeps happening:

>At home this morning
>See mailwoman with packages in her car across the street at mailboxes
>Sees packages in her car
>According to tracking, my package is out for delivery
>She turns
>Make eye contact
>Drives away
>Parents have keys to mailbox and won't be back for hours
>Need some of those items for tomorrow

Guess I should have confronted her outside or something. But seriously, why couldn't she just do her job like she's supposed to and not be lazy?
i had something similar
>be on my way into building
>mailman is sorting mail
>oh i'm anon do you have these packages?
>sure they're on my truck
>goes to truck
>drives past me
This makes me so grateful for the mailman I had growing up. We had those stupid communal mail boxes, with two parcel lockers. If there more than two got delivered, or someone didn't take their shit out the night before, SOL. But our postman would come bring it to the door, or drop it with my mom at the library where she worked (which wasn't technically on his route, but was down the road).

Current guy is great, too. Finally got around to asking his name the other day, because he's been delivering for us for over a year and a half, and always greets me really cheerfully by name, and I felt like a dick for not being able to reciprocate.
Why does this happen?? I keep kicking myself for not demanding my packages on the spot when I actually see them on my way to my morning clinic. appointments. There are always two people in the house yet I always end up having to waste bus fare on picking up packages I already paid extra to have delivered on x day 5 times...
This is merry old England. This thing was a miniature tarantula, though it was smaller than the common house spider. My brother is a dick sometimes but I am eternally grateful for him doing shit like that. I do all the rescuing in other circumstances though at home and abroad (I love catching/handling snakes, giant bugs, rats etc.) So glad I didn't cause a Malaysian tarantula invasion.
Fortunately I don't have to go very far to pick the stuff up, only up the road at the drugstore, but it's a pain in the ass to have to find time to go and have to carry these huge boxes back to my house when the postpeople could easily just do their jobs and deliver the parcel when I'm home.
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Not so much horror but I'm now on such good terms with my mailman from constantly ordering random ebay things that he now goes directly to my house first if there is a parcel
This is the opposite of horror. Nice job!
I'm thinking of spoiling him on valentines day for being so nice to me, Or would a different time be better? I don't want to be a creep haha
Reposting from the mail thread
This is entirely my fault and not the fault of shitty US postal workers/disgruntled Chinese postal workers
>thought a bunch of small things I had ordered from AE months ago had never arrived because my college emails you when you get a package
>get key to po box about a month ago
>go figure out where po box is today
>5 items in it
>college had been redirecting all my small packages to my po box and they don't notify you for that
>missed a crucial part of my halloween coord and messaged one ebay seller a million times saying my package never arrived because i didn't have the key to my po box then
We used to leave a bag of fresh baked cookies for our mailman at Christmas. We'd put them in the mailbox with a card for him.

I've also heard of people giving money to their mailmen at Christmas as like a tip? but we never did that.
Maybe it's a cultural thing. I don't think we tip our mailmen in American. My mom would always give food or other small gifts if we had an exceptionally good one
Idk where you are by my state has whistleblower laws to keep them safe from retribution.
>been waiting on international order since 8th
>get notice in mailbox that delivery was attempted
>what the fuck, why isn't it just left in mailbox
>at home all day next two days
>call post office
>tracking is from singapore, they say it isn't theirs
>goddamn robot can't understand my address
>at this point discovered that the legend of swearing at the automated voices actually works
>rep tells me it will be sent out next day and must be signed for because its registered mail
>well fuck i need this package, cancel plans
>spend entire day in front room of house 7 feet from door
>get frustrated around 430 and go check communal mailbox before calling post again
>package sitting right there in box
why the fuck do they flip their own rules like this what is the point
im so done with them that i'm about to report this shit as never arriving because hey, i never signed for it. post office would have to pay up, not the seller.
Some parts of the US its common. Most people in my neighborhood tipped or at least gave like a $5 Starbucks or Wawa card for coffee to our mail people, because we all had farms with super long driveways and they'd usually be nice enough to actually drive up to the house and put things on the porch instead of just leaving them at the mailboxes on the road. The most recent one even had a system of putting them in the mini woodshed we had near the back door and sticking one of my mom's tacky little lawn ornaments on top so we'd know to check it and nothing would get ruined by snow, rain, or barn cats.
Oh god. This reminds me of a couple of months ago, I received a Yuno daki pillow cover in the mail, went to open the box on my bed, and there was a living spider in it.
Great quads
Second all of this, but want to add.

I work for UPS. There is literally only the tiniest difference in weight between using a paper envelope and a plastic bubble mailer, if any at all. Please please please always use a plastic bubble mailer, never any kind of paper or cardboard. They're waterproof and hard to tear. Poly bags are good for waterproof, but tear too easily. And having to tape paper envelopes closed or secure the edges adds to the weight, anyway.
>Purchase ring from ebay
>Get shipped to PO box
>Check tracking yesterday evening
>8:17 am available for pickup
>9:30 am undeliverable as addressed
>No slip, nothing in box
The office is closed on the weekend, so I can't even see what's going on until Monday. I really hope my ring wasn't sent back, I bought it to try out the size ring I want for my engagement.
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>Mom tells me to order an animu figure of my choice for Christmas
>Order pic related
>Super excited
>Wait for it to get to my house
>Watching tracking
>what the fuck
>email amiami
>they said that they delivered it repeatedly, but nobody signed for it
>tracking never got to me
>never got anything delivered
>figure sells out
Never change cgl


Re: not even attempting to deliver...My postman does this too. Ive been considering calling the post office and complaining but idk if it would change anything. It drives me insane though.
I went out of my way to get a pair of clean otks second hand and the postal worker just left my shit to get rained on.
My bf said he found them when he got home and the package was soaked and fell apart when he picked it up.
It rains A LOT where I live and most postal workers leave the packages under our little roof extention that covers our front porch.
I think what happened is the rain cause the packing paper to stain my sock, pic related.

They are meta and I'm not sure what the fabric is. Does anyone know how I'd get this out? I don't want to use a bleach pen cause they're not really white... more like ivory.
I used resolve stain remover to get a wine stain out of some white AATP otks that look to be a similar fabric, might want to give it a try.
Thank you!
This year, I've had horrible experiences.

1. Postal carrier lost parcel, have opened an "investigation" but nothing has happened for 3 weeks. Keep getting promises of them doing this or that, but the never do.
2. Postal carrier delivered the item to the wrong address, twice. 45 minutes away from it's addressed location. I called them and they said it was normal for it to have a different location than addressed come up on the tracking number, but the buyer hadn't received it. The only reason she got her item was because both people who got it initially (seriously, wtf, it was to a university and they sent it to a post box and someone's house first) were very kind and honest, with the second one driving to the person's university to deliver it themself.
3. Expensive item I bought was left outside in the pouring rain. It was meant to be signed for, but even if that wasn't the case, they should have come to the door or left a slip if I wasn't there (which I was). It wasn't damaged thank goodness as the seller wrapped it in thick layers of plastic, but I was really scared when I saw the parcel that it would be ruined.

I contacted the post office, but they don't care at all. In the mean time, Paypal ate my money from the first transaction as they opened an "item not received" request. Ugh.
definitely do it, the guy'll get a reminder and if it keeps happening they might take action against him
the 2 local post services both hire people with mental/learning disabilities and I guess we got a new guy cause the paper hasn't been delivered 2 weeks in a row. I called in the first time, they said they'll 'record the complaint and resend', which happened. this week, I think my mother called, they said the same thing but this time it didn't even show up then. goddamn twats, this makes me worried about ordering things
Oh no, anon, what a nightmare.
I hope it restocks so you can buy a new one!
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Ok so this isn't Lolita related, but I had the literal worst fucking experience with ordering things of ThinkGeek...

>Boyfriend's birthday is coming up
>Want to order him a plush dinosaur they sell on the site
>I order, the package comes on time
>"wow this package feels kind of light..."
>I open it
>The box is just full of packing peanuts and a receipt
>There is literally NOTHING ELSE in the box
>"are you fucking serious"
>I just sit there for like a half hour trying to figure out how to even deal with this, because wtf
>Eventually I call the ThinkGeek phone number
>"Hi um.... so this is going to sound weird... I ordered X product and it was just delivered to me, but... the box is empty."
>Think Geek employee: "...I'm sorry, what do you mean, it's empty"
>"Yeah you guys literally just sent me a box full of packing peanuts and a receipt"
>Fucking silence on the other end
>They do some looks ups
>TG Employee: "Yeah it looks like the plush you ordered actually ran out of stock and we aren't making any more
>Me: "... so you guys just SENT ME AN EMPTY BOX INSTEAD? IS THAT A JOKE?"

eventually they agreed to send me a different plushie + a 10 dollar credit to buy something else but like... I'm still completely baffled as to how this could have happened. Did someone at the warehouse just say "Well, we don't have that thing anymore, I guess we'll just send the box instead"

fucking wow. thank god you handled that the right way and calmly. id be steaming in anger if that happened to me honestly.

Haha, honestly I wasn't even mad, I was just... really upset and confused lmao. I was actually afraid to call up the ThinkGeek people bc I was like "there's literally no way they'll believe that I just got sent an empty box"
Never be afraid of that, because that shit is weighed by post office so there's proof that they sent it way lighter than it should be. I've seen this used as proof before in Paypal transactions in the bjd hobby, most memorably where someone received an empty box stuffed with tissue (to the point of being obvious there was not room for a doll inside) and the seller claimed that it must have been stolen by the post. Shipping info proved the box had only weighed a few ounces where it should have been about two pounds.
Damn son. I'm like 99% sure none of that isn't illegal.
That's hilarious.
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>Went out for the night with a friend to a bar, had a great time, drank but not too much but can't drink a lot since work the next day
>Purse is this little clutch that I can throw over my shoulder and is light so it doesn't bump into people, only holds a few cards and my phone
>Night is over, get into taxi with my friend
>Give $5 from my wallet for the cab fare since we go the same way
>Leave the cab, try to buy something at 7/11
>can't find it anywhere thank the lord almight i have my phone on me
>frantically calling friend, has no idea where my wallet is, can't find it in the cab
>sulk home, drunk tears falling down my face
>mfw my debit card, only photo id, keys and new MAC lipstick were in there
>now i have to get it all back
>on the key ring with my other keys (I always check the mail on my way home, kept it on for convenience.)
>Mail starts to piling up over the next week, all the deliveries I've been expecting all show up over the next few days.
>Mailbox is stuffed with all my purchases and delivery notices
> Can't pick up packages from post office without government photo id, fucking CANADA POST
>Can't pick up packages without delivery notices
>Mailbox is getting more full
>Landlord keeps saying she'll change the key but it's been a week now and no change
They don't have their own copy of the key to just let you use? And you can't use your passport or anything in lieu of a regular id??? Bad luck all around. Hope you get it sorted out soon, I'd try calling the cab agency or something if they have a lost and found...
but anon it's gonna be like christmas when you finally get that sucker open!!!
christmas and overdue bills
I really wanna read but photobucket is shit and I can't zoom the convos. help?
File: 1452915363022.jpg (53 KB, 500x316) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>over 10 orders from AE
>after 2 weeks my anxiety rises because they might arrive at any moment
tl;dr version
>person buys burando from a seller
>gets package and opens it up
>mold everywhere
>plastic bag filled with moldy orange peels inside
>burando has mold stains on it
>contacts seller, seller claims her boyfriend must have thought the box was trash and tossed his snack trash in there
>buyer wants refund
>seller gives sob story about being poor, having medical bills
>gets defensive that buyer would even want their money back
>buyer has to struggle to get refund from seller
this is a classic http://getoffegl.livejournal.com/508566.html?thread=35165846

My only issue with my post service is at anytime my packages that needs a signature they don't knock on my door ever (my mailbox is a community mailbox about a half a block away) they just drive to the mailbox, write the "we missed you" slip and pop it in my mailbox and drive away. I had to go to my post office about 10 times about this issue and they still don't listen. I even had to put a note in their system saying that they have to knock the door/ring the bell if there's a package that needs a signature and they still don't do it.

I wish I can change my post office. Hell I put a note on the door for them and they didn't take down the note and I got another pink slip in my mailbox.

Their getting lazier and lazier.
And I forgot how said poor "We can only afford to pay you back $5 a week because muh meds" seller had been buying expensive shit she didn't need the whole time until I reread this. Thanks anon!
File: saiyan.png (313 KB, 500x363) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
313 KB, 500x363
>order from cc
>tell them specifically that I've changed addresses
>they send it to my old home, which no one lives in
>sent back to cc
>email me saying no one was there and I have to repay for shipping
>order a new thing and combine into one package
>three weeks ago and it hasn't come yet
>get a message saying that it arrived
>it still went to the other house
>I have to pay for shipping again
I'm so sorry anon. It's ridiculous that you have to pay when you've corrected them about the address already.
update your damn pp address
You're trash, anon. Both you and your friend.
come on, please read the fucking thread. the tldr was there because someone couldn't read the caps, the link's already been posted upthread

>mfw all but one package from my aliexpress haul has finally come in
>only took a month and a half, could've been a lot worse
Why is arts bovine a banned word, anyway?
File: sweatin up a storm.gif (464 KB, 500x282) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sweatin up a storm.gif
464 KB, 500x282
Maybe not an actual horror story but my order from Wunderwelt was shipped to the wrong country by mistake; my address on it is correct so someone at the post must've simply misread it. It arrived Denmark on the 27th and for some reason it's still there (is Denmark's post really slow or something?) and I'm freaking out. I probably just need to wait until they sort it out but holy hell am I worried.
>worked for nothing for 8 weeks with the promise of paid work (minimum wage) after 'proving myself' despite working for free on and off for 6-7 years

You're fucking stupid and deserve this desu.

Sage for ot.
Jesus, what the hell.
Where I live they absolutely never deliver packages unless they are really tiny and fit in your mail box. They just send you a paper telling you to get the package at their office.
are you an idiot?
Your initials wouldn't happen to be E.S.P. would they?

>old one disappeared
Just like your mail
stuff from aliexpress usually takes over a month for me to arrive but i dunno if thats just ali or denmarks really slow post :/
I've wondered forever. Maybe they spammed advertizing in the past? I didn't learn about them through cgl though.
In other news my pillow has shipped...again.
I don't know where you're from but here it is basically expected of young people to work for nothing or do jobs 'beneath them' or you're considered an entitled little shit. We're told not to expect to just walk into a dream job. I did not want to stick at this, but my family told me I would be shooting myself in the foot by being 'too proud', that I had it better than most for having this valuable experience and I should be grateful to be able to work at all... Can't win. Either it's kids these days think they're so great they don't have to work their way up the ladder or we're dumb for taking shitty jobs and sincerely giving our all.


I would dump him in it, but he speaks to my mother whom he also employed every day and appears to be trying to coax me back through her, making out that I basically made a fuss over nothing. He needs me to do shit for him, I'm broke as fuck and so conflicted as to whether it's more retarded to turn down the offer of more work or go back to the daily drama. I mentioned the situation to the Citizens Advice Bureau but they were more interested in getting me to agree to start paying off Student Finance. sage

Back OT, at least British Bear finally arrived. Customs was a bitch but now that it's here I'm placated. I also received a dream dress this morning (last purchase for a long while) and I'm super happy the pompom trim matches the Bodyline cape I bought separately a few weeks earlier. It's always a gamble trying to get these things to match from different sources.
How long are packages supposed to sit in posting/collection in Sydney? Also does this mean customs, because the US has a separate place for customs than our incoming post. I'm beginning to get antsy for no reason.
Shit I misfired from the actual mail thread. Sage.
We have 2 people who deliver mail to us, one is a 40 year old white guy and the other is a 50+ year old black lady. The guy goes out of his way to come up and knock on our door to hand me any packages I've gotten along with the mail so I don't get it sent back to the post office. The lady on the other hand has only ever given me one package with the most pissed off look when I opened the door, I had to sign for it and she acted like I made her day a living hell to walk the 10 steps to my house. She always leaves "sorry we missed you" slips every other time there's something to be delivered. I think she's been replaced luckily, since the other person is now a young guy in his 20's.
File: whythis.jpg (44 KB, 598x336) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm getting really scared and I don't know what to do. I think I got no solution...

>Third worlder
>Postal service enters a strike in November
>All packages of October and before October
are stuck until December 15, the day they lifted the strike.
>I got all my packages in January except for two of them.
>Don't have tracking number for any of those
>Scared I lost them forever.
>Meanwhile I see people on Twitter posting photos of their opened packages and missing items.

...There's no way I can claim them, can I?
>third worlder

im sorry anon
>order wig from Arda
>accidentally put in wrong address
>don't notice until it's already shipped
>email Arda to let them know and to be on the look out for return to sender wig
>wig arrives to my state and gets sent back to IL
>wig arrives in IL and immediately gets sent back to my state
>It goes back and forth several more times before finally getting returned to sender
Hope this counts since I thought the 'damage' was because I mailed a backpack in a thin polybag.

>selling a backpack to someone
>has two zippered sections
>unzip both for photos, rezip them back up
>"Hey, I just got my order but it won't unzip. The zipper is damaged!"
>cue freakout
>know they worked fine before I mailed it
>ask if it's just jammed, tell them to take pictures of the damage
>"Haha my cousin fixed it for me, it was just jammed."
>all in the span of two minutes

I think if I hadn't asked for photos they wouldn't have been so quick to say "Oh it's fixed!"
>order a bunch of ingredients from japancentre for cooking
> company is based in the UK mainland
> I live in the UK but not on the mainland so I'm not worried about shipping since I've gotten packages in as little as 2 days from the mainland
>' If your address is outside mainland UK you can expect to receive the order within approximately 2 working days'
> alright cool I ordered it on a Monday
>it's already been 10 days and they've taken the payment out of my paypal
>send them a quick email about the order being stuck on invoiced
>' Don't worry anon that means it has been shipped! Thanks for ordering!'
> suspicious, Suspicious indeed
Ask them for tracking or mention it's been ten days?
File: 1450806580967.png (63 KB, 578x547) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63 KB, 578x547
>package should have arrived last week
>call in
>"sorry anon, the system has been down for days and everything has to be done manually"
>mfw customs is literally out of order
>Mark down package
>hit by customs anyway
>£6.46 charge
>£13.50 handling fee

Parcelforce is always a small horror story
If the customs fee is under £9 youre not supposed to be charged anything
I ordered from them a few weeks ago and received my package super fast, it was only 4 days and I live in the Netherlands.

Hope you get your stuff soom anon.
I fucking hate parcelforce.
File: Capture.png (18 KB, 592x262) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 592x262
I need help, gulls.

>sell a piece of merch to a girl in FL
>confirm her address, take a picture of the package
>she says everything looks good
>I tell her that package is out for delivery yesterday
>don't think anything else of it, she even asks about leaving feedback
>wake up this morning to message from her
>"Hey what's up with this forwarding mail thing? I was home all day and never heard the postal worker come and the address was correct.."
>check USPS
>pic related
>why is she just telling me this the next day?!
>tell her if the address was correct then the only way it could have happened is because she recently moved or something and all mail to that address is being forwarded
>tell her to call her postal office ASAP to get them to hold her package
>know it's probably too late already because she waited UNTIL THE NEXT DAY even after the package didn't show up
>package is probably at some stranger's house
>just know she's going to ask for a full refund

What do I do, gulls? It's through no fault of my own and she admitted the address was correct and they attempted delivery. It's not being sent back to me plus she waited until the next day to say something. So far she hasn't replied to me and I don't know if I should contact USPS about it (or if it would even help) or just hope she calls her post office. If she doesn't bother and just asks for a refund, what should I do? I don't feel like I would owe a refund in this situation because it wasn't my error and they attempted delivery to her house but because someone in her household submitted forwarding instructions (has to be since she said the address was correct) to USPS, they delivered it else where.

File: image.jpg (50 KB, 626x245) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50 KB, 626x245
You are 100% correct and I ALWAYS end up having to go to the depot myself. Took a whole hour just to pay and clear my package with no one else waiting
File: mail.jpg (59 KB, 1367x160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59 KB, 1367x160
>live abroad, don't speak the language well (but learning)
>my international buyers can't use the post's tracking website
>find out the website only works within the country (I can see the tracking but they can't)
>message post customer service in English asking about the issue and possible refund for the tracking fee
>since they deal in international shipping, they supposedly can handle English customer service (they frequently do on twitter)
>they reply in their own language instead
>their reply (pic, google translated) has **nothing** to do with anything I asked (I never asked when it would arrive! and I was asking them about *2* packages, not 1)
>find on their twitter, from 2014, that they say their tracking software doesn't work internationally

Then why the fuck not tell anyone that before they pay for international tracking? I'm not going to take a screenshot of every tracked package everyday and send it to each buyer. They paid for tracked shipping and they can't even use it. Now I have to wait until they reply again, and the reply will probably be just as ridiculous. When you clearly have employees that do understand English, why have employees that don't understand English handle English requests? Finally, I hate when they give the option to contact customer service online, but then ask you to call or try to call you. If I wanted to call you, I would have called you (!!) instead of using the online form. Abysmal.
More of a horror story from for the post office, not for me:

>In Japan, trying to send a couple boxes home
>Fill out customs form, bring everything to the counter
>Lady looks at them and asks if this is a personal package
>It is
>"Then why did you use the business customs form?"
>Well, dang. I grab new forms (double-checking that they're the right one this time) and fill them out
>These forms take forever for me to fill out. There's a lot to write and I have to write slowly because my handwriting is awful
>Make a mistake, have to get a new set of forms
>Finish new forms, go up to counter, get same lady
>"Do you live in California?"
>Yes ma'am.
>"Then why is your return address Tokyo?"
>Because I was told to use my hotel's address last time…
>"Whoever said that is dumb. Put your home address for both, you don't want it sent back here."
The fourth set of forms was finally acceptable. I felt really bad for the lady at the counter. She was nice, but looked 100% done with me by the end.
Update on this. Buyer says she'll call the post office after work and said she did get mail delivered yesterday so I'm not sure what's going on because the same mail carrier would have had to deliver her mail and the package.
Get in touch with Citizens Advice, anon. They're free, and trained in this kinda stuff. You can talk over the phone or make an appointment if your city has one!
Not horror but gdi am I sick of this shit.
> expecting lots of packages with cosplay material
> stay at home all day and make sure I can hear the doorbell and stay close to the front door
> even keep lights and tv (without sound) on so the postman can see that someone is home
> haven't heard anything all day
> check mailbox in the evening
> missed delivery slip

Why can't postmen do their one fucking job and ring the doorbell? Getting sick and tired of having to get my package at the post office because the postman decided to slack off and claim I wasn't home without ringing my doorbell. Already filed a complaint about it but it seems the post office doesn't care.
Different anon, but in my experience they required the ID to have the delivery address on it (my passport doesn't even have an address in it). I once drove 2 hours to the closest pickup location after a single failed delivery (no second chances) only to be told that I needed a different ID because the address on the card didn't match the address on the package (so obviously I was stealing someone else's package despite having the same name and delivery slip). I was living in an apartment only for 2 years of college, so I didn't change my ID's addresses from my parents' house. I had to drive there again with my mom who brought a copy of my lease (with the apartment address) or something.
Her package got delivered today without warning. I'm so relieved.
>don't have one mailman as far as I know of, they just kinda change each week
>always had nice people
>waiting for a package right next to the door on the couch
>hear muffling
>look through the window
>postman is writing a "we missed you"-slip without even ringing the bell
>I stare him down in mild disbelief
>he looks at me
>stares right back as he puts the slip in my mailbox
>and leaves
What the fuck
>Waiting for a package to turn up
>getting pretty tired of waiting, go to open the door just to see if I can see the mail person
>spot a "sorry we missed you" slip in the door
>open the door, see mail guy heading across the street back to his van
>mail guy hears, turns around, gets package from his van and comes over and just hands it to me and walks back to his van
awkward. Mail guy is pissed. S-sorry mailman~
don't be sorry, it's their job to actually check. too many of them get away with being lazy.
yeah, i wouldn't apologise. we used to have a mailman like that.
i make sure to be awake at 8am every morning when i'm expecting parcels. which is often because my mum orders a lot, but she's narcoleptic so she can sleep for hours on end at the most inconvenient times.
this asshole, though:
>rude, stroppy adult (acted 12 most of the time)
>only ever put the slip through the door without knocking, even though i'd be home
>i'd see him walk to the door while i sat in the front room waiting, only to get a 'sorry we missed you' slip
>once even spotted him walking to the door, mid-writing the slip
>this would happen too much and i'd always catch him
>once opened the door halfway through him posting the slip
>"i am home, you know. you could knock for once"
>he'd just say the same shitty excuse of 'oh, but i did knock' even though he clearly fucking didn't
>always call him out on this but he'd never change his ways
luckily i think enough people complained about having to collect their parcels that they got rid of him, as i haven't seen him since. we now have a really lovely young girl deliver to our street. she knows about my mum's condition so she always makes sure to wait a few minutes before considering a slip, since i usually answer the door on time anyway. we lucked out after suffering years with that brat.

Thanks for trying to help anon

I went twice. They were more interested in getting me to arrange payments to Student Finance. (Overpaid me by £3k then failed to collect the money when I set up a payment schedule in 2011 then lied about having recieved the payments then demanded it again in May)

Even though I should have been getting expenses equivalent to NMW for 8 weeks at least, even if I wasn't being treated like shit, everyone is telling me to suck it up and move on. Kind of difficult when you've had a nervous breakdown, then burnt out doing unpaid work and have subsequently lost all your confidence. Also doesn't help that sole anon thinks I'm an idiot who deserved this and another thinks I'm a 'brat'. That's what they told me, that I should be grateful to have taken on the workload of the entire establishment whilst everyone but me deserves pay despite slacking off or skimming over important details.

I'm so sorry for derailing. As you can tell I'm having a hard tine getting over it, especially as I was blackmailed into it, initially under the pretence of genuine concern for me after my breakdown and the issues with Student Finance. I was only supposed to borrow a computer and the phone- next minute I'm juggling 10 jobs at once because I 'don't have anything better to do'

Sage. Sorry guys
I thought I was going to have a mail horror story
>sell some stuff
>Usually drop packages off at the university post office
>This semester I don't have time to go to the post office except on days I have class nearby
>promised to ship two packages, didn't make it to post office, decide to drop them off in a collection box
>Tracking hadn't updated to even an acceptance status for 4 days
>freaking out, mad at self for doing that to my most expensive package in the chance it gets lost and never gets to buyer
>check tracking after almost week, says it's delivered
>just relieved it made it
But I think I was just dumb, the collection box might have listed as pick ups only on weekdays at 10am when I dropped the package off Friday afternoon. Dropping it off at the post office just makes me feel better.
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