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We always have cosplay horror stories, so let's get some funny /cgl/ related tales. Anything funny ever happen to you at a con? Out fabric shopping? At a meet-up? Tell us.
Fabric shopping? I love my store.

>Meeting shop attendants who get interested in what I'm making.

It's a pretty large store which sells fabric only, from godawful furniture coverings, to wedding dress material, and most of my cosplaying dreams. The workers often have to help their customers find the what suits their need, nerds like me included. Once I bought fabric for a cape and the lady was nice and excited enough to help me roll out enough fabric to shake about, understanding what the final product would behave like. There's a reason I only shop there, holy hell, they're always so nice.
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>Live next to one of the most dangerous, ghetto towns in the country. It's been getting better in recent years though.
>Regularly drive through it
>Going with family to some lunch thing. Drive through ghetto town
>Run down houses, township can't be assed to pick up trash on time, graffiti.
>Suddenly there is a D-Wheel parked in one of the driveways.
>Parents stop at light. Craning my neck to see if I was imagining it.
>No, there was a frigging D-Wheel parked in this run down duplex driveway. Crew of youngish black guys just hanging out on the porch drinking and playing a cardgame.

It was built around a bicycle but oh my god it was the most random thing to see.
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From a Joanns thread way back.
Small encounter that makes me smile to think about:

>walking around downtown in a small-ish city a little ways from a con with photog friend
>trying to scout out good spots for a photoshoot since nothing is going on at con
>wearing brightly colored spandex costume
>up a hill, FIVE BLOCKS away, a couple older women spot me
>walking that direction anyway, meet them halfway and answer their questions about why I'm dressed like that
>Lady 1: "Well that's alright, you beautiful, honey!"
>Lady 2: "And you got the body for that get up! Give us a spin!"
>ladies part from us very loudly complimenting my "cute little behind"
> wore lolita to an LGBT event at university
> feeling REALLY self-conscious at one point despite it being a ~safe space~
> someone comes up to me
> "Oh my god girl, you look FIERCE!"

It cheered me up a lot, too.
Anyone have that Vinyl Store anon's story saved? It's always the best.
funny and horror story (because it was pretty embarrassing)

I was at a con with a friend who was dressed up as Misa from Death Note. I see a guy who appears to be dressed as Light. I go up to him and say, "I found your girlfriend!" and lead him to Misa. I say, "You're Light Yagami, right?" and he says no, I'm from some anime I don't remember. It was so embarrassing at the time but now i think it's funny. You can't blame me, though, since Light is a pretty generic looking character, he can be easily mistaken.
Holy shit I don't have it saved but that's my favorite
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vinyl story.png
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I got you
You're the best anon.
This oddly makes me so happy.
No pics? I want to believe...
She walked into a front, holy shit. Also by far my favorite story on /cgl/
Maybe someone from Battle Royale? Both have tan school uniforms in the blazer style.
First post on 4chan
>be Asian
>be at anime convention
>going to get for battery for camera assign from my high school photo class
>wearing no cosplay but a black dress shirt and jeans
>tard asks me "are you eren jeager"
oh my god, i did something similar. i saw a guy who from the back appeared to be cosplaying a character from one of my fandoms that doesn't get cosplayed often, so i wanted to get a pic and send it to my friend. i went up to him and tapped him on the shoulder and when he turned around... i don't think he was even cosplaying? if he was i have no clue who he was supposed to be

it was too late at that point so i just awkwardly asked for his picture anyways, snapped it on my phone, then almost immediately deleted it. i felt so weird about having made that mistake but he seemed happy that i had wanted a photo regardless so i guess it wasn't all bad
Front as in they were dealing with other illegal stuff? The place really sounds shady, I wouldn't be surprised. Still hilarious though.
Nothing major or crazy, but I still get a chuckle out of it because of the timing. Also because it was my first time cutting and styling a wig by myself so it doubles as a little proud moment for me.
>At anime con by myself.
>Cosplaying as Chihiro from Dangan Ronpa
>Friend that lives in the city picks me up for pizza
>Still in cosplay
>Get a few stares, but whatever
>While waiting to be seated my friend mentions that the color of the wig looked good on me and that if she didn't know it was a wig, she'd think it was my real hair color.
>Get seated
>Waitress comes over and takes our order.
>Looks at me
>"I like your haircut!"
>Politely says thank you as friend gives me an "I told you so" look.
Yeah thats what a front is.
They deal something illegal but pretend to sell legitimate product to make the cops think otherwise.
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>"are you eren jeager"
Holy shit
That's such a cute story.
>saw original thread
>way back? it was only 2-3 months or so right
>last may

t- time goes by so fast
I've had similar:
>Lily white but live in mostly black neighborhood
>Loading up car before a big con weekend
>Already in cosplay because I have an early shoot
>Shiny vinyl catsuit
>Brightly colored wig
>Make multiple trips to the house and my car to get more luggage and props
>Every trip a different black woman on the street shouts to me
> etc.

I could probably make a small fortune sewing catsuits for the women in my neighborhood now that I think about it.
>at drunk con
>hanging out in room with roommates: fat-chan, light weight-chan, gay-chan and rando-chan
>light weight can is having her first beer and it's really funny watching her get drunk.
>everyone is chillin, everyone is drinking and having a good time
>out of nowhere gay-chan and rando-chan just start making out
>First though it to clear the room because cock blocking is bad.
>have fat-chan and light weight-chan leave the room with me.
>operation find-other-roommates-avoid-awkward-walkin begins
>walking the con floor now and light weight-chan is starting to have a panic attack because she is underage and drunk in public
>have fat-chan try to calm her down.
>Lucky find other roommates all hanging out together.
>tell them not to go to the room for a little bit.
>crisis adverted
> light weight-chan is still really freaked out.
> whole group goes to a friends room to get light weight-chan off the con floor.
>everyone is hanging out in friends room and joking about what is going on.
>get txt “hey, I think someone is banging in the shower”
> realized I totally forgot about fit-chan
>everyone rushes back to our room.
>We have whisper conversation about who is going to get fit-chan out of there.
>It's my room and I forgot about him so I take responsibility to go in and get him out.
>Open door slowly
> Hear showing going. I know what's going on in there.
> Looks and sees on the far corner on the far bed in a back of the room, fit-chan with his knees up to his chest silent eating mac n' cheese.
>No man left behind
>start escorting fit-chan out of the room
>Bathroom door opens and gay-chan and rando-chan come out
> I give them that disapproving mother look.
>”Yeah, I think we're good now”
>I leave the room so they can clean up then let everyone back into the room.

Did I mention were at drunk con?
Hilarious. This is like weeb level shit.
Poor Fit-Chan.
>at Star Wars Celebration 2015
>in a line of thousands of people all going to see Gareth Edwards talk about Rogue One
>10 feet in front of me is a 19-20 year old girl that looked to be alone
>She's got Harley Quinn make up with Spock cosplay
>She would burst out laughing at random moments for no particular reason

I found it amusing and confusing
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Not hilarious by all means but still contributing

>ohayocon last weekend, like 3 am
>I'm wearing a not-subtle haori and animal ears, friend in kickass Kamen Rider cosplay
>go back to campus to get fried chicken since it's one of only two places open
>oh shit it's closed cuz it's moving I forgot, no other choice than McDonald's but oh well it's always empty
>except not this time since all the college people who usually get the chicken did the same thing we did
>go in, longass line, forced to talk to sober phrat guys for like a half hour about wtf we were doing and tomb raider
>all the stares
>others took pictures with us and of us but probably in a mocking way
>typical clean-cut black guy in fashionable street clothes
>"how was ohayocon? ah man wait I know this one...rider...Mumen Rider? Oh wait no that's not it, you guys seen One Punch Man yeah lol"
>"you look like that high priestess from No Game No Life"
>get food go outside
>one random normie guy runs up to friend going I LOVE THAT GAME, the other looks me in the eye and says "do you guys like Donald Trump?"
>I say yes I love Donald trump
>"Gonna build wall, amirite?"

The mumen rider guy was sweet but otherwise would not do again
>Cosplaying Daisaku from Giant Robo
>Costume itself is pretty good since it was 95% just basic alteration of existing clothes and I'm proud of it, but I'm very much not a 10 year old boy, so I looked pretty bad in it
>Giant Robo isn't exactly popular and the outfit is super generic, so I decide to bring a large figure of Giant Robo itself as a prop to help make the costume a big more recognizable
>"I love your Light costume!"
>"No, actually I'm—"
>"OMG LIGHT! Little… boy… Light?"
>"Wait, I'm…"
>"Kyaaaa!!! A shota Light! And look, shota Light has a toy robot! D'awww!" "Shota Light!! So cute!"
>Suddenly get popular at con as "Shota Light"
>Well, I'll take it.

Playing a card game… a children's card game… (Seconding the desire for pictures)
Oh! That reminds me of a story.
>Yaoi Con, maybe 2009, 2010?
>Dressed as Jacuzzi from Baccano!, complete with his face tattoo drawn on
>Go to Taco Bell to get dinner
>Group of, hmmm, maybe high schoolers eating there
>"Hey, hey man, that's an awesome tattoo!"
>"Oh, thanks…?"
>"Dude, did it hurt when you got it?"
>Ok, they've gotta to be messing with me. "Naw man, it didn't hurt." My boyfriend drew it with markers, after all.
>"DUUUUUUUUUDE, you tough man, you got balls."
They were completely convinced it was a real tattoo.
>at outdoor meetup
>con coincides with big outdoor festival very close to con center
>costume has red thigh-high boots
>in pose when suddenly
>little old lady spots me on way to festival
>approaches at top granny speed
>"young lady, where did you get those boots?"
>tries to buy boots off me right there when I explain I made them
>old lady just wants thigh highs too, doesn't even understand it's a costume
>"I love how adventurous people are with fashion in this city!"
My first convention, I was Rorschach. I remember walking into the girls' bathroom and everyone in there screamed.

And just this last year, I debuted Thorin Oakenshield. I had to wiggle through a line to get to my group on the other side, and as I passed through someone complimented me. But when my squeaky "thank you" came out from the pile of fur and beard, the guy swore in shock.

My friend also got approached by three slightly drunk guys who asked her about the fake blood on her leg. She was leaning on her friend to add to the effect. They kept offering to take her to the hospital, but when she insisted she was fine, they said she had balls of steel, and then left, murmuring "woah" as they did.
>be displaying Lucina from fire emblem
>sword is a thin pvc rod covered by layers of Eva foam, then carved and painted, looks legit and is soft to the touch
>be drunk as hell late afternoon of con
>accompanied by female friend who is somewhat drunk as well, we'll name her Severa
>when Severa is drunk, she is good at pretending she isn't while I like to giggle at everything
>be walking through convention center to take a nap at the hotel room
>pass by a door with loud shouting
>people in there are doing a larping event where random people are taught how to fight with foam weapons
>my giggling self wants in of course, Severa tries to stop me and fails. She resigns herself to watching
>one of the volunteers well, volunteers to take my sword
>I start defending it like he was trying to take my baby
>my drunken self decides to be in character and defend my sacred falchion
>leader (I guess) of the group comes up to us as I was starting a comotion
>I won't let go of the sword, nor will I leave
>the leader compromises and after inspecting my sword, gives me permission to use it in the demonstration as long as I don't mind if it broke
>hell yes

*cosplaying sorry autocorrect

>after a short tutorial, they pair us up
>my opponent is a guy who looked slightly older than me, and definitely bigger
>my drunken mind doesn't care
>I start yelling critical moves phrases from the game
"I challenge my fate!" "Hope will never die!"
>I surprisingly won that round, spectators cheered
>next round I lose
>and the next
>by this round, I want that nap
>we clash and falchion breaks in half
>I'm crying a little but my drunken mind giggles
>I retire myself and am met with cheers as I leave the fighting area
>I'm cheering with them even though I lost and my sword broke
>I hand falchion to Severa and sit down for a bit
>sometime later, Severa helps me back into our room and plops me onto my bed
>I wake up hours later in the night and I start crying whilst remembering what I did to my sword
>Severa wakes up and moves to my bed with the remains of the sword
>she leans her head on my shoulder and comforts me as I survey the damage
>it was covered in signatures and little happy messages from the people at the event

I ended up making a new sword and I used the signatures (the ones I could read at least) to make friends on Facebook.

I just realized that this isn't funny sorry. It's at least the most interesting thing that's happened to me.
>cosplaying Kyubey from Madoka Magica
>gijinka, boyish design (am a grill)
>offering people wishes, letting them write it down in a book I was carrying.
>one dude comes up with his friends
>his wish? "Call me" and his number
>kind of unsettled, not used to people hitting on me
>little later on
>another guy notices the first dude's number, laughs (in an amused way, not mocking)
>whips out his phone, plugs in the guy's number, proceeds to prank call him regarding making an actual wish
>wasn't that funny but it was amusing at the time
>second guy thanks me for the moment of fun, hands me back my book
>he wrote in his number too

Honestly it was a bit of a self-esteem boost, but it was sort of "what" at the time. (I never called either of them since I lived pretty far away from where the con was held)
That's both depressing and sweet. Sorry about the sword, but it wouldn't be usable anyway, with all the signatures, and you got good memories out of it.
Sorry if there's any mistakes, I'm on mobile
>in Cosplay walking to meet up in international district
>cute AF Moemura if I do say so myself
>have to walk through ghetto area to get there
>nigga waiting at light with me turns to me
"shit that's cute, what is this like Sailor Moon?"
"yeah!! I'm a magical girl who stops time glad you like it."
>lights turns on crosswalk
>somehow both of us pause for a second
>car barrels through intersection running a red light, barely misses us
"Girl, I know that was you stopping time thanks for saving my ass."
I laughed so hard
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I've had a Kyubey story too
>dressed in Kyubey gijinka, like a suit with a hat, wig and glasses
>need to kill time before train home
>walk into a bar for a drink and a place to sit down
>during a soccer game, place is filled with burly men
>bright white suit grabs the attention of everyone nearby
>go to the washroom
>come out, have drink, leave
>friend told me some burly guy said I looked cute and then did a double-take when I went into the men's washroom
>"yeah!! I'm a magical girl who stops time glad you like it."
That's the right attitude, all people in the nice stories are so good with rolling with interaction from normies, I need to learn that skill.
I mean why would I be rude if the first thing out of his mouth is a compliment? It always makes me happy when Normie's have no clue what Cosplay is and still love/respect the work that goes into it
But really even if you stammer a bit at first smiling is the easiest way to get positive emotions across anon
I found this charming. thx anon
> realized I totally forgot about fit-chan
>be me
>going to first con
>cosplaying a krieg commissar(pic related)
>con is pretty far away so I take the train like a lot of cosplayers did(one of the bigger cons in my country)
>take an empty seat by the window, wago is almost entirely empty
>we aren't allowed to cover our faces on public transport so I put my mask and hat on the table
>some foreing woman comes sit in front of me (wagon is almost entire empty mind you again)
>looks at me akwardly from time to time, pretty sure she even scowled at me.
>she speaks other language
>pretend to get a phone call
>put up my most german accent and start talking about war and the holocaust n stuff (live in belgium btw so my german is ok)
>she looks at me more now, still swearing I think
>elder couple comes sit beside us (early 40's if I had to guess)
>the woman starts asking why I and some others she must've passed on her way where dressed up
>explain it
>she's really chill about it, starts talking about why she's on the train and stuff, nice woman
>I explain what happened with the foreing lady and pointed at her and started laughing.
>the couple started laughing as well, not mockingly but more entertained by the story itself.
>foreing lady saw and stands up leaving and swearing
>we talk a bit more till I have to go off
>tell my friends at con
>mfw they called me space hitler for the rest of the day

19/42 would cosplay space nazis again
but anon, kriegers are WWI soldiers they aren't nazis
I know but all of my friends are ignorant shits and keep calling me one so I just went with it
Holy shit, you sound like a trip. 10/10 would be friends. I'm sorry about your sword though.
That's fucking hilarious
>from my high school photo class

My brains refused to stop reading this as "from my high school potato class". I was so confused
We'll the camera was a dslr, but still took potato quality photos
Omg, that's great. I have a few from PMMM.
My favorite is when I was dressed as uniform Mami at a con ages ago and had borrowed my firend's (magical Mami) rifles, they were behind me and I was leaning against the wall, so they were pretty well hidden. Hilarious normalfag approaches me and says he can teach me a lesson on what happens to schoolgirls at cons if I call him 'sir'. I smiled, said sure, and whipped out the rifles.
I have never seen someone back away so fast. I don't know why he assumed they were dangerous, because they looked nothing like functioning weapons, and it was a fucking convention where people paraded around with prop weapons freely. Either way, I'm not complaining. Didn't see that fucker after that, so I assume he pissed off to his frat house soon after.
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>dress up as Jacket from Hotline Miami (rooster mask, varsity jacket, fake blood, ect)
>find another guy dressed as Jacket, kick it off
>chatting tons, having a good laugh, ask for photos
>get tons, still telling jokes between things
>suddenly hear him say "hey, let's touch cocks"
>fuck it, go for it
>guy runs off awkwardly
>mfw i realise he meant the masks
That's fucking hilarious.
> in a con that takes place in a government-owned place, you can probably guess which country I'm talking about
> me as Nonon from KLK
> place was huge, con center was only 1/8 or less of the actual park, with a wide corridor in the middle
> suddenly actual patriotic marching band parade appears, kids-oriented but still
> run and follow them for a few meters as if I'm part of the parade, friends and other cosplayers laugh a lot
>"I love how adventurous people are with fashion in this city!"

That's so adorable of the old lady to say. And kek on the old lady trying to buy some thigh high boots.
>walking back to parking spot from convention
>con was held in downtown, parking was a nightmare
>walk past some crack houses, car is in sight
>in costume, pic related
>a crowd of urban gentlemen see us and come pouring out like the Mongol hordes from their shacks
"awww sheeeit we got mofukkin KFC and burger kingg up in hea, awww sheeit!"
>they're happy to see me, but worship KFC man like he's a god
>literally at his feet bowing
>2-3 urbanites run to go grab more people
>at this point near 10-20 crackheads surrounding us
>one is trying to take my friend's replica sword, probably to run off with it and pawn it for meth or something
>whisper to friend "we need to get the hell out of here, now."
>friend gives me that look like he's in a petting zoo and doesn't want to leave yet
>Finally separate ourselves from the Basketballians
>The horde offered to smoke a blunt with us later
File: B2_original.jpg (130 KB, 500x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>hanging out at AWA a few years ago
>it's getting pretty late, so roommate and i decide to grab some food and head back to the hotel
>walking through the main lobby towards the front doors
>start to hear the occasional scream or shriek from behind us
>kind of wtf? but assume it's small weeb children up past their bedtime and ignore it
>almost to the other side of lobby
>hear people behind us start screaming and running
>finally turn around to see wtf is happening
>there's like 4-5 people wearing dakimakura pillow covers (like pic related) over themselves
>they're wiggling and gyrating and hopping around
>currently chasing down like this 3-4 random weeaboos who are screaming bloody murder and fleeing from the dakimakuras
>one weeaboo trips and falls
>starts screaming OH GOD HELP ME DON'T LEAVE ME
>other friends totally ditch them and leave them to their fate
>weeb gets piled on by wiggling dakimakuras and slowly disappears from sight

in retrospect i'm not sure whether this was a funny story or a surreal horror story that i will tell future generations to warn them about staying up too late at cons
I'm not a cosplayer but it's still kind of cosplay related I think:
>go to another city to attend the biggest con in my country
>my mother comes with me in case anything bad happens and because since she's disabled, the train ticket and the con ticket are free anyway
>she hates everything "nerdy" and won't stop making fun of some of the anime and games I like, although more in a joking way than anything so I laugh with her
>we enter the con center, it's huge, there are a lot of cosplayers
>she sees a guy cosplayed as Kakashi, she yells "LOOK IT'S NARUTO, YOU LIKE NARUTO RIGHT?!" because I used to watch it on TV when I was in middle school, same thing with Albator because she used to watch it a long time ago
>she takes a lot of photos of cosplayers for me and my youngest sister when we get separated
>she's super happy to have met a Muslim family at the con (we're Muslim) and she was way too enthusiastic because the mom was wearing some weebish cat ears on top of her hijab
Please mom never change.
>cat ears on top of her hijab
Damn phone. I meant to add that's awesome.
Just be playful and nice. I don't have a single bad interaction with normies from times I've been in either cosplay or lolita because I'm polite and don't mind having a laugh at myself, whereas some of my friends act like anyone talking to them is the biggest fucking burden, and they always bitch about normies. Be chill, and the world chills with you.
Holy shit I remember that. I laughed, but I was drunk at the time.
>Meeting some friends at a bar for Halloween
>Go as Anonymous (Green bodysuit, actual suit, the works
>Take public transit in full costume
>Have the attention of everyone in the bus by sitting still like a statue and not talking
>One guy tries to sneak a picture
>Some mexican gangster dude asks who I'm dressed as
>"Oh, I thought Anonymous were the guys that wear the masks"
>Manage to explain the difference in a sentence. He walks away satisfied
>Walk to the bar
>Nice and warm because of all the layers
>On the way back, meet some Asian tourists
>Two of the girls lock arms with me for pictures
>I'm probably someone's husbando on Instagram.jp now
>Waiting for bus again
>Security guard is watching me like a hawk
>Mom and daughter walk by. Daughter's got to be 5 or 6
>She can't stop staring at me as her mom is dragging her past, so I yell "Happy Halloween!"
>"Thank you!"
>Security guard realizes I'm not an axe murderer and walks off
Fun night overall
Fuck it, I've enjoyed seagull tales since I first found this hell hole of a website I can share a story of my own.

>Be 15-16yr old me
>First ever convention, go with weaboo friends but break off on my own to avoid second-hand embarrassment
>Find dealer's hall
>Find dealer selling all sorts of pokemon shit
>Find plushie of (then) new favorite pokemon, Scraggy
>Walk up to dealer and buy that shit on the spot, last one in stock and it was day one of the convention
>20-30min pass by
>Find someone cosplaying a gajinka of the evolved form of Scraggy
>Gush and compliment this guy on his cosplay
>He appreciated it, let me get a few pics
>Noticed the Scraggy plushie and asked where I got it
>Tell him it was the last one from the dealer I got it from, didn't see any others in the hall
>Have good hearted conversation after goofing around, me pretending I stole his baby, him trying to get the assistance of pokemon trainer cosplayers we found
>Pretty awkward scene but everyone involved seemed to enjoy themselves

Still some of the most fun I've had a con, even though I've only been to like 3-4 conventions so far. Still have the plushie after all this time, just sorta chills with my other nerd swag I keep displayed
>cosplaying my tiny equine
>big curly bright pink wig (splurged on a fairly nice one. no party city shit), colorful clothing, but otherwise no ears or anything to give away to normies that I'm a pony
>driving to nearby con
>fuck, I'm hungry, let's pull in to burger king
>cashier in drive-thru is a young black girl
>tells me my total and then does a double take
>"Oooooh girl that is SO. CUTE. Is that your real hair?!"
"Haha, thank you, it's a wig though."
>"Shit, it looks real cute! Hold up."
>calls over two other girls
>they are all being really genuine
>feels good

Later that day though

>hungry again
>with my friend and her younger sister, who are both also in small horse cosplay
>go across the street from the con to a little family run pizza place
>girl at register has a weird smile when taking our orders
>old man, girl's dad maybe, comes out from the kitchen
>pointing at us and speaking to girl in hushed tones in foreign language
>random guy looks through kitchen window at us
>awkwardly stand there trying to remain friendly while we wait for our pizza
>girl finally asks us "why are you dressed up?" when our pizza comes out
>decide to just say there's a costume party at the hotel nearby, feels like the most normal answer without having to explain further
>more hushed foreign talking and stares until we leave
Ha! My friend had a similar experience.

>Went to one of the biggest cons in our state
>First con ever
>Her parents insist on taking her
>They're in line to get tickets and her parents are taking it all in
>Her mother gets excited whenever she recognizes something
>Friend used to watch Inuyasha a lot with her sibling, so her mother starts shouting "INUYASHAAA! INUYASHA MY DAUGHTER LOVES YOU!"
>sees a Naruto cosplayer and shouts "Look, look, IT'S NOODARU!"
>everyone in line snickers


>random neckbeard spots friend's mom and thinks she's cosplaying for some reason
>"Excuse me, what are you from?"
>Friend's mom doesn't understand
>Says the name of the town they live in
>Weeb is utterly confused
>Friend and family have been noticing a really strong onion smell all day
>Are unfamiliar with con funk and figure it's from the food court
>Decide to get burgers
>Friend's Dad says to hold the onions
>"Sir, we don't have any onions."
>Friend's Dad has a sudden realization
>yells "Oh my GOD, you mean THAT'S THEM?!"
>>Friend's Dad has a sudden realization
>>yells "Oh my GOD, you mean THAT'S THEM?!"
Fucking majestic.
>samurai sanders
>>Friend's Dad has a sudden realization
>>yells "Oh my GOD, you mean THAT'S THEM?!"
Parents at cons are a fucking gift.
That sounds amazing.
Why would they be so freaked out by a costume party? They're not that uncommon.
I was washing a wig once, and I had left it on my wig stand in my bathroom to dry. Apparently, at one point while my wig was drying, my mom went into my bathroom, saw my wig, and had the shit scared out of her because she thought it was a severed head...
No idea what country, but this happened in a (partially) goverment-funded (municipal) con in Argentina

>Entire con is in auditory
>a stand-up comedian comes into stage
>evetytime he comes across a show while talking, he shouts "who likes show?"
>takes a jab about how characters like Konata and Jotaro are supposed to be the same age
>Who likes Lucky Star? (this ws after it got popular with underage otaco fucks)
>entire crowd cheers
>Who likes JoJo? (this was before the Stardust Crusaders anime)
>Some people and I awkwardly stand out
>he makes an awkward face while drinking from his bottle
>routine continues, making fun of kids who run like Naruto and saying what some Saint Seiya characters would do clubbing (combining anime with normie shit is something unconcievable among these kiddies)
>some people in the crowd strike a face that can only be called triggered.jpg
>actually upset at some silly banter
File: 1433456641439.png (771 KB, 1189x912) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
771 KB, 1189x912
>Bf and I decide to cosplay from Evangelion
>He decides to be Kaworu, I can't decide between Shinji or Asuka, so I get both cosplays
>Day of con, we schedule a shoot with a nice photog
>I decide to wear Asuka since I look better as her than Shinji
>Outside taking photos, have my turn for solo shots, and it's currently bf's turn in front of the camera
>Sitting to the side watching
>Someone walking past yells 'YEAH, SHINJIS A BITCH"
>mfw I almost cosplayed Shinji that day

Eva fans are the best desu, every other cosplayer or person that interacted with us that day was so full of love and appreciation for the series.
You know actually this isn't especially funny, more positive than anything but eh

>Be in full cosplay whilst taking the train to a con in another city
>Feeling really insecure, didn't properly repair costume from last time, grandad drove me to train station was disapproving pretty bad
>Be in major city so a million stares from commuters
>Whilst nervously arranging myself in the train station bathroom a woman comes up to me
>Oh god time for an interview about what I'm wearing
>Instead knows what I'm cosplaying and complements me
>Feeling a little happier


>Be sat on train
>More awkward stares
>Girls sat in the seats opposite me
>"Oh god they keep looking, they must be judging me so hard"
>Suddenly one of them speaks up
>Knows about cosplay a little bit and excitedly asks me about where I'm going
>Feels much more better

Even later

>Train is now close to the city and stopping at the local stations
>See cosplayers get on
>Train ends up packed with local people and cosplayers
>Move to the doors since we're almost there and my props are getting squished
>Hear someone come after me
>10 year old boy dressed in one of the older Doctor Who outfits
>Really bubbly and friendly and chats to me excitedly about the con and how he likes my outfit
>Spend remainder of journey chatting with the kid, get a picture to show my brother who's a fan
>His mum gives me a happy thankful smile as we leave
>Feel pretty good now
Funny story here, turns out you get banned if you question the vanishing of posts.
>Did you guys see that thread about the cgl rule change? No? Because they just deleted it.
Best fucking place ever, check the archives for proof. Sieg hail.
Guess I'm moving to other chan or whatever other shithole.

Thats so cute, anon
That reminds me of the first WakuWaku in NYC, they had a cosplay competition and had this shitty comedian as the MC for it
>judges were taking forever to deliberate
>He's desperately stalling for time by making lame jokes about people's costumes/characters and rambling on about animes he liked in the 80s
>a group of lolitas in the back start actively heckling
>he tries not to notice and keeps going despite hearing YOU SUCK and GET OFF THE STAGE pretty regularly
The grand prize was a trip to Japan... Turns out the second place prize got a full set of his comedy DVDs, the runner up looked so sad when she found out.
>missed 20+ replies
Wow. What is going on lately?
>with 2 friends at con, one of them cosplaying Yoko really well
>chilling in dealers room, thinking about leaving soon
>dude comes up and asks for Yoko's picture
>after the picture he tries to make small talk with her
>"So, uh, where are you guys from? ;)"
>Yoko responds with Gurren Lagann, and the names of the series me and the other friend are cosplaying from
>"Oh, uh, cool."
>since we were planning on leaving soon Yoko says see you later to the guy and we walk off
>other friend points out that the dude was probably asking where we lived in an attempt to flirt
>Yoko legitimately didn't realise and thought he was just a low powerlevel nerd that liked our costumes

It was such a surprisingly innocent response to a dude trying to flirt.
Ok that's funny shit
I love this story.
>my tiny equine
I had something like that happen. Back when I was a more beginner, I bought a white wig from the local costume shop to dye light pink.

I left it on a wig head to dry for the night. I went to bed and as I was laying there, I opened my eyes and noticed a glowing blob in my room.

Turns out I bought a glow in the dark wig.
I had glow-in-the-dark paint for a project, and it was pretty creepy at night, but a whole wig- honestly, a glow-in-the-dark wig sounds pretty badass.
To be fair, even if you like Shinji, you have to admit he is a little bitch.

I totally understand his reasoning, and sympathize with him, but he is still totally a little bitch.
Oh no anon I agree. Hence why I thought it was hilarious, the person said it with such a passion.
>I still love Shinji tho
Was thinking of Argentina too.
I hate that kind of stand up in cons.
Not same anon but I've noticed some people are fucking baffled by costume parties that aren't Halloween related. Hell I've known people who will think it bizarre to see someone wearing a costume any time except the actual week of Halloween.
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conceal dont feel.gif
2 MB, 169x169
>go to fave fabric store
>it specializes in formal and dancewear fabrics so they're p great for ballgowns and stuff
>pick up some stuff for a party dress plus some pretty organza for petticoats
>girl at cutting table sees it and immediately starts gushing about how I must be a cosplayer
>about to ask how she guessed but then she says
>"cus this is gonna make a GREAT Elsa costume!!!"
>look at my fabric again
>baby pink sparkle organza and teal/purple taffeta
What the fuck is that gif anon.
She might have been talking about this Elsa from the Frozen Fever short with the teal and pink
maybe possibly the coronation outfit, but she was also trying to talk me into a sequined fabric for the bodice so maybe not? pic related is near identical to my fabric

i have no answers anon i am sorry
File: Holycrap.png (38 KB, 941x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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not con but anime related.
File: holycrap2.png (53 KB, 741x371) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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more anime related stories.
File: holdycrap3.png (234 KB, 784x338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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last one.
This is amazing. I know it's wishful thinking, but I really hope this one's real.
If it helps this reminded me of a guy I knew a few years back, except he had Haruhi on his dash and he invited me and my friends over to play Marvel vs Capcom. Big, black, boisterous and unabashedly into anime shit without being a giant obnoxious weeb.
A friend told me about a small con in my city, which in recent years has gotten bigger. The first one ever though was in a small area with a few rooms. There was this guy there that was so fat/big he got stuck in the door. They got him out in like fifteen minutes but somebody shouted "A snorlax is blocking our way!" And the whole place erupted in laughter.
>in beauty school at time
>over course of a year find a few other cosplayers there too (its a big-ish school)
>chatting with one while eating lunch
>one of the barber students is leaning back so far in his chair that he's practically touching us
>basically its super obvious he's eavesdropping
>a few days later i'm trying to roll some perms on my practice head out on the floor
>same dude comes over
>looks around kinda shifty
>brace myself (the straight barber students tend to hit on literally every girl)
>mumbles something
>im sorry, what
>"d-do you like naruto"
>uh, no
>"w-w-hat anime do you like"
>for some reason hellsing is first thing that pops out of my mouth
>he's never heard of it
>asks which channel its on
>oh my god he's never watched anything that isn't on cn or nick
>this is a 28 year old man
>kinda stuck where i am working so i patiently explain watching stuff online, downloads, which store locally has dvds
>fast forward two weeks
>in lunch room with normalfag friends
>in middle of regular conversation he slides in and starts quoting Hellsing Abridged
>he thinks its the actual show
>friends are beyond confused
>my soul is leaving this plane
>pretend to be equally as confused and politely leave to go curl something or whatever
>rest of term is TFS quotes thrown at me sporadically
i swear to fuck its always hellsing that gets me into shit with weebs
I believe it. Similar shit has happened to me.
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not funny persay but a weird coincidence and a nice story!

> touring a school for potential grad school
> from way up north, school is in the south
> small tour, only me and two other girls
> get to the student center
> tour guide starts talking about clubs on campus
> one of the girls (potential fashion major) asks shyly if there is a cosplay club
> mfw
> "hey you cosplay? me too!"
> we get to chatting about katsucon coming up
> go to exchange instagrams/fbs
> apparently she already follows me

where I live this doesn't happen too often and it was really nice to make a new friend!
>have a friend, we'll call her A
>haven't seen her since last year's con, see her in the hall
>the character I'm cosplaying is the father of A's character
>I'm a grill but I have a physical job so I can lift a lot
>friends understand that this often means them as long as they're consenting
>so I greet A and pick her up
>as I walk with her over my shoulder A giggles "are you going to give me the cummies daddy?"
>drop A on the fucking floor

I felt bad for like .2 seconds.
this isn't that bad. he just seems to be a normalfag that has no idea where to get anime. i've dealt with a few of those and they're the easiest to deal with, trust me.
Its not a horror story, no, but its one of those things that was awkward and kind of funny in retrospect. My school tried very hard to have that high-fashion look with the lights and chrome and bright white everywhere and everyone in smart little monotone uniforms, and I'm just constantly trapped into listening to a grown ass man discuss ninjitsu and Nazis.

The other Hellsing stories I have involve a crazy otherkin chick who "entwined our destinies" via her bad webcomic and some shite plushies, and one I've told before with a weird ass potentially homeless guy who invaded a Suncoast anime fest and dubbed me Nazi Werewolf Lady and tried to get me to join his clan.
That must have been mortifying. Poor guy.
I once had a coworker who loved anime but had no idea some of them were manga adaptations. He got so damn confused when I talked about reading the original and brought up a few changes. He also didn't know about watching it somewhere other than Netflix and TV, he honestly had no idea there was a whole new world of subs waiting to be discovered with a two second Google search.
This is really cool!
Holy shit.
File: 1439210751384.jpg (45 KB, 800x451) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Please for the love of all that is bad and hilarious post the otherkin story and while you're at it, the homeless guy one too because this is the first time I've heard of it. Have a child with an owl as a bribe.
Most of my interactions with normies end bad and i end feeling ashamed of my hobbies, so most of the time i try to hide and don't go in public with cosplay or be really defensive and end up seeming rude
I try to hide my powerlevel as much as possible but cons are my exception, because you'll just be another weirdo in a sea of weirdos. I feel people are more accepting of anime and manga nowadays, though that could just be because my boss is nerdier than me and brings out everyone's weeby side. Don't be defensive, just be as bland as possible and mention that you watched Sailor Moon or Pokemon as a kid or something, because they're pretty much the most acceptable animes you can have and everyone knows about them.
otherkin girl, i'll try to abridge it a bit cus this one went on for like 4 years.

>in high school
>have to retake freshman classes cus of illness
>because of how my school is structured, i get put in with the just barely passed/semi-illiterate class (like this is real life Baka and Test shit but with zero motivation)
>they are obnoxious little fucks and i do as little socializing as possible
>a month or so in we have to break into pairs for a project that will take about a week to complete
>teacher asks me to pair up with other student who is super antisocial
>let me start off describing her by saying that at first I had no idea what gender this kid was and spent the first day avoiding all pronouns
>some heavy 90s grunge androgyny going on here, long hair, baggy clothes, no makeup
>i resorted to sneaking a glance at their book to see the name inside
>lets call her Susie
>on second day, susie spotted my sketchbook for AP Art
>flips through and gets excited when she spots some fanart
>she mistakes some random schoolgirl for Kagome and gets way too hype
>excitedly drags out her own sketchbook and shows it to me
>98 pages of inuyasha/kagome ecchi
>tell her she has a good style, but i don't really know anything about the characters
>she gasps
>"oh anon, you NEED to watch inuyasha! its the best anime and its so dramatic and its really really important to me!"
>she suddenly pauses and looks me dead in the eye
>"because i'm a dog demon just like him"
>i was relatively naive to crazy fanbases at this time, but some of my other weeb friends would jokingly rp with each other as characters so i figured this was just that
>susie is super antisocial after all, and this is the longest she's talked to anyone in the class
>maybe she just needs a friend
>after we complete the project i make a point of chatting with her and the teacher even obliges moving us closer together because I seem to actually keep her working instead of just drawing all day
>i slowly realize though that she never stops with her "rp"
>in fact it seems to go deeper and deeper
>she totally has a dragon demon bf, communicates with other demons, and has a 'special connection' with wolves
>she's also slowly getting more into other animes
>with each anime her 'powers' grow to reflect whatever ideas were in it
>hellsing is of course a burst of new material
>she now has a deep fascination with blood
>likes to 'nom' on people, complete with sound effect
>mostly me
My parents always call conventions "conferences" regardless of how many times I've corrected them over the years. If I get a text from them during the day it'll say like "Have Fun At The Anime Conference." There's a folder on my mum's laptop titled "anon comic conference."

aaand cute kid story

>at a con to see Tom Felton
>decked out in Harry Potter shit
>there's this tiny little girl in line near me, maybe 5 or 6 years old?
>she spots me and my deathly hallows necklace and GASPS
>starts grabbing at her mother
>"mom! mom!!!!! that girl has a deathly hallows necklace!!!!!"
>confused mom
>"a what"
>"ugh, mooom! you haven't read the last book!"
>my heart is just melting this is adorable
>smile at the girl and she very shyly smiles back

I have a soft spot for youngins who like hp as much as I did as a kid. not con related but once I was at a restaurant and a little boy was reading order of the phoenix and his parents kept telling him to put the book away. rock on tiny child.
>by the end of the year she is going out of her way to find me between classes to say hi and follow me
>its kind of endearing in a weird weeb way since i remembered not having many friends before and she seems so happy
>by the second year though it started to get a little weirder
>she starts to get a little more active in her other classes, and i start hearing from other people the gossip about the wolf girl
>i am also hearing about how she has both a demon boyfriend and an 'alpha mistress'
>alpha is described as strong and tall and dark haired and apparently a sorceress
>which is apparently represented in her artwork as goth kagome
>i make no connection with any of this until one of my friends pulls me aside and tells me to look at the most recent drawing
>during our next class together, Susie goes to restroom so I sneak a peek
>its another goth kagome, buck ass naked except for some jewelry
>a choker necklace that looks super out of place, since its one of those dumb macrame turquoise and bone bead ones
>same necklace i wore literally every day in high school
>i don't bring this up with susie because i'm chickenshit
>i do however ask her about the girlfriend iv'e been hearing so much about
>she starts mumbling something about it being her lover from 'the spirit realm'
>yknow whatver, if she's not going to act on it i'm not going to ruin someone's crush
>she cools down on the alpha thing and seems to get more private with her sketches
>still follows me around a bit and still is happy to chat when we can
>by the next school year things seem completely normal and we no longer have classes together since I'm back in AP
I asked why a janitor deleted a bunch of posts in a /vg/ thread I browse and got banned for this. One of those 3 days bans that's just barely short enough to not be appealed, too.
>by this point though, i'm 17 and now have freedom to go out and do outcast teenager things
>like hang out at the nearly deserted bowling alley
>i don't know why this became our go to spot but hey we lived in a small town and thats what we had
>goth kids weeb kids punk kids scene kids whatever
>the owner even made it a thing and just charged $5 up front and let us hang out without renting any lanes
>being as its out of the way, only kids that could drive would hang out, so mostly ages 17-20
>one night susie shows up
>she's attached to some older guy, maybe 22
>definitely a little too old for a high school junior anyway
>this apparently is the demon boyfriend
>he is the definition of edge given human life
>piercings, bad tattoos, the works
>their interactions as a couple mostly round up to him talking loudly with his friends about beating the shit out of someone while occasionally petting her on the head or groping her weirdly
>at some point my dumb contact-high self decided it would be impolite to leave without talking to her
>she seems genuinely freaked out that i'm there
>her boyfriend, being a polite and well bred man, asks if i'd be up for a threesome
>i decline and the friend i'm there with leads me rather forcefully away
>a few days later I get an IM from her (this was like 2007 so we still all had AIM and MSN and whatnot)
>"my demon lord has released me from his service"
>translation: asshole left me
>feel bad for her cus, well, she's a weird lil shit and he probably was a huge dick to her and i seem to be her only actual friend
>she asks if she can show me something
>um, sure, why not
>links me to deviantart
>she had always told me she didn't have one, and now i figured out why
>there was a long running comic on it about her character (a dirty blonde boyish werewolf, of course) and their alpha/mistress/owner, the goth kagome
>her style had evolved at this point though and had a weird edgy hellsing meets jthm thing
>everything was fuckin pointy
Link to her deviantart?
>the comics are very dark and kind of gory and again heavily borrow from hellsing in terms of story and relationship between the werewolf and mistress
>it goes off into fanfic territory though and has full hardcore bdsm sex between the two complete with bloodplay
>theres a large chunk of story missing, which i assume was involving the demon, i was kind of glazing over it and didn't check her scraps or whatever
>as i'm silently freaking out over this, she also sends me a picture of a little plush she had made of the mistress character
>its very very worn looking and has a necklace i recognize as being one of the stupid macrame bracelets i made all my friends one year
>she tells me she sleeps with it every night and that its her own little piece of her 'one true love'
>i play dumb and ask who its meant to be
>she just keeps dropping really really obvious hints like "i see her every day' and 'she's always been so good and kind to me'
>starts talking about the spells she's been learning to ensure her and her mistress will be together forever
>mostly benign pseudo wicca stuff but a few weird ones including talking about using hair for something
>cus when the fuck did she get my hair
>eventually she gives up and just straight up asks if i'll come over right then and spend the night with her
>abort mission
>i'm babysitting
>at 1130pm on a tuesday
>this was near the end of the school year, and because of me being a senior i didn't really see her much at all during school
>i've heard from her once or twice since then and it was always really weird cryptic shit
>her deviantart has long since been purged or moved so i have no evidence sorry
Poor chuu2 girl must be super embarrassed now... Thanks for the story, anon.
I knew someone eerily similar to this in high school, complete with the sketchbooks and Inuyasha obsession, but never got close enough to her to judge whether the level of creepy was the same. Last year there, she did some complete 180. Ditched her wardrobe, got a really short bob cut and started wearing nothing but borderline Mennonite cotton print dresses. Almost didn't recognize her the first day back that year.

Never found out how/why, though. We had some Mormon families in my area, so I kind of assumed she was always involved there, and maybe her parents forced her to conform as a condition of going to college? I dunno. It was really sudden.
File: 1452917487896.png (312 KB, 928x3681) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
312 KB, 928x3681
The best.
Karma is a bitch.>>8847444
Most of the time, I can read people well enough to know if they would call me a Satanist for my hobbies or not, also people are less likely to think it's weird if you can phrase it in terms of what it means to you . If you don't make a big deal of it, its hard for people to embarrass you if you aren't ashamed.
>>her boyfriend, being a polite and well bred man, asks if i'd be up for a threesome
10/10 read, thank you anon
While this is creepy, I think having that macrame bracelet did her a lot of good emotionally. If she only had the demon overlord bf to cling to I don't think she'd be able to cope with him leaving her.
That was amazing and reminds me a lot of an ex-friend I have who was wicca then a vampire and then some kind of dom mistress and into all kinds of RP and sex stuff while trying to get me to become her and her husband's pet/lover. I use them a lot for inspiration for my cosplay horror stories because there's just so much real life horror with them that it's easy to use it and make up a good story.
At Anime Weekend Atlanta there were a lot of HP cosplayers and since there's a mall right across the parking lot a lot of con-goers eat there.

>walking into food court
>family with their little kid spot a Harry and Hermione
>little kid is losing his mind
>they let him hold their wands for a group photo
>kid looks like he's just gone to Disney World and hit the jackpot at the same time
>cutest shit ever

There's an escalator from the food court that goes right past the large kid play area and I've been so tempted to cosplay a Disney princess just to go past it and watch a few dozen kids lose their shit.
oh my god my therapist does the same thing in always calling them conferences even though i always correct her

(and i agree on the kid thing, i work at a dance studio and last week i had a really excited discussion about the percy jackson series with one of the student's eight year old brother. and then had a really excited discussion with his dad about harry potter)
I cosplayed King Jeremiah from Dark Souls a few years back - now I'm not ripped like pic related, but I have a smooth unhairy midriff. Seeing how my arms legs and head were covered, apparently a lot of people thought I was a girl, made evident by the look of shock I noticed on a bunch of guys faces upon removing my helmet (to get some air, that thing was hot and horrrible) - nothing crazy but I got a chuckle out of it
File: Frogman.jpg (29 KB, 300x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Nlgga county
>Pretty sure that's my hometown
If it is, this story doesn't surprise me at all.
I hope you know that it's fake
This is more me being autistic but

>Be at first con rave as a babby
>15 and with one other friend who's gone off to dance with her bf
>Awkward weeb me in shitty miku sitting by the side in a little 'family' area
>Couple guys asks me to dance and I stutter no because I've never talked to a boy in my life
>A family near me thinks I'm being harassed
>Comes to me 'rescue'
>Get to hear about their dear darling Rachel and how much she loves that white haired cat boy
>Also how the whole family likes to watch Naruto on CN

It was a cute story to hear a whole family being weeby together, but I also didn't mean for those guys to get chased away. Like this family was like "Hey! Leave that poor girl alone!" Anyway I learned a lot about 13 year old Rachel.
Last year at a halloween con I was dressed as Ironman. This woman stops me and ask if her son can get a picture with me because he loves Ironman. He is hiding behind his moms leg and looks at me like I'm the real Tony Stark and never said a word. The kid was probably about 4 years old. I had to kneel down next him for his mom to take the picture.

Also my mom does the same thing but she calls them all Comic Con's even though I've never been to one of the THE Comic Cons
Ok back with the homeless dude story. I have a wicked cold and I pretty much blacked out on Nyquil last night after finishing the other one.

>wanna say this was a year or two after conclusion of the last one
>i have gone to a few cons and am slightly more worldly and aware of fucked shit
>however i still live in a small town with not a whole lot near it, and one or two cons a year isn't curbing my need for weeb
>around this point i have also befriended the dudes at the Suncoast in the closest mall
>one of them finds me on myspace (holy shit i am just realizing how old this is) and lets me know they're going to hold an 'anime fest' in store
>if you're not old enough to remember going to these, they're just a trivia and cosplay contest judged by the employees
>anyway i decide to test out my newest costume at this
>bloodlust seras victoria
>as its january i show up in normalfag clothes and get ready in one of the mall bathrooms
>while in there i hear two girls talking about a creeper they keep running into
>when i go up to the mirror to put on my wig and makeup, they tell me to be careful because he's already been harassing the other 'pokemon bitches'
>duly noted
>head up to store
>i am in there for all of 30 seconds before being accosted by said creeper
>he's ridiculously tall, like 6'5"
>dirty drab clothes
>has a huge stuffed backpack
>basically the typical drifter/backpacker look
>he zeroes in on me assumably because my skirt is shortest in the room (thanks kohta hirano)
>strangely he is completely unfazed by the fake blood and ridiculous oversize fangs
>or maybe he's just super high i honestly can't tell
>either way I'm stuck in line with him right behind me
>he asks me what i'm with, while gesturing towards the patches on costume
>play along and tell him the hellsing organization special forces
>he asks what kind of work we do
>i have no idea at this point if he's serious or not since i'm literally blood covered and wearing the tiniest skirt conceived by man
>decide fuck it and go on about fighting ghouls and nazis and shit
>lisping all over myself because of fake fangs whole time
>he is super into it though
>says i should start rolling with his clan
>tells me all about it, including their inter-clan battles and territory defense and all kinds of shit
>heavily hints that they only have two females and could sure use an alpha female
>btw i have no idea why i've been nominated as alpha twice by this point as you can clearly tell i'm nowhere near it
>point out that i'm already a vampire and there's multiple franchises proving why the two mixing is a bad idea
>expect to get maybe a laugh or something here
>but he just nods, seems to think a minute and then deadpans
>"ok then bite me"
>"naw come on i can join your crew and all it will be the shit"
>uhhhmmm no thanks I just ate
>at this point its finally my turn so I go up and get judged and have some pics taken
>quietly slide off to side and talk to the one employee about creeper
>also let him know i'm slipping out to change before the winner announcement because its fucking cold
>as i'm heading out i hear confused commotion
>creeper has been in line this entire time, well over 30 minutes, and had no idea this was a costume contest apparently
>i have no idea why i've been nominated as alpha twice by this point as you can clearly tell i'm nowhere near it

Because they so lack in social skills that anyone who is even remotely less awkward than they are MUST be alpha.

And I say this seriously. I've gotten this shit since high school too, and I'm a fucking passive homebody most of the time. I just know how to hold a conversation like a rational human being when I have to.
>the phrase "the fuck is anime" can be heard as i exit
>do quick outfit change and wipe down makeup/stage blood
>get back just in time for end of contest
>find out i won a gift card (i have no idea what place i got, but i do remember buying a Ouran dvd with it)
>creeper is still there, but is putting distance between himself and the cosplayers
>employees watching him like a hawk
>he technically hasn't done anything wrong apparently so they can't ban him
>hang around store for a bit chatting with the Suncoast dudes and other cosplayers
>notice the drifter guy keeps glancing out door
>he comes over after a while and asks if they've seen the "werewolf nazi lady" come back
>suncoast dude glances at me
>motherfucker don't do it
>"uh no she left man, maybe try hot topic?"
>drifter looks dissapointed
>"aw man naw i can't go back in there no more"
>finally leaves
>suncoast guy and i look at each other again
>"maybe we'll have the contest in the mall reception room next time..."
Your friend has a sick sense of humor. I bet they're fun to hang with if you can take it.
>keeping this in mind as a possible gross out move to use in the future
This happened to me in lolita at a convention. Go with a teddy bear theme, parent just comes up to me and asks for a picture with their little girl, little girl is super shy and never says a word, have to kneel down to take a picture with her. Pretty cute stuff.
Oh man Suncoast 'cons'. Last one I remember going to, there was some crazy younger girl that kept following me to harass me about being out of character. Sorry but when its just me and my friend eating some pizza at the food court I'm not going to keep acting like Chi. She even started loudly bitching about how some people are 'spoiled by their rich daddy' when I came in to the contest with a shopping bag. I don't know if she just assumed I was also 14 or what, but I was almost 20 at the time and was working at another store in the mall.
>Suncoast conventions
Shit, I remember those so well. Do Suncoasts even exist anymore?
they went out of business almost ten years ago, I think. at least, that's when the last one in my area closed down. 'twas sad. and we raided the clearance anime section all the same.
>almost ten years ago
And now I feel old because I swear it was just a few years ago when the closest one (an hour way) used to have those and you'd all splurge on pocky, koala march, and ramune while you took up the whole store sitting around.
>December 26, 2009, Trans World Entertainment Corp. decided to close about 150 stores nationwide. Many of them were Suncoast locations.

my bad, guess my local closed earlier than the others. this also seems to imply they still exist somewhere. anyone seen one lately?
As far as I know Suncoast became FYE. At least that's what happened at all the locations I knew. Even the workers just transferred to the new store.
damn. the FYEs in my area have all died too. one of them became an indoor amusement park with teacup spinners and a couple of other small rides.

the others got parcelled up into smaller shops.

They still exist! I saw one when I was in Dayton visiting friends and it was a nostalgia trip.
There's still one in a mall in Vancouver WA. Which, granted, is one of the weebiest malls I've ever been in. Two different stores with cheap swords, random kiosks with nendo bootlegs, and weird Sailor Moon and Pokemon plush too.
Jesus. Congrats on the gift card and not getting murdered and raped by the crazy neckbeard.

I live in Memphis and see a lot of these crazy fuckers all the time. Elvis week makes this already shitty city 100% worse.

tfw that was me and my friends... we were admittedly super fucking drunk

my roommate was the one who fell and we just abandoned his ass. RIP fucker.
>knees to chest silently eating Mac n cheese
Top kek you are a good mother hen anon
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