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Comfy thread /cgl/ edition
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Let's get comfy today /cgl/
tell us about what make you feel comfy, try to keep it /cgl/ related.

For myself
>seeing old kera snapshots of lolita
>seeing old interviews when gothic lolita was more obscure
>wearing lolita and listening to game osts in fall in the leaves, or in the winter snow,strolling down the street with blooming japanese cherry trees in spring or on a warm summer afternoon... stereotypical but makes me happy
>harvest moon ds
(this one is out topic but childhood game,i passed hours on it and the tiny pixelated cute graphics and music makes my heart all fuzzy when i see them)
choosing what wigs to display on my wig heads when cleaning my room

doing a long image dump and having an anon call me a hero or the best, etc.
Don't they get dusty, anon? I wanna display mine but I don't want to wash them all the time.
Relaxing in a bubble bath while flipping through Kera and GLB
>doing a long image dump and having an anon call me a hero or the best, etc.
aw me too or if i post a pic of me and get called cute or people tell me they like what i did there, makes me feel all warm
I like gathering all my DIY bits and bobs and making new accessories for Lolita/Fairy Kei. I love making new things out of the old bits I hoard.
>Browsing EGL's archive, especially posts from when I first joined in '07
>Reading Novala's little essays
They're flowery and tacky and that's why I like them.
>Admiring the little details on my dresses, especially the lace
>Fluffing and adjusting my petticoat in front of the mirror
The silhouette is of my most favorite things in lolita and perfecting it in front of the mirror feels oddly comforting to me.
change them every couple days, or keep them behind a closed door (closet, cabinet)
Cleared up my work desk. Found some of the expensive beads I thought I'd lost. Means I might not have to order some more for a week or so. My purse is happy for that.
>>Browsing EGL's archive, especially posts from when I first joined in '07
Aw mang
Flicking through my wardrobe and realising I have most of the dresses I wanted between 2008-2010 when I didn't have money for brand but diligently followed all new releases at the time.
I rubbed against my car door in a really fluffy dress, and ended up getting some sort of black marks on the white lace. I was freaked out, but I ended up being able to get it off with detergent and water.
I had a really weirdly nice time cleaning the lace in my sink. I also scrubbed any discoloration off my blouses and such.
I'm thinking about getting some damaged dresses just to try to fix them up lol
Putting on a petticoat after I have the rest of the coord on and seeing it instantly transform. I'm with >>8821571. The silhouette makes me happy every time.
Reading my GLB and looking at my wardrobe,touch the fabrics of the dresses,..

Sometimes i daydream hard. Like i just stare at a print and i daydream for an hour
Another winter with no heat but the ghetto kotatsu from last year still holds up. Space heater + blanket + craigslist ikea furniture = fucking cozy

Also having the ikea desk that attaches to the Kallax/expedit shelf so when I'm not sewing I can just slide my machine into a big cubby.
>Rearrange my lolita stuff/complements by color/style/type...
>Rearrange my lolita dresses
>Try new coords on mirror
>Makeup (I usually hang out without it, but I like to "play" with it when I'm home)
>In library, hearing how others pencil lead caress the paper, and the sound of paper when people turn the page, while I'm reading/studying,
>Listen Enya
>Take beauty care
>When someone caress my hair
>Cooking for my husbando
>Hear water flows
Although it takes me awhile to get around to it, I always feel better cleaning up the stuff I had out for a project, like the costume is officially done once all of the work evidence is put away. I also like to look at which contacts would work for certain characters even if I don't plan on making them. Sketching out plans for props is fun too.
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squeezing out a huge taco dump while reading lolita comm drama
File: giphy (1).gif (681 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
giphy (1).gif
681 KB, 320x240
>harvest moon
oh man. i need to find my copy. that game really is just comforting and relaxing to play!
As far as things i find comforting go
>reorganizing my wardrobe
>re-watching cute shoujo anime that i loved during my weeb phase like Tokyo Mew Mew or Fruits Basket
>baking sweets
>eating dinner in bed while watching anime and cuddling with the bf
that's really fucking dangerous.
Bump for comfiness
>Lady Grey tea
>custom-made blouses with sleeves and shoulders that fit
>dappled sunlight through the leaves of houseplants
>tonbi coat
Holy shit it's so comfy. Like the best possible cross between wizard robes and a wool blanket.
>KonMari-ing my apartment

I just made a cup of Lady Grey tea, how coincidental.
File: hmdsC_J8.jpg (69 KB, 256x384) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>harvest moon

>dappled sunlight through the leaves of houseplants
double yessss
>planning next costumes with bf
>seeing the light of the moon reflect on his face when we come home to sleep after a day of con
>hearing strangers call me princess
>wearing dresses I didn't wear for a long time

And obviously, which I guess a lot of people do

>read drama while in toilet
>my "weekend"
>got facial from Ulta (for the first time)
>quick 10 min back massage from local masseuse

My face feels smooth af. The massage was good - a little painful because I woke up with knots and I'm overdue for one. I think I needed a much longer one with the works because I somehow feel a little worse than before I went.

Anyone else get like that after a massage?

>also enjoying belated X-mas chocolate gifts
>freshly washed pyjamas hot off the radiator
>Tea at just the right temperature
>The rare times when my wardrobe is tidy and I can sit inside and just look up at my dresses
>That feeling when any part of the flat is tidy
>Late night snacks and tv with boyfriend and blankets when we don't need to be up the next morning and the heating is cranked high
but also
>>read drama while in toilet
Assuming therapeutic massage, I feel better briefly and then the soreness kicks in for a few days and I suffer.
I have two closets and a room to myself because my roommate moved out last quarter. I organize them by lolita clothes in one and normie clothes in the other. It's really soothing
File: 1320097144812.png (1 MB, 680x472) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>touching up beloved cosplays
>weathering armour using the paint on my fingers
>giant dinosaur blanket wrapped around me burrito style whilst eating clementines with Cosplay mv's playing in the background
>touching and trying on my first lolita piece (a piece of bodyline garbage that I love)
>reading weeaboo horror stories on the toilet
>trying on a face mask and caressing my cheeks afterward
>watching my bf sleep whilst trying to decipher his sleep talk and laughing at his twitching leg
>going on con road trips with friends
>everyone is dozing off and softly talking or playing animal crossing
>the weather is nice with big puffy clouds
>on the quiet rural highway in between major cities
I display wigs that I never wear.
> warm blankets from the drier
> when cute girls or guys follow my cosplay
> looking at my husband's face as he sleeps with his lips parted
> when it gets really cold using the Korean electric bed warmer.
> a cold room with warm bed
Taking my sweet ass time threading my 5 thread overlock machine. Or just sewing pieces together and not having to worry about the patterns.
>reading secrets on the toilet
>being at my boyfriends parents for holidays, classes are over and his mom is cooking
>warming up in bed when it's cold outside
>seller keeping you 100% updated and same day shipping
>laying In bed after a stressful day ands reading drama happening in the comm
oh man your post just reminded me of last summer
I spent 2 weeks with my boyfriend at the time at his family's summer house, which is on a tiny island. we just spent it all lying in bed, playing vidya and browsing /cgl/. that was the time when I basically caught up with secrets of the past 3 or 4 years
>mfw I had the worst UTI of my life at the time
>still consider it the best holiday of my life
>making accessories
>pick up pile of metal chain
>stop working, just listen to the chinkling sound and feel the links slip through my fingers
I love the satisfaction you get cleaning things with a dramatic end result and the triumph over a threatening stain
I googled DIY kotatsu years ago and have always been tempted... especially as we also have no heating, insulation or double glazing. Even turning the electric water heater on breaks all our appliances/trips the lights so no hot water

But fucking it up does present a huge fire hazard. But I admire you for actually going ahead and doing it
Toilet drama is best drama

I spent the holidays with my boyfriend's parents too! I got to wear my fancy classic lolita, blending into their county mansion, playing their grand piano and with their expensive cats feeling like an actual fucking rococo princess

When I wasn't in a duvet with the bf playing 3 Ratchet and Clank games back-to-back of course, eating trash in our jammies like the slovenly trash we actually are
>I got to wear my fancy classic lolita, blending into their county mansion, playing their grand piano and with their expensive cats feeling like an actual fucking rococo princess
nice anon, hope you got good pics.
oh my god. I absolutely hate rethreading my overlocker! But I am glad to hear someone in the world enjoys it though.
>fleecy sheep pajamas
>or zigzagoon kigu
>admiring my hair, twirling my ringlets
>Harvest Moon, seducing the fuck out of my chosen husband
>beatdown boogie
>Cry or Markiplier talking quietly
>sorting clothing, getting rid of stuff i dont wear
>updating my tumblrs, one specifically for comfy stuff
>watching the horses go by the window
>browsing online shops for cute clothes to buy in the future
>trying to catch the warmth of the fireplace in my blanket, wrapping it up, and scurrying back to the chair with it
>snuggling up to my bf as he sleeps and running my fingers through his hair
>gently waking him up in the morning
Most things aren't really board related but
>Watching Sailor Moon
I makes me so happy and I don't know why, I love watching the senshi transform and I love singing the OP and ED of every season
>Looking out my window and stare at the moon
>Picnic with my SO by the lake
Most romantic date I've had, and it was so simple and cozy
>Looking up wigs and contacts for cosplays
>Drinking good coffee
>Reading in my bed
>Cuddling with my SO and singing him to sleep
Cheesy as hell but that also makes my heart melt
Interior design. Redoing my room, hanging up new stuff on the walls, swapping pictures, looking up design inspiration. It's why I love the room threads on here.

>when threads derail into legendary laughter like lolita trees and cosplaying animals
>blizzard otw
>gonna shovel like hell then curl up with cute shit and the hot chocolate i got from a seagull
Wouldn't it be easier (and safer) to just use an electric blanket? I feel like you could get the same effect, but I've never used a kotatsu so what do I know
DIY kotatsu are super dangerous.

space heaters can catch fire sitting too close to a wall, let alone under a table/blanket. don't do it.

you can buy kotatsu heaters online for fairly cheap and affix them to any table, so just do that.

plus super cheap ones are only about $120 or so with shipping in the first place.

space heater method is not worth it at all.
>Hear a Cascada song
>Intense IchigoxKishu AMV flashbacks
every time
I miss super pastelly blogs littered with cute pixel art and I really want to carry on one I started on a whim last year. I only fixed up a layout and such and posted an intro and one post.

However I feel like they're frowned upon so much now as tacky, tasteless and childish so I feel really discouraged.
If you like it, right it. There's definitely still a group of people who blog like that and enjoy blogs like that. I tend to use quite a bit of pixel art in my own blog, and I wish more people blogged in general.
>Cry or Markiplier talking quietly
Hng, i'm attracted by girls usually really but it makes me feel all tingly and weird inside...That video where he whispers, i could feel my cheeks burning.

>fleecy sheep pjs
fuck yeah, except mine is tiny pastel clouds
Which harvest moon is this? It's super cute.
File: image.png (2 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1920x1080
>Playing DS games next to my boyfriend at the kotatsu. Slowly sinking further and further under it. Eventually fall asleep.
>Laying out all the pieces for my coordinate for a meet on the following day.
>Reading the room thread. Saving all my favourites. Daydreaming about cute apartments.
>Cozy, thick, Japanese room socks.
>Organizing either my makeup or wardrobe by colour.
>Putting the old tablet in a well sealed ziplock bag and watching anime in the shower.
>mameshiba plush
>toquger figure

Can I come stay at your house anon
I love rewatching weeb phase anime! I also read Tokyo Mew Mew and Mermaid Melody during the summer, it's one of the few things I loved about exam season and it never fails to calm me down. Bonus points if Touhou tracks are on in the background.

This is super weeby and embarrasing, but I when I was in school I had a cherry blossom body lotion that I would wear from when the cherry tree near my house blossomed to when the last blooms fell. I used to pluck them from the trees and have a bath with them too. I still have the empty body lotion jar in my bedroom.
Is that your husband? You're lucky anon... He looks pretty dreamy t b h fampai
>30 second intros, all flashing images with emo music and colour changes, 'xxxMy-BlEEdiNG-hearTxxx PorDUctionZ' pulsating on screen
>grainy images
>Long, long disclaimer and huge flame wars between shippers and trolls
Oh man. Those were the days. I still have some saved on my computer for when I need to zone out.

I loved watching dance videos, too. Dancing along to weeby shit is the best.
>Still does Hare Hare Yukai and Motteke! Sailor Uniform in bedroom sometimes
File: image.jpg (131 KB, 643x643) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
131 KB, 643x643
I still do Hare Hare Yukai and Motteke!

It's all about Digimon, Pokemon, Monster Rancher, Flint the Time Detective, Sailor Moon, Tokyo Mew Mew, Dragonball, Tenchi Muyo and Gundam Wing

Lol Linkin Park and Naruto

I still love watching and making AMVs but I never use a bunch of effects or short cuts. I like really synchronised stuff that actually has some steady chronology, narrative or at least a pattern if you're switching between pairings or media.

I was super cosy this weekend
Man, nothing like farming for hours on end, trying to balance your planting, animal care and husbando and friend care via presents.

Too bad the new games seem like a chore to play nowadays.
Harvest Moon DS/Harvest Moon DS Cute. My first HM ever. The memories sighhh..

Also bumping
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