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So, Festasia just announced it was canceled and again blamed everyone else but themselfs.

APC all over again?

What do you think really happened?
They deserved to be canceled.
No store wanted to go to the event, even with a 50% discount on booths, being 200 euros for a massive space. no partners because noone believed in them. And when they start looking down on everyone else like we are the ones who neeed events? yaeh right, you're the ones who need us, so go speak like your god to your diarys, because boohoo, noone cared about your stupid event.

They couldnt keep with their promises with some partners and they deserve this cancelation.
This event had everything to fail!

It was far from everything!
It was completely OVERRATED!
They had no partnerships worth being called by that!
They had no program!

It was "produced" by a company that was completely clueless about the market they were entering.
And the company's experience is to organize small meetings.

Like I said had everything to fail!
Op is such a newfag that he's dissing Associação Portuguesa de Cosplay, Instead of Asian Culture Party...what a fail....kill yourself
Will there ever be a good event that isn't overpriced and with stores that sell official merchandise of more than two anime
I think thid event came tailling the succed of comic con but was faced with even more dificulties and side eye than CCP.
Too bad because it would he nice to keep getting a bigger range of locations and not only pt/lx
I'm just a bit worried with the number of events we will have this year...so far we only have have Iber. Still no word on Anicomics and we dont know if there will be Anifest this year either
People dont deserve events in Portugal. They all badmouth events like anifest and anicomics and now cry everyday because they arent happening
Truth. And despite badmouthing all events, they still keep going and complaining some more afterwards.
But then never offer actual suggestions or constructive criticism to better our events.
I have some insider knowledge on a booth. Organization was a complete mess and the space was too expensive for what it was. Festasia introduced themselves as something enormous. Basically it was a fucking rip-off lmao.
If you go to ebay and look for harry potter beanies, you'll find the same ones twin gun are selling. 15 times their price.

so yeah, fuck them
Newsflash dude, it isn't just them, every booth sells chinese fakes for the original goods price or more.

I don't understand why no store dedicates themselves to buying 2nd hand on yahoo!jp and selling those goods. You could make quite a profit and personally I'd rather buy from a store than go through the hassle of an SS and fees and such.
I guess the problem is PT weebs have no concept of quality and ultimately don't care as long as they have their SNK merch and shitty cosplay jacket
Please tell us more
Customs. The problem is customs
If they can get through customs with massive bootleg orders they can also get through with cheap second hand merchandise.
Festasia is a band of backstabbers.

The original trio of the organization isnt the same as it was nowadays. Two of them left last year when they kept being backstabbed by Patricia and later By Sakura.

they kept promising stuff and not delivering and that happened with a lot of partners, sponsors and others.

They went over their heads thinking they were the next comic con and stomped all over everyone.

It suits themselfs.

I still laugh whenever sakura came to me saying Festasia would be the best event ever with things never seen. Even jesus christ would ressurect again in there.

All lies to try and draw people to a god forsaken place.

Im just sad that now kawatta is unemployed. Festasia must had been paying him a lot to lick their boots so much like he was
Basically they wanted a stupidly high amount of cash for a partnership, while the event itself wasn't decently set up. The Facebook event was pretty dead too, when it was supposed to be the new go-to event on Portugal, capable of bringing people from all over the country. Some people from the organization itself told me not to waste the money on the ticket, so there's that.
I work on a booth that goes to every event in Portugal. They were asking 500 euros for 9m2. We said no and 1 day later they offered us a 50% discount.

What sort of event does this? its like they just throw numbers to the air and see if it lands.

No wonder it failed miserably.

Worst organization ever. No skills, no experience.
Thread replies: 21
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