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How do you people find time for making money? I've tried to plan out my schedule, but got depressed when I saw how little time in the day I actually have.

Here's my incomplete schedule:

>6:00 am- wake up
>6:00 - 6:30- mini workout
>6:30 - 7:00- shower and groom
>7:00 - 9:00- read
>9:00 - 10:00- breakfast
>10:15 - 11:30- haircut
>12:00 - 2:00- gym workout
>2:30 - 3:00- lunch

There goes half my day and I haven't done shit, I'm just preparing myself. I have 7 hours to fit in eating, socializing, working, fapping, buying shit I need, shitposting, meditating, etc. It seems like at the most I'd get ~3 hours of work done.

I honestly don't understand how wageslaves can function where they HAVE to dedicate so much more time to work.

So, /biz/, how do you find the time in your day? Also, post schedules.
Oh, and this is my schedule just for tomorrow, but it doesn't change much most days. Maybe free up some haircut and a little gym time (I do cardio for less time than I do weights), but that's it.
2 hours to read? 1 hour to make and eat breakfast? 1 hour 15 minute haircut?
You get a haircut every day? Why?
1. Every successful person reads a lot, some even recommend reading a book a day.
2. That's being generous with the time I'm allowing my mom to cook.
3. Go there, wait if it's busy, get haircut.
Yes. This schedule is retarded. You get a 75 minute hair cut every day? you eat breakfast for an hour? Either you're lying, not being honest with yourself or your time management skills need major improvement.
>30 min shower
>2 hours reading
>2 and half hours working out
>haircuts everyday

You sound autistic as shit OP.
It's bait you idiots
>I'm allowing my mom to cook
Bitch... make your own fucking food. Read in the evening. Get shit done during the day. You need to hustle a little more than that to make money.
For those not in the know, this means ass shave + cock massage by a gay prostitute.
I don't know why this irritates me so, but OP you won. I'm going to plan out a normal day for you so you understand.
>6:00 am- wake up
>6:00 - 6:45- shower, get dressed and groom
>6:45 - 7:30- commute to work
>7:30 - 11:30- work
>11:30 - 12:15- lunch
>12:15 - 4:15- more work
>4:15 - 5:00- commute home
>5:00 - 10:00 shit posting on 4chan, jerking off, lifting, eating, socializing or what ever the fuck you want to do
>10:00PM - 6:00AM more jerking off and sleeping

Rinse and repeat. This is how normal people liver their lives. get over yourself. fucking moron.
My honest to God typical day:
7:00 Wake Up/ Shower
7:45 - 8:00 Drop wife off at her work
8:30-12:30 Work(sometimes go down to the cafeteria for breakfast if I'm hungry)
12:30-1:00 Lunch
1:00-5:00 Work
5:00-5:45 Drive to my wife's work
5:50-6:10 Drive Home
6:30-7:00 Eat Dinner
7:30-8:00 wash dishes
8:00-8:30 help my son with piano practice
8:30-9:00 help my son prepare for bed
9:00-1:00 debate whether I should stop browsing 4chan and go to sleep or not.
Hmm only 2.5 hours working out a day?
Low energy.
My schedule for 3 years:
~1pm Wake up
1:00-2:00 Lie in bes on phone shitposting, watching YouTube. Playing games on phone
2:00-2:30 Cook and eat food
2:30-5:00am shitposting, videogames

Fuck my life up SENPAI.
6 wake up
720 leave for work
4 get home, eat, nap, sex
630 take wife to her classes or gym then work on my businesses
930 take wife home and play video games
1100 bed

Weekends I get a lot more done, but if someone finds that they have no free time they are lying fucks. I used to watch a movie every day and hang out with friends for 2-3 hours at least after working for 10 hours no problem.
>wake up
>go to work
>think about all the cool shit you're going to do after work
>get home
>be too tired for cool shit, shitpost until bed
>rinse and repeat

this is how you make money, OP.

when you have some spare time you can read, but you should probably read about investing and researching things to invest in, rather than greek philosophy.

>2.5 hours a day working out
You're a literal idiot. An hour 3 days a week is all someone needs.
>think about all the cool shit you're going to do after work
>get home
>be too tired for cool shit, shitpost until bed

too close to home man. :(
>Every successful person reads a lot, some even recommend reading a book a day.
Which self-help book did you get that from?

Has it ever occurred to you that the reading-success correlation isn't causal? That there's an underlying cause, namely intelligence, that's correlated with both?
>Which self-help book did you get that from?
I think you know exactly who.
>daily haircut
>daily workout
>2 daily workouts

Nigga you don't need to workout that much to make gains and you sure as fuck don't need a haircut every day.
>6:00 Wake up
>6:01 Make America great again for 18 hours
>12:00 Sleep

6am wake up shower and groom
7 breakfast
730 walk to work
745 - 12 work
12-1 go home/ lunch / Playstation
1-5:45 back to work
6 dinner
6-10 read, movies, Playstation, gf,
1030 bed
Bill Gates reads ~50 books a year and even has a blog where he reviews books.

“I read 500 pages like this every day. That's how knowledge builds up, like compound interest.” – Warren Buffett
>Like compound interest
So all you have to do is read a couple of books in your childhood and you will become smarter year after year even after having stopped reading?
That's a pretty shitty analogy.
>2. That's being generous with the time I'm allowing my mom to cook.
>12-2pm wake up
>check email
>do homework
You just do other shit when you have your days off, other than that, getting money is more important.

>8:30am: Wake up
>9:00am: Breakfast
>10:00am: Class
>11:15am: Gym
>12:15pm: Shower
>12:30pm: Lunch
>1:00pm: Class
>2:15pm: Do homework or hang out with people
>5:30pm: Work
>9:00pm: Dinner break
>1:30am: Go home and sleep

I use my Saturdays and Sundays for laundry and hanging out with people. Working a lot is only bad if you really think that it is bad. When you look at your bank you should realize it's better than sitting around wasting time (like I'm doing now).
What a wasteful horrid schedule. I presume thats days off or are you some NEET?

You are alloted 30 minutes 3 times weekly to exercise unless youre big into it. In that case it takes yp the 2 hours you would have had for another hobby.

Otherwise you sleep. Eat. Shower. Shit. And fucking hustle.

You my friend are actively making excuses
Too many people read just to brag that they read to their friends or co-workers. Its not about gaining knowledge but to showoff that you're "smart". Also Bill Gates read but he has to hire a lot of smart people help him make his decisions. Knowledge is helpful but not required. What you need is intelligence which a lot of people confuse both as the same thing. You can read a lot but still be an idiot. Also most CEOs barely have time to do shit on their own because of the workload. CEO do work a lot and it involves going from one meeting to another. I was a voracious reader in my youth, and I don't remember most of what I read. What has served me well is my intelligence, which is something that cannot be taught.
Keep your hands by your side and
Stop Fapping
>Go there, wait if it's busy, get haircut
Wow, how inefficient. Are you scared of using a phone?

You won't get rich if you can't even get over your autistic behaviors.
why are you at the gym for 2.5 hours everyday? lol. i get cardio and lifting done in under. one hour. and why are you getting a haircut everyday? lol.
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>06.00 - 08.00: Wake up, prepare for my day
>08.00 - 16.00: Study at uni; lectures, labs, studying etc. (applied physics student)
>16.00 - 18.00: If mon/wed/fri: Work out. If tue/thu: work on side biz (app dev)
>18.00 - 20.00: Work on app dev
>20.00 - 22.00: shitpost, netflix etc.
>22.00: Go to bed

>10.00 - 14.00: App dev
>Rest of the day: Fuck around, typically go out for drinks in the evening

>12.00 - 18.00: App dev
>Rest of the day: Fuck around

My life seems kinda monotonous now that I type it out
this has to be bait
>6:30 wake up, brekkie
>7:15-7:30 commute
>9-1 work
>1-1:30 lunch
>1:30-5:15 work
>5:15 commute
>6:30 get home, run or gym
>8:00 dinner
>8:30--11 work on side projects, apply to new jobs, internet

Not a bad life but looking forward to a shorter commute
bill gates is also far, far intellectually superior to you.


why do the manchildren on this board insist on comparing themselves to billionaires, and even moderately successful businessmen? if you're on /biz/ and genuinely asking for advice, you've already fucked up and you're never even going to be a millionaire. you know when the wealthy give a list of self-help books they 'swear by' in interviews it's a great big crock of shit? no, you don't, because you're delusional. they give a list of books they've read that "helped them" and explain who their "idol" is because it gives them a semblance of humility and makes people reading the article think better about themselves, that maybe one day they could be as successful as this person. the interviewee isn't going to come across well if they tells the truth - that he/she is entirely self-driven and power hungry and simply on a different level than the average pleb, like you. people don't like to be reminded that they aren't a special snowflake. this all goes doubly for NEETs. the chance of you becoming successful - even of just eventually being in a position where you can consider yourself 'middle class' - after being unemployed for a significant period of time is so laughably small it might as well be zero.
Are you a billionaire or moderately successful businessman?
What's your app?
6:10 wake
620-30 shower
30-45 eat
45-57 teath, hair, stuff like that
7: leave
7:30 -3 work 1
330-9 work 2

Work 1 is mon-fri
Work 2 is wed-fri
hilarious bait though
>you know when the wealthy give a list of self-help books they 'swear by' in interviews it's a great big crock of shit?

what about millionaire self help authors promoting their own goods?

fucking checkmate boyo

you come at me like that youre gonna get knocked down
>6:00 wake up
>start coffee brewing
> 6:04 take shower while coffee is dripping
> 6:10 shave, groom, bush teeth, get dressed
>6:15 make egg white omelette
>6:25 done with food, wash dishes
>grab lunch i made yesterday, bag with files and laptop.
>7:00 get to work
>9:00 poop on company dime
>12:00 lunch
>2:00 logistics meeting with corporate
>3:00 done for the day ( 90% of the time, some times i stay till 5 to put out fires)
>3:30 gym
>4:30 shower at gym
>5:00 home
>5:15 play with cat
> 5:30 make dinner, and lunch for tomorrow
>6:00 study for CFA 2
>7:30 meet up with friends, go to bar, be social. study something not CFA
>10:00 lay out clothing for tomorrow
>10:15 wiskey
<10:30 bed
It's tough, bro. I actually had to stop getting one hour + daily haircuts, stop spending three hours a day at the gum, and refrain from spending over an hour eating breakfast. Literally the only way is to stop being a metrosexual little homo who's entire day is taken up by preening and eating. Good luck.
My schedule
>wake up at whatever a clock
>do whatever I need to do for the day
why get up so early if you don't need to work? you're in bed by 10pm... that isn't 'socialising'

You need a lot of rest to keep a healthy scalp. You can't do successful business with dandruff, skin flakes falling all over your associates when you shake their hands. In that time, hair grows faster and warrants daily cuts.
>wake up 7:00
>Feed cats, breakfast, brush teeth, groom, get dressed, leave house by 8:30
>Work from 9-5 (sometimes 6 if there are things to be done)
>Gym from 5:30 to 6:30
>Pick up girlfriend from class on the way home
>get home at 7, feed cats, cook dinner, eat
>vidya, drawing, reading up on business news 8:30- 11
>shower then bed 11:30-12
>daily haircuts

You ever hear about a brush?
>a book a day
Fuck off Tai
6/10, I almost got rused
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