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Hitting the reset button challenge:
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Hitting the reset button challenge:

>you start in a random city anywhere in the USA state of Virginia
>$1000 in your pocket
>20 year old car that runs, but isn't worth shit
>You have been kicked out of your house and have no friends who will take you in
>You have a STEM degree, but you've been NEET for the last 4 years so no one will hire you if you are honest on your resume

1. Where do you go?
2. Where do you live?
3. How do you make money to survive?
4. How would you achieve eventual success?
I can work on cars.

Get a job at valvoline, do the jobs in less time than is on the book, get my certifications again...keep my POS car running.

Save money. Go out with the other shop workers on the weekends. Enjoy the nice weather.

If I want more money, address that when I have a good amount saved up.
Pretty much did that 5 years ago:
>come to London (from Eastern Europe)
>800eur in my card
>know no one

I started a job at a pub, 3 months later moved to be a receptionist at a hotel, the manager noticed I am bright and put me in charge of opening and running the conference centre.
A year later I applied for a job at the global head office of that particular hotel chain supporting a team of global account directors and got it. A year later got sacked because sales people are shit and I could not get along well enough with them.
6 months of unemployment and hundreds of applications sent, got lucky and landed a similar HQ job, this time at a Fortune500 company. Got some certificates, got promoted, am running a department now.


Probably the same thing I'm trying to do now, because I'm in a similar situation

>lived in big city in AZ
>owe more on car than it's worth, but it'll be paid off in a year
>job outsourced to the Philippines
>couldn't find another job in time to get money for a new place
>lease on house was up on Jan 31
>packed everything in car and moved to smaller city up north with friends
>falling back on an old gig I've done before, selling cell phones (walk into any cell phone retailer, it's not hard to get a job with them).
>gonna get cash together, caught up on bills
>gonna save up a few hundred bucks
>gonna contact chinese factories for samples of some kind of product, try to get 7-10
>of those, pick the best 1, and import a couple dozen of said product for cheap
>resell online for actual moneys
>reinvest for more product and more money
>repeat until no longer wageslave who has to sell phones.

>hit reset button challenge

I've done this before, its easy.

>get in car
>get gas if needed
>go to club, have best night of life
>blow all your money
>hit reset button again
>reset and get $1000

Or, the actual way

>go to woods, place you can remember but can't be found.
>bury money in a small safe, drive away
>hit reset button
>now you are in a new place in VA with another $1000
>go and bury it in the same place
Assuming I bring a decent pair of slacks and shirt/tie

>roll up sleeves
>go into local target
>use mirrors in cosmetics section to groom myself, few free sample licks of hair paste
>walk into every single business and store and apply
>answer every single ad on CL from my post
>eat $1 cheeseburgers in McDonalds to survive, use random empty bottles to utilize free refills
>sleep/live inside car
>accumulate money
>rent out shitty apartment
>continue to work and save
and of course get in touch with the local Y, the homeless shelters, any local job-placement or settlement/relocation centers.
nice, im glad u made it
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>1. Where do you go?
Move to NYC
>2. Where do you live?
Homeless Shelter
>3. How do you make money to survive?
Be funny, try to find a convince store owner and make jokes with them. Do this for 3 days, spending $1 each time you go to his store while spending 20-30minutes talking about what he likes.

Do this to the stores in your perimeter, the $1 you spend will be on your daily food. So make sure you're stacking up on them ramen noodles.

On the 7th day of bothering him/getting to know him(s). You tell him you can do a better job at cleaning his store than whatever fucktard is there. Show him what you can do by doing your best. Then tell him you proceed to start begging for a job.

He knows you by now, you know him, you both get along, so the chances of him hiring you are higher. If he doesn't ask the next guy.

>4. How would you achieve eventual success?

Once you've got your first pay check, you should now have about $600 to your name.

Visit your local library to see the "shared" rooms for rent. Find the cheapest/somewhat safe. Live there for a year

Buy a cheap laptop, visit Code Academy everyday after work. Learn some shit codes.

Pirate Rosetta Stones, learn Spanish/French.

Start applying for IT jobs when you have successfully made an app or a good looking website. Make sure to let the employer see you can speak French by using the app "Fake-A-Call" app while in the middle of a conversation.

Tell him it's your mother and tell your mother you love her in French but you are busy talking to a very important person (make facial gestures when saying it so he might understand).

>Get job working with fellow former NEETS that become bros
If u got a STEM degree then you've already been through the fire, sell your car and buy a good van and park it on an abandoned lot and live in it till you find the right job. Get a part time job as a dishwasher for a few weeks. Apply for STEM related entry level jobs day and night anywhere in your state or the ones next to you. Use the rest of your money to get a gym membership so you can shower and workout to look good. Buy a lot of bananas and red beans, stay away from all fatty foods, get lean as fuck, it'll keep you feeling confident and employer will see that you're trying to improve your NEET life. Buy a clipper and keep your hair short and your face clean and free from acne (low fat diet helps). Buy some +0 magnification reading glasses if you don't wear any so you look educated/ not homeless. Buy dark gray pants and black polo shirt, all black tennis shoes and navy Columbia jacket and that's good enough to get you into a 30-40k/year starting salary. Pay a friend to use his address to get mail till you can afford renting your own apartment. First 2 months of getting apartment start asking people if they know single girls your age who wanna date. Get hooked up and ask her to move in with you, make her pay half. You are now in your way to become a normie.
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Also redirect your pleasures to something that'll help you with your goals.
Be in control of what your Dopamine is used on.

Stop doing these things:
Listening to music that's not helping you succeed, Drugs and Alcohol, Gambling, Fatty Foods, Video Games, TV, Internet surfing, fapping, hanging out with friends who waste your time.

Also have some mantras that you follow by

Keep it simple.
Wake up at 7.
Don't complain.
Laugh for no reason.
Minimize everything.
Do your best with what you have.
The small things count, make them a priority.
underrated, well crafted
>Stem degree
>4 years a neet
>20 years old

How can you be a NEET at 16 and how dif you graduate with a degree? At20

CAR is 20 years old. Learn to parse.
This is a good answer.

I was a meteorologist in the air foce for four years now I sit back and use my benefits
1. Call my broker and have him wire me a cash advance from my investment accounts.
2. Book a room at the Ritz Carlton
3. When the wire arrives, fly back home.
4. Leave the shitty car.
5. Tip the bellman the balance of my $1K
6. Go home and resume my comfy life.

Also, something to add to my previous post.
(Yes I know I have a different ID)

The longest it would take to drive across Virginia is 7 hours, so assuming you are smart and decide to make your "money bury" location in or near the center of the state, it would probably take about 3 and 1/2 hours max. Since the random city you reset in is, well, random, you won't always start as far away as possible.

Sometimes you may start 3 hours away, maybe a few times you start 5 minutes away, its completely random. So, lets be on the safe side and say it took of average of 2 hours (this includes filling up gas and eating, if needed) to reach your bury location.

If you were really dedicated, and weren't extremely unlucky with what cities you "reset" in, you could theoretically do this 12 times a day.

Now, that's $1000 per run, so $12,000 a day. Of course, a car from 1996 that is worth nothing probably doesn't get great MPG, so you might have to fill it up a lot. Also you may want to get things during these 2 hours.

Ok, that aside, lets say you spend $100 every time you do a money run. Now, if you were determined as I said earlier, you might spend much less, but this is probably a fair MAXIMUM for a 2 hour trip. Assuming you spend $100, a trip, then you are burying $900 every time.

Now, lets say you take a 2 hour break at least once a day due to boredom of driving, limiting your trips per day to 11. (This is assuming you lose tiredness upon being reset)

Assuming the above is all true, you could still bury $9,900 A DAY, which is very high. That would be around $300k a month. This is also assuming you spend $100 EVERY trip, which is a very high amount.

My point is, this exploitation of the reset button makes crazy money.
Also, after one run, or on the very first. You could just get a safe deposit box instead of risking it with a woods bury. This would make it much easier.

I wake up at 5.

>Listening to music that's not helping you succeed

fuck you i won't do what you tell me
A car is a place to sleep, and being 20 years old it WON'T wake you up every 30 seconds with the alarm going off due to you being inside it when it's locked.
So, apply for basic minimum wage jobs. Open a bank account with the cash, then work cash-in-hand until you find an actual place to live that isn't on wheels. In the meantime, you're technically homeless, so you can use homeless shelters to take a shower and maybe get an address.
Once you have a bank account and an address, you can work anywhere. Keep the shitbox car until it dies, then scrap it.
First purchase should, however, be a bicycle. Ultimate form of transportation for <10 miles; reasonably fast, dirt cheap, free to use, easily secured to a post, often faster than pubic transport, and far more efficient than walking. Also stops you getting fat, and it's pretty fun.
Once there's a steady income coming in and a home that isn't on wheels, you can bootstrap your way up with your tech skills. Take a college course to get a recent qualification, and start applying for higher-paying jobs.

Eventual 'success' is relative. I'd say 'success' is a steady income, a place to live, a job you can tolerate, if not actually like, and a constant buildup of savings.
Anywhere there's work.
In the car until you can afford to rent somewhere.
Cash-in-hand illegal immigrant work until you can get a real address.
Bootstrapping and careful management of resources.

Of course, if it's in the US, I'd be fucked personally; no green card and I don't speak American.
Instead of listening to loud music go to YouTube and download success videos as mp3 and listen to them while doing your workout.
When you're in survival mode those things will give you so much motivation to push on.

I thought more people would use the $1000 to rent a shitty bedroom at first just to have a home base and place to get mail.
>Make sure to let the employer see you can speak French by using the app "Fake-A-Call" app while in the middle of a conversation.

>taking a call during an interview
I would go to Taiwan and become an English teacher.

After gaining a proficiency in Mandarin and teaching English I would go back to the states and become a tutor for foreign students studying STEM.
Jokes on you, OP I've already hit the reset button.

>get hired for job far away
>move across the country, away from all friends and family
>$5,000 in pocket
>have a car, but keep it parked forever or in case of emergencies
>found apartment walking distance to work
>walk in all seasonal weather
>stay /fit/ by working out during lunch break and cardio from walking
>one bi-weekly paycheck goes straight into rent and debt payoff
>other paycheck is mine

All I'm missing is the social aspect, but I don't like to go out so that was always going to be the hard part. Everything else was super easy.

did you get hired before you moved or did you move then look for work? how did that process go?
I never wanted to stay where I grew up, so I made sure everyone was aware I was willing to relocate (put that on the top of my resume). The best way to get a name out to foreign places is through the internet.
After I graduated, I took an internship with a local county doing IT support. So while I worked there, I sent out applications over monster, indeed, and kept linkedin up to date. I also non-shitposted on some topics I saw on linkedin, which is a great way to network if people like what you say, and since you're on 4chan, chances are high you will agree with a lot of no-bullshit businessmen.

Took 4 months of rejections from very broad IT-related fields (anything. and I was shooting for GIS and Technical writing which wasn't really even my expertise). I eventually got a call from a very large company that was rapidly expanding out west. They saw my resume posted on indeed and I set up 2 interviews on the phone, then they flew me out to their HQ and had me interview there. It was great, because even if I didn't get the job, my plane ticket was paid for so I didn't really feel all that pressured.

And that's basically how that happened. I got hired and made plans for a new life oregon trail style. Honestly, I'm still surprised a site like indeed actually worked.

Though, if that didn't work out and I had to start paying back my loans, I would have fallen back to my backup plans, which was looking for jobs in other county departments (those jobs are always available) or joining the airforce.
Basically, my advice is to try your luck finding a job out of your area before you move, but even if you can't, there are always possibilities to move first, then work.

It's really, really hard to land a job with a smaller company if you aren't local. You will always get beaten out by someone closer to the job. (but if it's a very large company, it won't matter)
Worst case scenario is you'd have to work a minimum wage job somewhere while you find something local - those are always available and don't believe the bullshit people say about not finding any job at all. It's not true.
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Put 1000 into forex broker. Short usd/jpy. By the end of the year I'll be buying another house lmao
Good on ya brother!
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>bored and lazy all the time
>try to laugh for no reason
>long hysterical laughter

I actually enjoyed this. Cant wait to pull this off around normies and see their reactions.
that shitty ass pool

faggot obviously has the space and money for a full on lap pool that can be used.
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