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Coping with losses
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Hi /biz/

I started living a frugal live since February 2015 and actually managedto save a lot of money, whilst maintaining a decent quality of living. I worked hard on myself and actually got ahead in my job much faster than expected.

So I decided by the end of the year to reward myself with a new smartphone, clothes, and an expensive bag, all whilst spending a ton of money on christmas gifts on my family and my gf.
My parents saw my progress last over the past year and gave me a very expensive watch for christmas that I absolutely loved for no particular reason.

So two days ago I got mugged in the subway, loosing my new smartphone, my bag and also my watch. I am somehow devastated by this loss and I don't even understand why it hurts me so much. It goes even so far that I cant eat or sleep well, just because I lost material possesions.

Why does it hit me so hard and how should I cope /biz/?
At least you should have learned the value of insurance, and to carry mace or something similar.

Cope by kicking ass. Also, try to remotely root the smartphone and brick it. Alternately, you can message to your phone and offer to buy it back.
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The smartphone should be insured through the provider. The bag and the watch may actually be covered through Renters insurance if you've got it.

If not, report the phone as stolen to the manufacturer and they'll brick it for you.

What's probably eating at you is how vulnerable you felt being mugged. I've been there. You'll be radically insecure for a few weeks then it'll be okay. Chalk up the loss, mumble some racist stuff, feel better.

I'm sure you've got a few gun-nut friends who won't shut up about it, but if you're living amongst the darkness you really should have a concealed carry. Just try not to impulsively murder the guy if you ever run into him again.
partly guilt from buying that shit in the first place. materialism isn't good dude. Don't just buy shiny shit because you can, reward yourself with increased investments, or spend money on stuff that can improve your value at work.

call me thrifty but I always want to see a return on my spending. I've always found conspicuous consumption is an addiction and it feels like one--you have to project all this value into this shit you don't really need--if it goes south you realize you only lost ego nothing really valuable so you're confronted with this cognitive dissonance
Post an ad on the craigslist casual encounters section looking for a black bull to have sex with your girlfriend. Sounds like the only logical 'next step'.
You're probably just mad that you painted a giant fucking target on yourself wearing around a giant gold fucking watch and $2000 bag. Do what other reasonable people do and get some poorfag attire so people don't want to rob you.
Looks like you need to add a gun to your shopping list.
>got mugged
Stick up for yourself pussy. Get your concealed carry permit or at least carry a knife at all times.
I don't know in what country you live in, but if it's legal for civilians like you to carry a gun around - DON'T. (For example in a country like germany if you kill someone while he's robbing you there's a high chance you're getting fucked over because you reacted "inappropriately")
Take something with you to disable your opponent. (Pepperspray, taser)
You don't want to kill her/him, you'd rather save your own ass (and your stuff if possible) and get the fuck away.

And if you get into an encounter and both of you carry lethal weapons, your opponent more than likely is pulling the trigger faster than you because he has less to lose.

Other ways to deal with this bullshit:
- As others already suggested, don't be a fucking dickweed and carry stuff with you you don't want to lose
- Learn barehanded combat, you will be deadlier than a guy with a knife. (also you will learn how to disarm somebody)
- Know where you are, it's easy to avoid being robbed if you stay in safe areas where a lot of people are
- Stay in a group when outside at night
- If you're only sad about losing shit to a mugger and not the fact that you were helpless: how about you stop being a bitch
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