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So next pump and dump gonna be vanillacoin...
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So next pump and dump gonna be vanillacoin need to buy before it goes up
You don't need any proof for this kind of things.
Just buy memecoins and start shilling everywhere (including this board) until the price raises and then sell it.
Alright, I'm in
I'll put in ~1k after work today
Any idea when a good time to sell would be?
Oh and make sure that you're not actually buying them when the value is on the top of the bubble.
You're the one that want to scam people, not the one that wants to be scammed
eimjawitmvgfkljhnfanf :P KEKEKEKEKKEEKEKE
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>buying vanilla coin

>not buying Xem

top kek

kek gods want xem to rise to 5k
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Forget VanillaCoin, ETH and the rest.

I'm starting the REAL future of alternative currencies.

It's called the "Benny"

It's an organically based intestine-chained currency that is mined through a unique process that converts old foodstuffs into pure steaming gold.

The primary miner is my dog Benny, though I've also been working a deal with other miners named Rex, Fido, and Buttons.

Get in early while you can. There is a limit on how many Benny's will be entering the market; and the production over time.

Given that Benny is 10 years old, I can almost guarantee that mining will only be allowed for 5 more years. That means that the Benny's you buy now will shoot up in value.

If you buy now, you can buy one Benny for 450ETH
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Ethereum shill here, if you still haven't realised yet, ethereum pump has only just started. This week will be the last week where you can buy Ethereum for under $3.

We're going to be heading into double figures in the coming month so better get dumping ye shitcoins and hook yourself to the god killer, BTC, Ethereum is coming for you.
it'll correct after this pump. imma buy at 400k.
Is XEM looking promising?
what coin is easy to mine that i can exchange for bitcoin?
and can i exchange bitcoin for money?
momcoins, and have you tried google? btc is everywhere.
yeah but i dont want to pay for it. I want something i can mine alot of and exchange it for a few coins.
>free money please
Ether. Immensely profitable right now.
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>tfw this guy was right
VNL is down 10% dummy
I'm waiting for one more pump on my XRP or BTS then I'm jumping in on the XEM meme, if it doesn't take off first
>200% increase
>In one day blew the fuck out of ETHs whole monthly gain
Wew lad
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i believe so.

its already double bottomed so its stable and going up.

it is focused on the same thing ethereum is, and thats platforms, ledgers , blockchain, smart contracts.

its a means to the future.

already being tested and is in early phase, big news coming end of month.

dont take my word for it.research

but i believe this is it
>having to shill your coin by saying "it's like ethereum"

Well why don't you just buy ethereum? Shits going to the moon motherfuckers!!

These pump and dumps in other coins are all caused by ethereum taking some breathing space this past day.

Once people realise they jumped off the moon rocket too early these smallcap shitcoins will end up in the toilet where they belong.

Just take a look at the marketcap stats at coinmarketcap.

Do you think all these turdcoins are ALL up on their own merits or do you think they're just getting a temporary bump from ether pausing in it's continued pwnage?
>having to shill your coin by comparing it to Bitcoin
Doesn't look like we'll EVER see 0.004 again! Don't you get it? The age of shitcoins is finished!

Ethereum is showing you all how it's done! Either listen to what I'm telling you or remain poorfag bagholders for the rest of your goddamn lives!
Thats the thing, I don't have to. Ethereum is the only coin that has a chance to break free of bitcoin and open up new markets for crypto.

VNL is some obscure shit that is going nowhere but into the toilet in the long short and medium term.

Show me what the price is like in a week. Why do you think all the noob traders are here in the first place buying up shitcoins? They were brought into the market bu the ethereum machine. Enjoy the temporary blip of green on VNL or nemo coin or whatever because its gonna melt away to nothing pretty damn soon.
>I don't have to
>but I still do
>I can't mention ETH in a thread without mentioning Bitcoin
Cool story, bro.
Did i say ethereum was LIKE bitcoin? No i said it was a million times better. I cant stop you throwing money away but at least I can know that I tried.
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i was comparing the two because like ethereum its not about the currency its abou the blockchain for use by banks, companies and governments

except xem is coded from scratch, and Japanese based, unlike the shitty ether huffers this will grow
REKT just give up vanilla man ETH will show people how it's done.
>japanese based

So fucking what? Just means you have to go all the way to japan to find the scammer that took your money.
>doesn't understand that is the same EXACT thing as comparing it
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the dev teams are sincere, and not Russian spys stealing fiat currency from the world.

wallet is in beta and i promise when its released those coins will vanish.
REKT just give up ETH, vanilla is the cats meow
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HA HA jokers m8 enjoy your thread I'm off to watch my money grow.
HA HA look at all these poorfag ETH bag holders in this thread. Vanilla coin is going to the moon! See ya guys later going to go buy some caviar.
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vanilla is a random coin
XEM is randomer coiner
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but its not
but it is
>this is easy
have you researched Xem ?

if not i wouldnt be so sure
have you researched VNL?

if not you should
I've researched both of your shitcoins. In great detail. And I can say with no shadow of a doubt that they are both shit.
I have researched ETH and read the white paper and am good friends with Vitalik. He says its all shit, but that maybe they can get some retards on /biz/ to buy some. Maybe he means you?
Whatever man /biz/ are not retards. They can see for themselves what coin is better.

Vanillashit isn't even worth my time

Of course they can see that Vanillacoin is better than ETHshit. Wtf are you on about?
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ether is pretty solid, it'll be a battle of xem and ether.

>kek will show us the truth
File: wakemeup.gif (112 KB, 255x231) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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so it is set

xem and ether holders are the new wallstreet fat cats.
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>/biz/ are not retards
>calling yourselves crypto-enthusiasts and alt-coin traders
>not knowing how to short meaningless shitcoins on small pumps here and there
just because it's a shitcoin doesn't mean everything about is terrible and you cannot make money off it

heed my advice and learn to make extra $100s in small pumps
>my advice and learn to make extra $100s in small pumps
or how to lose everything if the shitcoin goes to shit really quick
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>Doesn't look like we'll EVER see 0.004 again!
How does one short a coin on Poloniex?
thats basically how it started out
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DGB is the next dump
PND is next pump
lemme see the whitepaper on it.
Will the chain support dapps?
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buy dgb while you can its about to double

>thankyou kek
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