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eBay General:

Unpaid items edition.
great place for buyers
tough luck for sellers
luv ya', bae ('bay)
I've read something recently about ebay going out of style with the "make money fast" people. Any way to profit from this trend?
Ebay as well as Amazon is now flooded with the Chinese and their cheap crap. That's the way they want it now.

It is still possible to sell some unique things tho.
So buy cheap Chinese goods and sell them elsewhere?
Uhhh...no. There isn't much elsewhere left to sell at.
Garage sales?
Pffftt. Not around here, nothing but a waste of a day.
yeah, I know XD
>Bring USPS Priority Mail package into Post Office, and give it to employee at counter.
>6 days later, and still no tracking updates.

You could look into setting up a temporary shopping centre/mall popup.
That would take quite a bit of merchandise to start. How good are the deals I can get for bulk orders?
Flea markets?
What's currently the minimum auction selling price? If I bid on an auction with $0.10, and win it, do I get the item, as long as there's no reserve price set?
I have a question about buying vintage jewellery, both online and offline. A friend of mine suggested in investing in gold and silver jewellery as a way to get myself acquainted with metals as an investment.

I don't quite understand how it works. You could call my friend a prepper and while I do have my own box of water, batteries, many medical supplies, etc. I don't understand how having a bunch of silver and gold jewellery will be valuable or wanted. Or how I would be able to trade these for things I need. (If I need food, why would the grocer be more likely to want a necklace, to say, medical supplies?

I have mostly silver, stamped 925 and a 10k gold necklace. I don't really need an excuse to purchase pretty items however I'd like to make sure I'm being smart about it. I love thrift stores, how do I go about making sure I'm investing my money properly? Does jewellery devalue like a new car or does it keep its value? If I bought a $500 diamond ring, will I be able to get $500 or close to it back in ten years time? ($500 would be top of my budget, I'm more into $5 and under thrift store finds.)

Thank you very much and please forgive if this is in the wrong spot. This is my first post on /biz/.
>I don't understand how having a bunch of silver and gold jewellery will be valuable or wanted. Or how I would be able to trade these for things I need.
Assuming you think the world is going to end then it doesn't do shit for you and no one will want it after the collapse.

Gold however will retain value as governments change. So if you have a rebel uprising that takes over the existing government then your current currency will be valueless but you can still sell your gold for whatever the new currency will be.

Unless you live in a shit hole country, then hoarding large amounts of gold doesn't do much for you.
>Assuming you think the world is going to end then it doesn't do shit for you and no one will want it after the collapse.

That's why I get confused. If my perfect prep box, I'd have small bottles of liquor, cigarettes, personal hygiene, medical supplies and candies that I would think are more valuable and more trade worthy than bracelets and rings.

>Gold however will retain value as governments change. So if you have a rebel uprising that takes over the existing government then your current currency will be valueless but you can still sell your gold for whatever the new currency will be.

Okay, I understand that. How valuable would my 10k gold necklace be though? Is it worth while to go out of my way to gather gold and silver jewellery? I live in Canada, so it's not quite a shithole, the guy running it does has nice hair, but I like to have options. I have silver coins that friends have given me. Some will always have a set price from the Canadian Mint and I'm told the silver will always be worth at least what the market is. That's what I'm sort of looking for, something that is fun, that I find interesting so that I can self educate into more advance things. If I buy a few gold necklaces for a couple of bucks at the Sally Ann, is that essentially a good investment (removing any personal enjoyment)?

Thank you for your time.
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What's the smallest first bid that eBay allows? Is it still possible to make a first bid of a few cents?
Does anyone live in Italy or nearby? I might have a business proposal where we can both make money.
>Ebay as well as Amazon is now flooded with the Chinese and their cheap crap

So it is walmart, target and any store in the u.s
Sure dude, what's the catch?
italian ebayer here, have just over 900,100% feed
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you can make really easy money if you steal a truck load of merch and THEN sell it on your ebuys... lol, kek'd trust me, 40% of the shit you see on ebay is stolen stuff and then that stuff gets stolen again by a lying buyer. join the cycle lol.

Jewelry does not hold value well. That 10k gold necklace is worth probably a few hundred in gold. You are paying for the craftsmanship.

Now if someone appreciates that craftsmanship, you can get they money out of it. If they don't (societal collapse) it will be worth scrap value or less.

On the plus side society won't collapse, so there is no need to worry about it.

High value jewelry on ebay is suicide.

>Send customer $800 gold necklace
>Sends back vaguely similar brass necklace back
>Get's refund
>You get banned for selling fake goods
Might have a different ID, since I just reset my modem, but whatever.
There's a website called app.purse.io/shop, it lets others buy items at a discount on the amazon wishlist for you and you pay them in bitcoin. I have a lot of Amazon Italy gift cards. I can't use that shit because I live in Canada.
But anyways, all you have to do, is make an Amazon Italy account, make a wishlist, make an account on Purse and set your discount. That way, rather than buy an item at normal price, say 100, you could pay 75-50 euro. Then you could sell it on Ebay at whatever price you want.

So, say for example, you want to sell a high value item, like some Graphic Card for 500 euro. You go on Amazon.it make a wishlist, get that Graphic Card and pay at a reduced price. So, say, around 350-400 euro. I pay that amount using Gift Cards and I am paid back in bitcoins by you.

Right now, I can't do this since I'm at the limit of how much I can buy for other people (soon to be on level 6, and can buy +700 euro items five time) and we can make a deal.
I might have explained this horribly.
You make an amazon.it account, make a wishlist, put that wishlist on the app.purse site, someone else (me) pays the full amount of the item (say 500 euro) and you pay me in bitcoins (say 350-450 euro).
Then you can sell the item on ebay. I can even send you the receipt if you'd like, to make the selling easier.
>Jewelry does not hold value well. That 10k gold necklace is worth probably a few hundred in gold.

A few hundred? That's insane. It was a gift that I received when I was a child. I'm suspicious that it's worth more than a few dollars.

I spoke with a friend last night and he suggested buying silver coins with the maple leaf on them. One ounce (At 1pm PST) is $24.07CAD / $17.15USD. There are also coins that have birds on them (I'm quite fond of birds) that sell for $1CAD more. Is it worth getting one or two of them as I heard that collectors pay more for these? I plan on setting aside a couple hundred to get the regular coins to get my started.

Is that smart? To get some silver coins and when I'm in a thrift shop, look for gold and silver items? I've never seen jewellery over $5 at a thrift shop. That seems like a good deal?

>You get banned for selling fake goods

I've talked to a few sellers and I'm astounded by the shenanigans some buyers try to pull.
>I've talked to a few sellers and I'm astounded by the shenanigans some buyers try to pull.

the worst is that they replace your item with replica, right and then you get banned? there can't be anything worse then that, right?
Are those gift cards legit? I don't want to get v&.
Could be interested tho. I'm from Italy
Are you able to send eBay a photo of what was returned and have them compare to the item sold?


You need a VIDEO that CLEARLY shows the label on the box, proving that is was from the customer.
They're legit. The giftcards are used on my account so I bare the risks. So there's no risk of getting vanned on your end because if they were stolen, my accounts can get banned and I haven't gotten banned.
What percentage of sellers give you positive feedback when you order from them and pay fast and shit?

And what if you give sellers positive feedback? How likely is it that they would give you positive feedback then?
Even this doesn't work.

Do you even know how to find gold and silver jewelry? Can you identify solid gold and gold plated? I've never seen any gold jewelry worth anything at a thrift store (it's usually like gold plated earrings).

Yes it does.

I speak from experience, you speak from....?
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Anyone else having a terrible couple of weeks?

Sales down for around $750-$1000 a day, but I've only been selling for around a month.

$200 today- $1000 this week. Not good. I want to retire when I'm 40 guys.
I'm selling on ebay and a few apps, selling 1-3 items per day (clothing). I'm not making much but my inventory is free so I cant complain. Whats most entertaining is when I sell an item like for $5-$10, I'll include an advertisement in the package I send and the user usually signs up since its free and I get another $10-$30 in free inventory.

eBay definitely still sucks though.
>user submits offer
>accept offer
>user doesnt pay
Also, if anyone in Italy is interested in my offer, my Skype in Mortal--Killer
Also available for anyone living around Italy I guess, though there might be some additional shipping fees?
>Do you even know how to find gold and silver jewelry? Can you identify solid gold and gold plated? I've never seen any gold jewelry worth anything at a thrift store (it's usually like gold plated earrings).

Going through my own jewellery box, I was able to identify pieces quite easily. I wear a bracelet with a magnetic clasp, so that's an easy way to get a lot of pieces out of the way. Gold and silver will have stamps or other markings; costume jewellery, if it has anything at all, will have China or Taiwan. I have thrift store options in the city which will probably be picked over, but if I visit my Grandmother, she has a plethora of shops that are close by. We both like thrift shops so it's nice quality time too. The feel of gold and silver is different to costume jewellery, but I'm not 100% confident on that. (Either way, if I like something and would wear it, if it doesn't turn out to be gold/silver, I'd still get enjoyment out of it. I don't spend more than a few dollars on jewellery.)

You're right that it's not the smartest investment. I'll still look because I enjoy it and I'm not going out of my way, but I'll look at more intelligent ways of investing in metal, like silver coins.
Hey /biz/, someone in El Salvidor just purchased my product. The thing is, I have no idea how to read their address. Do I leave this up to the mail people? I've tried googling all their info.

Global shipping program?

The address should be in Kentucky, or Miami

If it's not GSP, you should turn GSP on for all your listings, and then ban international buyers- GSP or nothing
Not using the Global Shipping Program

Can Canadians use GSP?

I assumed I could just give it to Canada Post and they'd get it to wherever the address the Ebay user has listed

Oh, you're not American?

No advice other than move to America and do business here sorry

basically just wondering if I have to change anything when I create the shipping label on eBay.
>mfw sales are fantastic today.
>mfw buyer paid for Priority Mail Express.
>mfw they paid $18 on $40 item for shipping.
What the fuck are you talking about, son. eBay does NOT accept any type of outside proof.

My experience is knowing the rules, asking the CS reps, and having used ebay for 7+ years unlike your 1 month.

You send it to exactly what they have on record. You also send it insured and with signature confirmation. Any deviation from that and you lose what ever you are selling and the money.
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>USPS hires assholes during holiday season.
>Assholes steal 11 of my First Class packages at sort center.
>Message most of my buyers about this.
>Most don't respond.
>Today buyer leaves negative feedback saying item didn't arrive.
>Never contacted me before hand.

for fucks sake
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What an idiot.

I speak from experience here buddy- I've had people return stuff to me with diffrent serial numbers.

Took a video of me opening the package, took a video of the serial, won the case.

Anyways, fuck you you stupid child.
I found an item locally that is selling for 30 dollars.

On ebay it is selling for 230.

It's the exact same thing.

What should I do? The niche is pretty strong. I would say about 15-20% of people would look for this product one time or another.
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Are you retarded?

>Buy it locally for $30
List it on Ebay for more than $30 but less than $230
Lost it.
what do you sell?
>buyer buys a book from me
>advertise "free shipping via USPS media mail"
>2 weeks pass
>message from buyer: I just received the book. I needed it for a school exam which was last week so I don't need it any more I'd like to return it
>"No returns accepted" - clearly marked on the auction page
>Tell the buyer I'm sorry, but the auction states no returns accepted
>Buyer opens an eBay case
>ebay forces me to accept a return and give the buyer their money back

Seriously what the fucking fuck eBay.

>I speak from experience
>but I've only been selling for around a month.

Good thing you have all that experience.

eBay lets you upload pictures during the dispute process, not video. Did you send them a youtube link? They also often disregard the photos you upload and you have to call in and escalate it several times to get someone who isn't trained to just automatically side with the buyer.

Wait until you've been at it a few months, son.
You've gotta speak to the American Reps. Indian reps a shit!

That was a clear case of buyer remorse. Call again about appealing a case.
So I'm fairly new to the game and I've identified some products - but at least in Australia the postage costs seem insanely prohibitive - most of the products ive chosen are in the $10/$20 or $15/$25 buy/sell spread range - and with Australian postage looking about $7 - what do?

Do you guys mainly focus on high value items that make postage insignificant? or is there some master-race postage strategy I'm missing
>buy something from UK ebayer
>I live in Canada
>royal mail status: ON ITS WAY TODO NOT FLY - NRC

I guess I'm not getting this anymore? I better get a full refund with shipping.
In the US we have first class package rates for light items.

$2.60 for items 8oz or less then varying up to $3.65 for 16oz.

We also have media mail if the item qualifies. Rates are very cheap but the item has to meet their definition of "media".

You can also get negotiated rates if you do huge volumes with a certain courier.

Not sure how Australia works for shipping prices, but you might just want to look at larger dollar amount items. Throw your scraps to some anon if you can't use them.

>I guess I'm not getting this anymore?
That or it will come by sea. Or you're flagged as a terrorist by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission...

laptop parts

sometimes I get XEONs and I make $10,000 in a week- but it only happens once a month.

Just started throwing some of my cheap shit on a new burner account I made 10 years ago in anticipation of this day.

Maybe 10% of my business is done on ebay, and this account is 10% of that- 1% of revenues
I sell vintage Seiko brand watches on eBay. It's a pretty large second hand market, in comparison to other brands. I've got a large inventory, with many valuable pieces, and I'm able to make some decent profit from all of this. It is overall a very fun and lucrative hobby. But I've got a few gripes about the asshole buyers you'll meet from time to time, not to mention the hassle you'll face from international selling:
>sell vintage automatic Seiko chronograph, with a steady market value of $1,800 to $1,900
>had the movement professionally serviced and polished beforehand
>charge $45 for FedEx shipping (much faster and more reliable than USPS by far)
>buyer happily pays, I ship, and he receives package 6 days later
>no fuss, no muss?
>20 something days after sale date, I receive a complaint from the buyer. . .
>"You sent me a junked watch! This is garbage! The watch doesn't even work at all!! The movement is absolutely ceased and I am very unhappy with this transaction!"
>I comply with his refund request (sending back $1,856.50), but he agrees to pay for return shipping
>receive the returned watch and inspect it
>the watch seemed perfectly fine on the outside, but it didn't work
>check the movement
>this guy fucked my shit up: he swapped out the movement, which was a hard to find caliber, with a junked common Miyota movement
>the ol' switcheroo
>open a case, report buyer for violation
>eBay doesn't do jack shit about anything
>I am left with a valuable watch, with a shit movement
>buyer has closed his account
>the buyer was from ISRAEL
>I had to source a new movement for $450 because of this scheming ISRAELI motherfucker

I've excluded Israel, along with Turkey, Brazil, Italy, and Ireland. Fuck those guys. Does anybody block certain countries?
Report to IC3.gov.

But yeah, that absolutely sucks. I don't really sell anything to foreign buyers. I enable GSP for some things, but have never actually sold an item using it.
>Does anybody block certain countries?

Ya, the two hundred some countries not in North America, including Mexico. If you ain't blocking Russia, and most of East Europe don't say I didn't warn ya....
feeling you bruv
The deck is really stacked against US sellers trying to export. Fucked on postage to subsidize the Chinese, fucked by eBay's love of thieves, etc. Why bother.


Or $300 on Etsy.

Christ. Have you tried selling on WatchUSeek or any of the other forums?
I'd add some common pistol and rifle caliber bullets to your trading / useful stash for shtf. Pistol: 9mm, .40 or 38 special Rifle: .308, 5.56, 7.62x39. Might as well pick a couple pistols and rifles in a common caliber and stash a few thousand rounds for each. Also be sure to have at least 5 magazines, preferably more, for each firearm that uses detachable magazines. Water filtration would also be very valuable, have a look at the platypus gravity filters.

People will want water the most, food in a close second, and a way to defend their supplies and themselves too.

This is what happens when a /k/omando visits biz
All the time, but eBay is really better for exposure. If I really want to get something sold within the week, it's gonna go on eBay. I'll also use Etsy for my more "trendy" items, where women and hipsters will pay extra money for anything retro chic. Remember those calculator watches from the 80s? That stuff is prime hipster bait.
As a buyer, is it OK to wait until product is received to give feedback? Some chink was giving me shit because I wanted to wait to see the product so I could give feedback.

You are fucking stupid for asking this question
I'm pretty sure I know the answer it's just weird that the seller thought that was a problem.
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>the buyer was from ISRAEL
i've always thought that food would be a big problem after judgement day. So why not stock a heap of fertiliser, seeds etc?
You should honestly be growing your own vegetables already.
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>Piece from sold lot is missing from inventory.

This is surely one of the worst feels.
UKfags, I've just started to sell a largish number of things now and I'm looking for the LOWEST cost tracked postage service possible on the market.

The cheapest I've found so far is (my)Hermes @£2.70 (recently increased from £2.60

They confirm delivery and allow you to track. Are there any cheaper?
eBay will bend over backwards to ensure customers have a Disney-world experience on their site. They will not rarely help merchants. Unfortunately, this is from years of abuse on both ends.
Strategy for letting down a buyer smoothly?

>buyer won auction on a local pickup item
>lives on the other side of the country...
>clearly state in the ad that I would would not do any packing or dealings with a shipping company, >said i would consider dropping it off at a shipping center for them if they took care of the rest.
>told them the quote, which was too much.
>told them of another cheaper quote
>told them the packing quote
>asked for me to try to pack it myself
>tried and failed. (too big, too fragile, too many of my supplies needed)
>shipping costs more than the item sold for

how do i refund this person and politely tell them to fuck off? i've been killing myself for no reason trying to make them happy when i clearly said i didn't want to do any of this.
Don't do jewelry unless you know what you are doing. I assume you know enough not to buy from a jewelry store but if you're paying above precious metal weight for chains and silver you are doing it wrong. Diamonds only have any real value at .50 carats or higher in one stone. Chips are worthless.
File: 1416978898807.gif (2 MB, 320x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 320x250
Ding ding, winnar!

Began doing "antiques" (read, random cool, older junk,) two weekends a month. Last year my net was about $9k. Mind you, I'm pulling $66k a year at the #2 cable provider in the US as a supervisor, so this was fucking around money, but it's nothing to scoff at considering it'd be 2 weekends hitting garage sales and such, then 2 weekends reselling.

As a hobby, it's quite nice.
>Buyer pays extra for Priority Mail Express to PO box.
>Is IN PO Box, but not picked up on final estimated delivery day.
>Buyer hasn't picked it up, so it's not delivered.

I swear to fucking shit I am going to be pissed if I get a defect for late delivery holy fucking shit.
So i sold something for $100 and the guy said it wasn't as described even though it was new.

So he sends me back a box full of rocks that equal the weight of the original shipment.

I called up USPS and they said they couldn't do anything about it.

Ebay/paypal said the same thing.

Now I'm out $100 and my item.
I have experienced very little issues once I started selling business tier computing equipment.

Seems like if you sell to businesses or people wanting to pay high prices for business equipment the issues go wayyy down.

Also, you deal with (normally) educated and reasonable people.

I now only sell business equipment because its best experience for me. Normal people dont pay $300 for a Quadro card (750 ti based) and as such I dont get normal BS.
Call eBay appeals department. They might take pictures of rocks as evidence...

Buyer committed mail fraud which is a felony.

Report here, and here.


Any advice for selling clothing? Out of everything I put on Ebay it seems to do the worst, should I switch to Grailed and Poshmark instead?
profits should be about less then a quater from total revenue then im assuming
you really dont have what it takes to be a seller if you cant handle this simple problem..you know what to do.
File: Rieseita 2.gif (993 KB, 499x208) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Rieseita 2.gif
993 KB, 499x208
Clothes are kind of a pain from what I understand.. Not really my niche.
>tfw making $127.50+ an hour today.

Where do people buy their computer part inventory wholesale?
Not everybody can have ties to electronics recycling plants.
What do you sell?
File: Capture.jpg (125 KB, 664x776) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anything and everything. Except for clothes.
>Ship Priority Mail Express.
>Guaranteed by 3rd.
>In PO box on 3rd.
>Customer picks up on 4th.

Guise.. can I get my money back?
>sold laptop
>buyer leaves negative feedback based on a design fault of the laptop (i didn't hand mold the laptop housing by the way)
pretty annoyed. is there any way to have this removed since it has nothing to do with me?
Don't use usps ever
>Where do people buy their computer part inventory wholesale?
>Not everybody can have ties to electronics recycling plants.

Im just a small time guy. But I have sold $3K+ in the last 7 days from the reselling of computer parts bought from a major online retailer.

>Dell Outlet sales
Seiko guy here. This just happened last night.
>Sold a popular vintage analog-digital, with a high collectible value
>prominently featured in many Arnie films of the 80s -- called a Seiko "Arnie"
>Market value ranges from $500 to $1,000 based on condition
>Mine was alright, and eventually was bid up to $644.89
>fair enough
>Invoice automatically sent, and the winning bidder sends me this message:
>"I really like this watch, but I don't want to pay the full amount. If you are willing to lower the price to $325 we've got a deal. I can negotiate a little bit."
>My response: "No. We are not going to negotiate. I can report you for trying to pull off something like this."
>His response: "That is so rude! Cancel the order then. I don't want the watch anymore."
>Report the buyer

Fuck you, eBay user 42osnyaleite. Fuck you and your stupid username.

Anyways, this story has a happy ending:
>send second chance offer to second highest bidder
>offer accepted, watch sold for $637, buyer pays and sends me his gratitude
Can anyone give someone pointers in how to get started earning money selling items on ebay?

I've never done anything like it before. I have some money to get things going and a lot of free time.
buy low
sell low
lose money to ebay fees and scammers

Call eBay.



That sucks.. seems like a high risk type of item.

Also, you can report them here.. http://badbuyerlist.org/
File: Hmmmmmm.jpg (149 KB, 1649x959) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149 KB, 1649x959
>Empty box..

they're cigarette tubes
for people who can't roll
Pretty much this. The whole "buyer is always right!" corporate mindset you're trying to emulate is not suited for eBay. There are MANY times where the buyer is dead fucking wrong.
>There are MANY times where the buyer is dead fucking wrong.

Another Seiko story:
>sell a 90s precursor to the smartwatch as we know it today--the MessageWatch
>in it's time, from '93 to '99 this watch could send messages to other Seiko MessageWatch owners, check sports scores, check stock prices, and weather reports
>but this service has been long since discontinued now this watch is but a simple digital piece
>state this explicitly in the listing: "as a defunct precursor to the smartwatch . . . purely a collector's piece"
>buyer files a claim
>"this is not a smart watch. you did not state this in the listing."
>eBay actually drops this case, in my favor and sends the buyer a warning

Moral of the story: Seller protection is real. Buyers can act very stupid, even after full disclaimer and disclosure.
Lmao this is little league m8. The beauty of Amazon is to make money, you just need a few tens of people to buy your shit out of their millions of users.

Is anyone else getting crazy defects for 'carrier reports later delivery' ?
File: 140251783478s.jpg (12 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Sell item.
>Buyer makes crazy demands and is a huge ass.
>Report them, and won't be leaving positive feedback.
>Buyer leaves positive feedback.
>Threatens me because I don't leave positive feedback.
>Says they will get eBay involved, and will have their positive feedback removed.

those are empty paper tubes with a cigarette filter on the end.
It's for people who "roll" their own, but easier to do.
you have to buy loose leaf tobacco from a smoke shop.
>buy a phone from aliexpress
>arrives completely fucked, stuck on a boot loop
>send it back to return address in Hong Kong
>Seller says they havent gotten it
>"Oh you send to Hong Kong why you do that? We in Shenzen. You wait for return then send back to us okay."
>wait another month, pay another $30 shipping
>look up Shenzen on Google Maps
>literally right next to each other
>they made me wait for the phone to go 14,000 miles back to the US so I could send it another 14,000 miles to a city 2 miles away from the first city
I got Chinked
Buy/sell yeezys and limited nikes.
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