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The Point of Financial Independence
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>work in office
>everyone has mortgages/car loans/student loans to pay
>everyone has kids to put through college and wives to pacify
>everyone eats out daily and can't imagine life without the latest consumer electronics
>everyone has massive health insurance bills that can only be covered thanks to their employer HMO


>everyone is constantly on edge, desperately trying to appear busy
>everyone is terrified that anything they say or do will be reported and used against them, from political stances to absolutely anything about their personal lives
>everyone is terrified that they'll lose their livelihood over something as inconsequential as uttering the word 'fuck' in front of someone else, including my own manager in front of me, some fucking nobody peon, so they say it in hushed tones behind closed doors like gradeschool children
they extol capitalism and yet it's as if they think the nkvd will come in the middle of the night, it's really very sad

and this is why
>don't take on debts
>don't volunteer for unnecessary obligations
>save up all that you can and keep it for rainy days
>find fulfillment in frugality, even if it means being smug about consumerism and whatever
>eat healthy and stay active to minimize expenses in the long run
this is in response to people on here who say things like
>the point of money is to spend it
>why save up all this money to be old and not use it when you still can
and so on
can't really enjoy life when you wear a mask 40 hours a week
Unless you look into ERE and learn how to save money, you will never be able to have enough money while also working an easy job, allowing you little stress and lots of money per month that you are saving.

The middle class is mostly tradesmen or white-collar workers who make something like $45K-$100K and have no idea how to use money wisely. Doctors are awfully guilty of this. Make friends with any doctor, and you'll realize that they haven't a clue how to manage their money and are actually in debt, all while making $150K-$350K because they bought a BMW, a Lexus, and a $1.5M home.

You can live on a job that pays $12/hr part-time that requires no education or skills. You just have to know how to optimize every single need you have in your life before your money touches it.

It would be amazing to be able to free-lance from your laptop, traveling around the world with no boss, wife, or loans to deal with. I'm still trying to figure out how to do it. Free-lancing is a bit funky.
Let me guess OP - IBM?
in 50 years only rich people would be able to afford housing anyways so even if you are doing exceptionally well it don't guarantee shit
good guess but nope
Most jobs are relatively cozy.

Not being offensive to others may get annoying but it's a part of life. I swear a little too much as just part of talking but I'm trying to work on that.
Where the fuck do you fucks all live? LA and NYC? Jesus Christ everyone acts like its the end of the world since they can't make it in a major city. If you can't make it why not move? The only reason to live in a city is for entertainment anyway.
T. Pleb who lives 30 minutes away from downtown of his state capital and makes 45k with no trade skill or education or certs. Just a hs diploma.

I'm doing p fine where I live, dunno why everyone cries. If u can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen (if u can't compete in the city, move)
>le just move

when housing prices goes up, its unified. maybe you feel it the most in major cities but all property prices are rising in differently
if more people migrate from point A(big city) to point B(smaller town), the mortgage prices will automatically go up in point B

i live in a (almost) shithole with mainroad near my house and 3 kindergardens around us, the price of our house doubled since we got it
Le just move where no one else is moving too, you literally just explained why you shouldn't move to a high growth area (Austin is probably a good example I always hear how people are moving there)

You act as if though you'll have an impact as a single person vs following a herd. Keep coming up with excuses so you don't have to recognize your own shortcomings
i don't need excuses, the world population proves my point.

eventually all areas will become point of interest,the question is when.
Ok so you act as if though right now you can't buy a house. The world isn't ending and it will all be okay.

> work in manufacturing
> don't face these same problems

i just run numbers, there is nothing philosophical about my point of view.
no matter how much prices rise up people will continue sign mortgage because nothing stopped them thus far
how many of your coworkers live paycheck to paycheck
is that really any different

we're also not the ones pissing our pants over automation
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