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mortgage payment
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hey /biz/ I'd like your thoughts on the text below as it a big ongoing problem in my family...

>parents bought house in 1984 £30,000 mortgage
>both been working full time
>2016 still £60,000 left to pay on the mortgage

what went wrong?
They bought at the top of a housing bubble
they weren't paying their loan down. looks the opposite actually.

I should have explained more but I didn't want to bore people. There are a lot of factors as to why they're both nearly 60 have worked 30 years a piece and don't have a dime to show for it.

The reason why is because my parents didn't budget together, my mum kept her money and my dad kept his which isn't what my dad wanted but my mother is a very overpowering narcissistic type of person so here are some things that happened along the way

>parents poor had no money back in 1984 just your regular working people
>bus they used to get in the morning went past a private school
>my dad told my 3rd world mother "this is where rich people go" when she'd ask him what that facility/building is
>her stubbornness and narcissism flared up at this and she was adamant of sending the first child there despite not being able to afford it
>lies to school that only the father is working and she is stay at home so they can get money off the fees
>elder brother gets into the school
>school finds out when they tried the same thing with my sister the 2nd child, so they have to pay the money they owe
>still with overtime my mother would earn £3.2k after tax and my dad is a bus driver he gets around £2.2 after tax
>mother has HORRIBLE spending habits, no care for money at all
>had to get sister married for some reason so they took a loan out on the house in 2008 when only £18,000 was left to pay on the mortgage (smart move right?) just so they can have some extravagant wedding
>2012 dad comes into some inheritance money approximately 30k, mum goes on power trip and says we must build big house back home
>so spineless dad goes along with it despite me and my siblings telling them to pay off the mortgage
>they buy a piece of land which is huge and then decide to build a house upon it which they took out another loan on the house for EIGHTY FUCKING GRAND
>dad is paying everything for the house, mortgage is 1.3 a month + the bills so around 1.8 goes out of his pay
>mum doesn't help him with anything, earns around 1.6 after tax and literally has no bills or anything to pay
>got ipad few years ago, which was a big mistake as she is a shopaholic but luckily before it was only in the winter sale and at yard sales in summer time
>now with the power of the internet she is on ebay 24/7, 8-10 packages coming to the house every day in her name, going through some sort of mid life crisis the bitch
>I quit my job to start selling stuff online, I want to help my dad somehow as he is also ill...some sort of kidney problems
>big arguments happening in my house everyday about finances and how they don't get along, hate each other etc

I want to find some way to make big money to help my dad, I guess this is just a rant as I don't have anyone to speak to really and wanted to see if you guys think it's normal to still be in such a financial situation after so many years
i didnt read all that but i gather your parents are awful with money and deserve to be exactly where they are financially.

be glad you have the sense to not do that shit.
Yeah 100% agree with you. It's a very strange situation they should be pretty well off by now but instead they are still paying off a mortgage that was only £30,000 due to the bad decisions they've made.

My dad has always been good with money but he's also a spineless bitch who has no control over my mother and I think she sensed this early on in their marriage and shes basically beasted him, he has zero control. If you try to discuss things with her she has a very strong defense mechanism.

The woman literally doesn't understand the fundamentals of budgeting and saving money. I said to her seeing as you've embarked on this project of building a freaking enormous house because you wanted it to be bigger than your sisters, why don't you give dad at least £500 a month out of your pay? But she just makes noise and then thats it nothing comes of the conversatio
I think men have to be able to put their foot down early in the relationship and keep that shit going. Women go crazy when they have power, its literally a dysfunctional experience for them.

I'm gay, why aren't you? So much easier, and boys can take the pounding better anyway

>four fucking captchas
While I agree that a relationship with a woman in charge is inherently dysfunctional, being gay is even more dysfunctional.
I'm fine with this. I'll be rich, happy and dysfunctional. You can be a poor cuck and think you're in a better situation ifcyou like
And this, my friends, is why you don't fucking get married.

Stay a solo neet. You'll evolve eventually, and unlike 90% of the population, you'll have no debts or bills.
Father in law earns around $200k after tax each year.
Still has mortgage on $80k house purchased 15+ years ago and has no savings.
The house is a dump. Absolutely no sign of wealth or copious spending. I have no fucking clue where his money goes
Well I'm pretty much single with no real interest of going after women at the moment so may as well be gay. It's my parents who are the problem not my sexual preferences haha
I'm planning to for a good while until I'm financially free for life.

I want to change my situation in life but this is where I have to take the blame, growing up I've seen total dysfunction between my parents with every domestic problem you can imagine pretty much taking place.

Now I'm 25, don't have any qualifications and been working retail up until this time last year where I quit my shitty job and with the money I saved I started reselling used shit on ebay. However I'm not sure why or what I have not taken the action necessary to better myself, I don't know if it's depression or what but I spend all day thinking about bettering my situation but never do it. Sometimes I think I use all of this as an excuse to put off the hard work required.

I know deep down I have the potential but I just feel like I'm going insane really, every day I do fuck all about it. Too comfortable being a manchild
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