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SEO Google website rankings.
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To make a long story short, my uncle owns a website/business that he pays about $300 a month for so that "SEO WEB" company can keep his website on the first page. after about two years he has fallen to the the second page, and decided to cut relations with said company.

He told me, he is willing to pay for any course, like the courses you find on UDEMY, so that I can learn to manage his website.

So my question is: What is the best way to go about learning this sorcery?

I will personally donate a $5 paypal tip to anyone who can lead me in the right direction.
You want to learn seo or how to manage a website?

I want to keep my uncles page AT LEAST on the first page of google. He is basically going to buy a new domain name and hand me all the user/password info to manage it, keep it up in rankings.

In other words, he would employ me
Marketing exec here who deals a lot with google analytics. What type of business is he in and how large is the business?

I suggest serpbook.com for tracking your keywords if you have a bunch.

Be prepared to spend at least $300/month worth of your time trying to do this, that's best case scenario. Good luck.

Please for the love of god lead me in the right direction: He puts Hair Extensions/cosmetology in his home.

I have disability, so I have all the free time in the world.
Bumping for best Course Selection? UDEMY?

So yeah, I'm not planning on learning to design websites, just SEO.
Just bumped the donation tip to $10
Got a meeting to go to for a bit. Here's a good article on the basics


Thanks chief!
rutracker.org, translate it with chrome
lots of udemy/lynda/etc stuff (all in english, ain't nobody translating that shit), probably most of seo stuff too
keep your tenner
you don't need a course. all you need is time and

maybe even search the keywords
on page seo
off page seo
white hat seo
black hat seo
penguin updates
panda updates
"seo is dead"

in your journey, you will encounter a lot of "gurus" selling you their products, don't buy anything. whatever they are selling, you can find online for free, as long as you're not lazy.

Hey man, this is 4chan, we're all disabled.

In that case then there are really just two basic elements: on site SEO (keyword related content, and clean code) and off site SEO (building high quality links pointing back to your site). The rest you can Google really.
I feel like crying right now! thanks so much guys.
Here is basic course free. Local SEO is pretty simple. Complexity is the enemy of achievement. Good luck bud, you got this. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RRBlru-IaLk
Ok. So my uncle just gave me the domain name of the website. It turns out he is going to continue the service for at least 3 more months before leaving me up to it.

What information does he need to get to give me access to the site? Is it a wordpress loging and password. What info is he supposed to provide me?

He has no idea himself, so that's why I ask.

Unfortunately it's tough to assess what potential issues are without actually knowing the site.

If it's local SEO then this company was probably building shitty links or fake authority links and Google decided to shuffle up the first page.

I remember getting into SEO a bunch of years back, prob 09 and it was a hell of a lot easier back then. You'll hear "seo is dead" because Google pretty much wants established websites providing content on their first pages for search terms.

Back in 09 we could get new websites propped up on first pages easily for tougher search terms. Of course, times change and Google has taken steps to protect their business. If this company fucked around too much with "SEO" that goes against Google's algorithm rules then you might be in a tough position for your Uncle's company.

Learn about on page seo and off page seo, watch some videos on some of the ranking factors behind Google's algorithms and try to get an understanding of what Google wants to see. Trying to find short cuts or black hat ways to handle seo will result in your business' online demise.

After you have an understanding of the basic framework behind seo I would then suggest you assess the on page and off page seo work done on the site. There are some free tools to evaluate some on page factors such as code, page loading speed, etc. See if there are any glaring factors that you can deal with yourself.
After doing that you should then check to see what backlinks have been created for the site and find any tools that could tell you the historical page ranking of the site. Maybe then you can find any off page work that might've hindered the site's first page results.

That's about the best way to start you off. This shit will be confusing but you can probably understand what you need to know for free, try to hold off paying people for services until you have an understanding of what they do. It's very easy for services to cut corners when it comes to seo

Is your uncle's company local? I remember guys back in the day would hit up local companies to "manage" their websites for $297 a month... It was very easy money since they could do minimal SEO work to get on the first page (for local terms which are very easy) and then they could just collect $297 monthly for maybe making sure the site stayed up 99.9% of the time - which is simply bitching at the hosting company if the site is down.
SEO is stupid

just write.
Login and password
Hey OP check this table out. Probably the most simplified explanation. I do international SEO so I can't tell you much on local SEO but it's under the same principles.


Stay away from blackhat shit. Those guys just got rekt over the weekend with the google algorithm change.
Interesting. Can any of you SEO guys tell me how much overlap SEO has with analytics? How beneficial is knowing one to the other? What would be easier to make a bit of money with sooner, analytics or SEO? Assuming I'm learning it on my own through the internet

there you will find many good tutorials on how to do it by yourself and people who will do exactly this for a few dollars. I outsource this shit, because it is unsatisfying work.


many fake gurus who sell courses, you can get them for free on first site mentioned. but in the forums there are some good infosrmation about the topic.
SEO is the action and analytics are the research. One without the other results in long term failure.
warriorforum has many gurus whose only aim is to deceive you and sell you their stuff. their sales talk is very convincing, they even have tons of positive reviews from satisfied buyers, but don't believe their bull$hit.

also in the forum, there are a lot of misinformation and people who don't know what they're talking about.

that said, there are a few who know what they're talking about. and they post their knowledge in the forums for free. the trick is knowing who those people are.

warriorforum is 95% bull$hit and mostly expensive, and 5% are real useful information and usually free.
exactly this.
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