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Sales and Bread
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I'm back again, y'all.

Bored at work, as we're slower than shit. Should be going home in a few and wanted to do another one of these threads.

On me: 24 year old timeshare salesman averaging $12,000 a month income. Here to help build sales pitches, give general sales advice, answer questions about timeshare, or get called a fag a bunch.

I'm going to focus on getting prospective clients to ask you the right questions and how to work a tie-down today.
Home. Phone died.

So, getting clients to ask the right questions. Some anons might be wondering why it's not the other way around. That's because telling isn't selling. Nobody cares about the features of your product or service until they've asked for them. You'll ask questions, but there are certain questions you want a client to ask, and you'll want to steer the conversation that way.

Some examples:
>What does it do?
>Why does it do that?
>When can I use it?
>How much does it cost?

The last two are what we call buying questions. You never answer them directly. I'll address that a little later.

Let's say I'm selling a widget that cleans windows. I'm going to ask some stupid fucking questions after I've warmed up with my client.

>So do you have windows?

>How many?
A lot

>Nice. Big, bright house, right? But it's gotta be a pain to clean all of them.

>So when's the last time someone spoke with you about Jizzrag?
Uh, never, I guess

>What? You have umpteen widows and nobody gave you an opportunity to get a Jizzrag?
No. Why?

>Well if there was a way to save time and money while getting cleaner windows, you'd be interested, right?
Yeah. How?

And from there you can introduce your product. It's a strained example because fuck seeking cleaning supplies, but you get the gist.

I'll give a couple more examples of what I mean, then move to tie downs and buying questions.
So you have a product that saves people money by reducing their electricity consumption. The benefit is obvious. It saves money. The how is great; it reduces electricity. To get a sale, you need to introduce that benefit, explain how it's achieved, and then justify the cost.

>It's a Widget. When did you first hear about it?
I didn't. What's it do?

>Well, that's a great question. If I told you it saves you money, would you like to learn more about it?
Yeah. How's it do that?

>There are gremlins that suck electricity from your home outlets while you sleep. This kills them in a brutal holocaust. Now, the main benefit to you is that this saves you money on electricity bills.
How much?

>How much is the Widget, or how much does it save you?
Well, both I guess.

>Understandable. Well let me ask you this, if the Widget cost half as much as it saved you; it'd obviously save you money, right?

>When's the best time to save money, Anon?

>Exactly. Well, technically yesterday. I mean, if you'd had this five years ago it would've saved you over $500 by now. But we can't change the past, only use it to make educated decisions for the future. So is there any reason you wouldn't like to save money today?

>Great. The Widget is $49.95 and saves the average owner over $100 a year. Would you prefer to use a card or cash?

You get them to ask specific questions to tie them back into the deal. Tie downs are how you get rhetorical yesses and trial close people. More on that next.
Look back up through the thread. Every question is met with another question for the most part. Every statement ends with a question designed to elicit a yes. Since examples.

>Saving money would be a benefit, right?
>You can see the benefit here, right?
>So if you could use it in the shower, it'd be better?
>So, if I understand correctly, you'd like it to do X, Y, and Z?

All are answered with a yes. You want those small yesses because it helps make the big one easier. You don't start a date by asking a girl to let you bend her over the kitchen table and fuck her in the ass. You start with a hello, work to a hand hold, then to a kiss and so on. (Actually had a female manager give me that one). If they've done nothing but say yes to you for the past hour, it makes saying the big yes a lot easier, and saying no a lot harder.

So, have you maxed out your looks yet, OP? Do you plan to spend some money on plastic surgery?
I'm getting a full mouth of implants, but it's more medically necessary than anything
Got any storys to share this time?
How to start into sales ? Where to search ?
Guys, i'm the most mediocre sales person i know.

I worked for one year selling cable subscriptions D2D and i started working for an international introducing broker 4 months ago.

Overall i would say i'm just mediocre, i was never the worst nor the best though i am busting my ass off.

I feel that i build solid report with my clients (getting them to laugh with me and telling me about their lives/jobs/countries) but when it comes to actually closing the deal i pass them to a "senior broker" (we do cross-selling) and my results don't really satisfy me in the sense that i bring in a under-average number of closes. What do you guys think ?
OP, when are you going to finally write a free ebook about all this?
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not this salesmoron again. his real salary is prolly 1200 a month
How do you get leads?
Currently doing door to door trying to sell HVAC leases with monthly payments.

Any tips? Especially for qualifying the customer at the door
I got a glaring exit review when closing for a new rep. I'll post why next.

Anywhere. Craigslist, Monster, classifieds, etc. Sales jobs are very easy to get, but hard to produce in.

>What do you guys think ?
I think you should learn to close your own deals if you're not satisfied with your closer's abilities.

I'm not. Sorry, anon.

>How do you get leads?
I don't. Marketers bring in new clients. I exclusively sell to people that already own with us, so they're at the resort on vacation already. They get invited to an update and breakfast where I sell them.

>Any tips? Especially for qualifying the customer at the door
Figure out the benefits of leasing versus owning, as I imagine that's an issue for a lot of people. But as far as qualifying, what are your issues? Money or credit?
>I got a glaring exit review when closing for a new rep

>Client that was just in two months ago comes back
>We see two types of owners. Points or fixed weeks
>The fixed week owners have owned at our resort for 20+ years, are old, and generally don't have much money
>Pitch them
>It goes nowhere fast
>Ask them why they continue to come to these presentations just to get offended when we ask them to buy something
>Call them on it
>"Well if what you're saying is true, we'll just sell this when the maintenance fees get too high."
>"Awesome. I'll help. That list of for sale weeks that goes out with the homeowners association voting slips. Are you familiar?"
>"Same weeks every year, right?"
>"Well we'll put you on it now, and in ten years, you might have it sold"
>"We're not idiots. We'd sell it on the internet."
>"Good idea. There's a couple other weeks from here up on eBay for $1"
>"Are you saying our week is worth $1?!"
>"No, no, no. You misunderstood me. What I'm saying is that it's not. It's quite literally worth nothing. Nobody wants it; not even you."

They smiled. Shook my hand. And then wrote a bunch of stupid shit on an exit survey. They got $75 for giving me 2 hours of their vacation.
Joke's on you. I don't have a salary.

I have a gf that currently does Primerica. A) Should I join her in it? and B) Is it worth doing or is she better off just getting some education and working in someone else's firm?
I have a passing familiarity with Primerica. Most of my friends work in wealth management or accounting. Their products are pretty crappy, but they're legit legally speaking. You can succeed, but it's tough. They're a great way to get some basic certs (I think you get a Series 6 and 63 with them). If she excels, great. I wouldn't join looking for a career with the company, though. As a starting point for some sales training and title/cert gathering, it's a great option.
this is hilarious, whenever someone is giving me one of these and i'm bored i just play along and get them excited

how shitty is this type of job, literally try and trick people into thinking they want something. more power to you OP
Is this thread from 2007

Thanks for answering the question. Good luck in all that you do - I'll start looking at it with a different outlook then.
>i just play along and get them excited
A good salesperson can tell when they're being stroked. They should also never get more excited than you. If someone genuinely wants something, a good representative should take it away.

Takeaways are relatively simple. They rely on the concept that people want what they can't have. Scarcity also implies that other people want the same item/service, and in instances where an individual doesn't exactly know what to do, they look for social cues. That's why every TV ad for a service or new product will tell you how many users they have. They're hoping that you'll allow group consensus to make the decision for you.

As for convincing people to buy something, that's all sales is. "Sales is convincing someone to do something they normally wouldn't in order to improve the quality of their lives." -Zig Zigler. Read some of his stuff sometime. Even if you never go into sales, the principles will make you a much better businessman.

I wish. This shit was much easier to sell back then.
How does someone find a job selling timeshares? Or any lucrative sales job
>"Sales is convincing someone to do something they normally wouldn't in order to improve the quality of your life."

Fixed that for you.
I'm in sales and I kekked.

I don't sell useless crap though.
Lord please let this still be up in the morning...
I make great money and my quality of life has improved as well, but these people seriously do get a better quality of life out of the product. I've gotten thank you cards, postcards, cakes, hugs, pictures. All sorts of shit. Nobody likes a $200 payment, but everyone loves the ability to take their kids to an all inclusive resort in Disney for the week and not have to pay an additional cent.

Sometimes we straight fuck people, though.

Did you need something, anon?
Im going to start bartending soon, any tips on how to get lots of tips? I know its not directly sales, but I feel like selling people on my personality and buying more drinks will help with tips.
My folks used to have a timeshare in corpus christi. It was fun for the family as a kid we always had a vacation destination.
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Thread images: 2
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