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ideas to raise $10,000 to get a good car.
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Ok /biz/ I was wondering if you can give me ideas on how to raise/earn some money

What am I trying to do? I've always wanted to own and drive a truck, and every time I see one I wish I could afford one, even if its a used one

But no more fucking wishing, I want to get that fucking truck and chase that dream, and hopefully achieve it within a year. Sure I can save up money, but at my $15 an hour call center job that's would take years.

I need some ideas on how to raise $10,000, and the quicker the better. I figure that amount is enough to get me a used truck in decent condition.

Since I figured I might as well use my strengths to my advantage, I'll list what I have going for me right now, and see if I can somehow use those to make money

>Programming. Know multiple programming languages, including C++ and Java. I am capable of creating programs and phone apps
>somewhat decent knowledge of computer security and hacking

>associates in computer networking
>bachelors in Information systems
Fuck, for some reason phone didnt post the whole thing

Anyways, I don't have any student debts to worry about

>but anon, why arent you working as a systems administrator or doing some IT or programming job making a ton of money?
As for why I'm not working in my field, well I've applied for months on end and haven't gotten shit, not even a damn interview. It seems like its who you know rather on what you know, and I don't have any connections and neither does my family.

Either that or employers use a system tob g. filter through keywords when I upload my resume to the application and the system assigns it a value based on the keywords the program finds in order to determine the most worthy candidates. I have not really kept up with resume formatting, all I have is an up to date resume which was reviewed and deemed good when taking a resume building seminar.

Current funds:
Less than $500. I try to put 300 into savings every month.

Current ideas:
-make a blog. However this can take a year or more before I make any sort of income off it it, and even that's not garuntee
-YouTube videos which target some audience. Maybe create a game mod or something and make videos of it, then make money off advertising revenue
-Create a video game. Depends on the target audience. If its a phone app which appeals to the average person it might work, however this market is already hypercompetetive. I could try to create an indie game on steam or something, but I'm not sure how long it would take or how much I could possibly make. Also don't have any ideas for a game yet
-create a startup or something. No ideas though, also seems like a hyper competitive market with not much chance of success.

Maybe those ideas might be too big for just making $10,000, but that's all I can come up with right now

So with all that information, do you guys have any ideas on what I can do to make the $10,000 so I can afford a truck?
Buy smaller cars for good prices, sell for higher prices. rinse repeat.
Slow and steady playa

Slow and steady

Mind on the prize!

How many fucking people buy new cars outright nigga? Get it on finance.
Why do you have next to no money? You should focus on improving your money situation before buying an unnecessary purchase like a truck.
How much is a good idea to have saved?

as much as you can

Which, of course, depends. If you are 30 and in good health- as much as you can.

If you're 60 and have a failing heart, eh, go out and spend some dough
Get a job.
Gain experience.
Get qualifications.
Get a better job.
Repeat the above until bank balance is $10,000.
Buy truck.
How about something like this OP?
$2500, if you don't have that much get a small signature loan from your bank and pay it off in like 5 months. That's better than an auto loan because you don't need full coverage with a signature loan. If you pay it off in 5 months your total interest will be like $120

Why do you think OP should get a loan?

He has no job, no work ethic, and no vision.

How will he pay it back?

If he was the kind of person that was going to pay back the creditor he would have been at work, at his job, right now, instead of posting on biz in mommie's basement
I do have a job. I work full time at a call center for $15 an hour and live in a little studio apartment.

I only post on break or in between phone calls from my phone. Like I mentioned I would LOVE to get a job that uses my degree and pays better, like a sysadmin or software developer, but for the past 8 months of applying I have only gotten 1 interview and nothing came from it. It seems to depend on who you know


Sell everything you have and don't need worth over $20.

Find roomate, charge them half the rent.

Make them sleep on an inflatable mattress, figure it out.

Was that so hard anon?

Your problem isn't your age- you are worth $15/hour, and are being paid $15/hour.

Your problem is your spending habits.

wage not age ***
Thread replies: 16
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