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Reminder that USPS rates are going up 01/17/16!


Cutting labels to Vaporwave time; Woodcutting Lvl 99 Required.

Man, I hate how the label for shit is bigger than a 4x7 inch jiffy bag

need to trim it
Do you have a label printer, or do you print it normally and cut it by hand?
fold it in half, tape it to the box

except jiffys- the smallest size I stock
>Fold in half

I assume you only do one item at a time then?
You must be doing some high priced items, small too.

Do you resell watch parts or rare pens?

server cpus
Oh, I remember you. Welcome back 3% profit man, I'm surprised that you have time to be browsing 4chan so often.

not him.

I sell low volume of high margin goods.

He has the opposite approach. I mean, I check biz in between ebay listings- why not.

The coin stuff interests me. Made some money off it, think BTC is going to $50 and a new coin will get pumped to 1000
>BTC is going to $50
You mean $450 right?

Why do you think a new coin is gonna get pumped, and how do you expect to get on the right coin out of the hundreds of them?


I bought bitcoin last time, when it was getting pumped,

I sold at 900, waited for it go back to 2, and bought back in.

Now- I'm out. It's headed to $50- soon.

I will buy back in at 50- for now I count my money
Alright then.
If it ever goes sub $100 I'll probably buy back into the coin, but I doubt it.

It's really simple.

The penny stock (sorry, coin) gets a pump to $100, the value goes up, the smart people get in, it goes to 1k and it starts to crash.

No one knows when- the smartest people sell for $999- the suckers are the ones that bought in for $100 and held to $1000 - they get stuck with them at $200.

Now, it goes back to $700 because the people that pumped it the first time and got out in time throw back in some of the piles of money they made- the smart get out at $699- once again, plenty of suckers get stuck with the shit as it goes to $50.

I will buy at $50, sell at $73, it will crash from $90 to $10, to $19- to $5, you get it.

Until it's worth pennies and only suckers have it.

Now- there's always new suckers. So some new coin will get pumped to $100 and then go to $1k and crash
>mfw all the shit I've been selling is too large to want to deal with eBay for
>mfw 12 craigslist transactions and not a single asshole
>mfw have like $2200 in cash on me

I'm due for a huge craigslist fuck up aren't I?

>2200 in cash

buy a piece

Selling what? And sourcing from where? Hook me up.
My aunt is a real estate agent who sells a lot of houses where the owners just want the property gone, they don't want to clean out the property or they've already taken their personal/important items.

So she lets me take whatever because whoever purchases the property normally asks for it to be professionally cleaned out anyways.

In fact, today I brought home, I counted them, 203 - 5" binders all in pretty much perfect condition except for dust. These fucking things are like $20 a piece new, trying to figure out how to unload them all at once.

Dam nice dude! That's p cool.
Jesus.... what is it with some eBay buyers?

I sold a radeon 7970 GPU that was a manufacture refurb from newegg that worked fo for the 15 mins I tested it. Sold it on eBay because I didnt need it.

Buyer gets it, is adamant the GPU is broke since it grey screens his computers. That fine ill just do a.... return... then I read the rest of his email.

Then he tells me he will be returning it whether I like it or not and if I even try to make it a hard time for him he will report me to both eBay and Paypal and leave a neg feedback.

Also is demanding a full and instant refund. Yeah.. ok... lol

Im a small time seller (135 feedback) and dont give a fuck about DSR or opened return cases.

I told the kike to open a return case when he felt like acting like a reasonable adult and then we could start the return process.

Also, told him that extortion in the way of negative feedback is NOT allowed in any case so he better tread lightly.

What is the deal with these guys? I am fully willing to resolve the issue but when you act like an asshole I will drag my feet and do everything I can to make the process as long as possible.
A society that coddles and tells people that they're worth the air they breathe.
Its me again, still trying to sell something produced in RUSSIA abroad. Ruble is falling day by day, so I have very interesting prices on: electronic components;
optical instruments;
glass bottles (for Europe);
light bulbs (except led).
Feel free to ask me for anything you can SELL. I'll give you a price with shipping to your place.
you mean BUY? Whats your emai?
No, I mean SELL. If you can sell, for example, some bulbs in your country, tell me the model and actual price and I'll try to beat it.
mail: [email protected]
Thread replies: 22
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