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On a scale from 1 to Holy Fuck how stupid...
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>Can't handle the 2 minutes it takes to create a character in any game ever.
>Thinks USBs need to go into the same port they were originally plugged into when moving computers
>Literally fucking said, "Social Media killed Communication."
>Just talking to him makes him feel like I'm disrespecting him.
It's vaguely business related I suppose.
Pic unrelated.
And yet he's paid more than you OP.

Only because he's been on the planet longer than I have. Not what I'd call fair competition really.
That's nothing. I worked in app development for an agency caught up in a porn scandal 2 years back. Senior devs and manager were walking WTFs.

I remember one time, an app had a side menu with icons. Senior devs set really nonsensical icons because it was "impossible" (can't art, can't Google, can't let me help). So we're months behind (because they can't do _anything_) and they, I shit you not, spend an entire day setting all 20 items to the _same_ icon. Manager doesn't see a problem with any of it. Then fires me.

And yeah, the 3 of them together take the Commonwealth for over $250K each year.
>And yet he's paid more than you OP.

And how are you suppose to compete exactly?

Once you get into a cozy position and work for 10+ years even if you're a legitimate moron not up to date on technology of the last 5 years you will still be employed and paid very well for some buttfuck reason.
I suppose it's important to say that I work IT at a shipping warehouse, this is my first job ever and I'm 18. For context.

But yeah, that sounds like my worst fucking nightmare honestly.

jesus fucking christ. that is why employment is not a fucking option. having to deal with the feeling that other absolutely incompetent retards are making bank comfortably while you struggle to get any recognition despite the fact that you are objectively outperforming the fuck out of everyone... AND THEN YOU GET FIRED.

i would fucking end up in prison for manslaughter.

so better avoid that entirely and work towards self employment.
I still can't get past "Social Networking killed Communication."

Even if some of those other things were moot, that was fucking ridiculous enough to throw me through a loop.
I was talking with friends about this board, and I forgot to mention how he also doesn't like Android because its too unstable and complicated.

I will reiterate that he is the Network Manager. And with the size of our company it is nothing but complications.
Bear with me here. It's destroyed the _value_ of communication. More and more noise drowns out anything of consequence. Isn't it effectively destroyed?
Social networking is nothing but communication, and this more of the logic of "supply and demand" you're referencing with the devaluelization.
Communication isn't a commodity to me, so you can't really tarnish the value of it.
I'm going to disagree with everyone... social media IS destroying communication. It's part of the overall side-effect of the rise of computers.

(if you want to put on a tin foil hat, feel free to, I won't judge)

Oh... and OP >>1028606 ; if you show this reply to your boss, I bet he will agree with me:

1. Easy access to the internet has reduced the need for people to develop their memory. Where (in the old days) people had to remember facts & figures, they can now easily find them on google. While this won't really hurt the people who grew up before the internet; it will harm the younger people since they will never have had a need to develop the memory portion of their brain. Long term effect = a reduction in the long-term memory of the population.

2. The short message nature of social media (especially twitter as it exists right now), eventually takes away a persons ability to think in complete thoughts. With a limited number of characters and the overdose in the number of people who post (but don't read most of others peoples post), it breaks down the ability of a person to think in and communicate in complex thought. Bottom line = even though people are communicating with MORE people, the quality of the communication continues to drop.

3. The SJW takeover of the world started with the takeover of social media. As a result, not only are people being censored online based on their opinions, but it has limited everyone's ability to hear, recognize and debate contrary opinions. This creates an artificial belief that everyone in the world shares the sparkle and sunshine opinions that are promoted on social media while contrary opinions are suppressed. (the exception being 4chan, where free speech still rules)

(more to follow)
4. As a result of #3, people have begun to self-censor when posting on social media. Comments or thoughts they might otherwise post are not posted because of the social and financial consequences. This will eventually result in people self-censoring their own thought.

The conclusion:

Computers and the internet are some of the greatest inventions in human history, but they create unintended side effects that won't be spotted for years.

While it makes it much easier to watch funny cat videos, the cost is a reduction in human memory, a decrease in the ability to have real communications, the shrinking of the ability of people to think in complete thoughts; and the conversion of entire generations into mindless vanilla drones.
All of these are problems if you let them become problems. I rarely use twitter, and I wouldn't be as social as I was without my connections through media. It's 100% possible to be normally coherent and thoughtful on social media.

These are just problems if let them be problems.

And I will agree that their is a censorship issue, especially in the work atmosphere, cause I could easily be nixed if I went onto Facebook about this, and I rarely even go on there anyways to avoid the massive overflow of bullshit.

There will, of course, be exceptions (as there is in anything). I'm talking more about broad trends and not individual cases.

I don't know if people are becoming more stupid or if it's just that we're hearing from them more, but people are becoming quite dim. (example: Jimmy Kimmels' video the other day of people on the street congratulating North Korea for their H bomb)

Or another example: Christmas at anyone's family. Everyone sits around on their phones in a quiet room.

As far as the job consequences of social posts, I think Justine Sacco proved that in spades (she's the one who sent a tweet and then got on a 10 hour plane flight)
True, I honestly believe it's a case of silent majority, and in my experience is when idiots talk, they DO NOT KNOW HOW TO STOP. They will go and go with blabbering about something that doesn't even really matter at all.

I have never witnessed a Christmas with everyone fiddling with their phones, but I have to enact a phone ban everytime I gather friends to play tabletops, which is rather frustrating for me cause I look like the asshole.

I know a pair of sisters who will spend their time texting to each other while sitting in the same room.
That shit makes me furious.
I suppose it's just technology being misused, I don't use it as a crutch or replacement, I use it out of convenience.
Independent Self employed contractor.
More Money Less Pain. You write up what you are willing to do and they pay you $$$,$$$/year to do it. Live comfortably(not in a mansion) and travel when your burned out and have saved some cash. Stash Cash in various Places ( Market, Savings, Wall safe, Mattress) and sit back and enjoy.

FYI i am one of those 10 Year Plus guys and its only going to get higher on the payscale. I personally am opening up a services based company that fills a few lacking areas of coverage in my area.
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