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Ways your fam tbh held you back in life
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Post how your family held you back from success.

>Never taught me ANYTHING about personal finance/investing/markets, etc
>Said meme shit like "You need to be a genius with a million dollars to invest!" when I told them what I learned about investing and tried to talk to them about it
>Constant nagging raised my cortistol and sub-sequentially lowered my testosterone
Same repost

every day
>He actually goes on 4chan every single day and remembers every post

Kind of pathetic. Don't you have a job or friends?
make an original post op then well talk, otherwise gtfo
Families are fucking bullshit. The state should rip children away from their families at an early age and raise them in boarding school.

My family wanted me to never accomplish a single goddamn thing in my life and they tried has hard as they possibly could to do that to me. The best day of my life is when I left that sorry bunch of scumfucks.

Seriously, fuck family.
>My family wanted me to never accomplish a single goddamn thing in my life and they tried has hard as they possibly could to do that to me. The best day of my life is when I left that sorry bunch of scumfucks.

What happened anon? Could you share details if you don't mind?

Calm down idiot. I know this thread is a repost, I'm not pretending it isn't. I just wanted to re-start the discussion we had before.

Yes because having memory is totally pathetic. Confirmed for totally fucking retarded.
You know the aort of people who know fuckall about anything about the world, never save a penny, have 8 kids, send their kids to school and expect them to preform well when they never take an interest in their child's preformance and neglect them emotionally? Do you the absolute cretins who have sex without condoms and bring more and more children into this world to suffer because of their own goddamn stupidity.

Some people just need to be fucking neutered, and their children taken away from them. I actually cry when I look back on my childhood. Fuck family.
come up with your own shit then
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First one is the same for me

>Father never got me involved in sports or athletics at a young age, even though he was very athletic (I have realized over time this is out of some sort of spite)
>Mother, whose first language is Spanish, never taught me a lick even though all she had to do was fucking talk to me in Spanish. Had to teach myself.
>Grew up in Europe, parents took me out of European education system and put me into an American school for American expats at age 11 (The repercussions of this are honestly too much to even quantify, a terrible mistake)
>Never got me braces (when they were needed) and so I'm in the awkward position of being a young adult with fucked up teeth- do I get braces and take a leave of absence from the dating market for a couple years, or soldier on through life like this?
>Never taught me even basic skills, Would sign me up for clubs and then yank me out a couple weeks in because they were too lazy to drive me there (boy scouts, piano lessons, Judo, you name it), so I never really got good at anything other than things I could do without their support (getting books from the library, doing push ups and sit ups at home, watching the morning news, etc.)

They made some good choices about me later on, though. By then I was about 17 and a bit useless because I wasn't good at anything. Oh well, parenting isn't easy. At least I know what they did wrong (SO much more than I've listed) and I can make sure not to do the same.
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>(in 2009) you want to invest? Are you crazy? Remember the Shoah of 2007!
>tfw my stock picks would have quadrupled

>be 15
>BTC under $1
>"hey mum these Bitcoin things look really interesting. Mind if I leave my computer running overnight to 'mine' them?"
>"NO ANON! I'm not having you fall for this obvious scam"
>tfw she confiscated my laptop "for my protection"

To be fair though I don't blame them for "not teaching me", because we all have resources to learn. My gripe was their active interference to prevent me from investing as I wished.
Family is extremely important. That's why having a good one is almost essential to raising a well adjusted, functioning member of society. Yours was shit but that doesn't mean that everybody's is.
It's okay, man. You did alright in the end, didn't you? And you recognize what the problem was. A huge issue with the type of parents you had is that a lot of their offspring tend to follow int he same footsteps. Think about it, they themselves probably came from equally shitty families.
Shit sucks senpai.

How are you doing now though? Anything particular you want to get off your chest? We're all friends here.
Families like mine should have been exterminated. Whether it's a one child policy, or forces sterilisation, my parents shouldn't have produced offspring, and certainly not as many as they did.

I had to figure all of this shit out on my own. I've never had a handout, someone to rely on, to teach me a single goddamn thing.

They fed and clothed me... as much as necessary. Nothing else. They seriously were horrible parents.
>To be fair though I don't blame them for "not teaching me", because we all have resources to learn. My gripe was their active interference to prevent me from investing as I wished.

Yeah man that's part of life i feel.

I think you just have to love your parents but understand they might not know shit in some subjects and to just ignore them and go against what they say. Some stuff is just what parents have to do, like say "No you may not buy ____" but expect you to buy it with your own money anyway or "No mister you're not allowed to go to ____'s house" but expect you to do it anyway because that's what they did as kids as well.

Hope that makes sense.
>come up with your own shit then

I was the one who made these threads originally you idiot.

Don't you have ethereum to shill or something?
Unfortunately with stock stuff I was required to go through them because under 18 I could not create any kind of trading account. So I missed the great bull. Index investing now but I haven't made the sweet gains I would've done.
Yeah man well fuck those losers, mad respect for breaking out of the shitty life they raised you to live.
Same desu.

Feels bad bro.

Sucks man, I'm just the majority of people can relate to. It's really not common to get helpful parents that give you good advice, prepare you for life, etc.

In fact I think it might not be entirely possible to not be a shitty parent in some way. No matter what you do really you're kind of fucking up now that I think about it.

>Insist child studies math, science, etc and majors in STEM
>Child becomes upset that you're forcing him into something he doesn't enjoy and rebels against you because you're "demanding"

>Tell child he can study whatever he wants as long as he enjoys it and you'll support him
>Now he studies something useless and wastes his time and is upset you didn't lead him in the right path

>Tell child you'll pay for everything and he can do anything he wants
>"Why didn't you force me to study more dad!"

>Tell child you will enver help him with school and he has to do it all on his own
>Fuck you why didn't you give me financial support when I needed it

I think you just can't win. I'm not even sure how I would parent my own child tbqh.

you can get those Invisalign things which are pretty undetectable if you really want kool straight teeth

my gripe is mommy and daddy never pushed me to do anything i didnt want to. they signed me up for all sorts of classes like dance, piano, karate and i kept whining that i didnt want to go since i wanted to play fucking runescape all day.
>tfw could have been a pro dancing pianist with a black belt if they forced me to go but now im just shit.
Parents were similar, though I never said I didn't want to go. They would talk me into agreeing with them that it would be better if I stopped. Then I would agree, and they'd be like 'oh well you wanted to quit' which is why I'm useless. Nobody's perfect though, eh?
>my gripe is mommy and daddy never pushed me to do anything i didnt want to. they signed me up for all sorts of classes like dance, piano, karate and i kept whining that i didnt want to go since i wanted to play fucking runescape all day.


>Tfw I literally ruined my life by playing RuneScape -> LoL all fucking day during my childhood
2 and 3 here. Wish my parents had been a touch more 1 and 3. I had STEM friends growing up, and it convinced me I'd never be as good at that as they were. My career track is fulfilling, but I wish it made more money. It's enough, but it took some getting used to.
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>Constant nagging raised my cortistol and sub-sequentially lowered my testosterone
Never got me braces.
Never put me in a better school than a charter school that ended up closing.
>Tfw never got me braces, never fixed my horribly flat feet AND never got me glasses
worst part is they gave you those genes damn
/biz/ is a slow enough board that you can see virtually everything posted just by visiting once every 3 or 4 days. It also doesn't help that you use the exact same image and title and body content every single time you make this thread.
Where can I buy a rare pepe?
> bitcoin $5
> tell dad about bitcoin
> says wont go anywhere
> didn't invest due to trust

> paid dad's rent 3 months
> dad withholds money owed to me
> parents can't pay bills
> going to move in with senpai
> forcibly kicked out
> senpai wont take me in due to no room
> move cross country with other senpai

> other senpai are money hungry
> try to make me their house maid
> say I'm required to pay their child's portion of electricity
> kicked out due to not being a wagecuck
> was actually pulling in 2.5k off net no prob
> senpai's wifey was upset when she'd leave for work I'd sit on couch
> senpai's wifey was upset when she'd come home I'd sit on couch
> was still making money and paying rent

Man fuck family n' money.
>father has had a business of his own since the late 80s
>never taught me anything about accounting, legal loopholes etc
>I have been called smart since the dawn of time, yet my family never gave me a C-64 when it was hot shit
>I wanted to save to an Atari ST by delivering direct ads
>dad blocked it because I didn't have good enough grades
>tfw I can still taunt him, if needed, by saying that he wanted me to have good grades so that he could brag about me
>wanted to take driving lessons for my savings
>family blocked it, because they had the physical access to the bankbook
>fuck it, reported the bankbook lost and squandered the savings
>mfw dad, mom and my aunt years later takes driving licenses of their own
O-op....are you really the same NEET ruining this board? I can tell by your childish demenor and desu shit.
Also is this seriously a blame mommy and daddy for everything wrong in my life thread? How fucking old are the people in this thread I mean...my god...is this kind of behavior normal for /biz/???
You know what thread had been reported. No way this shit can be OK. You can't just use some vauge finacal talk and make whatever head up ass thread you want. If you wanna cry about how bad your family treated you go do it on /mlp/

Also nice triple post lmao. You know announcing reports is bannable right?
fucking feels on this thread

parents LITERALLY never taught me anything good as long as i remember
from about age 12 my rationale became this:
>i want to do something
>they tell me not to
>i fucking do it because i want to and out of spite
>it turns out fine

even the stupid shit or the 'unsuccessful' shit in life, i never regret it, like being embarrassed in front of girls, doing weird shit with my hair (i'm a dude and you're not supposed to by societal norms). i always regret the little things i wanted to do but didn't because they discouraged me

now i'm 18 and i follow my dreams, i work for it, i don't fuck around.
Good shit senpai.

Move out of that toxic pile of shit when you can
i think its a joke

The way I think of it anon is you get handed the baton from your parents from where they left off in their education, for better or worse

It is our duty to transcend their plebitude to financial success
>having a child in a third world country
fuck my parents
Yeah my parents are/were fucked. Still trying to sort my life out at 27. Pretty well moved on now so I don't really think about it. Get out as soon as you can
>Get out as soon as you can

>Tfw not in anything close to resembling a position that's able to

Should I just get some shit-tier construction job and move out?
Do the cons of living with your shitty family outweigh the cons of construction work?
Y-yes in everything except the financial and uncertainty aspect.

How much money do I need to move out? I have like $5k but almost no work experience so I am worried of not being able to pay my shit on time if i randomly got laid off or something as is common with shit-tier jobs.
This is so subjective and regional I can't help you without more specific information. Where do you live, what are your strengths, how old are you and what is your education/related experience

I shouldn't have to ask this, you should know to tell me
>Where do you live, what are your strengths, how old are you and what is your education/related experience

Canada, 20 years old, moderate knowledge of programming languages, hs dropout and a few months exp.
Vancouver is the same as Yellowknife? Be more specific
Go back to school, or
Join a trade, or
Go into sales.

These are the most lucrative and they offer means to alternative housing.
>Vancouver is the same as Yellowknife? Be more specific


Was thinking of going to community college but should I even bother? It seems like a waste of money meme.

Trade seems ok I guess but not really too interested in working physically more than temporarily, which seems like it would be a waste learning and getting to a decent wage in a trade only to quit it.

I'm too shit at sales.
Toronto is too expensive. Move somewhere else if you can. There are programs worth studying but that will require your research.

I broke my tiny violin with my huge tradesman arms so forgive me if I'm not sympathetic to your desire not to actually physically work. Guess why trades pay well?

Sales can be learned but it requires a headspace.

Seems like your biggest problem is a lack of problem solving skills. Also you seem unwilling to personnally invest. This could be called work. You have to do work that other people value to get paid well enough to live independently.

If your family actually sucks, you will either
Change your person, get a job and start living your own life, or
Wallow in your weakness and resentment and fade into nothingness

Your call. Welcome to adulthood.
>parents fighting for my custody
>eventually get 50/50 custody
>mom's house is shit, abusive alcoholic boyfriend and us 4 kids living in borderline poverty
>dad's house is shit, uneducated dick with a girlfriend who he constantly fights with
>he constantly cheats and is always right no matter what
>has used me to go cheat on stepmom, tries to tell me it's justifiable
>she is always right no matter what, treats her oldest son better than me
>mfw when I treated her better than he did
>her kids are all uneducated and manipulative pieces of shit
>consistently score in the 90+ percentile on every test the state gives
>both sides of family never take an interest in my school or personal life
>never teach me shit about anything aside from their uneducated dad politics

Currently 18, saving up money to move out. Considering just going to the military as soon as I graduate (get GI Bill + save money). Honestly have hated my life the past couple of years and feel like I could've been a lot more than I am given decent-tier parents. I've been trying to self-teach basic financial skills for the real world however.
T-thanks you anon.

I'm just not sure how to even get started with trades in Canada and I'm a broken young man thanks to my parents.
Working at remote site is an excellent way to reset your life, develop better relationships and leave with money in the bank. Trades can be learned about simply by talking to reps, journeymen, union reps, etc.

You need to find a calling one way or another, you also need to be deeply realistic about how bad your parents are or are not. Some young people hate their parents for reasons that aren't substantive, which brings me full circle to--

Do the cons of x job outweigh the cons of living with your family.

See how I express this subjectively? No one can tell you the answers, there is no easy way, you have to assess this yourself. Talking about your situation with friends/successful people will help but this is still in the pursuit of good subjective analysis of the situation
I just want out of my shitty situation but I don't know how senpai.

I'm physically impaired more or less(at least for now), dropped out of hs, pretty much no marketable skills... But I've also burned a few bridges and will be getting kicked out of the house soon or living a really shitty life.
sell drugs or kys
I would if I had people to sell to or knew where to get drugs reliably.

I was considering going gay for pay tbqh. Seems to pay quite well or at least pay some gay old guy to suck my dick, which doesn't seem half bad.
you could go gay for pay. can be very lucrative if you have a cute butt. You should have told me you were open to this earlier! Do trolls have cute butts?
Not even trolling though. Was legitimately considering gay for pay.

I've heard you can get blowjobs from old men for like $50+, seems worth it
Go to >>23085104 and post your butt. Also post a profile shot and a frontal, I will tell you your market rate.
Since I don't know how to crosslink
yeah im not finna do that senpai.
>not gonna make it

Well I gotta sleep now, anyway I hope you sort your life out :) Keep your head up
Thanks senpai.

Might unironically offer to get my dick sucked by some gays tho.

Maybe even top for like $200, my penis is pretty decent or at least it was when i posted it on 4chan
>>Never got me braces (when they were needed) and so I'm in the awkward position of being a young adult with fucked up teeth- do I get braces and take a leave of absence from the dating market for a couple years, or soldier on through life like this?

I'm on lingual braces.. you don't see them at all but they're more expensive but hey you're on /biz right? Get that shit done dude
same here, i bought 35btc when they were 3,5 usd a piece and told my dad how its teh big thing of the future and he was like "its a pyramid scheme spend them while you still can" and i went for it..ffs
>made me believe until I was 17 or 18 that 'success' is unattainable and that I was doomed for a middle class life, and to be grateful for that. In general they made me accept limitations without questioning them or trying to break them.

They weren't assholes for it though, just ignorant, because this was honestly what they thought. I mean ffs I can't expect them to have massively broad horizons, just 2 generations ago my grandpas brother got tuberculosis and since they lived out in bumfuck nowhere they had to sell their only cow in order to afford sending a doctor up there in those mountains. He still died.
That's everyone one 4chan.
>even me
>tfw I was even sent to counseling because I was addicted to Runescape, and didn't apply myself to anything else in life
Do it and God speed. Be the best you can be.
>hurrr how can you put money into stocks
>you are literally stealing money from people
>you don't have a heart
File: CSecTurian.jpg (131 KB, 800x475) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I've been trying to self-teach basic financial skills for the real world however.
It's never too late to learn.

The other day I got Microsoft's Money Plus (free) and started to enter a 5+ year backlog of receipts. Have only scratched the surface of it. But even now I can see some interesting patterns in my past.

We're all gonna make it. We're all gonna own every situation we're in.
Angry wojak.PNG

This post made me mad
This post actually gave me some hope, and I'm going to look into that program for sure. Thanks bro
I considered creating some kind of system from scratch using the spreadsheet in OpenOffice.

Then I realized that I had to *sort* the reciepts, something that only would cause me further pain. (Yeah, you can do some kind of auto sort by date in spreadsheets, but that will only make it choke if you're hitting 1000+ items...) Now I just grab a bunch off reciepts, punch them in and put them in a new bag marked "Processed". (However, I won't just throw them away before culling the reciepts that are embarassing.)

My learnings so far:

The beauty of Money Plus is that you can enter the items in achronological order. It's also nice that it has a split function. Let's say that something costs 9.9 and it's rounded up to 10.0. Then you enter 10 for the total cost, 9.9 for the item and 0.1 (autocalculated) for the rounding.

I suggest that you create the category Misc and let Rounding (+/-) be a subcategory. Because sometimes it will be a rounding down, causing them to cancel each other out. The same goes for that fee/refund on bottles and cans; Bottle fee (+/-), sorta.

And never try to fiddle with a separate category for down payments. Let's say that a book costs 50 and can be ordered from a book store, but only if you pay at least 20% in a down payment. I first tried to have a down payment of 10, then a down payment of -10 and last 50 for the book, making the end sum 50.

But instead it started faggotry about me paying 10 in down payment and 50 for the book or something. Better to enter 10 for the book, then 40 when you bought it and comment in both entires.

Lastly a warning: If you're disappointed with the placings of a subcategory, then you can't move it to a category that doesn't have a subcategory with the same name. Instead it will be called "New category - Unspecified". So do toy around with some dummy entries before you commit.
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I agree with about 77.251% of this thread
No bad advice for me just

>mom/dad never teach me anything about lyfe
>w0t is college/how to college?
ff 10 yrs
>get good wagecuck job
>spend two hours a week reading about stock charts/stats
>build a well into six figure portfolio

>you want to buy a house? are you sure it's safe to?
>you don't have a job
>mum money is easy, I learned to stock
>b but idk
>you're supposed to be a scared wagecuck to benefit society

>mfw no help from senpai in life and I'm doing better than most of them
didn't let me take a grant (which is no longer available) to start a business cuz it would fuck up my jobseekers which is apparently more important.
I HAVE NOTHING NOW. How do I start something with nothing? It was my ticket out of NEETdom.
>>tfw she confiscated my laptop "for my protection"
why the fuck would you even tell her what you were gonna do?
>>the wake drives the boat "the thread"

Hey fags , lots of us had shit childhoods and moved on , does mommy still hold the purse strings or something?
Similar to one of my uncles. He's a janitor and has 8 children. Most of them have popped out at least 2 children already. These are the people with voting power.
Hindsight bias. If your speculations had failed you'd be happy about how she saved all your money. Also, I'm 100% sure there were other picks you would have lost money on.

Stop blaming your parents for you being a poorfag.
If you didn't want to do it you would have ended up shit at it anyway.
> parents left cushy jobs as a drug smuggler ( before violent cartels, this was a pretty comfy job ) and nurse to work for pennies illegally in the US.

> dad died early on from cancer and despite knowing several trades, didn't get to pass on knowledge because i was always to lazy

> mom was really smart and always helped me out with school work and learning, but despite this i always half assed and cut classes

> had full ride scholarships just for being a minority, but dropped out of college after the first semester

kek i wonder how far some of you guys would have gotten with my life. im a minimum wage security guard right now btw.
>Considering just going to the military as soon as I graduate (get GI Bill + save money)
What branch are you planning to join. My suggestion is that you pick one where you can learn skills that are valuable in civilian life.

The "tragedy" of my life is that I didn't do the conscription in the navy. Because there was the potential to become a skipper and learn the skills of steering a 50-80-foot boat.
>TFW you will never get back all the things and opportunity your family took from you

Fug man...
This post is basically... "Wallow in self-pity and regret instead of taking action and getting anything done."

Sucks your family was shit. There are worse families and there are better.

Now, quite being a whiny little bitch like most people and move forward.
Lol life is what u make of it and everything is a blessing in some way if you look at it right and you can turn adversity into opportunity if you work hard and study and find a shortcut or a loophole, it's always grey in some areas and if you work hard and persevere you'll always get somewhere in life
>sub-sequentially lowered my testosterone

I don't know about that. It sounds like your autism is the bigger issue here.
Good post, Anon. You really showed that other Anon who's the boss.
>Want to get into stocks as a teenage
>mom convinced me stocks are "too dangerous" and I should get a money market or a CD instead
>uses the recession as proof that I would have lost out
5 years later my CD is worth $78 more than when it started.

T-thanks mom
>allowed to quit elementary school despite doing college level work in 5th grade
>started working at 14
>almost every dollar since has gone to one degenerate family member or another
>only reason they aren't homeless
I could write several Lifetime movies on the mountain of bullshit that was my formative years, but the gist of my life story thus far is that of a man, standing on a mountain top, pissing into the wind.
Once you see they're about to kick the bucket, insure them for a few hundred grand. At least make your investment back!
I'm the person you replied to...

Because I needed her or another parent to do it for me! I was unable to trade myself. They're strict on this where I come from.

We've had a massive bull market so actually no, I didn't lose money on ANY. Mind you, in hindsight, it would have been easier for me to have just bought an index fund, but I was asking for very cheap, healthy blue chips with strong dividends (heavily utilities).

I'm not a poorfag now either. Now that I'm a legal adult they're not responsible for me at all any more, and my screw ups now are my own responsibility, entirely.
You're the one fucking posting it. You sound like such a fucking loser anon, holy shit, weep more over how it's everyone else's fault.
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