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I want to hear about your side gigs
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Listen /b

I have done my goals for 2016 and need to increase my income by 10%. There's a couple of ways I can do it, however I want to do it through a side gig.

Tell me about your side gigs, you wins, your losses, your profits, your risks.
oops - /biz!
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I for one, suck dicks for extra cash. In fact thats all of our secret for making cash here, its in our sticky
I tutor of a weekend for a couple of hours... It has OK pay but I hope to find some dumb rich kid that I can make a cash cow off...
I have a couple side gigs that make some okay extra money at little time put in. Build websites (install wordpress and set up a theme, and some html and css) tutor in high school math and science, also I do DJing and produce music. All of these things expect the DJing and music were relatively quick to learn and make money off. You need to find semi professional people to work for, as they spend money quite easily.
Op here.

Sounds nice having a few side gigs like that. However do you find trading your time for the cash limiting?? The website creation idea sounds pretty nice though...

I think I'd like to try my hand at selling online via ebay and amazon... Anyone got any experience of that?
I have a side tutoring gig through a disability resource company that pays 30/hr. Something to look into if tutoring is your side gig.
I've always wanted to get into this. I have a crate full of classic disco vinyls, and pretty good knowledge of some deep electronic cuts. Are both of those useless and will I have to play the same shitty house bangers everyone else plays?
Prolly have to play the shitty songs to stay current... Unless you find yourself a regular niche gig.
>disability resource company
What qualifications do you have? This sounds like something I would love to do full time
The secret is you have to identify and solve a business problem and then work hard doing it for years.

As an actual example: I wrote software for eBay sellers not long ago and I'm on track to clear around 300k in profits this year. How did I do it? I noticed that eBay sellers lacked a certain tool for a demanding inventory problem and were forced to do a lot of shit manually. So rather than create said tool and hope it worked: I setup a hype page for email sign-ups and I asked my prospective customers if they would use the tool if it existed. This was getting me around 10 - 100 sign-ups a day with only a few forum posts and I eventually also met my co-founder doing this.

Thus, I knew there was demand in the product I was building. The next thing I did was determine if there was competition as I didn't want to have to compete for scraps. Nobody else was doing this so I went for it and over the next 6 months we wrote an MVP for the product which was actually fairly simple. We launched the MVP to a small group of testers and fixed any problems before going live with our mailing list. On the first day: we had enough sign-ups to clear 10k a month of recurring revenue which is an insane feeling. Anyway, it kept growing and from there we hired a guy to handle customer growth and its been mostly possible aside from listening to our customers and iterating on their feedback.

Startups these days are still hard as fuck but if you keep your eyes open opportunity is all around you.
I have a bachelors but it wasn't required. The downside is that they only do 4-6 hours per client (I have only found one) and they only contract for 6 weeks.

This is why I mention this on the side gig thread. It is great for the 4 hours I get but not much else.
Thanks for the info! I will look into this in my area to see if there are any gigs or full time opportunities.
Make buisness cards to work on computers, go door to door in wealthy neighborhoods and ask them if they need any help with their computers. When you find someone who needs help whatever their problem is tell them it will take you 2-3 days, google that shit then fix the comp. Make 50-100 bucks per job until you are good enough to do it without google's help pleb. I make 300-750 dollars a month like this.
smart bro.
tx for sharing
Y-you too
>I make 300-750 dollars a month
wew lad
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