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Anyone find that guy from the incest thread...
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Anyone find that guy from the incest thread last night?

backstory please.

also, soooooooo close to a choice get...
I can post the screencaps from his story if you want but it isn't finished and there are people such as myself who want to see the end of it

Just a summary would be preferred. Screencaps if you must.
Long story short, once upon a time (last night) there was an incest thread and people started sharing their experiences, then one guy started a story and went to bed before finishing it I'll be back in a few to give some idea of the story but I gotta re-read so I can remember
I can't really explain the story so how do I attach several images to a post or do I gotta do them individually and deal with like a million captchas
Ps I'm on mobile
combine them obvs
Either combine them into one picture, upload them all on imgur and link to us, or solve a million captchas.

Or make one super long image that needs to be scrolled to read
Fuck imgur here's a Dropbox link

Holy shit best websitre evar http://gamestream.snack.ws
Eyy I remember that thread. Was that the one where he called his sister 'm' in the story?
Same thread different story
looks lil like daniel tosh
Holy Fuck, OP delivered.
Forgot to post:

> mom and shitbag dad divorce
> mom keeps house and me.
> dad keeps girlfriend and moves to wherever assholes move to. never see him again
> day of divorce eating dinner with mom
> thesoundofsilence.mp3
> try to make conversation : guess you're glad its over
> she gets all serious and shit
> Anon, you're the man of the house now
> goes on and on about responsibility and blah blah blah
> later that night shit gets in my head
> i'm totally the man of the house now

> i start doing shit around the house, yard
> i'll be out working in the yard and yell in like my dad did for mom to get a water
> one day, hot as shit. I yell in for a beer.
> holy shit, she brings it
> doesn't act like its a thing
> tastes like shit, but drink it anyway
> start getting into kinky shit
> start masturbating with her panties
> watching porn on computer in living room, home alone naked stroking it
> need a panty fix
> go to hamper in her bathroom, get a pair
> smellin and jerkin go back to computer
> bust a nut and clean up
> get up to put it back
> she's home early
> looks like she's seen a ghost
> i'm about to freak
> justbecool.jpg
> walk by, voice is all cracky and i'm shaking
> hand her panties and ask her to toss them in the hamper
> never speak of it
> start getting brazen
> start having fights about shit
> pull the man of the house card
> works about 75% of time

> one day want to nut
> she's in her room
> want dem panties
> walk into her room, don't say anything
> straight to hamper in her bathroom, pull a pair out and walk back out
> beat off
> cum buckets
> return them to the hamper
> she doesn't say shit
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3 MB, 6977x3730
Mentioning wincest, does anyone have the columnfag's story? I have part of it, but it's missing the beginning and the end.
No signs of him I guess?
> a few days later she catches me watching porn, jacking it
> she goes nuclear
> wtf about panties
> wtf about jerking it all the time
> anon plays man of house card, man of house card fails
> she says she's putting her dirty unmentionables someplace else and locked
> pisses me off more
> screaming match
> my dick is still hanging out of my gym shorts
> we're both standing and screaming
> I snap
> I push her onto couch
> all is quiet on the western front
> i'm a fucking man, man of house bs bs bs
> and i'm in the middle of fucking jerking off
> she doesn't talk
> take 'em off
> she doesn't say anything
> she's wearing a dress, pulls her panties down and gives them to me
> go back to watching porn and beating off
> so mad, can't cum but keep going
> finally I do. Feels like shit, my dick hurts but fuck her
> clean up with her panties
> she's standing behind me
> she takes them out of my hand and says “I'll put them in the hamper”
Nvm phone just being retarded
> things escalated from there
> she kept a shoe box next to the hamper for her panties
> sometimes i'd ask her for her panties
> sometimes she'd take them off and give them to me; sometimes she wouldn't
> i'd hang out naked, beat off in front of her
> i didn't give a shit
> one day she's making dinner, stirring some shit box mac and cheese in a pot
> i want your panties
> anon, there's some in the box
> I don't want those
> starts arguing and then gives up
> fine
> she pulls up her skirt a bit to get to them
> I'll do it
> she stops
> I pull her panties down, bunch them around her thighs
> Pull dick out and start beating off
> She doesn't even bother saying no
> head of my dick touches were legs and ass a couple of times
> notice she's spread her pussy for me
> whatever I just want the panties
> I nut, covering her ass, pussy and panties
> pull them back up
> she drops her dress and goes back to cooking
> dinner's ready
> doesn't say anything, we eat in total silence
> that was it
> went too far and she gonna melt down
> after dinner its too awkward, go to my room to read a magazine
> hear her finishing up dishes
> knocks
> pretend I don't here
> knocks again
> what
> anon, we need to talk
> here it comes
> she comes in
> only wearing cum stained panties
> sits on bed opposite me
> spreads legs and starts playing with herself on the outside of the panties
> pulls them aside so I can see
> cums
> gets up and goes to door
> I just wanted you to see what I do with them when you're done
There is no end, he's still updating, although it's been a while since his last one. Can be found at tinyurl com/wincestdrive also spam filter is gay

> so that was a mind fuck
> things kept getting more and more out of control
> sometimes she would bring me her panties to use and leave them on my nightstand
> sometimes she'd take them off and hand them to me
> she was never naked though, she'd just be wearing her normal clothes or a bathrobe
> seemed like a weird thing to be prudish about
> she asked what I liked about her panties
> said it was the smell and they were soft and it felt dirty
> said she understood wanting to do something dirty just to feel dirty
> sometimes she'd take them off and smell them
> ask me if they smelt good or if she should wear them some more
> one day she does that, holding them out for me
> nah mom, they smell to clean
> yeah anon, that's what I thought
> she puts them back on and starts playing with herself, hands on the outside
> takes them back off and smells them
> anon, I think this is better
> ok
> anon, do you ever taste them?
> I don't know why but it had never occurred to me to lick them
> no, I guess I never though about it. Honestly, seems kind of gross
> mom nods in agreement
> then she pushes them into her face and runs her tongue along the inside
> you're right anon, it is kind of gross
> don't really know what to say
> anon, want me to keep doing it
> can't even talk, just nod yes
> she rubs them all over her face, sucking and licking at them
> when she stops her face is wet with her spit and juices
> hands to me. anon, they smell ok now?
> I smell yeah, that's good
> she doesn't say anything else just walks out
is that it?
> after that I know she'll do whatever I want
> spend a lot of time thinking about it
> spend a lot of time jerking about it
> watching porn on computer
> mom reading some celebretard magazine on couch
> panties?
> takes off panties and throws them to me
> start fucking them
> mom, you ever play with yourself
> yeah
> why don't you do it with me
> I will if you want
> I do
> she pulls dress up around her waist and leans back some on the couch and starts rubbing one out
> keep going back and forth between watching her and the porn
> I move to couch
> getting close
> porno on computer is a blow job scene
> stand up next to her and take dick out of her panties
> she starts sucking
> real quiet, just the sound of the porn
> try to act like in a porno
> you like that?
> facepalm.jpg
> sound so fucking stupid
> mom: yeah I like it.
> keeps pumping me in her mouth
> mom: it tastes like you just fucked me
> immediate nut
> I pull out like in porns and her mouth is open and hand is rubbing herself so fast its fucking crazy
> I nut, some in her mouth and on her face
> she puts it back in her mouth
> takes both hands and rubs the cum off her face
> one hand back to her pussy
> other stroking me with my own cum
> she licks it all up
> dick goes limp in her mouth
> me: you cum yet?
> mom: almost
> me: I want you to cum too
> she nods and keeps going
> not longer after, “I'm about to cum”
> and she does, she's bucking her hips, my dick still in her mouth
> when she's done I pull out
> mom: i'm going to go clean up
> 10 minutes later, i'm still standing naked on the couch like a dumbass
> a few days later
> me and mom on couch again
> watching porn
> I asked her what type she liked
> she puts on some kinky stuff
> chick in a collar, getting boned and slapped around
> she's rubbing herself, hand under her dress
> pretty sure she's already cum once
> i'm stroking it
> she pulls her dress up
> you want these?
> me, playing cool: nah.
> I didn't think you'd want them anymore
> I liked the blowjob, lets do that again
> she doesn't say anything, just leans down and starts blowing me
> feels good, laid back watching her bob on it
> she reaches under her panties and plays with herself
> then jacks me off with that hand
> goes back to sucking
> I like it when your cock tastes like it just came out of me
> not a very subtle hint
> I tell her to get down on all fours like the girl in the video
> I get behind her doggy style
> she reaches under and guides me in
> feelsgoodman.jpg
> she starts rocking back and forth on it one hand rubbing her clit
> she's says she getting close
> keeps talking in the third person
> “make mommy cum”, “mommy loves your boy dick”
> both getting close
> guy in video is ramming this slut, starts finger banging the chicks ass
> reach down and put my thumb on mom's butthole
> mom reaches back and moves my hand back to grabbing her ass
> rejected
> spits on her hand and rubs her asshole
> pull my hand back and puts my thumb on her hole
> I start pressing in but never get inside
> she pulls my hand back again
> rejected: the sequel
> fuck that, put thumb back
> push it in, so fucking tight
> she kicks a little, moves around but doesn't stop fucking me
> makes some noises like she doesn't like it, only makes me like it more
> can feel my thumb pushing down on my dick
> tell her i'm going to cum
> “cum in mommy's cunny”
> cumbuckets.gif
> she cums too or at least she keeps saying “you made mommy cum good” etc
> going limp, finger still in her ass
> she pulls off me
> go to get up and she turns to me and pulls me back down
> starts sucking my cock, licking it up
> sucks on the thumb that was in her ass
> puts both in her mouth at the same time
> reaches behind her and gets some of my cum from her vag
> strokes me with it, then swallows it
> sucks a little more on my hand and finger
> mom: I think you're cleaned up now
> we both stand up and start to go our separate ways
> I see some cum on the floor
> you missed some
> half joking, half wanted to see if she'd do it
> sorry
> gets down on hands and knees and licks it up, licks all around where it was
> kinda disgusting but kinda hot
> I think you got it all
> ok
> she goes to her room, I go to mine
> hear her in the shower
> make drastic decision
> go to her room and get in bed
> she comes out of shower and see's me laying there
> doesn't say anything
> gets in bed like it normal
> goodnight honey
> night mom
inb4 walk the dinosaur
I drunk wasn’t drunk eunuch to by hire last night, but
>this 673407757
sims important
> start sleeping her room
> start referring to it as my room
> she does too
> I don't know why but it gives me a major power trip
> keep watching kinky porn
> she always picks submissive women
> ask her about it but she gives really vague answers
> one day tell her I want her to start knocking when she enters my new room
> she does
> I close all the doors in the house
> tell her if its closed I want her to ask permission to open it
> she does
> eat dinner at kitchen table
> anon, may I go to the bathroom
> no
> we keep eating
> anon, may I go to the bathroom
> no
> anon, I really need to go
> you may not go the bathroom
> eat
> she starts tearing up
> anon...
> no
> I can hear her pee hitting the tile
> she buries her head in her hands
> tell her to clean it up
> she gets some paper towels
> gets under table starts wiping
> comes over
> starting blowing me
> I know she really liked it
> going deep
> I can smell her piss, so fucked up but so hot
> cum buckets
> she finished cleaning and comes back up
> cum still on her face, in her hair, her hands are wet from the piss floor
> we finish eating
> nobigdeal
> may I be excused?
> after you clean up
> washes dishes, puts left overs up while streaked with my cum
More please
and then anon wakes up and realises how much of a faggot he really is, the end.
tinyurl.com (slash) wincesdtrive
column's crusade
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Any more pics why we wait?
is that mom?
>type faster

Every one of you must be some serious newfags, this stories been around forever, and I'm sure whoevers posting it isn't even the original poster.
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Looks tastey to me
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Just cmon finish the story so I can cum
Head of my dick is shineing right now
The second ones definitely the one for me ;)
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This is so psychologically fucked, it's great.
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I know right
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