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Do you remember the first time you had sex?
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
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Do you remember the first time you had sex?

I do. I was 17 and her snatch smelled of death and it was just awful.

Tell us your tales.
First time i was so nervous i could hardly get it up.
And when i finaly got it up i broke the condom, so we searched high and low for another one. Had to call a friend for a new one.
After all that i was still so nervous i had a hard time cumming, she actualy asked me to hurry up.
>> Be me about 16 at sleep away camp, not a traditional one with cabins but one at a college campus. So I'm messing around with my GF, ask motions to fuck her, I'm like "I can put it in?""" ..I cum in about a minute, walk back to my room not understanding why nothing has changed and wtf was there such a big fuss about. My buddy gave me a cigarette, been smoking ever since.
beautiful girl, lovely pussy, smelled nice. she went on top, no condom, lasted about a minute, threw her off and came into my pillow, apologized, started again......
I can count the number of times I've used a condom on 1 hand. I just don't use them.
I was 17. I snuck into her room, we cuddled, started making out. Went to insert penis, and didn't really realize where it went. Mfw my first time was accidentally anal, and she didn't stop me
>be 2
>uncle said it tastes like cake
>it didn't
Did it behind a middle school in the woods when I was 15. greek girl. Double ds at that age. But hairy. It was middle of the summer and we got eaten alive by mosquitoes or some s hit. Had bites everywhere the next day.
i was 16, his dick was small and i was really high. we had sex for what seemed like 2 hours and it sucked.
I was 21, she was 13 at the time, first with codom didn´t feel anything. we slept in a hotel next morning pulled the condom off and she was the hole time "watch out", " don´t come inside"...
Well it was a panic fuck, since all my other friends already had sex i felt the pressure to get rid of the "V-card" as fast as posible. She had great big tits but was ugly as sin. And if im gonna catch an STD she had to be much better looking than that.
I was 15 and innocent. she was 16, 250lbs, and had fucked like 3 people already. She literally undressed me and pulled me into her. I had no idea what I was doing but I banged away at her while sacking her big tits for like 5 minutes before shooting a load.

And then I was stuck with her for 2 and a half years
sauce on pic
virgins detected
It was when I was 69 yrs old and I done my 21 yr old nan
my first time was when I was 16, I had sex with a fellow intern. I felt like I was alpha as fuck, however, when we started doing it I turned into a betafag. Thought I learned everything about sex from porn.. Big mistake.
I didn't have a condom when she asked me, though I was so desperate that I suggested the following idea, which you should NEVER do:
I suggested using those small plastic bread bags, she looked mortified, but I could play it off as a joke. Thank god. We hit it raw afterwards but, my cock didn't even go further than halfway through because nothing was wet. I just assumed that her pussy was a waterfall.
But after 3 minutes, I somehow smashed and we had sex for about 10 minutes, Really awkward sex, we barely looked at each other.
Halfway through my parents came home, we didn't have enough time to put our clothes on so we just laid there with the blanket over us pretending to watch TV.
My dad asked us why my sister was laying in my bed.
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>hole time
It was in a small room my gf and her sister shared. She was "sleeping" as we fucked but we were just too horny to care.
Told a girlfriend of mine i was a virgin, so we made out and had sex the next day. Fun and easy.
I've heard it's a doll. I don't know what to believe anymore.
Fucked a married woman who was preggo by her husband, didn't use condor. Pussy was kinda stank. Was nervous, couldn't get it up at first. Finally did, she came and when I was cumming she came again. Squirted my jizz onto her fetus.
File: 1428136444636.png (220 KB, 485x395) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>My dad asked us why my sister was laying in my bed.
13, approached by older female cousin (we slept in the same bed). I wasn't really into it.
>didn't use condor
I certainly hope not they are endangered.
I was 17 went at it for almost 2 hours and never came and had to stop because I couldn't put it in anymore because she got so tight
mhm, this is def a true story
it was when I was 24 and it did not happen
I'm sorry anon
File: 1454614834448.jpg (62 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Truthfully? I had sex with girl when I was 4 years old.

My cousins sucked my dick when I was 6.

I've been getting raped by women since I was born.
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>19 years old
>Best friend already lost his V-card to a girl years ago
>Get super psyched because he said it felt truly amazing
>Go with this girl partying, we take my dads car
>Take her him, pull up to the side of the road, her house is around the corner
>shit is going down
>she unzips my pants, and grabs my dick
>Im a shower, not a grower and years of bullying me about the size of my dick made me severely insecure
>She starts sucking on it, but the insecurities outweigh the fact Im getting a bj and have trouble getting it up
>We move over to the back seat and she undresses, gorgeous tits
>I sit next to her and she gets up on the back seat and starts sucking me off again, pointing her ass up in the air
>This gets me going good
>I take a condom out of my jacket and put it on
>fumble around with it, lose half the power of my boner during the process
>Finally get it in place and stick it inside her pussy
>The feeling isnt really that great and whatever image I've built up in my head immediately vanishes
>Start pumping harder
>wtf this is it?
>After half an hour of fucking, we agree to take the condom off
>Shes on the pilll anyway
>Fuck her for another half hour, she cums
>I still cant cum
>lay there awkwardly for a few minutes, then she says she's going home
>We say goodnight and she walks to her house
>Drive home, fucking angry, blue balled and confused
>Jerk it at home to some porn and go to sleep
>Week later we're having a family evening chilling in the yard around the fire pit
>Everybody goes inside, it's just me and my dad
>"Son, whenever you're gonna have sex in my car again, make sure you clean up the used condom"
>In the heat of the moment I chucked away the used, empty condom
>mfw he found a used, EMPTY condom
>mfw I lost my virginity I found out I cant cum during sex like a normal person
>mfw losing my virginity was the worst experience ever
absolute MADMAN!
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sh-001 (154)a.jpg
219 KB, 935x1037
>14, town pool
>high board, foot slips, spinning belly flop
>lifeguard pulls me in
>carries me to first aid office
>lays me down on cot
>have welt up inside of my thigh
>he rubs ointment on welt
>I get hard
>he laughs, tells me to lay back
>he reaches up with other hand and strokes me
>I jump up and say no
>he says, don't worry, I do this all the time
>you don't want to leave the office with a boner do you?
>lay back, I'll take care of you
>I do, it does feel good after all
>in one motion he has my shorts down and my cock in his mouth
>I tried to move, but he held me down
>NO STOP! NO stop! no sto......oh god this feels great
>I cum, he swallows it all
>licks me clean
>tells me if I need more medical attention to come to him
>stands me up, pulls up my shorts, and scoots me out of the office
>a week later I'm back in the office
>on my knees blowing him and 2 of his friends.
File: Untitled-1.jpg (169 KB, 1079x738) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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23, just fresh out a 7 year World Of Warcraft addiction, less than a month.

Hit the gym (had no idea what I was doing, literally retarded), started eating not like shit (order in pizza or chinese every night just before I raided) and bought some decent clothes with my NEET bucks.

Talked to a few girls, thought this one was so cute since she was a nerd too, went there, turned out she was 300lbs and 5'4. Made out for a few hours and fingerblasted her since it was my first time doing anything.

Came back next weekend, had dinner, watched some hockey, makeout, fingerblast, took me to her bedroom and I ate her pussy for like 3 hours. She kept reaching orgasm and had to run to the bathroom because it gave her the urge to pee. Now that I've been with a few girls, I realize that she had the nastiest smelling pussy I've ever smelled. Tried to fuck, but all I had was a Magnum condom which I didn't realize at the time wasn't the proper coat for my 5" prick. Didn't feel anything, didn't cum even when she blew me because I was so embarrassed. Drove an hour home at 2am in a truck with no heat. She wanted to come to my place, said she would take the bus. I kept talking but broke it off like an autist and submerged back into WoW for another year and change until I developed the courage again.
File: Naamloos-2.png (138 KB, 350x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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sounds like everything went tits up
i don't get much pussy, i'm not unattractive but i keep to myself. so i was at this party and some of my friends try to set me up with this black chick, and despite never actually going for a black chick i couldn't deny she was real fuckin hot

now because i'm a total loser, i try and shy away from it, i was in a bad mood and didn't feel like chasing pussy that night so i went out for a cigarette and got locked outside. nobody noticed i was gone and after an hour of standing in the cold waiting for someone to come to the door i just went home and fell asleep.

next day i get a message on snapchat from this black girl, so i assume she got my username from one of my friends and we started talking. and she was still hot at this point.

time goes by and i tell her that i have trouble sleeping, so she asks me if it would help me sleep if she came over, and i said it was worth finding out

so she comes over, watched a couple of movies before her hands start sliding to my cock and my hands start sliding to her pussy and i finger blasted that poor girl like there was no tomorrow

no i appreciate my personal space pretty well, but it took this girl about three days to leave. three. fucking days. i'm flattered that she liked my company so much but god damn girl i wanna play video games or something. now the sex was okay, she was definitely satisfied but she had a stinky muff that strongly resembled body odor. and if i couldn't go down on her without getting some curly ass pubes in my mouth.

but on the last day i've got two fingers inside of her, nearly breaking my fuckin hand and choking the girl with the other. she fuckin cums so hard right there and looks me dead in the eyes and says
i think i love you

we didn't speak after that
same deal here bro

> accidentally anal

Man, that bitch must have been loose
First time I was 14, out with my gf Hannah at the time. She was wear bright pink boots shorts and a crop top. There was a fair in town and we went together spent a couple hours there. Later on we were walking back to my house which was about 2 miles away, stopped at a park and hopped a fence to go into a wooded area. We found an old rusted over truck. First she sucked me off for like 30 seconds but couldnt kneel on the ground for that long then she bent over the side of the cab, I came and as I pulled out the condom slipped off and cum water went all over her panties she had around her ankles so she threw them off- she said it was awkward as we were walking back to my house then a month later i found out she was a huge slut and was fucking like 3-4 guys behind my back.

She was fat so it was hard to fuck her
But l had low self esteem so l didn't shoot for anyone higher on the scale
It was terrible..

Both 17 year old virgins..Used the thickest condom ever made..didn't feel anything. Have a 8 inch cock and every thrust hurt her like no tomorrow. We stopped after 15 min..didn't even cum. Went on like that for a month trying to fuck 3-4 times a week.Got her on the pill and went bare back.. Finally broke her in and could cum.
I don't have to prove myself but it is true condoms are a bitch
File: 9dbc8596da-1.jpg (48 KB, 640x460) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>1st time, when i was 18
>Beautiful girl, nice legs, perfect ass.
>she sucks my dick for 10 mins
>we fuck for 20 mins
>i came

Pic related

Same, the thick condom was what ruined me. Couldn't feel a fucking thing.

um... mods?
Feel you anon, lost it when I was 15. First time we had sex for like 30 minutes, stopped because her parents came home. The day after we had sex for about 3 hours, partly while watching a movie but then got too tired to even try to finish. Blew my first load during sex a month later
underrated kek
Liar. Virgin. Never had anal.>>669082185

mfw i realized the OP pic is a doll
>I was 16 dating a 3.14 Colombian girl both of us virgins
>Get her on birth control
>Couple weeks later fuck her raw for 20 mins get her to cum
>nut inside her
Afterwards we cuddle for a bit talking about how that was pretty good
Still with her and going to have a child soon (':

I was 16, she was 16. she was overweight & ugly. she made me wear 2 condoms (we didn't know better). I couldn't feel anything. it sucked. a few months later I met an amazing 14 yr old blond with huge tits & we fucked all summer with no condoms. It was great.
I was 16, this girl was 20 and for some stupid reason thought I was cute. Her name is Julie.
I was not.
When she found out I was a virgin, she decided that she'd be the one to fix THAT little problem.
The next night she made plans with Me, my best friend, his girlfriend, and some other girl I don't remember the name of to sneak out and hang out at someone's house.
Not even a party, but just someone's basement where they all watched doth park on the couch.
For some reason, I was so excited about finally having sex that I was okay with it, but Julie stripped completely naked in front of everybody in the room, but on a seperate couch - I didn't even know the guy that owned the house we were in, what kind of a monster am I for fucking on his couch
Julie says "Are we gonna fuck or not, anon?"
It was embarrassing. She had to help me put on the condom because fuck I never took that class in high school, and then she apparently didn't believe in foreplay so she just tried to violently shove my soft ass dick into a black chasm that I couldn't recognize because wtf is a vagina
Eventually I hardened up and we did the do, the trove of people still talk about it to this day.

A month or so passes, sex basically every day, but always in somebody else's bed, and then I found out she's physically abusive, so punched me in the face, and told me to hit her back, I didn't because fuck I'm not a woman beater
This continues until one day she's sitting on my lap while I play a vidya game
I think it was skyrim
But she said something to the effect of "Pay attention to me I'm hungry"
And I said "Yeah let me beat this boss first and then we can eat"
Because damn don't interrupt a boss fight with yo needy ass
And she didn't like that so she punched me in the face
I tackled that cunt to the ground, screamed in her face about "Don't you ever hit me again you fucking bitch", and then kicked her the out of my friend's house
Never saw her again.
She had had sex before with one other guy. So she was in control. She rode me to start.
I thought dirty talk was good, cause porn, cause retarded
>Yeah fuck me
>don't say that
We fucked for another 45 min or so which I thought was good for a first time.
Fuck yeah.
We dated for two years. I cheated on her multiple multiple times.
I still rarely talk during sex.
>I was 16 dating a pie Colombian girl both of us virgins
File: 1453937473277.webm (2 MB, 740x406) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 740x406
>be 15
>I was hanging out at the park with my girlfriend at the time
>she got a call that her parents were leaving town so we ended up going back to her place
>I had a condom with me so it was all good
>get back to her place, had to sneak into the house through a window.
>her room is a god damn mess
>we decided we were going to Fuck in her parents room
>get undressed and admire the moment with her
>she lays on her back and I get on top
>start making out a bit
>fumble to get it in, don't know which Fucking hole it is, finally get it in but I slide out or fall out every few seconds
>started pushing up against her while we Fuck
>she starts moaning a bit and we look to the left of us
>her parents closet has mirrors so we end up watching ourselves Fucking
>this shit is getting good.
>go at it for another 30 minutes and stop.
>we agreed to take a break, I need to drink some water and catch my breath, she was thirsty also
>go into her kitchen ass naked
>grabbed some of the pancakes that her family had for breakfast, start eating some
>get some water
>so by now we head back to her room and she god on her back again
>start pumping her with my cock
>stuck a finger in her ass when I managed to get her on her side
>she got Fucking pissed off at me
>don't give a damn keep going anyways
>so it's been 30 minutes since the break so I suggest we Fuck anywhere else instead of her parents bed by now.
I'll continue in a bit.
Similar thing happened to me, Suicide threats to keep me with her, Self harming, Fucking horrible time
Shut the fuck up you useless faggot. What did you even come to /b/ for? Seriously are you retarded?
File: 1451272674774.jpg (27 KB, 576x384) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Me and gf are 17 year virgins. Been getting blowjobs for a few weeks. I ask her if she wants to fuck. She agrees, so I put a condom on and try to slowly put it in. mfw she makes faces and tells me to stop bc it hurts too much, fucking small Asian pussy. So then she's in pain and won't even give me a handy and I end up jerking it into her trash can. We've been fucking 3-4 times a week for 3 years now tho.
*pi actually, tard
The qt goes without saying
No it doesn't.
File: 1455041229104.jpg (6 KB, 240x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 240x240
19 years old, with the woman I wanted to be with for 2 years. It was awesome. Sucks that it ended so terribly. Funny enough, I did not masturbate till I was about 18 years old. I knew absolutely nothing about sex. Just wish I wasn't drunk that night. We had a lot of fun though.
yes sir
Its pretty easy to infer though, isn't it, otherwise you wouldn't have made your cute little meme arrow comment?
That's irrelevant.
>ended up going to the living room couch
>Fuck yeah, black leather
>start fingering her right there
>get a call from my parents, "hey we're out of town, we're going to pick you up in a half hour
>Fuck this changes everything, ask her if she could jerk me off on her knees
>starts jerking me off with this cum lust in her eyes
>15 year old anon jerks off too much this is taking too long.
>jerk myself off
>cum on her tits
>glorious sperm makes a splash appearance on those mammaries
>she laps it all up with her finger into her mouth
>deep kiss her because I love this bitch
We ended up going to her room where I watched her piss and I disposed of a condom covered in blood and juices beneath ten thousand sheets of unused toilet paper. We cuddled for 10 minutes naked on her bed, her head on my chest, my arm wrapped around her. Watching some vapid program.

Decide its time to get dressed, still stink like sex. Lends me her onee-chans cologne. Spray some on me and walk with her to a near by land mark. Deep kissed her again and went to wait for my parents.

I'll continue in a bit.
Got picked up by mom and dad
>how was your day with anonnette?
>it was good, I had a good time
We didn't speak anymore on the way home.
>fast forward a few months
>we've fucked in a theater
>a Sears changing room
>a local parks restroom
>my room with the door open and my parents one room away
Ended up breaking up with her because the lust drove away the love. She was in tears and I felt terrible. Ended up leaving her at the park where I confessed it couldn't work anymore.
>heard she started to cut herself again.

Fast forward a few years
>be 18
>getting bj from her bestfriend in my colleges tennis courts
>after the BJ she punched me in my solar plexus causing me to be breathless for a bit
>"that's for annonette"
fast forward a bit more
>Fucking annonettes bestfriend in my car
"Why the Fuck can't I stay up I think"
End up going soft even though bareback, she gets pissed.
I'll continue in a bit.
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>be me 17
>gf 16 and also Virgin
>BBQ at gf house with her fam
>decide this is the day I get my dick wet finally
>she's down fuck ya
>we start fucking in the futon downstairs in the hallway
>sliding glass door right in front of us has curtains but we didn't lock it for some reason
>she climbs on top of me and I slide my cock in as she puts a blanket over us
> after about 2 min of slow pumping hear sliding door open
>fuck the horror it's her father
>her dad immediately drops his in opened beer on the floor as my gf blurts out "we are just laying here we aren't doing anything"
>her dad picks up beer and almost sprints out the door
>somehow she still lets me finish I nut deep in there no condom greatest feeling ever
>mfw when that was almost 8 years ago and we are now engaged
>mfw my soon to be father in law witnessed me pounding his little girl for the first time
>be in colombia
>be 15
>with friend I've apparently known since I was 3
>out in a plaza drinking beer
>walk with her to bathroom
>she comes out and makes out with me
>asks if I'm a virgin
>"want me to change that?"
>"of course"
>walk back to the apartment
>knuckle deep in tuna while in elevator
>go down a dark hallway, pull down her pants, put it in
>lost my virginity there technically
>suggests that we go back to the room were in
>tell mom I'm sleeping in there so I can watch dragon ball at night
>bang her brains out
>Fuck at least 2x a day for a week
>bang around the house when nobody is home
>questions my prior virginity cause I'm good at slamming
>get molested by her randomly in public
>head on the back of the bus
>anal the night before I left
Having a week of constant sex my first time really fucked my expectations, especially with the massive dry spell that followed those months later
>16 and very inexperienced
>making out with 5/10 I was dating at the time
>casually joke about stealing condoms from my brother
>we keep making out, starts getting more serious
>finger here for a couple of minutes
>she says "okay fine"
>I didn't know what she meant
>she proceeds to take off here pants
>I akwardly put on condom
>she rides me for 2 minutes
>try to change positions because I'm about to bust
>end up akwardly cumming the moment I pull out

Pretty disappointing
File: IMAG0441.jpg (817 KB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
817 KB, 3264x1836
So I went soft, she got mad and I ended up getting a panic attack because this shit fucked my ego up bad.
>now I'm afraid I have e.d. because I've been fapping daily since I was 13.
Fuck my life haha.
>took her home, she ended the affair because the sex was bad
>didn't tell her boyfriend.
>my bestfriend dated anonettes bestfriend years ago, hes still obsessed with her
>he finds out
Almost disowned me because I tapped that forbidden pussy. Felt like an ass for a while.
>still forgives me
>thank the lord Jesus Christ
>love this bastard
>me and him have some good history
>only man I'd go gay for.
Fast forward to now. Haven't had sex in 7 months, don't miss it. My self esteem is a lot better again and I just work, go to school and shoot my guns at the local range. Life is good.
Pic related, the great pumpkin shoot we had last Halloween.
File: 1428136357378.jpg (30 KB, 500x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 500x333
>be 17
>friends party
>drunk as fuck
>she was my friends sister that i've known for ages
>maybe 5/10 in the face, but 9/10 body because she played sports and did gymnastics
>drinking and laughing all night
>everyone's leaving or passing out
>can't find my friend who's party it is
>"my bed is huge, you can share mine"
>think nothing of it because i know her so well and i've slept in her bed before
>i kick my shoes off and hop in
>lethargic as fuck, can't wait to sleep
>i'm lying down and from the corner of my eye in the mirror i see her strip completely naked
>she turns off the light and hops into bed
>i instantly sobered up, instantly the most awake i've ever been
>i was fucking frozen in place on her bed for what seemed like hours
>afraid to move
>arm started to hurt but i didn't move it
>"hey anon"
>"do you like me"
>"have you ever had sex before?"
>"do you want me to show you?"

was pretty enjoyable for a first time
i came inside and nothing ever came of it, which was lucky
>be me 16 virgin
>gf 18 virgin
>one month until my birthday
>anon i have an early present for you
>take me to her room and we make out
>we take off our clothes and i put condom on
>start slowly pounding her
>she says im hurting her so we changed positions
>she's riding me now angry as fuck
>i ask if she want to stop
>no, just fucking cum already gosh i want to punch you in the face
>confused as fuck but i kept going until i came

I still love her, she barely let me touch her tho
Been there too anon, glad I moved on. You?
I was 14. She was 12. We were fooling on my bed and I was fingerings her. She said it felt good. I told I could make it feel better. She asked how and I told her to take her pants off. She did. So I fucked her.
fuck off Chad
Yeeah. It was awesome. 16 years old, both of us were drunk as shit, slept at a friends house after a party, get frisky, commit the deed, cum inside because I didn't know better, shit was fucking amazing. Amazing!
She was the "hole time" indeed, if you catch my drift. ;)
Tits or gtfo
I'm no Chad though. Funny enough, I'm very awkward and people wouldn't know that I've done anything.
We we're meeting for the first time closing a long distance relationship

get to the motel room

have to take a shit

come out of the bathroom,

shes naked

my virgin head did not comprehend the series of events that transpired but it all made sense down the road. apparently my shits make women moist.
Have the same problem. Shes got to be super wet, go a few days without fapping, and you're good to go.
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