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>What the worst (consensual or not) thing...
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>What the worst (consensual or not) thing you've done to a girl sexually?
>What was her reaction?
>What was your relationship with her?
>Do you still see her?
bump while I greentext
Fucked my girlfriend in the accidently with no warning when drunk. Didn't even realize until the next morning when she said her hole was sore.
>married for 10 years
>have affair with married yoga teacher
>fuck almost daily for 2 years
>things getting stale, need to liven up
>piss in her cunt while we're fucking
>finished up and shrugged it off
>never came up again
>moved away a month later
How did you pee in her if you were hard? I don't think that's how urethras work mane
Accidentally shat on her stomach while tittyfucking her in a tent out in the woods with nothing to wipe it off.
fuking age are you?
no srsly im wondering this too
Uh yeah
That's not possible, and you're fucking retarded if you think it is.
People tell me that, but I can piss while hard.

It was wet and warm and noisy. She paused when she realized, I said "sorry, drunk"... She didn't gaf.

cant pee when i'm hard either. i guess your prostate doesn't work anymore...?
Depends on how hard you are. ive done it many times, in the toilett though
Anal fucked ex wife till she came came from getting her ass plugged. After she came, pulled out of her ass and straight into her pussy pumping her full of cum. Good times!
>Fucked my girlfriend in the accidently
heh, dont take this personel but it looks like youve never pissed in a cunt while fucking it before
dont talk shit if you cant handle the kitchen's fire, kid.
>i convienced my ex to let me cum on her face:
>i was a bit drunk, so it was hard to cum
>she has already cummed
>she lied on the floor and watch me masturbating
>i asked her to beg for a facial
>she did it
>still no cum
>put her feet on my face because she knew i love it
>i felt like it is cumming
>i moved to her face and prayed a fucking huge , but watery load on her face
>i saw the she hated this feeling, my cum was everywhere, face hair, in her nose...
It's a b8 you fucking autist
my buddy's gf was abusive and no longer welcome in his home but she wouldn't move out. i came to visit him, he wasn't home, she asked me to wait for him in the living room. so i put on some porn and jacked off while she packed her shit, never to be seen again.
mless 57BA109

>yeah, totally not possible

this is b8
don't respond to this you autists
even though i just responded it doesnt count because i only responded to warn the autists not to respond.
>super drunk ; pick up cumdumpster at bar

>drive her around to some sand pits for sexytime (figure it wont get much further than a makeout session with casual tit-grabs)

>things get blurry, near fade-to-black thanks to adding xannie bars to the mix

>fingerbanging like a champ

>sniff sniff . hmm not exactly fresh are we

>she asks me to eat her pussy

>i figure fuck it, I'm drunk enough. if I can at least start, i'll get in the groove and everything will be fine


>I retch all over her pussy and stomach

>not a DAMN thing to clean her up with


>crying crying

>i am assuming i took her back to her car or something

she was really hot too. filthy animal.
>be single dad
>get daughter for weeks at time
>hire friend babysitter to watch daughter in day
>hire young babysitter to watch daughter in eve on days I work.
>day babysitter is married.
>eve babysitter just turned 18.
>Started fucking both.
>told 18 year old, while she was blowing me, that she was cleaning off the married babysitter and not to dare stop.
>Came in her mouth while she seemed teary.
>all sex happened while kid was napping/asleep.

She left, we didn't talk. She did show up for the next sitting, but it was awkward as fuck. A few weeks later we talked about it, she became my submissive for a little while until she got engaged and wanted to stop cheating on him. Now she's a single mum.
I have bin looking for this porn for ages, wahts the sorce?
>gf hates anal
>I plow her ass anyway
>she whimpers and says it hurts
>tell her to shut up and take it like a whore
>she starts crying
>slap her face and ask if shes a whore
>she says yes quietly
>tell her to say it
>she says "im a whore! Im a whore!" while crying as I fuck her ass
>choke the shit out of her while fucking her ass
>shes grabbing my arm to stop
>let go you fucking slut
>doesnt let go
>spit on her face
>I said let go slut
>she lets go
>cum buckets as shes turning purple
>afterwards she still sobbing a bit
>did I go to far? I spoon her and tell her I love her
>".....I love you too, anon"
File: allison relaxing.jpg (36 KB, 515x536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
allison relaxing.jpg
36 KB, 515x536
Sexual blackmail. It never ends for them. Some of my favorite toys are even married.
>be at ex's house
>polish off 2 bottles of champagne between us
>get to fucking
>after about 30 mins, i tell her i want to cum in her ass, she agrees
>just the tip, unload
>im drunk, so what the hell, i piss in her ass after i cum
>pull out slowly, she goes and washes up
>few hours later we're sleeping, she wakes up and runs to the bathroom, horrible noises occur
>in the morning shes complaining that chinese food made her shit water
>i explain that i pissed in her ass because i didnt want to get up to pee.

True story, we dated for a year after that but things got ugly. Now she hates me, but i have so much dirt to hold over her head. Feels good.

I'm not sure if it is but PowerShotz has some very similar stuff.
greentext pls
File: Capture.png (3 KB, 331x60) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fucked my ex on a granite bench by her sister's grave. Flipped the bitch on her back and beat that pussy up hard using my foot and said gravestone for leverage. kek
Thanks dead girl!!
dubs nice story faggot
>Being in a overcroweded bus
>Get near the door so I dont have trouble leaving because people wont move away at all
> Finaly reachs the door, theres an specifc sopt that acommodates one person and wont get hit when the door opens
> Red alert: hot blond
>Shes really small and fit
>Cute long hair, probably a good smell. I dont know, it would be a good fit.
>Not a single person could get into the bus
>Bus driver doest care, hes got a comfortable chair
>New People couldnt care less, they dont even try to move away from the entrance.
>Cute petit blond is pushed away towards me
>That sensible butt is scared and move away for a second
>Looks behind, I seem to be a non-creepy-sweat-old-man so she calms down
>Gets next to me again, twerk for a moment
>That sensible butt reachs for my man-device
>Hey, its growing... Should I keep it this way? Maybe Im reading too much "stop rape" long texts at facebook.
>My penis doest care, it wants to show its full power.
> Next stop, a lot of people leave, finally theres room.
>My penis is now full sized, ready to save earths population from non-babies families.
>She slowly gets next to me again.
>Her soft skin butt touchs my mandongle
>Jumps a few centimenters away
>People want to leave, no more room next to the door
>She was simply pushed towards my croach
>Im happy just like I have hit the USB right at the first time. Perfect connection.png
>She seems to enjoy and every 10 seconds looks behind. Twerk.png
>Next stop: final tests at college.png
>A lot of people leave the bus.
>What should I do? Did I get enough out of it? Was it just a coincidence and she didnt actually enjoy it?
>Will she cry rape?
>I remember I cant fail this class so I leave.
File: 1441674275343.gif (3 MB, 400x221) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 400x221
Lol what
Forcibly fingerbanged one of by best friends girlfriend while
Driving and groped her boobs. She was my kinda friends idk
Btw she was not happy about it
how did she react?
drinking with girlfriend. sprayed at random with pepperspray. After that fucked her on a table tennis table in the park. Licked my finger while doggy and put it in her ass. Moment later i realised my mouth was very hot and hurting. there was some pepper spray on my finger. Her ass was hurting as hell, she cried. still fucked her until i came, then apologized.
Pissed in her mouth. Quiet acceptance.
Repeated ass to mouth. Complained but did it. Said she felt like an owned whore.
Hmm. Didn't tell anyone for a long time. Fianlly did tell. Everyone congratulated me for being such a man
Fucking kek, 7/10
the pee might not go in the bowl, but it sure is possible to pee with a hard-on.

feels nice as well.
Best reaction. You re such a man!
Like. She was like a 7/10 with some fat tits. If i had just bided my tiem she would've left her Bf and came to me. But she's all over this gay dude or someone now
>fucked my alcoholic aunt 3 times when she was passed out.
>fucked my girlfriend in the ass when she was passed out after drinking too much. She hates anal.
>filled my girlfriends pussy with piss. Her idea.
>came in at least 8 girls even though they didn't want me too.

Fucked a girl in her ass while she was sleeping, passed out drunk and then some. We were dating, I was young, maybe 15. We'd had regular sex a number of times.

Some of our friends scored several large bottles of peppermint schnapps, and I had a big bag of weed. We went out to a cemetery, I rolled a few tasty blunts, and we passed it all around. I didn't have much though, since I was supposed to drive some people home after.

Well, they all got pretty hammered, but the girls way more than the guys, and my GF put away the schnapps! I drive everyone home, and I get her to her house and her parents were out. She's telling me she's sick, etc, so I take her in, help her to the bathroom where she pukes her guts out. After she's done, she's totally passed out, I mean DONE. I decided what the hell? Pulled her pants down, and started fucking her cunt. Then I'm looking at her ass, I see the jar of hand cream, and well, yeah. Greased her ass, greased my dick, fucked her butthole. She got caught by her folks passed out, got grounded, but never mentioned if she noticed.

My man!
Fucking keked
File: pussy.jpg (45 KB, 480x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 480x640
>the was a finnish girl i get to know woth on the internet
>she fell in love with me
>came to my country to meet me
>rented a hotel room with her aunt
>i came to the hotel and fucked her very rough
>finally i creampied her
>she was ugly in the real life so i decided to leave
>she was still on the bed with cum filled cunt
>i started to get dress
>she starts to cry because she dont want me to leave
>i pushed her away and went home
>picture is related
i can't pee when I'm hard unless i really focus and push hard.
fuck i cant write, sorry guys, i masturbated
Indeed.. can't do it when you're young.. you learn how to when you are older.. basically when you wake up with morning wood after drinking 500 beers and you simply got to piss..
I got into a bdsm relationship with my first gf in college, ended up having to cut her.
where did you cummed on them?
Came on my gf's face but some got in her eye. It got really red and stung her for a few hours but after that she was fine.
File: Image013.jpg (582 KB, 1200x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
582 KB, 1200x1600
iinvited 2/20 girl over to lose her v she comes over striate away tell her to strip for me then i fuck her she says it hurts please stop i hold her down and fuck harder she cryes and says its rape i say you asked for it your getting it
cumm in her and send her home never speek again

had fat bitch fuck buddy for a while fucked her in woods stuffed things inside her ass and pussy generally degraded her opened bottle of beer shoved it up her pussy then fucked her with it till it filled her pussy with beer then left her and walked away heres a pic of her

fucking a girl i just mett shoved 2 fingeres in her ass she screamed and tryed to pull my hand away i held both her hands abover her head with 1 hand and fingereder as with the other hand as she was crying then came in her puss y saying now thats your problem
>Japanese girlfriend
>Went to her hometown for a holiday and to meet her parents after 7 months of long distance
>Start fucking again, sex is amazing after that dry spell
>Doing her from behind on the 3rd day, haven't had anal since about a month before she left
>She loves butt play in some ways, but she seems nervous and tight for dick taking this time. She used to be able to orgasm from it sometimes
>Spit down her ass and start to push it in anyway
>The tries to push me away, so I hold her wrists
>Tries to twist her hips sideways so it won't go in, so I push her over forward so shes laying on her stomach and put it back in
>She keeps resisting and saying she doesn't want to, trying to roll onto her side
>Pin her wrists against her hips and pin her down while I start fucking faster, gonna cum so hard over this situation alone
>She's laying there in total silence now
"Do you want me to finish in here or on your face?"
>No reply
"On your face then?"
>"No, no... Keep going."
>She wants me to stop, but wants me to cum on her face and smear it around even less
>Cum hard in her ass, pull out and wipe off with some tissues

>Hours later we're out shopping
>She mentions she needs to use the bathroom
> Walking along when she says "I'm leaking"
>My jizz is spilling down her leg while she walks and she has no way to clean it without it being obvious
>We walk while she drips my cum out of her ass for another few minutes until we find a toilet

shit was cash. Not the first time I did something like that, but one of the most memorable recent ones
>Fucked sleeping girlfriend when we were drunk- told her, she was cool with it
>Fucked sleeping girlfriend after argument- never told her
>Cut girlfriends tits with a knife as I fucked her (her request, bitch was cray)
>With friend watching- slapped girlfriend in the face at 80% force repeatedly and whispered how she's "such a big strong girl now" in her ear until she cried then as she was crying made her blow me then rage fucked her. She was cool with it after
Hooked up with a girl in college. We were both hammered, went back to her room, started fucking. Midway through, she threw up. When she was done I made her jerk me off onto her face and tits, got dressed, and left her there covered in cum and with puke all over her sheets and floor.

Aunt - pussy, tits then pussy again
Girlfriend - came in her ass
Other girls - pussy
Had a jelouse bitch in hs who would follow me to parties across the city hecause she didn't trust me. In all sincerity i was just drinking with friends. She tags along and gets drunk with us, we decide to dio into my friend's moms bedroom to fuck.
Accidentally slipped into her ass, she doesn't reactso i proced to ram dat.
She ends up bleeding and crying
Gets picked up by a cab
I stay and get pats on the back from all the guys and girls, "good job on grtting rid of themat crazy bitch anon"
>buying booze for underage b& gf's party
>her anal virginity flashes before my eyes the moment I touch this bottle of whiskey

there's still a tiny speck of blood on my passenger's seat. I fucking told her she'd wanna work up to it!
anyone loves my stories?
wtf real?

I can do this pretty easy. Granted my aim is fucking trash as shit.
I knew a girl who had a crush on me since freshman year (this happened when I was a Jr. In college) .

She was a hardcore tomboy. Exercised, played football, and probably ate muff before. However, she was also a hot piece of ass despite some facial detriments. Overall, an easy 7 outta 10.

She came out and told to me straight we should get together, and since I was horny as fuck, I thought why not.

Now let me tell you about how filthy a vagina can be.
She was absolutely smoking: she was picture perfect to my tastes. However, she could taint a room with her fish flaps for a week just changing.

She always liked to wave her ass around and be sexy when we were alone, but all that did was spread her gas everywhere. I finally got sick of it and, during a night of drinking, decided to febreeze her cooch.

Turns out that shit can burn.
She ran out screaming and started washing her mystery dungeon in the bathroom, only to come back and start trying to kick my ass.

This is how I developed my muscle girl fetish.
We're still together in college. Her vagina is less rank then back then, too.

But who cares about that when she already accidentally shat on me twice.?
Top Kek anon
U sound like a shitty person
>Be me 18 years old
>Me and a few friends decide to do some drinking and partying at summer in the forest campsite
>a few friends bring their female friends so it isn't a complete sausage fest
>we go there by cars, bring a few tents, SHITLOADS of alcohol
>we party on, music's loud as fuck but nobody cares since we're ~10 km to civilisation
>one chick - about 8 or 7/10 follows me around during party. Cute but boring and pretty dumb
>I get enough to drink, she's drunk as fuck (close to passing out)
>I say "So you wanna go for a drive?"
>she "Suuure"
>I start up my car, we drive further into the forest near a river (yeah I was drunk af but since nobody lives there and there aren't really dangers or cops there...fuck it
>I stop my car. She unzips my pants, starts deepthroating me, I cum
>She fucking barfs in the car from the deep throat
>I slap the shit out of her, kick her ass out of the car and drive away
>Bitch had to walk ~5 km to get back to the camp
unreadable gibberish
one of my exes started a fucking argument on valentine's, ruined all kinds of thoughtful shit, both went to bed mad.

raped her in her sleep. we made up the next day. never told her.
File: images.jpg (9 KB, 226x223) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 226x223
>be me, years ago now
>Talked a big game but never gotten past 1st base.
>Had friend since primary school.
>She lived in the same village as me and we sometimes walked home together.
>She has a boyfriend but my sis says she's a slut
>Start talking sexually, she sends me to her blog where she posted nude photos of herself.
>Told me I'll never guess the password.
>Mfw it was her name, she was 16 can't blame her that much.
>Valentines day.
>I went on a date with an old sort-of girlfriend
>Too awkward, she only just turned 15 and was shocked by the adverts in the cinema.
>Texting Village girl on the way home, she says her boyfriend wouldn't come to see her and that I should come over.
>It's happening!
>Start jogging to her house.
>Can't find the damn place, since mines on the way to hers and we hadn't hung out properly before.
>She comes to find me, takes me to her room then goes to 'freshen up'
>Comes out in super hot lingerie.
>Kissing is awkward. I'm still in all my clothes and this doesn't strike me as weird.
>I try and take off her panties.
>Need 4chan gold pass to access.
>Try again, she succumbs to my autistic charms
>I ask her about 50 times if she's sure it's okay because the mood needed ruining.
>Oh when you bite her she has a more obvious reaction.
>Try and bite bits that shouldn't be bitten.
>Pulls me into a hug to spare her axe wound.
>'Anon, this is not how I pictured this.'
>Me, still fully clothed in outdoor jacket and stuff, "I should go"
>Mfw she told my bro that was in love with her.
>Mfw she told her boyfriend I raped her.
>Mfw she told all her girlfriends, and one of them was really into that and looked me up.

Ran into her a few months ago at a shop I was working at, gotta get that sweet money to pay bills at uni.
Most awkward 2 minute hello of my life.
I do that shit every morning
>mystery dungeon

>But who cares about that when she already accidentally shat on me twice.?
>she already accidentally shat on me twice.?
>shat on me twice.?

Greentext it, anon, if you please.
>Fisted, stretched, destroyed her pussy
>Made her eat my sweaty ass crack in front of guests after 12 hour shift in hot kitchen
>Sent her to ER with bleeding ass after violent sodomy
much more against geneva convention
Stayed with me for 10 years
Please tell me more about that ordeal anon
Thats not even sexual you fucking nerd
Gross man
She deserved it
i could be more shitty if i would post a picture of their faces. but i didnt post it.
Yeah - was gonna say this. So much underage cancer on this board who cant pee pee with morning wood.
File: bumby.png (147 KB, 242x327) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147 KB, 242x327
If you can't pee while you're hard then how do you get a girl pregnant? Checkmate.
i once green texted all over /b/

The first time wasn't sexual. She was sick with the flu and, during the night, sneezed, shooting hot liquid shit through her panties onto my dick.

The second time was drunken anal.

Never do drunken anal.
why dont we comment each others stories?
why on earth are you writing the URL in such a strange way?
I like anal more when I am drunk and I never had shitty anus, but I once had when I was sober.
>bored st hotel bar while traveling for work
>piglet starts chatting me up
>not like I have any other plans
>go back to piglet's room
>fuck her until she cums
>my turn
>drag her into bathroom, push her onto all fours
>start railing that fat ass like there's no tomorrow
>little drunk so it takes a while for me to get there
>she's whimpering
>makes me slam her ever harder
>say, "When I tell you to you're gonna turn around and take me in your mouth."
>just whimpering as response
>she turns around and takes my cock reluctantly
>i grab the back of her head and give a few thrusts
>as I feel my cockhead sliding down the back of her throat I'm about to blow
>"Don't you dare puke on me."
>cum right down her little piggy throat

She got my number and called me all the time after that. So wanted to be my gf. Fucked her a few more times, but finally had to explain to her it was never going to be anything more than fucking. Never heard from her after that.
>took gf on edge of bed
>bent her legs behind her head
>she said it hurt
>i fucked anyway
>hard as i could
>came buckets in her cunt
>she didn't speak as we dressed
>took her to park right after and told her we were done
>she cried and and asked what if she was pregnant
>told her we would see and left

she got married not long after that and had a kid. wonder whose it is.

This wasn't shit dick. I literally plunged the pipes and unleashed hell.

drunk as fuck in college at friends apartment

take slutty girl to the bathroom and put her on the sink and start fucking her in the ass

little bit of poop, washed it down the sink, washed my dick and then got her to suck me off and came in her throat

people trying to use the bathroom. we leave. still a little bit of poop in the sink

who is the biggest jerk in this thread
i vote for him: >>668033300

>be me
>be end of 2013
>This fat 40 yo latino chick invited me over while I was living at the trap in the hood
>horny as fuck and don't care as long as it's pussy
>She makes goulash
>what the fuck is goulash
>eat goulash
>get in her bed
>fuck her brains out for about 2 hours because it takes me that long to cum
>i nut in her hair
>go home
>stomach hurts
>oh fuck, goulash
>shit myself for a week
>run every time i see fat 40 yo latino chick because i want nothing to do with her goulash again
This same thing happened to me, but i peppersprayed a buddy for a prank, and i was rubbing her clit.

She was not happy.
she's a keeper
>be me
>girlfriend is sucking my dick
>we're both high
>jizz in her throat
>she starts to swallow
>why is my orgasm taking so long
>turns out im peeing as i orgasm
>i laugh a bit
>she realizes what is going on
>she pulls back
>im still peeing
>gets all over her
>gets all over the sheets
>she starts puking
>i cant stop laughing
>be 2 years later
>im still with that girl
> :)
i always wanted to piss on my gf. she let me piss on her legs and pussy
>sunday afternoon sexytime w/ gf at uni, in her room
>got her tied to the bed
>shes been tickled and spanked and licked and teased
>she asks for a toke on our joint
>go to light it but the lighter doesnt work
>cant find another
>throw on shorts & a tshirt, go to living room to get a light
>her friends are there getting stoned
>they offer me a cheeky bong
>why not
>damn thats some nice weed
>hey nice tunes
>about an hour and 3 or 4 bongs later one of her friends asks where she is
>oh no
>oh please god no what have I done
>go back to her room
>she is very upset with me
>shes been crying
>she hurt her wrist trying to escape
>she was scared someone would walk in
>she very much would like to be untied straight away please
>she doesnt want to have sex any more

>What was her reaction?
she was furious and upset in equal parts, she wanted to hit me and be cuddled at the same time
>What was your relationship with her?
>Do you still see her?
no but not because of this. this was a few years ago, we were together for about a year and a bit after
I get away with it with her in the shower :)
i showed a blade up my cheating gf vagina once, got 3 years and a big fine, well worth it thou. she screamed and cryed, uderstandebly... needless to say im not alowed whitin 200 feet of here, so no, i dont se here anymore
You can't piss while you're cumming. You betas are fucking stupid. Have you never pissed with morning wood or right after fucking?
File: 1441338541246.jpg (97 KB, 634x506) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
97 KB, 634x506
Yeah, that's how a shit bag see's the world.
>I could be worse.
Like that means you are not kek
i want my bf to piss in me, do you think its safe?
that sucks /b/ro
it turns me on so much that you hate me, i think it is because you are jealous.
File: 1438730571255.jpg (44 KB, 604x340) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 604x340
topkek, also saved
Hate is a strong word. Pity is more appropriate.
Potential ph issues but I fill my girl up. She loves how warm and full she feels
Unless he's got a really dirty Dick. Also get him to drink a lot of water for a dy Or two beforehand to flush many of the undesirable components out of the urine. Best to be safe
>with gf in bedroom
>supposed to leave to pick up her little sister
>grab gf as she stands and toss her on bed
>lift skirt, pull aside panties
>cock through zip and plunge in pussy
>fucking her slow
>pussy juice building on pants and panties
>wet sounds filling room
>she tries to speak but it's more of a series of moans an panting:
"But what about (gf's sister's name)?"
>cock turns to diamonds
>tell her her sister will get hers too
>she's too caught up in pleasure to respond
>fill her pussy
>leave and pick up her little sister with our sex all over our clothes
didnt have to clarify thats how every "this is b8" statement works
File: IMAG0251.jpg (2 MB, 2368x4224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2368x4224
Spooned my maid on a daily basis..I pressed her tits every chance I got. She is about to be married. She enjoyed it and let me pin her to the ground. Protested very weakly.
That's called a quickie, you virgin. As a married man with kids, this is what sex is 3/4 times a week.
Made my wife call me her ex bf name while i fucked the shit out of her after she told me she talked to him. Made her say i (her husband) was beta and "me" (her ex) was alpha, meanwhile im king cuz i know she never been fucked like that before I am alpha and now she knows it. She did everything i told her but cried the whole time.
I've done this to a few girls with consent, by keeping a finger over the edge of the blade while shoving it in, then removing the my finger from the edge once it was in. Then telling her she can't fucking move. Shit got some girls really hot. But I'd never cut a bitch. Of course you went to jail for that shit.
we were a couple of 18yo highschool kids then

point is i got off thinking about her little sister
plus she was thinking about her little sister while we were fucking

gf told me about what her sister's tits looked like a few times after that, and admitted to touching herself while in the bath and watching her sister in the morning. got to the point where i could just say her sister's name while fucking and she's start moaning. i like to think it was the experience that i described that made her begin to associate her little sister with cumming.
>she could taint a room with her fish flaps for a week
>She always liked to wave her ass around and be sexy when we were alone, but all that did was spread her gas everywhere
>decided to febreeze her cooch.

Wtf is with people saying you can't pee with a boner? I can, although I've never tried during sex.
File: llllllllll.jpg (133 KB, 1794x1140) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
133 KB, 1794x1140

>be 15
>be in wacken
>be fuckin drunk all day long
>meet hot girl from a few tents away
>solid 8/10

>we drink, dance, party
>we go on a "mission"
>mission is called "if i were you"
>shit was back in 2007 btw

>go on mission drunk as fuck and hand in hand
>start with stupid shit like getting drinks or asking other guys/girls for a kiss
>at some point we walk with one hand on the others butt cheek and just in underwear along the campsite
>eventually start to make out
>we end up on someones car and fucked
>whole campsite also drunk as fuck cheering us on
>we both had fun
>we both start to continue our mission
>at some point we are both totally drunk and fucking in someones tent from the other end of the camp site.
>i woke up maybe a few hours later. maybe just a few mins later.
>stand up and walk as naked as i was straight to my tent.
>grab another beer until i realize that i totally left her naked in someones tent
>be worried for a split second
>start to search her, wont find her.
>next time i saw her she didnt even look at me

was i nice girl
>be me
>be in highschool
>somehow get a 7/10 asian girlfriend
>she is a complete slut
>everytime I fucked her in the ass, she would shit on my dick a little bit
>I never minded that, it was only a little bit after all
>she is always farting when we are alone and starts to shit more and more on my dick
>getting tired of this shit
>one day I learned about "scat" fetish, so I started to think that she has it
>be me a few day later, fucking her in the ass again
>this time there is way too much shit, her room starts to smell bad
>I had enough, so I push her away from my dick
>as I am getting out of her bed, she holds my hand and says that she is sorry
>"let me clean it up for you"
>she says as she starts to suck my dirty dick with her own shit
>lol wat
>slap her in the face in desperation
>she falls out of bed
>I quickly grab her bed sheets and wipe my dick with it
>go home as fast as possible

luckily that was by the end of highschool and what happened is not something that she can tell everyone. dont need to tell we broke up after that, but we still talked as friends as if nothing happened
I fucked my girlfriend's best friend in the poop chute and got a bj from gf later that evening.
That was before we were married though, worst I've done since is getting a blowjob from a minion at work in exchange for a bit of leniency and so I'd a blind eye to the fact she was pretty hopeless at her job.

that is so fucking hot. She was obviously into it. Too bad you were too much of a pussy.
How did you turn a worker's fuck-up in to a bj?
reminds me of Stanley from South Park.
shit anon that sucks
what exactly did you bite?
>Once fucked my gf while she was passed out on her schizophrenia medication
>She never found out
>she does not speak to me anymore but it's for other reasons
>would totally do it again
>Found out my ex was cheating on me
>violently prison-fucked her in the ass
>she had trouble walking and sitting for the next two weeks
>zero fucks given
>don't see that bitch anymore, and don't care
>hope she died
I slipped and hurt my accidentally last week. I was in hospital for hours.
You watch too much porn anon. It's time to put your dick away and go outside.
took her virginity blackout drunk and forgot

>at gfs place
>she decided to cook us pasta so the hangover wouldnt be as bad
>chilling, drinking her dads beer
>decide to get horny
>start fingering her as shes standing by the stove
>start pulling her clothes to pop out her nice tits and ass
>her ass is grinding against my cock
"but anon, what if someone comes downstairs"
>mfw the staircase is directly visible from the stove
"its 3:30 who the fuck is awake"
>hold her mouth closed as i plow her pussy to pieces
>hear footsteps on the stairs
>see open window
>fix my gfs clothes and jump out the window
>wait outside, fapping in first gear


Gradually. Be apologetic when you point out the fuck ups, say shit like 'forget it, we need people like you, this place needs a bit of glamour'. It's cheesy but it gets the message across. Then a few compliments, move onto shit like 'god don't do that, you'll give me a heart attack' when she bends over or whatever.
She'll soon be doing it on purpose and it goes pretty fast from there.
Won't work on the hottest ones, but 7/10 and below and you're all set.
>wife's not feeling well, so no sex
>I'm horny as hell
>we sleep naked, and she feels good
>she is sound asleep, so I spoon her
>can't get to pussy
>start rubbing dick between her ass cheeks
>cum like a geyser all over her ass and lower back
>roll over and go to sleep

Is that a bad thing to do? I've done it more than once. Told her about it, but she didn't believe me.
really nothing wrong with this, getting caught might be awkward but I doubt she'd be pissed about it
face pic?
Nice. Thanks for the tips, anon.
What is happening here? Besides the obvious.
That thing looks vaguely like a curling iron.
First time I ever came on a girls face I spread it across her forehead and said simbaaaaa
>my friend asked me to move into her appartment for a week, because he is out for a week
>i called a friend of mine (girl) to come with me
>i woke up earlier every day than she
>i was stareing at her feet and masturbated every morning
>twice i cummed on her soles
>i recorded it
>i put it on the net
>watch it: http://www.feet9.com/4415/cum-on-soles/
>16 y/o me
>skip class with gf
>walk to my place
>no ones home
>strip down
>sex initiated
>9/10 ass
>put it in her ass
>about to cum
>pull out
>dick is covered in shit
>try not to vomit
>she's embarrassed
>clean my dick off
>didn't cum

Two years later
>we're at her place
>start fucking
>She's riding me
>she's wet
>can hear her puss sloshing
>unusually wet
>gets off
>shit on my dick
>shit in her pussy
>shit everywhere
>embarrassed again
Let my little brother feel up my ex gf. It was his first feel of big titties and hard lady nipples. My ex gf was excited by the idea. She sat next to him with her tits out for like 30min while he played with them :P our relationship was ok but it didn't work out in the end. I deserve better :P don't see her anymore but we sext sometimes when we're horny
Can piss but get severe sprinkler dick
End up pissing on the floor the wall the tub etc>>668027525
its difficult but possible. Shits cash yo.
began having sex with my sister when she was 9 and I was 17
Als ob es auf wacken ne 8/10 gibt...

>Wacken ist vorbei du Spasti
Are yall 12 hur dur i b8ted you hur dur look.at how.cleever i iz who cares
Was fucking a dirty married whores at work. Told her to bring in her teen daughters panties. Compared teens dirty panties to the moms. Compared smells and tastes. Daughter smells better. Fucked mom on the ass making her sniff daughters panty stains and telling her her old dirty hole was not as good as kids. Pull out dirty cock for atm. Cum in daughters panties and make mom clean yh r mess and eat it.
> be me, be 17, 5 years ago
> camping party at a nearby forrest 2 miles from town, I'm not even invited but I go along with a friend
> there is this disgusting slag in my maths class who always jokes about us fucking
> campfire drinking and smoking feelsgoodman.jpg
> start playing with slag and her overweight friend jenny
> 3 way kisses feelsokayman
> ffwd later on and the 3 of us are in the tent overweight jenny and slag are asleep but I've got my arms around slag
> start fingering, she gets wet. I'm a virgin so my dick is daimonds
> slip it in and hump with just the tip because of the way were lying face to face
> lasts less than 2 minutes and cum inside
> she is alergic to seamen and I alredy knew this
> next morning walk her to clinic for emergency pill after getting no sleep
> she is only 16 so she isn't allowed the pill but after she starts crying they give it to her
> she asks me to get my mum to give a lift home when I am picked up, I told her to fuck off I'm not having a stinking whore in my mothers car

Talked to her for the first time in ages a few weeks back, she is a mega whore now. After talking we met up twice for kinky fucks where I called her names and she loved it, kinda feel responsible
Post pics of said tits, please. They sounds perfect.
my gf was passed out on pills and alcohol and i fucked her ass

she woke up and went to the bathroom and started crying

on the plus side, that began an era of lots of anal sex for us
File: 1454792009497.jpg (44 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 1280x720
I did same thing with my gf

Sind doch genug da.

Heeeeeeeeelga (du Spasti)
All this ass fucking makes me jealous lol. My wife can't take my dick in the ass, I'm not gigantic but not small at all. her ass is so tight
File: image128.jpg (30 KB, 293x431) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 293x431
Allergic to semen? I guess that means being a lesbian really isn't a choice.
>be in highschool
>look like cleetus from the hills have eyes
>popular thing to do is make fun of me
>one girl in particular always fucking with me, and i truly hated her.
>one day, walking through the woods by my house
>see the girl
>she is all alone.
>decide "fuck it"
>full on football tackle her
>she is completely stunned from the impact
>start ripping off her clothes
>she starts to scream, but i cover her mouth with my hand.
>take my dick out and jam it in
>blood everywhere
>keep thrusting until i cum inside her
>tell her if she tells anyone, im gonna do the same thing to her little sister
>she never tells anyone, and oddly started flirting with me from then on.
Ended up becoming fwb. Still confuses me to this day.
She's not ugly, you're retarded.
than grab your dick and jack off as you watch her pictures

It's not confusing at all. You raped her, she couldn't handle the idea of being raped so she decided to follow it with consenting sex so that in her head it really wasn't rape. Good for her, good for you, but you're still a rapist.
File: Greggy.jpg (13 KB, 400x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 400x225
>get drunk with cousin
>feel her up when she got super drunk
>slowly take her yoga pants off and panties off
>jerked off using her ass cheeks and thigh gap
>she's curvy so its the fucking best
>take her shirt and bra and move them off her tits before sucking burying my face in them
>cummed twice in between her thighs and in her on her ass
>after cleaning her up with some tissues and redressing her i thought I was essentially in the clear
>mfw when I asked her to drink with me again she declined because "I'll get weird again"
>had a dom/sub thing going on with gf
>I was dom
>rough fucking was standard
>once when I was bored I stuck my cock up her arse without lube as a "punishment"
>she cried
>came in her arse and spat on her face

Outcome was she got into anal

Were not together but still friends
Hello, femanon.
aww, to be 13 again.
Girlfriend wasn't on pill, but wanted bareback. She made me promise to pull out when I was about to cum. I would always fire off 1-2 shots before pulling out and cumming on her. This went on for weeks before she realized it. Her mom took her to get the pill not long after she found out why her crotch was always so gewy.
haha ikr, she told me not to cun inside but I did anyway.

>be me 19
>my gf 18.. maybe not
>my folks resthouse
>Convince gf to tie her
>Convince gf to muzzle her
>tied my gf really good
>fuck her a while, she even squirts.jpg
>then analsexed.jpg
>10 mins after she wants to go to bathroom
>request denied.
>she had to shit in bed sheets
>I am getting creative...
>took shit and started stuffing it in her pussy
>Doge eats puke
>Doge smells shit
>Doge eagerly eats it
>gf stared silently at me all time
>that should be an advise...
>Took Doge penis in my hands and start fapping it
>Doge is large and hard
>Can't tell if gf is enjoying
>I think: she tells somebody i am fucked
>Did not mind
>gf squirts loads of white lube
>OMG she's lovin it
>I fuck her pussy
>Had the best cum ever.

Been married for 6 years now to her.
The child would be better off without a cunt like you in anycase
File: my fetish 4.png (194 KB, 810x242) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
my fetish 4.png
194 KB, 810x242
HOW DID IT FEEL!?! I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO TRY THIS, does it just build up pressure like when you pee inside a Gatorade bottle and explode?
true love at it's best
I rape a chinese girl, now she's my bitch.
we where at her home, she ask me to fix her wifi, I did it then when she was sitting on the sofa......
>bitch loves my dick now.
>the second time I rape her she started to like it.
>she cry because "You are bigger than asian boys"
>her boyfriend doesn't know she's my sex pet.
>I don;t have to date her
>I can fuck her anytime any place.
anyone wants moar?
You do realize how easy sexual harrassment cases are won in the womens favor right?
File: 5.png (999 KB, 1439x1045) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
999 KB, 1439x1045
My god, fucked captcha up and i lost all greentext.
Long story short.
Had to find out if friends girlfriend is cheating cunt. Misunderstood intentions. Fucked her, panicked, spat her in the face, stole her remote controle, friend got angry. She might still have to get up everytime she has to change channel or volume.
>Standing up in friends wedding.
>Had been hate fucking fiancee for a few months after years of frenemy tension bullshit.
>Morning of ceremony, bloody marys at bar, go knock on hotel room door.
>Push door in, bitch is just wearing a robe, i push her over the bed and fuck her bareback, cum in pussy, tell her to leave it there.
>Wipe my dick on wedding dress hanging on door before I leave.
>Bitch shoots pure hate look at me as she walks by on way down the aisle. Dress has a discolored spot right under her tits.
>Fuck a few more times, til they move.

By far the greatest thing ive ever done.
In high school I pushed my gf at the time down into a shower and pissed on her, that she actually enjoyed. Another time I talked her into letting her dog lick her twat while I jerked off on her face. The dog made her cum and she said she liked it but after that I had to break up with her.
>inb4 it was your sister

Fucking New friends

this is also me, same girl

she was routinely blowing a car salesman, so i felt no remorse when we ended. they got married, she popped a kid, and they divorced in short order.
I had this girl for a few months in university heres the story..

>be me, 22, college
>met her at a college freshman party
>i was during my 3rd semester and got into a
conversation, both pretty drunk
>she was a good 8/10, rocking body, slender but curvy on the right spots
>she moved from far away here to study, no friends, broke up with her bf
>"she might be a whore" i thought
>turned out she was a kinky little slut

fast forward, 2 weeks later
>snapchatting me nudes every morning
>making me horny everytime but didn´t had the balls to initiate the sex
>one time i did
>coming from a rave home with other people, took her to my room
>"lets do some coke, bitch"
>yeah, I called her my bitch, slut, everything, she liked to be treated like shit which is fucking awsome
>did coke, she immediatly made herself naked and started to masturbate and tease me
>close the door with key, turn on music, sunday 9am
>gives me a lapdance
>"U want me to fuck till i am numb anon right? But i want to be nasty"
>dick goes diamonds, fucking coke crazy
>grab her, bend over and slap her ass in the rythm of Wide Open by Len Faki
>"open your mouth babe"
>*spit into her mouth*
>"I am your whore anon"
>"No, whores have dignity, you are less than that, my cumsock, nothing else."

ahah brilliant
I hurt my accidently once, the driver was an alcohol
You're illiterate dude
pee in lee
My s/o was giving me a bj, I didn't tell her I was about to cum, and it went up her nose
Ha! I had this. Shit was up my foreskin Id never gone limp so fast in my life
>What the worst (consensual or not) thing you've done to a girl sexually?
Surprise anal
>What was her reaction?
She loved it
>What was your relationship with her?
My girlfriend
>Do you still see her?
VERY rarely, the breakup was harsh for her
wow guys 100 people watch my vid after i posted it.
>Fucking GF in ass, no preperation. Calling her my dirty little slut/bitch/whore etc the entire time as she 's telling me that I own her pussy and it's only good for fucking
>it's a bit messy but whatever
>she cums from me ass fucking her
>pull out
>bit of shit on the side of her inner thighs, don't really know how it got there but whatever
>decide to eat her pussy, call her my shitty dirty little whore
>make her admit that she's my dirty shitty little slut
>she cums from me eating her pussy
>she decides she wants to suck my dick
>she goes down and immediatly notices the shit and smell
>says "wow" or something along the lines of that
>sucks my dick anyway, continue to call her my dirty shitty little girl etc
>cum in her mouth
>we go to bathroom and clean up

business as usual.

1 other footfag watched it 100 times.
I accidentally the whole thing.
>force off pants
>hold her down force self inside
>she says "stop, stop" and as I'm going inside "noooooo" then a gasp and she relaxes
>pound the shit out her her while she's on her back, I'm holding her legs straight together and over one shoulder
>I come inside her
>she asks, "happy now?"
>still together


>started to grab my dick and jerk it
>fingering her twat, she starts to moan, slip my finger into her pussy and carry on
>tell her to continue, grab the coke and made a line on my dick so she could snort it off my shlong
>she did it without any hesitation, snorted and liked it off
>fucked her throat and sprayed it into her mouth
>door knocks
>"anon, do we have any beer here or shall we go to the gasstation?"
>"Take the guys with you, I don´t care"
>they leave, one fell into sleep in living room, male friend, passed out on mdma and weed but just asleep as fuck
>"Babe, i left some weed in the living room, go get it, dont put any clothes on, we will continue"
>she leaves the room, hear her footsteps on the wooden floor
>i stand up and look for condoms, only 2 left and some lube
>*message to roommate*: Durex, Sensitive, 1 pack for me, thx bud.
>she comes back and we do another line of coke, my roommates come back with booze and left the pack of condoms infront of my door
>the others notice whats happening so she gets a little uncomfy until the coke reaches her brain
>no fucks given
>"fuck me anon, use me."
>slapped her, she blowed my dick, put condom on
>"how about some bondage anon?"

I hate when that happens to my accidentally
>be me
>ducking girlfriend like a mayonnaise
>panchetta up the Hermes
>cam in buckets in her
you need to play with it a bit and use lube all the time
Here's a good one

>Have girl bestfriend
>Ugly 6/10
>We're hanging out in my room
"Hey, Anon, I want to nap, is that cool?"
>Really don't give a fuck
>She gets on my bed and lies down, under the covers
>I go in and get in the covers along side her
>a few minutes pass and it seems she is sleeping
>I pull my cock out and roll over, my cock touching her thigh
>I just start slowing jerking off while she sleeps
>I keep poking her with my cock and finally cum all over her jeans
>I panic hardcore
> Finally I had to wake her up and let her know what I did
>She screams and immediately starts getting her shit and leaves

Haven't spoken to her since.
Are you retarded?
No she was never my sister, I don't have a sister
File: 1416087228381.gif (2 MB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 320x240
I just tried all that rough shit with my chick, but she stayed purple though. Won't say a damn word neither. I guess I'll just keep spoonin', she does feel kinda chilly.
Autism-man powers activate
yeah i hate when people fuck in the accidently
My ex was kinda a bitch so I didnt try anything during sex I didnt think shed enjoy, I did goof around though.

We were in doggy style one day and I set my phone on her ass and started watching The Avengers as I was going. Was able to watch around 5-10 minutes of the movie before she noticed and made me change positions.
I wanna fuck an unconscious girl....that sounds really hot
Women cry against men yet love this shit, have done the angry oppressive fuck on like 3 gf after an argument and had everything good afterwards, wtf.
>be me
>ffuckimg my girlfriend in the assignment
>iI aost cum but stop.
>sstart suckling her feminine pens
>have fuckimg me in the assignment
>tthen i.felt the sensation of bologna in the ears
>shut was cash.

no seriously, fucking hot dirty slut.
do kinky shit to her.
good life, mate.
>once i skyped with my gf nag got really horny
>i asked her to show me her tits as i jack off
>she watched me cum
>i recorded her show
>i often go to omegle and show people this video
>i fucking enjoy how they masturbate to my gf
>and how they want to fuck her
>i ask them what would they do
>they want to cum on her, ass fuck her etc...
At my freshman year at college, after fucking her at a bathroom, left a drunk and horny as hell two-years girlfriend alone at a frat party. She was the "special" fuck-toy at the fraternity fuck-room. God knows how many boys used all her holes that night.
Next day she was sore, tearful and really angry. She broke up with me. But it was funny anyway lol
>need 4chan gold pass to access.


>I am not the type of guy for that so I just roll with...
>"Lets just do what ever I want to do first"
>Put condom on and we fucked, again
>I was just tired and wanted to chill, rolled a joint, smoked it with her we both fell asleep after a good while

Sunday night

>"Anon, I have to leave, I liked it..."
>"Me too, I will call you, see you then"
>She leaves, but she left her string and bra, make up all over my bed

Next Day
>*message* "Hey, where are you? I am at lunch and don´t want to go to class? Meet up?"
>"Can´t, have to go to class right now, but I call you at 5pm."
>"Ok, I will pick you up, have a surprise for you, bye anon"
>at this point I was a little bit irritated cause I hate clingy women
> walk to class, see her car but without her in it
>finish class, call her, she appears 15 minutes later and ride to her dorm
>Still on the parking spot infront of her dorm
>walk the stairway up, she turns to me and knees
>get my dick sucked in a stairway, best feeling

EA'd her
>Fucking my boyfriend
>Began spanking him hard till his ass goes red
>He starts crying
>Cums in his ass while he screams
Still dating

I cant even suspend my disbelief at this obviously fake ass shit
File: modern feminism.gif (612 KB, 396x264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
modern feminism.gif
612 KB, 396x264
that can actually piss some girls off like nothing else

it's like they want to be the only ones who make you cum and get jealous even if it's you
Lol this happened to me with a highschool, gf.
>>needed to use restroombadly , gf wanted the d in her mouth.
>>Fuck her throat, feel i start pissing.
I was so deep in her throat she didnt realize it and afterwards was like "woah you came a lot!" Kek!
>knock knock
Who's there?
Fucked who?
>Fucked in the accidentally
this guy gets it
My girlfriends accidently has been hurting like hell lately. Maybe there's a link.
File: bowsers_4325.jpg (42 KB, 696x696) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 696x696
>be me
>the sexies is yes now with gf
>mfw pen15 so constructed right now
>"girl I am but me want to not be girl"
>"not my accidentally please"
>"you not man, I'm facial hair"
>mfw she equip pegging phanny pack
>mfw my accidentally is no entrance
lost it.

>got into her appartement, we fucked on the floor and, again, i sprayed it all into her face
>"you know what, i want you to leave it in your face and fuck your ass"
>Fucked her ass with cum on her face, slapped her ass, left marks on it and she screamed but told me multiple times that she loves it

carried on like this for a few months, she fell in love with me but to be honest, I was only into sex with her, after I told her that I only love to fuck her she accepted and now, she literally is my bitch.
I see her from time to time, she has a boyfriend now but i still fuck her brains out occasionaly, like when I see her at partys or her bf is out of town.

I don´t know what I did, i just played my game, but her best friend which i met a few times told me she never was kinky, and even told me that she always used condoms while fucking, although she is on birth control, I managed to break her will and made her my slave.
she did my chores for some time and it turned out her daddy is rich, she payed for coke, weed and booze for me for about 4 months.

met her last saturday with her boyfriend who seems like a pretty huge beta, even talked to him while both where out with me smoking.
Fucked a chick while on her rag, then made her suck my dick while period blood was still on it.

Also fucked in her ass in the backseat of my car, then made her suck my dick after. ATM, was pretty awesome. The problem is I kissed her right after. Mistakes were made.
> be on POF
> blonde mormon whore first date, meet at her place
> grab her and kiss her, get a handful of DD titties as soon as we're face to face
> She asks me to stop because she can't resist my advances
> I stop because I now know I'm getting laid later anyway
> Get a drink. Mormon whore coyly complains about me flirting with young waitress
> Starts saying that she bets I will flirt with her 18 year old daughter
> I laugh it off. She mentions it repeatedly, she's obviously obsessed with her daughter
> I ask her if it would make her mad if I flirted with the daughter. She laughs, say no.
> Back to her place, immediately strip her down and put cock in her mouth. She eagerly deepthroats.
> Fuck her. Gives me anal on the first date. Cum in her ass.
> Keeps talking about her daughter.
> Tell her if she mentions daughter again, I am going to tie mom up and visit daughter. She laughs and dares me.
> Tie mormon mom up. Text daughter with mom's phone "hey you up?" "yes" "my new bf wants to meet you" "K" "He's going to come to your room" "K :)"
> Don't know what daughter looks like. Don't care. Show mom texts. She's excited, nipples hard, pussy wet
> Dress, go to daughter's room with giant boner in pants.
> Walk in, daughter is cute. Sat it's nice to meet each other.
> Awkward moment. I tell her that mom told me to come and introduce myself. She smiles at me.
> I ask her about her mom. She says their like sisters and have the same personality.
> So, I grab her gently and pull her towards me. I said" your mom told me she can't resist. Are you the same? Daughter nods yes.
> Pull out daughters tits, nice full C cups. Spend my time getting daughter hot.
> Fuck 18 y.o. daughter, including anal. Cum in daughters mouth, she swallows every drop, sucks me dry, ATM.
> Tell daughter that I am going back to fuck mom. She thanks me for fucking her good.
> Go back, untie mom, fuck her again
> Every time I fuck mom, she expects me to fuck daughter too. Life was good.
Happened to me too
lol, imagine if that weight slid further down into the pool
You are either the biggest baiter in /b/ history or are living the dream anon...
Autistic wurks of fickshun
nice high school psychology assessment anon
Cool story bro, know anymore?
>My gf like me to stay while she is taking a bath
>I always become diamond
>Start to playing with tits and gradually pussy
>She always refuses but I finally play withe her ass
>She let me put one finger every time deeper
>She is not into anal, I'm working for changing her mind
What is with all these guys who are into anal? Are you closet gays?

Not happening anymore. Lasted like 5 months until mormon mom found a different guy. POF has plenty of whores so I didn't really care. Novelty had worn off anyway. Good spank bank material though.
yup manny poops
Finally, a like-minded individual. Why stick it in the ass when there is a hole designed for my cock? It's much more clean too.
You are a great story teller. Care to share another one?
I accidentally the whole accidentally, need help.
i bet you only have sex missionary and for procreation
As our Lord God hath decreed, yes. I praise out to Jesus whenever I cum.
Didnt tell her I vaporize (weed not the fedora tabaco vaping) for 4 months, then telling her, I also do a bunch of psychadelics and other drugs. Still dating her 13 months now
Unless you're blowing it up her cunt, that is not valid to this thread.
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All these keks
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