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Drop your incest stories here...
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Drop your incest stories here...
Bump for rump
Want my sexy Aunt so bad
The only thing i've done thats close to it is make out with my cousin (tongue). Age around 7 or 8 ish.
I fucked your mom last night. Ask your grandmother why this is incest.
Sexy Aunt
uh oh... STINKY!!


UH OH< I THINK I MADE A POOPIE :^)^)^)^ )^))^)^ :^)^ )^))^


Moar plz
Hit me up to chat on her [email protected] Com
Thats it. Uncle came to visit, we were alone inside my room, and it just went there. both around 20 years old now & she got fat as fuck. but her sister has banging ass body. (have no pics, sorry.)
This is some old copy pasta sht.
Gtfo faggot
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Got my mom to blow me. Had to go get shot at in Iraq, but TANSTAAFL.

> be fresh out of college with ROTC
> assigned to Iraq, living at home until deployment date
> mom is freaking out about my safety
> She's trying to cram as many memories into our time left as possible
> always asking "What should we do today" / whaddya wanna to next / anything you've wanted to do before you go???
> I'd wanted her since I was 14. . . major oedius complex
> plan forms in my mind:women will blow easier than they fuck, maybe I can get her to blow me out of fear I'll be gone
> next time she asks what I want to do I suggest a BJ in a way I can play it off as a joke if she freaks out
> she doesn't freak out, but wasn't thrilled "Well, I'm not saying no, but we'll have to see."
> I'm kinda freaked out that she didn't freak out: did she know I liked her? had she found my "educational materials"?
> Next day I'm trying to figure out how to initiate and she brings it up!!
> Gives me a completely mechanical blowjob: won't take off her clothes, won't look at me, won't swirl her tongue, vary the pace, or touch anywhere but my thighs.
> Was nevertheless an amazing experience! I only lasted about two minutes.

Nothing sexual ever happened again. She swatted my hand when I grabbed her bum after I got back from Iraq.

Still wish she had let me have a real relationship with her.

pic semi-related mom looked like a chubby mariska hargitay, at the time.
needs more sister stories and pics
More sister stories..
more stories sister
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trying to find the end for this.
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>Tfw i've already fapped to these stories before

Old copy pasta...anyone has something fresh?
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>More sister stories..

No stories for you. You need a plan to get what you need and give her what she needs.

There are principles to pulling off the ultimate seduction. Letting her "catch" you jerking off won't improve your chances. Read on for the rules

1. Alcohol MUST be involved
2. She must be proud of you
3. Guilt your mom. Sister's friends are the key to her ass.
4. Pull close then away
5. Minimal foreplay
6. Frame her emotions for her
7. Never use the 'i' word

1. Alcohol MUST be involved, not because it lowers inhibitions, that is minor -- but because it lets people pass the buck morally.

Having too much to drink is always an excuse to do something you wouldn't normally do. You see she's not a slut who sucked off her own /b/rother: no, no, no, she just had too much to drink!

You can encourage this behavior by noting several times how drunk she is. How she won't remember anything tomorrow-- this will give her psychological permission to do something she'd never do sober.

2. She must be proud of you

Women share their bodies with men they admire & respect. If she pities you, forget about it. If she's embarrassed by you forget about it.

She must think you're smart, handsome, and have an awesome personality.

Be going places in life... the slacker / adolescent angst won't get you what you want.
>at stupid football party with family
>sit next to hot cousin, my age
>start to get horned up, touch her butt making it look like its not on purpose
>we decide to go to the store
>sitting next to her in car
>move hand onto her pussy
>she doesnt mind
>does this for the rest of the ride
>she eventually grabs my hand and starts moving it around
>we reach the house
>has to leave

3. Her friends are the key to her ass (Sister).

Women are extraordinarily vulnerable, by male standards, to groupthink. This applies even to 'conversion disorder' (aka mass hysteria) and, to our purpose, sexual attraction.

When one woman finds you attractive, others will too BECAUSE of the other girls liking you!

Whereas if two men like a woman, it's because they independently think she's got a nice face and good body ratios. The other man's attraction has nothing to do with it.

If so, you can then see that if her friends find you attractive then your sister will too. If her friends tell her "oh, anon is so hot! does he have a girlfriend" then her groupthink is triggered.

Trip that wire anon and your chances just went WAY up.

4. Pull close then away

Women crave closeness. You want to condition that response like you'd train a dog!

Give her a hug. Brag about her to her friends and your parents. Tell her she's the only person you trust.

Then..... nothing. No hugs. Short conversations. No bragging. Always be too busy for her.

Then reverse course. Give her a (non-creepy) hug... don't press your cock into her! But be quick... always leave her craving more.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

5. Minimal foreplay

This is the most counter-intuitive point in our quest.

Generally spend an hour kissing, talking, massaging a woman... not this time!

Once the tongues slip in, take her panties off and slide it in!

You see foreplay gives her time to think and when she does that she won't wanna have sex with you.

It also takes away from the "it just happened" thing women need so much when they're trying to explain away why they did what they did..... it was just fate, she didn't have anything to do with it!

Does that make sense? It's hard to understand, but we can expound more if everyone needs to.

6. Frame her emotions for her

Women are unsure of what they're feeling on the best of days in the easiest of circumstances. What you're seeking to do will send her emotionally reeling.

It's your job to guide her emotions in a way that will help her feel good about what you're doing

a). emphasize the emotional connection. If this is just an orgasm, there is no reason she couldn't do it herself w/o the feelings of confusion.

b. Ask leading questions with yes / no answers
- Do you like taking care of me?
- Have you ever felt so close?

c. Make statements that require no response
- Finally, a way to show how much we love each other

d. Judo her objections
- "This is wrong" "THIS is love"

e. Take responsibility so she won't have to
- "We shouldn't do this" " Let ME worry about that!"

f. Be certain of your own emotions. Women are intuitive and if you're unsure of it then she will be too. You must KNOW WITH ALL YOUR HEART that what you're doing is moral, natural, and wonderful for both of you--- don't make her trust her heart to another man who doesn't love her.

7. Never use the 'i' word

This is related to point 6, but it is so important that it needs its own.

If you associate what you're doing with a word on par with 'cancer' in our society, you're not going to get her, much less make a habit of it.

If she starts to think of your affair as merely a societally disapproved orgasm, then the game is over.

Immediately reframe anytime she brings up your relation... the first few times.

Words that turn us on, will ruin this beautiful relationship.
where did you cum?

On myself basically... I made the mistake of announcing my impending orgasm.

She obviously didn't want it in her mouth and just jerked it off onto me.

She also ran off to get a drink right after I came, but she did at least clean me up with a warm washcloth.

you made my day.
and how did she brougth it up that next day after you dropped the bomb?
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Thread images: 11
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