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Stories if you ever made her swallow without...
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Stories if you ever made her swallow without warning!
>face fucking her
>cum in her mouth
>she gags
>spits it in the sink
>she says "sorry I don't swallow"
I tend to naturally attack submissive chicks in the sac as I just have the kind of personality a dominant chick wouldn't like.

That being said, lack of communication in sex is just not hot. Talk it out with the chick beforehand so that you know how far you can go and keep her as your bitch.

It's not manly or brave to abuse a chick more than her comfort zone, it's much more manly and courageous to slowly push her boundaries over time so she ends up willing to do things she never was ot begin with and is still happy and in a healthy sexual relationship with you.
I've only had the opposite experience.
>First BJ from this specific gf
>She has no experience so I'm guiding her through it
>Get close
>Warn her and try to take my dick out of her mouth
>That fucking look in her eyes
>Pushes my hand away
>Takes nearly my whole cock in her throat
>Swallows my load like a champ

She said at the start she didn't want to swallow. Guess it turned her on.
Oh.... ok... thanks
Not a swallow story, but I relish this one.
>married to first wife
>some 15 years ago
>she'll suck a dick, but won't get cum in her mouth
>either pulls out on her tits or fucking condom
>one night we go 69
>she's not great, but passably good
>I bury my fucking tongue, I want her to go right before me
>she never gets on top, always a "sideways" 69
>always has a bullshit reason for everything
>she starts cumming, I work my tongue like never before
>start face fucking her
>she's into a little, cause she's coming
>blow all in her mouth, thrust into her throat so I get a squirt in there too
>she starts choking
>I keep fucking her mouth
>she's cumming and choking at the same time
>fucking gurgling moans coming out of her
>that draws a few more spurts out of me
>she pulls my dick out quick and gets the end of my load on her face
>spends the rest of the night ignoring me

The next day she started finding things to argue about, and I decided I wanted a divorce. I told her that. Only good night in bed with her led to the happiest decision of my life. Fucking worth it.
>takes nearly my whole cock in her throat
>swallows my load like a champ
Yeah, you keep thinking she didn't know what she was doing. You were dick number 37.
You were a dipshit to agree marrying someone who you were pretending to be satisfied with. The fault was entirely yours.
That's why you never get married. Have a girlfriend for 10+ years, that's fine. Never marry them.
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>fooling around with this bitch i don't really care about
>went down on her and got her off twice
>start jacking it while i'm going down
>about to cum
>stop, stick it in her mouth deep
>blast down her throat, no warning
>giggles, says "you tricked me"
Legally there are benefits to marriage. If you die, none of your money will go to her unless you have written a will.
I had considered that. Never brought it up to her because I really didn't care. She was a virgin when I fucked her. Broke her hymen myself. Also we were like 14
I agree. Though I'm happily married for ten years now, and I wouldn't trade her for any of the cunts you two have fucked. My first marriage could have been on 16 and pregnant. Tennessee trailer park and everything. I've upgraded since then.
Whoops didn't mean to quote >>666399011
Can't beat that virginity. Fuck her throat mileage. You got the the tunnel first.
gf hates cum
>doesnt like the taste, doesnt like it in her mouth, doesnt mind facials or creampies tho
So im getting a hand and a halfie, shes jerking me off while licking it a bit and sucking here and there
>after 10 min she decides to suck me off
>she takes a deep breath and goes deep on my dick a few times
I was already going to cum when she started deepthroating.
>she wasnt expecting it, i didnt warn her and i cam 1/2 way down her throat, she swallowed as a reflex and looked really mad at me, but i dgaf it was hot af

she also didnt like anal :(
But one time she was on the phone with her dad, who she never saw or talked too, were spooning as they talk.
I pull her shorts off and mine. I like my dick up and put it between her sweet cheeks and press it slightly aganst her asshole
>I poke and prod gently driving her nuts
>eventually it just sliders right in, i think she wanted it kuz its like her ass just took me in
>She's still talking with her dad
I slowly drive my cock deeper into her
>i begin to withdrawl and then thrust back into her
a minute later she shifts herself and pushes he out of her while she fiishes the convo with her dad
>after she was horney and told me to put it wherever i wanted
Yeah man. Plus I got to teach her EVERYTHING. Pretty much molded my own living sex toy. I even got her into lolis, which she still has a fetish for to this day.
>girl i'm with is really classy
>too god damn 'classy'
>uncomfortable talking about sex at all, especially during
>convince her to 69
>she's really good for her first time sucking
>about to cum: "oh shit, it would be awkward to say anything"
>"fuck it, it's her problem"
>blast in her mouth. she doesn't even take her mouth off
>just swallows and keeps sucking
>everyone walked the dinosaur

that's how i knew i was in love
>about to cum
pic related or nah?
Who she
>be 15
>friends all start to discover alcohol
>know a chick whos mom is a whore and leaves her home alone for entire weekends
>girl throws a party on Friday after school
>raid her mom's liquor cabinet
>all she has is a bunch of vodka
>hate vodka but whatever
>everyone gets drunk
>hostess girl is flirty with me
>too drunk to care or even notice
>everyone starts passing out
>pick a spot on the couch on the right side and slouch back kinda side leaning on the arm
>hostess girl puts a blanket over me
>sure whatever thanks
>pass out
>wake up to weird feeling
>half asleep I notice the blanket is moving
>pull up the blanket enough to look under
>hostess girl is giving me head
>I'm being molested in my sleep
>put the blanket back down and close my eyes to enjoy it
>after a few minutes I bliw in her mouth without warning
>she gags but swallows it like a champ
>comes out of the blanket and walks off like nothing happened into her room
>that was pretty cool
>look over to my left and see one of the other dudes straight staring
>watched the whole thing
>he's jerking off
>roll over so my back is to him
>pass out till the next day
>tell my story, she doesn't deny it
>jerk off fag got ridiculed as a cuck for years
Nice. The current wife and I enjoy a little roleplay or costumes and shit from time to time. Our favorite, which can't be used often because it requires the shock value, is rape. All I need is a mask and to come home early. Cums are had.
>told me she hates cum
>lets me cum in her mouth in her mouth every time
>swallows every time

wouldn't rally care if she would spit it out tbh

Also would have probably traded swallowing for a better deepthroat, now i only get in half
human of technology of machines...
machines transmit/send energy...energy at/striked/hitting metals in human...metals moved/arranged...so/causing/thus...
...body muscle movement of tensing/slackening.
technology: STIMULATION OF BODY-MOVING/LIKE-SENSE SINCE OF ELECTRICITY OF CAUSED OF IN OF BODY SINCE 1. tiny metals in human 2. metals moved since of energies striked/hitting metals 3. energies sent/from machine far of miles.
Love me a good fake-rape. It's a surprisingly common fetish for women too. Every GF I had was into it on some level. One would actually let me cut her a little.
yep, that's the pasty bitch lol
what the fuck anon? is english not your native language or did you just have a stroke? are you ok? is there someone we should call?
>Ex-gf sucking my dong
>About to cum so I push it down her throat
>Cum spews over and rushes out her nose
>Never force cum into her again because that shit was messy
except the reduced taxes, car insurance goes way down ( especially for males). and that its essentially a cheat proof case because if she does cheat on you, sueing becomes available.
this, they liked it when I pulled their hair and choked them a little.
Shit, I got something close to that, but I was only a witness.

>my mom loved her some dick when we were kids
>spent every weekend at a bar
>left us home, but I was 12 so fuck it
>she comes home one night with a guy named "Outlaw"
>fucking cowboy hat and all
>they head to her room and the trailer starts rocking
>I had a little bronze liberty bell I'd gotten on a school trip
>little fucker was dinging like crazy
>I hear movement outside my door
>get up and go see
>my brother, 11, is standing outside their door
>ear to the wood, jerking his cock
>I grabbed my 110mm, which had no film, and let the flash go off in the hall
>he takes off running like a madman
>mom knows it's him, he's a gnarly pervert
>comes running out after him
>I hear him get his ass beat in the next room
>mom leaves his room, slamming the door
>"anon, keep your fucking dick in your room you nasty sumbitch!"
>liberty bell starts rocking again

My other brother and I still give him shit about it to this day. That, and the fact that he liked to soap up his dick in the bathtub and put the ring his dad gave him on it, then call us in to see. He's a special sort.
> Be me, pissed at ex wife
> tries to end fight but I am annoyed
> tell her to suck me off
> she starts feelsgood.jpg
> tells me to say "when"
> get to thinking revenge
> right before cumming hold head down
> yells "WHEN!" as I jizz down her throat
> she half screams with my dick cumming in her mouth
> when I stop cumming I let her off
> she runs to the bathroom
> I can hear her puking
> victory is mine
>he's jerking off

from the sound of it I think "oulaw" was your older brother.
>Freshman year
>Dating this girl for 1.5 years
>Doesnt really like giving bjs because she afraid of cumming in her mouth
>start messing around
> tell her to go down on me for just a second
> as soon as she puts me in her mouth cream down her throat
>almost vomits but ends up swallowing
> she was pissed the rest of the weekend
Could someone explain what the hell this means i see it in every fucking thread

Since I made it very clear since day 1 that either she had no choice but to swallow and that refusing to do so would be a dealbreaker, I don't have to warn anything. Besides she kinda "knows" when I'm close so...

So many faggots in this world that have to apologize for everything.
>gf is hot korean
>loves to suck cock and swallow
>this isn't good enough
>before I cum I pull slightly out so the tip of my dick is on her lips
>unload on her tongue
>she gets this inquisitive look on her face
>after she's swallowed the last of it she says
>your cum tastes good - most guys taste bad.
>so you've been down this road before?
>oh yeah, my ex used to make out with me before i swallowed.
Lol, I always liked to tell people I had a Duncle. But no, reality is much more fun. He was local guy who got caught fucking one of his cows and then went to prison for raping and killing an elderly woman.

For the record, I've never regretting moving away from Tennessee. Not once.
Snowball was a good guy.
she apologizes to you, awesome
youre a lesbian. im sure of it
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unnamed (2).jpg
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for trips, sure

does it count if she swallowed then promptly puked after?
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Thread images: 3
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