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interested in sister stories
I fucked OP's mom.

I am your father.
>made out with my cousin when we were 11 or 12
>guilt ridden right after to the point I thought I might vomit
Incest: Never again.
keeping it bumped
idk how to greentext fuck you so what...
but i finger my 13yr old niece when she sleeps over..i make sure shes fast asleep and my gf is too then i feel her amazingly developed body before i rub her soft peach
lol wow
>be 9, sister 11
>heard our parents having sex many times
>looked through keyhole to see them having sex
>getting a boner, tell my sister
>huehue why is it doing this?
>"let me see"
>we go back to our play room and she pulls my shorts down to my ankles with one motion
>boner is rock hard, i was pretty big for my age (and still big now)
>we are standing, she grabs it and wiggles it around a bit
>she notices it jumps when she touches it, this fascinates her
>she keeps poking it, making it jump
>i say "it wont go down" with a big smile
>she punches my dick, kinda hurts
>boner lost quick, pull shorts back up
bump for more sister stories
>have a twin and a sister 2 years younger
>we were 11 and she 9
>covered under bed sheets
>she is in panties
>twin bro starts to question about vaginas
>lil sister takes off her panties and starts to show us
>twin bro takes off his penis and shows it to her
>they start touching each other
I just watched
i want to slip her half a sleeping pill so i can go down on her...shes soooo curvy with a great ass and nice soft tits...she flirts with me a lot but i would never try anything while shes awake...i cant risk that im reading her wrong and make shit bad for me..so i keep it quiet
Gonna speed up kiddo?
Pretended to be a friend online and convinced my sister that she should have sex wit her bro (me) for practice for when she meets someone
he took off his penis?
>i was pretty big for my age
i miss Robs and Em
and what happened?
need more details
Wow impressive. A cuck at the ripe age of 11, and by your own brother...
>Takes off penis

Well played m8 I r8 8/8
>1812 + 204
>Not having detachable penis.
I busted out laughing at this post.
Took a while but ended up showing up outside my room one night sucked me off went back to bed next we planned something for when nobody was home fucking her every few days still going on
I had sex with my sister when she was 11 and I was 14. Fucks me up now, but it seemed less so at the time. Like masturbating.
I had sex with my cousin a couple times back in college. Turns out she's my sister and we were both adopted and our families have been lying to us about it for years.
wow nice...describe her body? post nudes?
File: 1453769121428.jpg (41 KB, 460x297) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 460x297
The other half better make me take my penis off
Don't have pics but she's short 5'0 but has a firm ass and is flexible she's still clueless as what to do so she kinda just lays there and let's me ram her in any way I want and she loves taking loads to the mouth we were alone all weekend spent almost 8 hours straight in bed naked and doing anything sexual
any regular pics to share?
How did it fuck you up?>>665814342
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I know, it's a shame about the wreck
2/2 sorry for the delay
>she says "make it come back"
>we go from the bathroom to our play room and close the door
>we start wrestling around, getting into positions like we see our parents, humping each other
>i playfully pull her jeans off while wrestling
>i get on top of her, hump her, we are giggling
>she gets on top of me and starts humping me slowly, suddenly kisses me
>she sticks her tongue in my mouth, this gets the blood flowing
>heart starts racing, start breathing heavier
>i tell her "its back"
>she is straddling me, looks down and pulls my shorts off
>my dick flings up straight towards the ceiling
>she grabs it and starts kissing me again
>she lets go, pins both shoulders down starts slowly humping me again just looking at me
>i feel her warm pussy through her panties rubbing on my bare dick, my precum sticking to her panties and legs
>i say "its sticky" and she almost immediately pulled her panties off
>shes now humping me, we are basically just touching genitals and its slippery from my precum
>no insertion, what is that at our age
>do this for awhile, so much precum, so wet
>finally we get called by our parents and we both have a heart attack and get our clothes on
>continue actives like this for a few years
>finally one day I tell her I think we are too old now (I actually like another girl in middle school)
>next time her and I are alone, I'm like "i think we should do that again" - now know about insertion
>she completely ignores me like she wants to erase what we used to do from her memory
>never talk about it again
>be in high school, she walks in on me masturbating (be 15, she 17)
>i cover up, she acts like she didnt see
>straddles me to "wake me up" hellooo brother
>she knows what shes doing
>nothing ever happened again
Didn't really fuck me up. We got over the whole awkward "slept with a family member" feeling a long time ago when we both thought we were just cousins. I'm kind of pissed at my family for lying to us about it this whole time though.
bumping for family member nudes
> I was pretty big for my age.

Like everyother greentext
Wait what happened?
haha, weirdest thing I have ever read
You must be new here.
File: insert penis joke.gif (979 KB, 331x255) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
insert penis joke.gif
979 KB, 331x255
>>takes off his penis

>be 12
>cousin is 8
>everyone is changing in my house to go into pool
>walk down hall
>open door of parents room to change
>shes standing there right in front of me completely naked, she was tall skinny af
>she says "oops" and closes the door

>fastforward 5 years
>in my room alone with her, heck the whole house was empty my uncle ditched her there for some reason that day when it was just me home
>show her my airsoft gun and make flame thrower with my spray cologne to be badass
>sitting on my bed reading through all my books
>she pulls out my anatomy book jokingly and I say "yknow you're the first girl I ever saw naked"
>she laughs and says "i remember that! i felt so embarrassed..."
>I say "really? i thought it was really hot at the time"
>she pauses and says "this is wrong"
>I say "I don't care, do you?"
>she says "not really"
>we fucked shortly after both losing our virginities to another and ever since then during family get togethers and other special occasions we sneak off and fuck
>i have a girlfriend right now though who i'll probably dump over this since my cousin loves me and I love her. it's a fucked up relationship.
>sidenote she got all the good genes of the family too lol she's 6 feet tall, blonde, with freckles and green eyes while I'm a bit shorter with brown eyes and hair, she's really dumb though.
He got shit face drunk and subsequently had a car wreck. Not sure if he died or just got hurt but that's what I had heard why he stopped posting. Could be bullshit as far as I know, but word came from the kik group he made so who knows.
Pics or she's fake
File: Win.jpg (1 MB, 2600x2372) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2600x2372
Like a week ago I went out with my little cousin in the forest (her 12 me 18) and we played truth or dare. I got her to show me her ass and she flashed me but she kept the bra on, I tried to hint at her to get me to take my pants off but she played the whole "You're my cousin I dont see you that way" shit
>9 years old

Yea ok
bump for sister nudes
aw crap.
i really liked the guys. i mean, i don't know if stories were true, but sure they entertained me.
any way to contact them? i guess they don't want people to know about incest, but...
>looked through keyhole to see them having sex

Do you live in a cartoon
is there any more to this?
no, it was literally the perfect angle. i looked through and my mom was on top of my dad riding him. i stared and was confused because I couldnt tell who was on top. they were on the bed sideways so their asses were facing the door. the door was like 4 ft away from the bed. this happened in a guest bedroom.
Probably the worst incest thread I've seen
>Sister was adopted when I was 5
>used to have to share a bed with her when young
>would occasionally mess around in bed, but never really did much, usually wrestling and rambunctiousness when we had too much energy to sleep.
>Around age 10 [sister was 12] Sis convinced me to do that, "Show me yours ill show you mine" thing
>we both pull down our pants and stare for a while
>Popped a stiffy but not much had happened that night, only a bit of curious touching.
>We don't talk about it for years
>Fast forward 3 years
>Parents out of town, older, deaf brother in charge
>Sister and i both discover porn that night while Brothers studying and both get very aroused.
>decide to try what we saw.
>Sis starts sucking my dick.
>Diamonds, how I wish I could still have the raging hardon of my teenage self.
>Tell her to stop and start eating her out out of curiosity.
>Tasted a bit like mushrooms and the back of someones hand.
>stop after a few minutes
>Dont talk about it for many years.
>Fast forward to age 25
>Have a habit of getting stoned whenever the chance arrives.
>Family had just moved to colorado, and I'm still living in my parents basement - cheap rent and all
>Sister was out and helping with the move.
>She'd been drinking a ton, as had i.
>She smells the pot in my room, and asks if she could smoke with me as she never had before.
>Proceed to get extremely stoned with her.
>Sis Brings up the night we had both discovered porn
>Hadn't had a girlfriend in roughly 5 years at that point
>Joke with her about how my dick was so tiny back then
>Awkward silence ensues
>We put on some Tarantino move about vampires, dont say a word for roughly half an hour.
>Sis starts leaning against me and groping at my pants.
>Dont move at all, and she continues.
>Sure enough dick becomes diamonds once more, not nearly like my teenage angst, sadly, but harder than its been in years.
>She begins to unbutton my pants and i stop her
>Tell her she's married and we shouldnt do this again
>She replies her husband couldnt properly pleasure a dog, and yanks my pants down.
>Stares in disbelief at my 8.5" dick and pulls down her pants.
>Straddles me on the couch and starts grinding against it.
>Keep telling myself she's my sister and i shouldnt do this.
>Finally lose the battle and thrust upward into her.
>Immediately start to fuck her in earnest
File: 1453957380573.png (28 KB, 730x290) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 730x290
>Sex lasts about an hour, start making a lot of noise
>Good thing we're in the basement with the parents asleep on top floor.
>stop for a moment as she gets off of me
>Dick is soaked and throbbing at this point
>Whats up sis?
>Sister keels over the edge of the couch and starts waving hewr butt at me
>Tells me to stick it in her ass since i dont have any condoms
>Happily do so, surprised that it slips in as easily as it did
>i start to go full carnal fucking on her, ramming my entire dick into her every time
>she's moaning like a slut and massaging her cunt as i do.
>Starts clenching around my dick
>Too much
Unload deep in her ass and keep it in there
>Both panting like dogs.
>Let my dick go limp and slide free of its own accord.
>Ass is gaping in front of me.
>Sit down on the sofa and sister starts cleaning the cum off my dick
>Still havent talked to her about that night with her
>Her husband still doesnt know

Just saved your shitty thread op, now lets hear your stories anon.
File: 1432416366392.png (192 KB, 683x380) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
192 KB, 683x380
Cmon faggots, i dont just sit here telling you cucks about ten years ago for nothing, lets hear your shit
I used to hide in the closet and jerk off and watch my uncle fuck my 13 year old sister.
Coward, shoulda gone out there and fucked her with him
File: 1292240226498.jpg (6 KB, 251x158) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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anyone have greentexts that start out with the high school age brother reluctantly teaching middle school sister about sex because she constantly hounds him about it? i know there are lots like that but i was into one last night before my internets crashed. the dude was posting with pictures of chess pieces with each section of text
I was only 11 at the time, so yeah, I was pretty scared. But horny.
Why not write the shit yourself, almost all of its fake shit anyway
What sleeping pills work so i dont remember anything the next day. Tryinf to put self in coma.
You owe me . . . . your sister. Or mother, if you don't have a sister.
Try cyanide. I hear drain cleaner works, too.
She posts over at http://watcherbate.com
Fucked my sis when I was 13 an she was 24
>pic related its her
i've had sex with my brother for a few months about half a year ago, while he was still with his girlfriend. i greentexted it here under the given name "NJ"
so, you're a rapist? you rape an under age girl
are you m/f?
you're a delivery boy among faggots. i owe you my sister. btw was the story ever finished?

i laughed

this is a good thread
so you were 17 and you fucked your 13 year old cousin? paedo rapist
>twin bro takes off his penis and shows it to her
>they start touching each other

ive been laughing for like 5 minutes
File: minimall.png (665 KB, 1136x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1453167319134.png (204 KB, 556x430) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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nigger i fucking keked
>twin bro takes off his penis and shows it to her
My step sister blew me once
>be 9, sister 11
Stoped reading there

Jet fuel can't melt steel beams
A geniune question for all those who partake in incest. Why? I mean I don't have a sister and I do fantasize about fucking a would be sister and I jerk off to incest but how does it work? Would you be turned off from the get go?
>8 years old i guess, maybe older
>my cousin and i playing videogames on pc
>my room is upstairs
>i dont remember what were we talking about
>after an while we think about sucking cocks
>we start sucking each other cock
>wasnt really a blowjob, no one had an actual boner or anything
>his mom gets upstairs without making any noise
>she opened the door an saw us
>he go downstairs and talk to everybody what just happened

fukin ell cousin
fukin ell
My step sister was drunk and literally grinding against me on the ground saying in my ear how if I want something, I should just reach over and take it. But she was too drunk so I couldn't make a move. Feels bad, man.
>start sucking each others cocks
>wasnt really a blowjob

no one was actually interested in sex, just curious what happens when you suck someone dick.
dont really make sense, whatafuck can i do? i was 8
Not that I saw. Pic of my prize?
i don't know about other people but i never saw my brother as being "hot" until at about 17-18yo when all my friends started calling him hot. i think it takes a little zap before you realise it. because it's family. i fooled around and slept with him for about 4 months in 2015
File: horny aunt.jpg (973 KB, 2758x1586) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
horny aunt.jpg
973 KB, 2758x1586
>my grandma invites me to drink tea at his house
>she actually was trying to suck my dick
>i throw tea at her and run away from her house
>when all my friends started calling him hot. i think it takes a little zap before you realise it

heh. i dont partake but i can relate. i had 2 sisters. never thought anything about them at all. friends started talking about them all the time. i took a good look and realized that they were both hot as fuck. not long before i was smelling their underwear all the time

>i fooled around and slept with him for about 4 months in 2015

femanon? greentext how it first started
i've greentexted almost all of it in like 10 posts, maybe someone still has the caps but i'm not going to type it all again ^^ people called me NJ back then

just a sentence or two about the beginning
File: 2luua8y.jpg (52 KB, 500x364) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 500x364
File: NJ 1.png (2 MB, 1236x3163) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
NJ 1.png
2 MB, 1236x3163
LOL I've got this shit, too!

Also, I've been searching for a certain incest greentext with an older bro and younger sis. Sis is attached to bro, they challenge each other in a game of Columns I think. If a kind anon could post it that'd be great.
yeah that's those are mine ^^ >>665832084
File: NJ 2.png (2 MB, 1856x3088) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
NJ 2.png
2 MB, 1856x3088
And that. I hang out here too much.
Now that's just adorable!

fucking anon. never change
File: ColumnFag part 1.png (2 MB, 4386x3378) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
ColumnFag part 1.png
2 MB, 4386x3378
Here you go. 1/3
File: ColumnFag part 2.png (3 MB, 6977x3730) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
ColumnFag part 2.png
3 MB, 6977x3730
File: ColumnFag part 3.png (296 KB, 1213x3300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
ColumnFag part 3.png
296 KB, 1213x3300
File: Ben and Melanie 1.jpg (2 MB, 2600x2372) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Ben and Melanie 1.jpg
2 MB, 2600x2372
And now for this, with additional pictures.
File: Alicia the slut.png (506 KB, 3025x2126) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Alicia the slut.png
506 KB, 3025x2126
Stock up, mother fuckers!
File: awkward sister.png (816 KB, 1280x6316) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
awkward sister.png
816 KB, 1280x6316
Thanks anon!
This one made me cry a bit
File: pizza.jpg (3 MB, 5449x2479) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 5449x2479
File: nightmare story.png (778 KB, 1018x5184) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
nightmare story.png
778 KB, 1018x5184
File: Kate.png (1 MB, 1439x4690) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1439x4690
File: japsis.png (2 MB, 2976x3767) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2976x3767
ive always wanted to fuck a relative but it never happened. had a hot family

>aunt on my dads side of the family has +DD tits. always flirty. apparently fucked her father [my grandfather] when she was younger and ruined their marriage. my grandmother became a psychotic catholic extremist because of it. probably could have had a chance with her but my mother always made sure to keep me away from her. not great looking but dat body
>aunt on my mothers side of the family. another religious psychopath. suicidal and on tons of medication - trouble maker. looks like a young and slim version of my mom. stayed pretty until her late 50s. gigantic hips. ate healthy and exercised. walked around in her bra and panties in front of me a few times when i was a young teen. i spent years dreaming about fucking her
>older sister. the less attractive of them but still fuckable. stayed in her own world. c cups. not much to say
>younger sister. sexy as fuck little blonde - maybe a lil too skinny tho. messy kid. kept her bra and panties all over the house. would just be sitting around and randomly find some next to me. once smelled her dirty panties and got instantly hard from it. despite being used, they smelled like heaven. would jerk off with them once in a while. she had really fancy lingerie. careless - seen her naked countless times. b cups but still a great body. dressed like a whore. many nip slips. heard rumors from people on the bad side of town that she was the biggest slut around - into orgies, had abortions, etc. growing up, i tried to trick her and would get too touchy during playful wrestling - freaked her out once, made me panic. she almost did something once but she chickened out. once, she was hiding in my room after i was taking a shower... right before i took off the towel to change, she jumped up, shaking. 'wtf u doing, u want a free show?'. says no and runs out. was odd

its really frustrating living with hot relatives.
You fucking liar anon
Time for you to help me out - Started copying this down, but didn't catch the end, if any. Let me know if you recognize it.

This is a story about how I was a panty theif and it worked out to my benefit. My tip: get caught with her panties anon.

I took Aunts panties, moms panties, neighbors panties. I got one of the to return the favor. My aunt.
>was hanging with cousins
>say im going to the bathroom
>sneak into laundry room
>grab like 3 pairs of panties
at the time i didnt have the master plan of letting myself get caught. stealth-like
>go to bathroom, jerk off
>say it was a shit take
>return panties, mistakenly misplace them to an obvious extent because i was nervous.

>we chill for a while with vidya games
>smell food, go downstairs
>she meets us in the hallway
>says "i know you all think its funny to play with my underwear, but dont do it again. nasty little bastards"
something similar atleast. cant remember verbatim
>we eat
>go back to playing games
>cousins are clearly confused about the confrontation
>ask if i know what she meant
>deny deny deny
the shrug it off. or at least they acted like they did, for all i know they know what i did
>go back cause i love her panties.
im 19 shes 39ish
>snatch a pair for my collection.
>go home
>days pass
>return to their house
>she confronts me
>"your mom told me you used to steal panties, did you take my blue and purple pair? "
>deny ofc
>she says "if you did just tell me, they were almost new and I want them back."
i act totally clueless
> she says okay but I know she knows
>go home, return in like a week cause i was embarassed
>bring panties, and hide them at the bottom of the hamper.
>think im a genius
>day goes on like normal
>come back in a few days, my cuz's are my closest friends
>she says "come with me to the building, I want to ask you about "cuz's" bday present" said that so we'd be alone
get to building
>i found the panties and thanks for bringing them back...
>I admit to it because were alone
>I say "I only took them because they were sitting out in the open.. i don't know why."
she says its okay
>she asks "why did you want them?"
>i said i like the way they feel, and "I didnt "use" them because you're my aunt. I just like panties"
>she didnt buy it
>she said "do you wear them?"
>I say "No! I just like them.."
i'm a babling idiot now. I know im busted and she will probably tell mom because mom told her before.
>we both get quiet
>I ask if I can go back inside
>she says yes
day goes on and I go home

>don't go back for 2 or so weeks
>cousins wonder why
>i say no reason
>they pester me and I come back
I get weird looks, especially when i go to the bathroom
but while in there, i see it
>panties, on the floor, next to bathtub (not TOO unusual in her bathroom)
>a pink thong
>pick it up, and cant hold back
>jerk off
lay panties back carefully
>she gets up and goes to the bathroom about an hour later
>worried, but not too bad, I was careful
>she comes out and starts giving me looks
>same looks as before tho, so I play it cool
cousins are really relaxed around her b/c of parent/child situation
>they complain when she asks for help
>she asks me to come in the bathroom to help her kill a bug
>cousins stay put b/c they dont wanna be bothered
>i go to help
>get inside
>shes on a chair reaching for the bug (a bug I never saw)
>shes wearing a denim mini skirt, one I havent seen in like a year
>she clubs in it
tells me to hold the chair steady while she swings at the bug
>she says "thanks, you can go back in there with cuz anons"
>I say "okay, let me know if you need any help, we’re just sitting around really"
>she says okay
>i go back down and screw around for a bit
>day goes on, I get ready to leave.
>she stops me, says "wait, give this to your mamma"
were southern ofc, its incest afterall
>she hand me a grocery bag
>says its mayo, and a can of chili
mom called and asked for it to make hotdogs, mayo is for slaw
>she says "don't ride around, that mayo will go bad"
>i say okay
hands me the bag
>in one of her hands i see it
>the pink thong
>she walks up to me and puts it in my jacket pocket
>she smiles, says "bye, love ya"
like always
>but with emphasis on love ya
says nothing else and walks away
i get in car and get out asap
>dont want her to come back for them
>pull over at gas station close to home
>pull out the panties
they're wet
>I touch, smell, and enjoy
>never had wet panties before
put them back in pocket
>ride home
>give bag to mom
>go to bathroom
>jerk off hardddd
>hide panties
>special spot but separate from other panties I’ve taken
days go by
>I go back
>bring my game plan
>get there, and act casual around cuz's and say I’m here to relax
>don’t want them getting any plans to go out
>take out phone
>send her a text
>says "thank you, do you want the panties back?
>sent her this while at her house
>too pussy to confront her
>she responds "no, you keep them. don’t say I never got you anything :)"
>i confess I’ve been doing this for years
she doesn’t act surprised
>she asks "why haven’t you ever asked?"
>I tell her its obvious and she should know why, it's weird and i don’t want people to know
she said its nothing to be embarrassed about and "the stealing is what you should be doing"
>I agree
>she reassures me were doing nothing wrong
>not like i even asked
>ive been on 4chan long enough, and i gather the courage...
I do it...
>send the dick pic.
time moves slowly
i get sweaty
>she says nothing (through text)
30 mins pass while on watching tv
>she walks into the room
>says "I'm going to walmart, whose coming?"
both boys stay quiet
they dont wanna go
>I say "i will, want some gum"
stupidest. reason. ever.
two cousins suddenly act interested
>i say "dont come now, actin all gay when I come to yall's house. its just down the road, it'll take like 5 mins"
>they seem mad because I’m not usually mean
>little cuz says "damn, be that way." kinda laughs after
aunt also threw in a few words to convince them to stay
>i did the most work, but i knew she wanted it to be us alone. so did i
>we leave
guess what, we aren’t going to Walmart boys
>we get down the road, and she’s smiling
>I apologize for the picture
>she says "don’t worry, I deleted it"
>feelings are kill
she deleted it, she denied me
>after some silence she says:
>"if anyone saw that..."
>i say "right..."
>she says "never send me anything like that, give me your phone"
>deletes our convo
>I say "so if no one would find out, would you send me one back? (i was talking about the picture)
>she says "if I could I would"
>confidence back
>why not then? ill delete it right after
>i promise" i say
>she say she cant
i get sort of sadder, but happy that she said she would
>she pulls over
not at walmart, on the side of the road
>she asks "have you ever had sex?"
>i havent, but say "i almost did once"
also say "she got scared"
>she still has my phone
>she puts it in the back
>she says "its not like your... not good looking, it's just weird for us to do this"
car is off
>I say "its weird because were related?"
>she says yes
>i say "what if we werent?"
>she says "then maybe, I usually date older men tho"
>i say "whats the difference?"
she says
>its not about their dick or anything, its just about money really.
>i say "but we wouldnt be dating"

>she agrees
>she looks back to look for traffic
>says "this is only a one time thing because it will save you some embarassment when you really meet a girl"
it clicks. i realize shes agreeing to something here
i say "what is only gonna happen once?"
she leans over
>grabs my semi boner and starts to rub as she goes in for a kiss
>tongue from her immediately
>she mumbles as she kisses
>"its always weird the first time"
>"we only have a little bit, so..."
>im in heaven
>she unzips me
>pulls out my cock
>starts sucking
never had a bj
its good man
rest my hand on her head, with no force
>saw it in porn, and hand had no where else to rest
>she sucks and suck
>i don’t cum
>she comes up
>says "i have a condom if you want it, but i had my tubes tied..."
>"your choice"
>i was out of it, and wanted her pussy either way
>i said "your choice, its faster if we dont right?"
Be me(boy) and cuzin(girl)7or8.
Older cousins teach us the "humping game".
Do it a few times.
Days later we cought by parents playing it.
They tell us it's bad.
Never do it again.
Years later, we become the older ones.
For shits n giggles Decide teach it to few of our other younger couzins.
Most don't care for it.
Then sometime later we find out my sister and cousin (also a girl) have been doing it all the time.
Adults catch them MULTIPLE times and they continued.
Funny thing about that was they were always butt ass naked!
But we never told them to do that!
We still make fun of our "lesbian" siblings ;)

>looked through keyhole

that never happens
she takes her pants off, and lifts shirt, not off tho
>she says some more things
>whispers, sexy talk, can’t remember
>climbs on me, facing me, both in passenger seat
>tits out, huge, even big for my taste
>they have some wear and tear but still not sagging
>in my face
>shes on top, panties on
>she slides them aside
>my dick is wet from bj
>goes right in
she starts slow
>i start sucking and licking tits
>hands on her hips
>landing strip on pussy
>start bouncing her as i thrust
>she stops riding and loses control to me
>im in charge of speed now
>tongue leaves tits, start to kiss her
soooo good
her breath was ectacy
>she isn't load, but she moans quietly
>mature and sexy voice
kissing gets "tighter" ? shes tensing up
>i move to her neck
>my hands wander, and I try to get a finger in her ass.. didn't wanna push it
settle for rubbing her asshole, squeezing the cheeks
>shes a little shocked
>i am a virgin after all so i cant blame her
she squeezes my dick.
>getting back in time is not on my mind
>idk about her
>all i can do is stare at the pussy ive dreamed about so many times
>i try to keep it in as long as i can
>i cant
i can feel it coming
>i think she can too, she tries to slow it down
>point of no return
>the time when your hips wont stop
>i close my eyes
>go in as deep as i can
and let it out
>i'm squeezing her
>open my eyes to see if shes disapointed
>shes still going
>she wants her release too
>single mom after all
>dont want to let her down
>tell her to hurry because she didnt have long (no boner in a bit)
>she starts to masturbate with my dick inside
>she bites her lip, but then kisses me again
>she wants to moan
I've never seen this side of her obvi

>she reaches down and grabs seat release
>we slide back a bit
>she gets in the floor in front of me
>continues to rub her pussy
>starts sucking my flacid cock
>at the time i was embarassed
>didnt know why shed suck me while soft
>she must have wanted to taste her pussy
idk tbh
>she bites lip again and I assume she cums while between my legs
>comes back up, kisses me and says:
>"sorry i had to cum on my own.. its not your fault or anything"
>"I usually do this with other guys too.."
I wasn’t concerned with that at all.
I say
>"im sorry i came so early.. now i know soo...."
>she smiles
cont. the rest is just exposition
Any updates on Column?
>she says "it usually only happens like once or twice"
>i tell her "yeah, i know"
ive been told ofc.
>i say "otherwise, was it okay?"
she pulling up her pants
>she says "good for your first time, if it really was your first time"
>i say "it was, i would have been better if it hadnt been"
>she says i can never tell anyone blah blah
she says she loves me
>i tell her i wont
>i had the courage of a spartan warrior at this point
>can i have those panties...?
she looks surprised
>sure... wait until we get home
>we get home

>i follow her to the bathroom after we drop a few bags on the table
>she goes in and I try to follow
>she turns around and shuts me out
>hear her say "very funny"
i didnt realize what i was doing .. people are home and all..
>she comes out
hands them to me
>i say nothing. shyness coming back
i smile
>she says "if you keep them, bring my pink ones back"
I say okay
>day goes on.
06/21/15(Sun)04:04:19 No.623059180
Anonymous 06/21/15(Sun)04:04:19 No.623059180
>Cousin from netherlands comes to live with us for 6 months
>Never met before, she was 18 I was 19
>Never seen pic of her or anything
>She shows up, the most beautiful girl I've ever seen
>We hit it off immediately forming a tight bond like we knew each other our whole lives
>After a few weeks in we're both home alone and we snuggle up on the couch
>She lays her head on my chest and we have intimate conversation about how we feel about each other
>We realize that we're in love with each other
>I give her a long kiss
>She gets stands up and takes her clothes off, takes off my pants and she rides me for a bit until I cum
>I wasn't a virgin but probably the first time I've ever felt I was "making love" rather than fucking
>Before that time I would roll my eyes at people that said that as all sex to me was just fucking
>We basically start acting as bf and gf when no one was around (her and I went out the two of us a lot)
>Few weeks after our first sex experience we were watching a movie in the basement and we both fell asleep spooning each other
>Mom sees us but approves of the relationship because we didn't grow up together and she saw the kind of bond we had, thought it was a beautiful relationship
>Once I had moms approval we openly started dating each other
>Other family members thought it was weird but idgaf
>We were simply meant to be together
aww shit. Had another story mixed in there. Anyway, I'll post a couple more, and then it's shower time. Keep it alive!
File: beiber lookalike.png (2 MB, 3632x2223) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
beiber lookalike.png
2 MB, 3632x2223
Just noticed I had more of this!
how long ago was this anon
File: 1447649515371.jpg (13 KB, 232x185) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 232x185
Duck green text
So I'm going to tell you about the time my sister jerked me off .... so I'm 11 and I'm getting hard all the time and rubbing my dick on everything well my sister who is 15 knows because our rooms are next to each other's so she can hear everything. Well one day she takes me into her room and tells me since she's in high school she needs to know more about boys so she can date...well I'm young and dumb so I agree to help, she then pulls me, into her closet and takes my pants off I say no but she's very convincing so okay.. she gets me hard and starts rubbing my dick and asking if it feels good and I say ya I like a lot she even spits on my dick and keeps jerking me off until I climax. She then gets up tells me to leave and not say a word ever or she will beat me up and up and till now I've never said a word .I'm 24 tuck grammer
File: Elsa.png (2 MB, 2266x1065) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2266x1065
Bored sleepy sweaty stinky. L8r, mofos
File: cousin eating.jpg (196 KB, 1047x687) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
cousin eating.jpg
196 KB, 1047x687
got two cousin stories of mine I like to share from time to time
There is actually a Google drive archive for wincest. The NJ story is in there. I read it a couple weeks ago actually. Pretty fucking hot.
i know but i didnt have the link anymore >< so i just asked here when someone asked for my caps
I remember you, you started just after em/what's his face
yes em/rob and column were writing at the time
I am still waiting for an update for vanillafag
Why did you and your brother stop?
Also on tinyurl com/wincestdrive
he has a girlfriend (has had her all the way through) and i have a boyfriend now since the end of december. i'm sure we'll still hook up sometime but i'm in love with my bf now ^^
roughly ten years ago, sister now has 2 kids, kindof ashamed about it, but ehh, cant live in the past
File: winrar.png (177 KB, 1289x1950) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
177 KB, 1289x1950
>Be 9
>Cousins same age come over to play
>I have cool toys in bedroom (80s so think shit like Atari and transformers)
>Male cousin really wants to play on my bike so let him
>girl cousin sat on bed with me looking at comics
>"boys are lucky, you can hold your willies when you pee" weird comment but 9 so ok
>Alpha response "you're lucky, you can too"
>She agrees! WTF?!
>Unzip and pull out aforementioned "willy"
>She prods it and then shys away, then starts playing with it.
>Gets a bit hard, she likes this
>she looks at tip. "its very red, like a cherry"
>puts tip in mouth and licks
>Male cousin running up stairs after bike chain breaks
>zip up and never speak of again.
snitch nigga
>me 17
>cousin 15
>shes a country girl
>i visit her and the family once a year
>me and her start drinking
>start driving the golf cart around the farm land
>uncle has a trailer out in the farm land that an employee usually sleeps in
>we stop there to get more drinks
>i sit down
>she puts on party music
>she starts dancing, shaking her ass
>I just watch for a little
>pretty drunk
>start to get a boner
>stand up start to dance as well
>a little grind as a joke
>she really starts grinding her ass into me
>massive boner
>eventually leads into that stance when your foreheads are touching
>push her onto couch
>start making out
>start taking off my pants
>blows me
>rides cow girl
>can contain, cum instantly

Dat end lol
>that stance when your foreheads are touching
Its like a pre kissing thing. like a "you sure you want to do this" kind of thing.
File: like this.jpg (73 KB, 634x474) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
like this.jpg
73 KB, 634x474
File: 1423854774865.gif (1 MB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 320x240
oh god my sides
Is it normal that every girl cousin that I have has undress themselves for me? I have five cousins from age 11 to 15 who got naked for me. Is it a natural thing for young girls to do?
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