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Do decent women still exist? It seems like...
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Do decent women still exist? It seems like every girl over 20 these days either has a kid or has had a few scraped out of her. I get plenty of interest from women, and it increases every year, but I've only ever found a couple that didn't outright disgust me within the first hour of meeting them. I want a family, a good wife, all that -- but its just a sea of desperate, self-entitled whores with haunted wombs and callused vaginas out there right now.

Where did these women get the idea that the men they actually want, would want anything to do with them after they've whore'd themselves out? How do other "men" accept the notion that the girl whose heart they pretend to own, has given herself to other men, men like myself, that think of her as nothing more than a community fleshlight -- men she grovels to before she settles for someone weak enough to settle for her? How do you kiss the lips of a woman who's guzzled another man's cum? How do you allow your children to get their first nourishment from breasts that have been ejaculated on hundreds of times by other men? Do women really think they can have their cake and eat it too?

For the life of me, I just cannot understand it.

Anyway, here's a pic of a slut.
GO to school

Do shit things , meet shit people.
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1900 vs 2000.jpg
690 KB, 1992x1168
It's your fault, Atheists. You caused this when you mocked God's word and encouraged people to be degenerates.

Now enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

You are not entitled to a "decent woman" just like you are not entitled to a decent meal.

These are times of draught, make the best of what is available.

By the way what makes you think you are a decent man???

Wow. This pretty much sums it up.
Fucking move to eastern Europe before it's too late. Less salary, more decency.
The saddest part that ive seen is the spoiled brat syndrome.

If you dont give it to me , someone else will , so they go around pimping themselves out to the man with the most drugs sexua piece or money , even when in a relationship.

The saddest part is a whore will sit there screaming yup about it , not noticing if you love one , one means exclusive. it doesnt mean oh look a bi dick , let me just slip that in my sheath alongside every other attractive male i see , until i get pregnant and act too good to be a whore or catch a disease and start to get fat and become a shit human.

Nothing pisses me off worse than men and woman but due to my days in school and the quality of my mother i know that Good girls still do exist you just have to find them outside of the sex drugs alcahol group.

people tend to group girls with the people in their slums , not knowing that someone somewhere is waiting to give it up becaue they havent tried vs. finding a broken girl , spending 10 yrs mending to thier broken mind , 10 yrs to yours , then 20yrs raising a child / that you might not even own.

I try to stay as far away from the ghetto woman as possible and exclusive because theres a whole lot of disease and betrayal involved in the lazy dating group and a Healthy young brain doesnt need that type of hindering haltering abuse when trying to become a Smart strong funny kind man.

Why harden your heart for whores , when you can be a beautiful tree for the right woman that doesnt just want to suck dick and do drugs for a few years.

But i truely think the most disgusting thing about whores is the whole , i want my cake and i want to eat it too.

Because then they want you and all your friends and family too.
(knowing that youre smart funny tall dark handsome , so are they )

In a day where being exclusive is a punishment , instantaneous gratification and convenience killed the beauty of relationships and advancement.
a poem for anon

>it's no secret and you know it all too well
>that Stacy is 24/7 on the cock carousel

>watching anime is your way of passing time
>hers is to get covered with Chad's penis-slime

>and while you read the book "how to be a good communicator"
>she is getting plowed by Chads mighty inseminator

>but know that things can't go on like this forever
>that she will lose interest of Chad, Tyrone and Trevor

>because when she's gotten older and also fat
>then no longer to fuck her wants the Chad

>thus after some time she comes to the shocking realization
>that increasingly harder becomes her body's monetization

>no longer she can simply get on her fours
>and after some pounding that meal ticket will be hers

>Stacy thinks "unacceptable!", "this cannot be!"
>"i should not have to look for men, they must come to me!"

>something has to happen or her future will look grim
>she needs some hapless man who will marry her on a whim

>suddenly a thought strikes the furious cock rider
>"what you need, dear Stacy, is a Beta-provider"

>a man who has never touched a pussy with his penile glans
>a man who out of desperation will become like wax in her hands

>a man whose opposition will disappear like fading mist
>after she shouts at him "you swine!", "you misogynist!"

>her plan must not fail for you are her source
>for all the money she will get after the divorce

>call her a whore, call her a demon
>but do never ever give her your semen

>for you will be cursed and have enslaved your soul
>when you stick your dick in Stacy's well used hole
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I don't have a sense of entitlement with regard to women, all I know is, I'm generally not buying what they're selling, and that's far more their problem in the long run than it is mine. If civilized society is to survive, that relationship has to change. Men must have a reason to work hard and invest in something greater than themselves, and the men most capable of doing so also happen to be the least likely to buy into the current dynamic.

I don't think I'm a decent man, I know I am. I've earned that distinction through blood, sweat and toil; and not a single person, even those who might hate me, could tell you otherwise with a straight face.
not in murrica, elsewhere? maybe

This chick was supposedly studying to be a doctor. I would hate having her as a doctor over a non-whore.

kek this autist with his midnight copypasta

If you are not buying what they are selling then what are you complaining about??

Stop hiding your agenda behind "what's good for society"

Being a loser sucks, learn to be a winner. Beat the system, make money, travel to a place with "decent women", "decent man".
Why the fuck would you care about someone's past if you love her the way she is, not the way she was?
Find your woman in another place anon

Ive had time to think about this and a shit ton of experience as an observer.

I believe its the area youre searching in and the " bait " youre using that gets you the wrong partners.

plus when you tend to sit around watching porn and sitting with shit woman/men all the time you tend to believe everyone is the same.
In some way they are / They arent.

One Group only learns how to lay on their back from a young age without learning to stand onthier own feet so they tend to just become a fat leech on the side of a solid foundation without ever re evaluating thier upgrading or degradation of their body or mind.
And they wait all their days to find a man that knows what hes talking about and doing with a vision , ambition ,, and outer view , but due to over anylising they miss their chance or talk themselves out of the good relationship into the " bad " " cool " relationship , which usually ends in heartbreak , addiction , wasted time or brain damage.

most of the reason woman settle for less is looking for a man in a land of boys , whilst becoming addicted to boys.
They search to " fix or Create " a man , thinking theyre strong enough and not realiing you should build your own wings before trying to take another man/womans problems on your back , especially without calculating each action.
the result is usually dropping their expectations , getting with someone weak enough to be with their bitching ass , their responsibilities raising , then them hating themselves for being great non whorish humans at one point but becoming sacks of complaint sex drugs and failure later.
( usually blaming everyone else for their own laziness , irresponsibility , lack of success)
When noone can live your life or control you , but you. No matter the great advice youre given.
If you want a Good family a Good wife , Start by being a Good Strong Alpha Man.
Stand Strong and those Standing , will see you.
Sit with the weak you will attract snakes and leeches.
The confirmation bias is real.
The past creates our present. If we lose out past we lose ourselves.
Do guys repost this shit because they get a buzz out of starting a virtual conversation?

Use those skills to talk to a woman faggot
To be fair decent men are pretty much obsolete. Feminist have wiped them out.

Remember when James Bond was not only irresistible to women but also stronger than them?
All these fucken cucks let feminism take their balls
File: 9NtT7N6.jpg (125 KB, 534x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've never met a feminist, all women revert to their baser selves in the presence of the right masculine energy. I can openly say Hitler was an alright guy, and most girls will just giggle, the other will stay silent.

>pic related
There's nothing to understand here, man.

Women don't think in the 'right or wrong' categories. Whatever is socially acceptable or approved - they'll just dip into it, looking to fit in.

Also, they all have daddy issues since 80% of daddies from the previous generation went missing by cheating, drinking, working to death or emotionally detaching themselves from their daughters.

It's all been fucked up years ago and now we, the next generation are paying the price.
Child soldiers are killing their parents in the congo and fucko cant keep his tears in when he talks to a fucking girl

Like they dont shit and stink
>that feel when you will never be impressive to women by looks alone
>that feel you will never make a group of them desire you
If youre not special looking just remember girls are not special

Every girl has a pussy. And what?

Fucking feels
>you're gay

Next question
<has given herself to (...) men like myself>
So you fuck your share and then want a decent woman? Oh, the hypocrisy. Why do you think you're entitled to a "decent woman" when you're not a decent man either? You want a decent woman, then join a religious group (optional), hold on to your virginity until you get married and marry a virgin. You wanna live the traditional life-style, then respect it.
Or you can just be a fucking slut like the majority of humans in our society, and stop bitching about women wanting to be sluts as well.

Don't think I agree with the entitled whores you described either. Hypocrites are scum to me, regardless of gender.
Oh I know every girl has a pussy. But I will never have a girl come on to me. I will never make a girl dream about me at first looks. I will have to work hard to impress any girl into dating me. Feels bad man.
What you are saying is completely true, but where do real men come from nowadays?
Does your generation have any real men to look up to? No, feminists have eradicated them..

Little boys are being taught that anything boy like they do is bad, to be treated with drugs. That women are superior in every way and that hitting a girl, even if she hits you first is just about the worst thing you can do.

The funny part is feminists, all women really, really would like to find a real man and they get frustrated when they can't
Yeah. Threads like this make me rage out

This is why feminism won. And then op just stays silent and resents himself while virtual people berate him

Its gay
>stays silent and resents himself

That's a weird way to say sits back and laughs at the thread.
So you do get pussy then?
You sound entitled as fuck.
You're a piece of shit. Go out and fucking talk to people. There are real men out there. If you don't know any, you probably aren't one. Fuck off.

Feminism is absolute garbage. There was an equilibrium that males and females had come to. Now women have all the advantages and are a protected class. They can abuse men with no recourse.
Average IQ in America is 98. What exactly did you expect?
Did I hit a nerve?

Tits or GTFO you fucking whore
>Where did these women get the idea that the men they actually want

Women are disgusting, but modern men are just as neurotic

>I want a woman that can please me in bed, and in the kitchen
>I want a woman who has been with as few men as possible
Relying on looks is girl shit thats .1% of men

Be better than that you dick. Youre sitting on the beach crying about fish not crawling out of the ocean and jumping onto your lap

Get a pole faggot
You faggot its pussies like you that let this happen
what bothers me the most is that our generation is just so quick to get naked it gets all the shit allmost worthless.

there is no hunt anymore, there is just basic selection.

and to answer OP
>women nowadays would have fucked around
>the more i meet the more i lower the stat but the average women has been in much more intense sexual shit than me
>threesome and shit, naked hotel groud night, and so on
>those girls are good for sex but no wife material

>wife material girl on the other and are either too numb to understand that a male is playing with them
>or too feminist and "control" the guy they got, and keep him

And here we are, still looking for this special one, who's allright i our own opinion.
Keep the hunt, the holy grail cannot be found with just one obelisk
feel you bro. apparently every women where I live is divorced with a kid. So many entitled whores living in an alternate reality. "I want to be taken on adventures, I want a guy who takes care of me (ie. not work), I want I want I want." The only thing that keeps me going is the women of my family. Hard working, put family first, don't tolerate bullshit, smart, compassionate towards others. At least I know it's possible for women to be halfway decent.
decent women want decent guys unfortunately for you
File: checkem.jpg (109 KB, 552x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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dubs don't lie
i want a kinky one, but if i have to scott pilgrim to get it, she better worth it

Um, no you fucking imbecile. I have fought against preferential treatment of women all my life. Fucking idiot...
Gotta be trolling. No one is this delusional.
This is what we get for straying from god's light
last week i fucked a young and more or less unexperienced girl.
it was somewhat fun but man... stop being pointlessly ashamed of your 22yo body for fucks sake!
>Men must have a reason to work hard and invest in something greater than themselves, and the men most capable of doing so also happen to be the least likely to buy into the current dynamic.

Brother, you are an educated man. You express yourself like one.
Your talking about women as though they are an entitlement of men to own, they are not,, they love sex and life just like the rest of us, grow up you knobhead.
Not op, and no I dont, but I make no effort to and I don't try to blame it on anything other than my shit self esteem, case closed.
Bonus : it kinda feels nice knowing you benefits from all her sexy experiments for your own satisfaction...
The Majority women are Parasites, there some rare gems, but all women pretend to be those rare gems, and then turn into shit just like the 97% of women, go your own way, you don't need women women need men, to sustain their offspring.
OP, you're such a little cry baby faggot. Why did I just waste my time reading you whine? Grow the fuck up and stop being a little bitch.
Stop using big syllables and get back to puffing your pipe and adjusting uour monacle

Fought against preferential treatment jesus christ. Did you do a youtube vlog fighting the good fight you homo
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I can make an entire crowd of woman fall in love with me just by intellectually thinking.
OP is pathetic.
Get a life
I hope all the woman in your life judge you to be a shallow, insignificant pool of piss.

You'll find your uptite sex hating mate, and be a miserable whiny bitch later
Lmao man you must be a blast at party's
That's because you'd *prefer* 3 dicks in your mouth, faggit.

Oh look we have a white knight faggot pretending he's tough. You realize the ones standing up for women are the pussies, right? Don't even fucking pretend you're tough you neckbeard woman.
File: 1452642616315.jpg (259 KB, 591x1808) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Women are Dangerous Parasites.
yeah but finding the non-parasite one is a freaking hard job.
i would like one who can move forward with me but foooooo, where the fuck can she be??

Try to at least make sense you inbred
Actually I am! I went to a party last weekend where I was declared most popular person at the party.

Did Bill Burr really do that joke? Because I know an old time comedian who did the same joke but used 50% instead. Is Bill Burr a joke thief?

And if that one doesnt like you.


Isolation creates the need for attatchement , Just meld with thier emotions and create memories , and boom!

Youve got her attention , if searching for ussy , be suggestive and slightly ( SLIGHTLY ) perverted since the beginning and shell know what you want without thinking about it off back.

Girls dont have a problem giving it up to people that want it , its only when theyre unsure of your intention do they ever not think of you in a potential sexual partner category ( aka The friend one ) - never been in the friend one , never will be -

It usually them just waiting to be asked to go to prom :T and if someone denies , it means youre doing it right , because theyre thinking about it.
Or what youll get your cousin whos in the marines to shut my mouth?

Dude youre gay and anyone who reads this thread or spends 3 minutes in the corner at a party talking about how neatly manicured your moustache is knows it too
>Be better than that you dick. Youre sitting on the beach crying about fish not crawling out of the ocean and jumping onto your lap
>Get a pole faggot

95% of the entire worlds problems
>Do decent women still exist?


There's no such thing as a wholesome woman in this day in age.

Also, that chick has an awesome body, but her fucking jew face kills it.

Wtf does that even mean...lmao. Fucking idiot.

She's a beaner, not a jew. But you're right. Wholesome women that stand by their men are a rarity. Most undermine their men at every opportunity.
File: 1453269535694.jpg (50 KB, 475x355) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50 KB, 475x355
Sauce faggot??
I suppose everyone in your country belongs to mensa?
OP here.

I am a faggot and should an hero.

Now you'll have to excuse me. These cocks won't suck themselves.
File: 1442191226704.jpg (464 KB, 1000x2164) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
464 KB, 1000x2164
I love these threads because you can so easily spot the butthurt women and their orbiters by their garbled vitriol. They know it's all true because they've lived it, but their futures rely on potential "provider" males not seeing through their lies. It's classic.
>heart they pretend to own
>ejaculated on hundreds of times
You need to deal with your serious beta tendencies and get off tinder, faggot.
Not entitled guise, 'enlightened'
>tips fedora
That's actually pretty good son
Is that bottom graph saying more women are getting married as time goes on?
File: wut.jpg (184 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Where is her penis?
File: horse.jpg (311 KB, 1019x1192) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Insults and value signaling don't work on men who know the game, ladies. It's basically the internet equivalent of pic related.
>How do you allow your children to get their first nourishment from breasts that have been ejaculated on hundreds of times by other men?
That's some good writing.

I agree with you, OP. At the same time, extremely faithful non-sluts are a bit boring. My wife has never sucked another man's dick. It makes me a little sad that she has limited her experiences so much, and that her amazing blowjob talents have only been experienced by me. Conundrum.

Jesus christ look at that scowl on that CUNT with the blowhorn. She needs someone to slap the shit out of her.
That was impressive,
he forgot to mention how they will usually have one or more kids before hooking the beta.

If not they would sleep around, they don't want the wrong genes for their children.
bro, pull up your pants, your virginity is showing
WTF. You are a stupid faggot.

Being "decent" and getting pregnant are independent events.

The definition of decency does not include the concept of never being pregnant.

Piss off you narrow minded troll
seems that you are looking around in all of the wrong places. i know what you seek. i too have felt the desperate/hopelessness that is dating while in your 20's w/a good amount of income to spare, yet, no qt3.14 next to you. i too have felt those moments of need. pushing myself away from my computer and forcing myself to get ready and meet chicks i arranged dates with online. i too needed the warmth of a woman on those, what seem to be cold nights, in bed, alone, with the feeling of pathetic becoming a part of me.

>be me
>county cleark
>live alone
>live light
>have some cash
>thinking about bedding some hookers
>hit the dating scene
>washed up haggards
>the whole lot of them
>i could see them in the porn flicks i've watched, "on occasion"
>cum whores sitting across from me
>eyeing me up
>"like i'd cum in your eyes even if you payed me"
>leave that scene

>get a tip from mexican american friend/co-worker
>get into my sunday best and head to a catholic church to attend 'mass'
>walk in
>quietly take my seat not sure about what i should do
>watch as gorgeous mexican women pour into the pews
>mass is over
>mexicans stretch our hands to greet me afterwards
>shake hands
>feel tap on shoulder
>look back
>perfection looks back at me
>holding a hand out for a greeting
>shake hands
>im so nervous
Op post your most rekt webm of a women sounds like you have a pure hate for them I'm enthrusted with enthusiasm
>spout out: "h. hhello"
>she smiles at me
>tell me: "god be with you"
>she kindly walks away
>i have to ask for her number
>pews empty, halls fill quickly
>she's escaping
>scurry around all those in front of me to get to her
>walk up quickly
>noticed by her mexican father
>"who do you think you are cabron?" he tell me
>get one last glimps of what may be my future wife
>she's smiling at me
>look at mustache/cowboy hat wearing kicker mexican father
>ask him if i can speak to his daughter
>gorgeousness walks up to me and says hi
>huge mexican father is staring me down.
Lol fuck off I'd believe indiginous people work before I believe that story
Buy guns and drugs please
We're not living in 1950 anymore.

A woman who has many sexual experiences in her life has more chances to know, after her mid 20s, what kind of man she really needs to have a happy life.
File: 1441271950659.jpg (6 KB, 137x161) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 137x161
>believing this
>her mother is smiling
>c. ca.... can i take you out sometime?
>her smile turns to a shy look away
>she curls hair around her ear
>she says: "uummmmm Papa? can i let him buy me something to eat?"
>stocky kicker mexican gets near
>makes sure i make eye contact with him
>"mind if me and my wife join you?"
>"nn.nn. no.."
>we head to whataburger
>tex.mex dad offers to pay for everything
>asks me to order whatever i want
>say im going to pay for me and his daughter
>tell her that she can get whatever she wants, anything
Unless what you're looking for is a frigid virgin who will think you're the best guy in the world with w/e you do, then proceed to have multiple affairs after marriage.

Coming back to OP's statement, well maybe women are now just as scummy as we are.
File: 1444185551477.jpg (86 KB, 792x755) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86 KB, 792x755
Pic related is basically the same as when women try to pretend like they can run roughshod through a field of dicks, then fall into the arms of their prince charming. The mere notion would be hilarious if it weren't so sad.
>hear a deep snicker
>look at tex.mex father
>he walks his family to table
>me and gorgeous stay at counter
>she takes her time ordering
>she looks at me as she orders
>she gets a burger meal
>i order
>walk with her to a separate booth
>tex.mex dad is about to stand
>gorgeous' mother stop him
Make sure YOU'RE not a piece of shit first before looking for that "elusive" decent woman.
File: 200_s.gif (27 KB, 267x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 267x200
they peak 13-20 then its time to go find another. dont ever give 1c of ground to them unless ur just bending for a root cause ur horny but even if that sacs the relationshit its worth because u synth higher
>order comes
>we eat
>i say goodbye to her
>say goodbye to her family and shake hands
>walk away
>parking lot
>almost to car
>"hey Anon!"
>gorgeous modest attire walks up to me in haste
>her phone number
>go for outings with her whole family 16 more times
>finally able to take her out on a date alone
>get kissed that night on the cheek
No hymen no diamond for me.
File: average girl.jpg (184 KB, 640x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
average girl.jpg
184 KB, 640x960
>implying those things are even related

How about a woman who knows herself and others well enough to realize that by having sex with men that don't commit to her, she's not only lowering her own value to future men, but lessening the chance of the original man ever offering her commitment? Perhaps I want a woman that will make me work for it, one that will make demands of her own and hold me to them? I don't want the mother of my children to be some cowardly whore. That's how real men see promiscuous women btw, with the same disdain as as they cowardly men.
Dont be passive aggressive you fag.

Dude admit it you suck

Only fourth tier bitches and fifth level homofags fall for your schtick
>go out with her a few more times
>i know
>i know
>i know she is the one
>start saving up
>within the year, i ask her father if i can marry her
>he asks me to speak with him in the back yard
>"go ahead anon, ill be there in a sec"
>wait a few mins outside
>father is walking up to me w/haste
>shirt is gone
>wearing a wife beater
>fists are clenched
>"it was about time ol'man"
>he grins
>throws first punch
>grazes my head
>i counter with a punch to the gut
>miss on account to being hit
>make a hard overhead swing for his jaw (my head was still tilted from hit)
>hear a guff
>look up
>see fist coming down on me
>feel impact of course knuckles hitting my right eye socket
>her mother runs out
>tex.mex father gets pushed aside
>tex.mex father gets a thrashing from tex.mex mother
Assuming you're holding the same standard for yourself pal? Or is there some unwritten rule that men are allowed to have as much sex as they want before marriage?
Comedy gold
>im felling a bit dizzy
>tex.mex mother takes my hand and walks me inside of her house
>hear tex.mex father protesting outside in spanglish
>sit at table
>quickly given a large porterhouse steak for my swellling/shutting eye
>given a warm cup of cocoa
>given some sweat breads
>given a pillow for my head
>checked for a fevor my tex.mex mother
>asked if i need anything
>look outside
>tex.mex father is pacing, rubbing his jaw
>im asked by tex.mex mother what happened
>i tell her
>her eyes well with tears
File: 1426782552136.jpg (28 KB, 600x396) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 600x396
Nope, it's pretty well established.
>she yells out with the force of Nordic Winds
>somethingSomethingOrAnother in spanglish
>look to window
>see solid ol' tex.mex dad hurry inside
>she speaks quietly to him in spanish
>she is in tears now
>see the first bit of tenderness in that ol'tex.mex man's face
>he rushes over to her
>hugs her
>they speak in tears
>he lets go of her
>shoots a watery eyes stare at me
I think your fedora is on too tight
>"Anon, i swear by GOD, if you hurt her i will come for you and put you in the fucking ground..."
>"Anon, do you understand?"
>ears are sill ringing
>eye is watering and hot
>can fell the swelling take place
>taste blood in my mouth
>"Yes sir."
>"May i have your blessing to marry your daughter?"
moving to saudia arabia or some other hardcore muslim country might be something you'd like to think about /b/ro
Oh no someone doesn't agree with your beta complex! Must be a whore! Burn the witch!

This is why you will die alone.
You've never seen a snatch irl, have you?
...you do know how averages work right...
>"I'll kill you if you mistreat her (then a few things in spanglish)"
>Anon, you have our blessing
>shake his had
>get a sudden/long hug from her tearing mother
>hear: "she can still say no Estella"
>still being gripped tightly by tex mex mother
>hear a car outside
>look at tex mex dad
>ask, is she out of work already?
>"yes Anon"
>"rinse out your mouth cabron"
>"and clean yourself up"
Become a Muslim, marry a virgin, and stay off the internet. Problems solved without sin.
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>How do other "men" accept the notion that the girl whose heart they pretend to own, has given herself to other men, men like myself, that think of her as nothing more than a community fleshlight
>the girl whose heart they pretend to own, has given herself to other men, men like myself
>has given herself to other men
>men like myself

In case you're implying that you too are a degenerate man-whore yourself, you can't complain about not being able to meet decent women. Why? Because you don't deserve one. It grinds my gears that when a man is ready to settle down he's feels he's entitled to a righteous woman which is not what he deserves at all after dicking around.
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