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NZ Thread, Late Night Hype Edition.
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NZ Thread, Late Night Hype Edition.

Just in case anyone else wants a second thread.
Dunners back in brah
May as well link this while we're at it:
Yo, holmes. Let's see if anyone besides us hops threads, eh?
Nelson sluts?
File: Odcl6Of.gif (1 MB, 256x169) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 256x169
It saddens me to say this, but this may actually be the least shit thread here....
Any goodsort feel like making an imgur album or something? mega doesn't load I think it's blocked
If pistol man from previous thread is here.

Pistols are a whole different ball game. We dont have conceal or open carry here.

You need a pistol endorsement added to your license and to get that you have to belong to a pistol range (which are approved ranges by cops) and shoot at that range so many times a year, also need bigger and beefier gun safe.

Its all bullshit. I wish we have conceal carry and castle law here.
We'll see!
Carry on our conversation from previous thread
Solid career, but doing shit you don't like, how long ya gonna last in it?
First job I had, ended up dreading going to work due to anxiety and depression, was in a bad place. That period of time sucked! I did end up enjoying work a bit more once I was able to get out and about instead of stuck in a kitchen for 8 hours
What was the go with August?
not even from nelson but i want nelson nudes
Yeah, I know. Depends on the person, I suppose.
Some people can just grind away for the dollar, some lose it trying to.
I was sorta thinking the other way around, not wanting to ruin cars as a hobby by having them for a job. I wouldn't mind a driving job, but then we get into the
self-doubt, why-would-they-employ-me bullshit.
I know the feel, it's no good. Get out at work, or get out outside of work?
August is the deadline for me.
Hello dunners, I am also Dunners
Hello, Dunners, I am also Dunners, but not the Dunners you mentioned. How's it going?
Anyone got Alex Trimmer noods?

I know shes sent them out. shes a hella slut.
Try a different dns server, or vpn if you must.
Some DNS options: OpenNIC, GoogleDNS, Comodo DNS, OpenDNS

There's way to much on there to be put just on an imgur album

Whangarei reportinin
Yeah man, depends on the person, also depends on the day.
Some days i could bang out a 10 hour day and be prepared to work more, others I'd be done after 8 and never wanna go back.
Driving would be a good job! I've always wanted a long distance driving job like deliveries between Chch and Duds or similar distance.
I feel ya on that self doubt stuff, man!
Get out at work. I was a kitchen hand, once they found out i had my full they trained me as a delivery driver, i enjoyed the driving shifts, time flew by!
Hm, hopefully stuff starts looking up, man
Hey man!
Nice trips, mate!
dunners represent!
Reporting In.
Grogan A
True, true.
Yeah, like I was saying whenever it was, driving is pretty much
the only thing I can do without worrying, so it'd take some pressure off.
Thought about truck driving but, again, reckon I wouldn't make the grade.
I wouldn't mind something local-ish, I've driven moving trucks and things like that before, pretty comfortable in them.
Fresh air and a bit of scenery make the day fly by, eh?
Yeah, cheers mate. See how we go.
What's good? We fuckin' out here tonight!
just came across a video of this scum ... accent sounds like shes from over the ditch
im good my man, what'd you get up to today? i did some gardening aye
fucking invercargill sock here
I did some gardening once, but it was just cutting a tree down with reckless abandon. Didn't do anything today though.
What are you gardening, mate?
Jesus, you must be the only person down there.
plants and shit
Driving is one of those stress relievers for fellas like us!
There was a company offering a truck driving apprenticeship, class 1 through to 5 with the endorsements. Considered it but I'm bad with commitment.
Some say trucking is shit and log books, long hours etc but all the truckies I've talked to seem to like it and they're usually really mellow, chilled out guys
Definitely did! Worst thing was a very tight time schedule, would usually finish a little after we were meant to but i never minded.
Also who you work with is probably the biggest factor to whether you enjoy a job or not, it makes a massive difference who you sorround yourself with
Moving away soon which is fucking great
Fully sick. You get all that feng shui and shit in order?
Yeah, too right. Probably go for a drive after the thread is done!
Trucking will be another thing that requires a certain kinda person, but it probably is pretty chill.
Yeah, true. Probably why I'm best off in a box-truck on my own lol
Onya. Went down there once, fucking dull as anything and the people I was racing were all cheating bastards.
Tim Shadbolt is pretty crack-up though
any wellingtonians?
New ones? Unlikely, but we live in hope.
Any particular place or just wherever the road takes ya?
Yeah well that's right! You watched Ice Road Truckers?
That shit's crazy risky but for that reason, they get paid crazy amounts!
any 1 in pukekohe???
anything interesting happening in town??
Probably not haha
Nah, nowhere in mind. Might just wander around for a bit and then park up somewhere.
Seen a bit of it, but I don't follow it. Fuckin' mad bastards though.
Money to be had though, I guess!
What town, fool?
Fair enough man! Sounds like a typical Saturday night!
Yeah man, a years salary in 3 months, imagine that
the whole video is set over the ditch dude lmao
chch reporting in
File: flame.jpg (75 KB, 715x402) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75 KB, 715x402
obligatory brown people drinking cheap alcohol picture.
Saturday on a Thursday is possible when you're this far gone!
Probably a pretty nice life, unless you fall into the fucking ice.
Not wrong man!
Definitely but high risk, hence the good pay, just like mining i suppose
Seen this, looks like next week will be fun for you
>pic related
I know her
Any akl fems keen on a blaze?
19/m here, tall and good face

kik: satriark
Amerifag here. Holy shit you guys have some of the cutest girls.
File: 1426191369817.gif (2 MB, 200x167) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 200x167
chch reporting in
people still go in the tinychat?
>vid related
Nah, it's been empty as fuck for a minute now.
I'm in there though
aww bugger. What happened?
fucking oath
Even just that sound eh! Bloody epic
I've never even been street drifting before, too worried to take my car out at the moment, but definitely some day
Must be a good wee rush
Feel free to email though any infomation if you want to help sort out any files within
Dunno, everyone just buggered off. DB even took his videos down. Ginga, or some other Chch regular?
Yeah, it's bloody good fun.
I know it's 4chan and everything, but you're welcome to come for a ride sometime.
I'd be shit scared of drifting something that nice at all!
I can imagine. We've got some nice twisties around!
Cheers man! I guarantee I'll take you up on that offer!
When you get people going "you'll be surprised at how easy the rear kicks out" and "they love it when the ass kicks out" it tempts you!
At some point I'll give it a go, just be bery aware of my sorroundings
Might be a bit before my time, mate. Sorry.
Yeah, there's some good roads about.
Still haven't found the right place though, it's a trade-off between somewhere quiet enough
and a road interesting enough, most places 'round here!
Yeah, true! I've heard the 4WD system is quite tail-happy! You done the "first gear, engine off, engine on, do a skid" thing yet?
Ginga m8
Ah right!
What's up signal hill like? I remember you saying you've done some slides up that way
Nah, I've heard about it but it's almost just as easy to pull the 4wd fuse.
I did take it out in the snow with the 4wd on, didn't get massively tail happy but it did slide around a bit which was great fun!
If you're tall and have a good face then you need not ask for fems here you lying kike.
Well, g'day if it's actually you!
Not so much Signal Hill as it is Mt Cargill, but yeah.
It's nice, but people live on it, and I don't want to be a dick by waking them up at whatever hour.
Yeah, pulling the fuse is better, I just get a giggle out of the car having a cheat code of sorts.
Snow's good, eh! I actually got stuck in it last time, but it's still good fun.
I've got something in mind for next winter though!
Ah okay, that's good of you, you get some people that don't have a care in the world
You get a few of them up this way, not so much recently, but it used to be people in Hondas with tinny exhausts flying up and down the road
Yeah it's quite cool eh! The aircon even has a cool wee diagnostic system if you google it!
Oh yeah, go on
File: winterkit.jpg (989 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
989 KB, 2048x1536
Eh, way I see it, street drifting is dangerous, all kinds of quickly-driving and motorsports is.
I accept the risk I'm posing to myself, but Joe Public driving
down the other side of the road didn't sign that contract, so they shouldn't have to suffer the consequences.
So no main roads, residential areas, etc. That's just not cool, and someone will call the cops before long anyway!
Have you got the posh air-con with the screen?
HICAS has its own diagnostics too, it's pretty interesting reading, in a hard-out nerd kinda way.
Had to get my phone for the picture, here it is
That's a good way to see it, man!
You seem to keep it to the quietest times on the road too so at least your taking precautions and what not.
Yep haha, never really use it though. It's something like holding a button for 5 seconds as you turn the ignition on, then you can go through the sensors or something.
Yeah I've read that too! It makes for good reading, interesting wee things they decided to do
Ah i see! That'll be fun!
>this fucking old ass copypasta
When it's dark out, at least. You can see oncoming headlights that way.
Jealous of that, mate! I've got the base-spec type, wish I had that! It's got super secret max. cold and hot setting too, off the top of my head.
>it just started raining
No idea what you're on about.
Yeah that's true! I always take that into account driving up Signal Hill, those bends can get pretty tight so it's good to know when you can cut over the other side a little!
You can pick one up for not a lot, but I'd imagine you'd have to splice into the factory loom or something since it's plugs in the back, or if you're lucky they'd have the same type of plug but wouldn't imagine so.
I was about to mention that! In a kinda weird way, we're awfully similar!
Just started raining as we get onto the subject of drifts, must be a sign
Yeah, I did see a unit on TradeMe with just one plug like anything else. Dunno if it's the same one though, or if you need a conversion loom, section, whatever they're called.
It's proper weird, all the shit we've got in common!
The great lord and overseer thinks skids are fully hektik, clearly.
Ever heard of R-Parts? On Trademe and Facebook
Wreck a lot of Nissans, bloody good for parts if you're ever in need of stuff
You'd almost find out on forums, surely someone has looked into it before
It is, just for two guys that jump on the NZ threads eh!
You watch/watched Initial D at all?
It'd almost be wrong not to go out now!
Nah, but I'll look them up. Cheers for the tip!
Yeah, the internet will know. I just never really looked into it.
Watched the first few seasons, yeah. Watched some Wangan Midnight too.
Forget those dumb shows though. Fast & Furious is the realest shit I know. Fully.
Go to sleep or go to skids?
I think they specialise in Skylines, mainly R32's too!
Not a problem mate!
I've never seen Wangan, love the arcade though! Got bored so chucked some initial D on, have a couple seasons on the hard drive.
Fast and Furious with their 14 gear manual trans eh! Gotta admit, i don't mind having a wee watch of the first one, i don't mind Tokyo Drift either!
Is their even a question in that, mate?
oh shit this nigga still going.
what up nigs.
I thought it was pretty good, although I kinda went off it like I did with the tofu hoon.
I like the whole wangan thing though, played the TXR games and shit.
That's why I go for runs up the motorway to Mosgiel and shit, living in hope some huge power cars are going to be out racing or something.
Wishful thinking, maybe...
Haha, you know it! I do enjoy the first one and Tokyo Drift for a laugh.
Yeah, I know. I could go for either though, and streeting on your own is only so much fun.
Literally me and GT-R guy just talking shit, but yeah. Ain't nothing doing, fam.
watching this Shannara chronicles shit.
FUcking dude goes up to a woman in the waterfalls having a shower or what ever.
she comes out naked and says to the dude eyes up here. no flesh is shown.
nek episode, stuff happens, dude gets undressed to get something in a river, woman eyeballing him up and down, checking out his body. "what happened to eyes up here?"
equality a shit
As ya do man, i think i managed most of the seasons, just jamming them on Youtube, even during class occasionally.
Sucks Timezone closed, when i went up to Auckland, i was staying on the main road so went and jammed there for a couple nights. Think i threw $40 on a card one night just to play Wangan, was good though!
Yeah you never see the good cars on the motorway, or anytime i have, I'm always on the opposite side of the road
I think i counted 7 or 8 gear changes in one of the first scenes in the Eclipse in that movie!
Understandable! You ain't been up too long though, have ya?
oh fuck nigga!
the demons are here nigga!
now all the people believe.
fucking hate people in tv shows.
File: oidshf.png (559 KB, 775x440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
559 KB, 775x440
oh shit nigga!
nigga just kamehameha'd a demon nigga.
I only went to the one here once, played the Initial D arcade. Was pretty cool, but I never really did town so yeah, nah.
Never seen any. Seen plenty of police cars though!
Haha, how good is it? I think my favourite goof was that Jesse's Jetta didn't have any brake calipers
Nah, wasn't up until eight or something. Off the fucking rails.
Gotta hold the top of the wheel, bro! Powershift, bro! Flex the arms, bro!
Jesus fuck, son, the hell are you watching?
>esus fuck, son, the hell are you watching?

it was made in NZ, shot in Auckland bruh.
Main chick makes my dick zozzle.
I was young when ours was open, that's my excuse!
You'd never believe the amount of Asians in Auckland that jam them for hours!
You ever pass through town on a Saturday night? That's when the nicer cars are out. A fella i know owns a nice S13, i see that around town every now and again
Haha that's crack up, gotta love all the "too soon, junior" memes too
Loose! I though 2 this afternoon was bad. Waking up tired but I've been oversleeping to fuck lately
I see why you watch it!
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