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Post Milf/Mature Pics and share stories.
Here is a little story from me:

>around 12 years old
>my family moves into a newly built neighbourhood
>big party where we celebrate our new house
>one neighbour milf just talks to me, smalltalk, nothing big
>she asks me which music i like, tell her its house
>"oh wow i love house too"
>she keeps going on about how cool i am, holds me in her arm
>tells me she wants to give me a really good music cd
>she takes me with her
>a few family members get suspicious and come with us
>fucking cunts, for real i dont know what couldve happened there, she was so touchy
>a few days later this milf is having her party
>she gives me a kiss on the cheek later that night and tells me to "grow up"
>nothing happened after that anymore
>into milfs ever since
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bump cause want this thread to stay alive
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>meet 49yr old of OKC
>fuck her a few times
>was great, but now it's out of my system and no real desire to do it again
>still glad I did

There are more exciting stories out there in the world /b/, but at least this one is true.
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what is OKC?
>at friends birthday party/moms friends joined at same time
>talking to some 40 year old about best friends gf cheating on other best friend
>asks me if im underage
>show her birthday on facebook so she knows im 19
>adds herself on facebook
>messages the next day saying im cute etc
>tell her i remember staring at her tits a lot and wouldnt mind seeing them
>talk for a few days and she picks me up one night
>sucks my dick and drops me off
>says cant wait until next time so we can fuck
>proceed to fuck her over the next two years in my car, her car her sons bed
>text her all the time saying im horny and want a bj and end up fucking
>ended up dating another guy and said we couldnt hang out anymore because she'd cheat on him with me and wants to be respectful

Sent her a message saying hi then we chatted for a while. Long-ish messages about films and stuff. Went for a drink and was up front with her about not wanting anything serious and she was totally cool with that. Felt like we were both ticking something off a bucket list. Good fun.
>one time she was drunk and her sons was at basketball practice while she waited in the car
>got me to drive there got in my car went a few buildings up and fucked behind it
>dropped her off and left
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Community College is the absolute best place to meet MILFS. plenty of women in their 30's/40's that had kids that fucked up their careers. Plus they start feeling self conscious about their age so they feel the need to fuck a younger guy to prove to themselves they're still "desirable"...

sharing a class also gives you the time to develop personal relationships with them :) it's way easier than just walking up to a MILF at a bar or club (not that there's anything wrong with that tho)

finished my 1st year and have already slept it with 2 MILFS (that proudly told me they were mothers like it would make them more attractive)

good luck. being lazy in high school sometimes has it benefits.
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nice man, thats my dream
>44yo Latina GILF
>crazy ex-stripper
>still smokes/rolls
>apparently knew my dad back in the day
>best sex ever
>no condom
>still no idea how I'm not dead
pics bro
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moar bamp
rolls as in rolls weed or rolls on x because i could not do that shit when im 44 lol
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bumping for more stories
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