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Hey /b/, I want your opinion. Is /b/ REALLY...
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Hey /b/, I want your opinion. Is /b/ REALLY racist? Some context:
I used to live in a really ghetto area. Black people fucked shit up all over the place. By a wide margin, they were the shittiest kind of people I ever saw. However, it seemed to me this was the result of poverty, bad parenting, and a shitty culture, as well as local racism. It had nothing to do with them being black.

So I'm curious about your opinion:
Do most people on /b/ really think that black people are inherently inferior, is it due to shitty social and cultural conditions, or are some of us just looking for someone to shit on?
Most of these faggots do but then again everyone here is retarded beyond compare
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Does it really matter, everyone on here has severe aspergers anyway
No just transplant /pol/fags
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Stupid Elves.jpg
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Skyrim belongs to the Nords.
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Most people want an easy answer to everything in their life. Sometimes blaming a scapegoat is easier than really understanding the issue.
Don't behave like a nigger and realize racism exists within all of us, people will be biased based on your race, but when you show them you are a cut above the rest they will either respect or resent you. Be the best that you can be faggot and try to ignore the race baiting as much as you can, God knows I fall victim to it constantly. Also, i don't even know what a racist is anymore, it feels like hard words are becoming softer with time.

black people do commit more crime per percentage of population in America, it's due to many factors. Look to the blacks in the 60's thru 70's and see the difference.
if you put a bunch of lower/middle class black people together they still turn ghetto

despite their better living conditions

some sort of primal instinct makes them ghetto
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OP here. I agree with this, but it's a shame race carries a bias at all. If anything should carry a bias, it should be culture and upbringing, but no one would take the time to analyze that.
I agree, but culture and upbringing is a more subtle thing to see, it's easier to make snap judgements based on race. It's how we are wired, perhaps we can move past this, but it's not going to happen when society keeps hammering down into the divide between us.
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This is very true. I wish there were a stronger motivation to overcome this. Hopeless idealist here.
Black people don't deserve any major awards
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>implying basic fairness is a major award
There is a difference between black people and niggers. I don't mind black people. Hell, I have black friends. However, fuck niggers. That is my two cents on the matter.
Me too man, the only thing that helps me cope is apathy, alcohol, and nicotine. I wish I could do something good for the world, but the chaos feeds into itself and despite my efforts I become a part of what I'm trying to fight.
Also, here's a nice song to listen to.

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how do you think they got so poor hmm?
let's just say there's no magic white man keeping them down
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I'm a 25 year old alcoholic myself. I have no idea how I'll get all the way through life with it being this shitty.
>to me this was the result of poverty, bad parenting, and a shitty culture
> It had nothing to do with them being black.
All of those problems are problems because they're black

>as well as local racism.
You're a fucking idiot
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OP here.
Well, I certainly think a large part of it is their own doing, but no reasonable person can say that they have equal opportunity.
And on top of that, if you went generations of having a shitty lot in life, it'd be pretty understandable if your parents taught you (intentionally or unintentionally) to live a life that undermines the system.

It's not right, but it makes sense, and it's why they have my sympathy.
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> because they're black
Providing no real information, circular logic
>You're a fucking idiot
Oh no, not ad hominem

Try again.
Primal instinct.. Kek
I'm one year younger. It's a fucking struggle 99% shit and 1% sunshine. I would have offed myself already, but I feel likes it's 'cheating' and I haave family that love me. So,I just fucking grit my teeth and truck on. Death finds us all eventually.
You've lived on this planet for 12 years. If you still need someone to explain black people to you, it's not gonna be me.
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What a silly question, ALL barbarians are inferior to the master culture.
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Twelve plus thirteen you high school dropout.
And your shit-tier logic is useful to no one.

I'm looking for people who have useful and interesting things to say.
You couldn't explain how wipe your own ass, faggot.
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