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Ask a high-school teacher anything.
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Ask a high-school teacher anything.
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how many of your students are on your basement right now
You ever get caught looking?
why is high school so useless
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Because stuff is covered in sugar and other shit that makes it good.
I've read this before. Spoilers: They Fuck.
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Looking at what? Students buttocks when she is answering? I hope never.
Because education system is broken and requires serious fixing, but nobody steps up. But really, it's just as much the kids (and parents) problem as it is teachers.
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Really? Faggot? You gonna ruin a thread with your spoilers?
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Did you set out at the beginning of your university career to teach high school?

To me, it seems like it would be a living hell.
How is it like to teach?
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No. I have an actor background (which helps with my current work). It is hard, but I like it.
Do you enjoy your job and what is your yearly salary/ Been thinking of going back to school to become a teacher but I already make about 30k a year before tax.
I have an actor (and general theatre) background too and always thought about teaching but I grew up and now I fucking hate kids
lurking nice trips btw
Why are you alone on Christmas morning
NICE >11100
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Hmmm... like trying to make breakfast in a room full of sleeping killers without waking them up. But then after they eat that breakfast they give you the best head of your life.

That's the closest I can describe it. You have parents who watch you like a hawk, you have board committee and higher ups ready to fuck you upside down, but at the end of the day it's fun. I like the lecture, I like when students understand what I'm saying, I like when they do good on exams etc.etc.
do you like rape teenagers in change of good marks?
whats your fave possie?
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I don't make as much (probably have to point out that I don't live in US). In your $ I'm getting about 15k, I think.
I do enjoy the job.
Well, I like the feeling of eyes on me. I like when they laugh, I feel complete when I get full lecture out. It's almost acting. + they are not really kids. These bastards mature fucking quickly lately.
nice tripdubs
Cause we don't celebrate it in my country.
Only girls but a boy sucked my dick once.
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I don't know, since I never done that. It can be done, sure, but I am waaay to spooked. Cause if I get sacked, I'm fucked.
Pardon me?
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Coming from a hs student, what do you wish would change with your current administration?
Have you tried anything "non-typical" in your teaching methodology? Do you even have any wiggle room to try something new every now and then?
Do you love me teacher-san?
What the name of this manga?
Jun "Like A Child" (English version)
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Abolish pre-set grading and punishment system. What you probably don't realise everything a teacher does for you (grading, scolding etc etc) comes from the top, not from the teacher himself. That is some fuck. I am never able to fully express and present my lectures the way I think is right, because for them, it's not "right".
Also salary increase. Also more practice. Students never get enough practice. Like maybe a day or two at an actual work place connected with a subject. Gives you perspective you usually lack at that age (no offense).
Oh. I'd also including more subjects that you can choose from. Hm... Maybe make 1 person in charge of the studying programs (because it's usually a committee board full of cunts).

Just barely. As stated I have an actor background, so I... sneak some tricks from the actor school into my teachings. Other than that, probably I try to make my lectures funny. Usually student gets easily drawn into the lecture when he likes it.
Also sometimes I draw on the board. Like when I need to make a point I'd draw something funny or interesting to engage students etc.
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My mom was a biology special ed teacher, and she always said standardized testing was the worst thing to happen to schools.

Do you agree?
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No offense taken.
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Absolutely. Though some sort of exam is defently needed. I am a big fan of oral exams.
Usually 1 question is just enough to know whether he knows, cares, was prepared and pretty much everything else.
But we HAVE to use them. Otherwise I'd say fuck to them.
How many students do you fuck in a day?
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Hey good for you. Next time make a compliment to a female teacher. They love that shit. (more so than any other female)
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Hmmm. I think.... yeeeah... about 0.
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Thanks for the advice. Another question OP, do you have any creep teachers where you are?
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you sound like a cool guy OP, keep fighting the good fight.

more please
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Creep... like... give me a scale here. I stare at girls buttocks and down their decoltes all the time. You mean like full on sniffing the desks creep?
We don't have those. Most of the teacher stuff is female anyway.
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Like perv(not trying to hide themselves) or just down right weird hobbies. Shop teacher I had almost got charged with sexual assault and only got suspended.
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Nope. Never saw anyone like that. I knew a teacher who was having sex with students, but he got fired once it got public.
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Where are you from OP?(If you don't mind answering of course) And why did you decide to become a teacher?
I see. I think the only reason that one shop guy isnt gone is because there would be no one to fill his position. I usually like teachers cause they put up with our bull shit but I really do hate that teach.
Source? Image search can't find shit.
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I'm from russia (not giving a town, sorry!) Mostly by accident. I wasn't planning to, but the opportunity appeared... and I just took it.
Wanted to be an actor in the theatre, but that didn't work out as well as I hoped.
Pretty cool, it's nice to hear some appreciation for the job.
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It's Jun. My favorite author.
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Does this piece have a name?
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How old are you?
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Do you know it and can you post it?
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got one question that's been nagging me since I started school, I don't know if you can speak for every teacher, but do teachers have a tendency to favor people? I acknowledge it almost seems stupid because humans are build up around liking and disliking certain aspects of people, but do you ever look objectively at people if you grade them?
Why aren't you teaching english in china for mega bux?
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Nope. I just have a big collection of Jun releases in one archive. No names.
Obviously. It's pretty much impossible to be 100% objective. I do grade students knowledge, but if I have a kid who is hard working, does all the homework and just a good sport I probably will go little bit easier on him during the exams. But I will never fail a student just because he is an ass or I don't like him.
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Because I like my country. I love my family and I value my friends. I woudn't change it for "mega bux"
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where can I find his release
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Here comes my fantasy, lol
If so, have you ever watched the movie Зелёный слоник? And what is your favourite russain band?
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those thighs
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On a russian closed torrent site. Just google Jun collection or smth.
I know of it, never watched it.
My favorite russian bands... hm... Splin, Korol' i shut, Crump in the leg. Just to name a few.
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Pic obviously not related? Jun is god I fapped to him so many times I lost count.
Do you prefer teacher/student related porn?
Never heard of any of these. Mine is probably either Aria or Kino.
File: 151.jpg (706 KB, 1401x2022) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I like it. Posting one right now.
Kino yeah. A classic.
Why do you do this to yourself?
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Pardon me?
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Jun's ass never fails to dissapoint.
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How long are you teaching for?
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3 years for now.
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bump. please continue dumping
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So your Jew scum?
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Pardon me?
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how do I get my teacher to fuck me? (femanon here)
Any female teacher creeps you know about ?
File: 1414099094030.jpg (5 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You know the rules bitch.
I love it when girls getting fucked from behind have to stand on the balls of their feet because they're shorter.
File: 167.jpg (1002 KB, 1401x2014) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's not advisable.
But if you really want a fuck. I suppose... start talking to him. Show interest in his subject or in whatever he likes. If he is any decent teacher he'll refuse your forward advances, so building nice teacher-student relationship first is needed.
Once you have a trust build up, you can try asking for an additional classes and see where it leads you.
That's just speculation and that probably work on me (I'd still refuse though). But getting some alone time usually leads to interesting stuff.
cool thanks op
>implying people care if other people pretend to be women on the internet, faggot
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Well. They are all salty, groggy, lonely cunts who have just a few years before they go over 50 and not wanted anymore. They release their frustration on students and the collegues.
Pretty arousing, ha?
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Are nigs good students?
Ever fucked one of your students?
Nigs can't afford education, even if it is free.
File: 171.jpg (605 KB, 1401x2014) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I dunno. We don't have nig nogs where I live. Ever.

Also that's the last page.
Thanks for joining me. I'll see you all later.
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