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Hey /b/, can someone out there help me out....
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Hey /b/, can someone out there help me out. I'm trying to finish this God damned Chemistry prelab but I'm tired as fuck. I don't know if I'm doing this shit right or not.

Also, general petite girl thread.
I know Anon, this is thoroughly frightful.
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Let me jot down what I have done so far. So maybe some Anon can fill in the cracks, or tell me I have no basic infrastructure at all.
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chem labs are so fucking tedious...3 quarters of chem I wish I never took
What level Chemistry are you in, m8?
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This is what I have done so far, I'm about 85% sure I did these right, except for problem F). I completely skipped A because I didn't want to fuck with it at the time.

B) Absorbance(x)=log(98.6/52.5) = 0.2737

C) Absorbance(x)=log(98.6/39.0) = 0.4028

D) Concentration = 494.7mg/1.43ml = 345.9440 mg/ml

E) (2.29ml * 1.6430mg/ml)/1.43ml = 2.6311 mg/ml

F) 2.6311 mg/ml * 1.43ml = 3.7625 mg

The only one I kind of fucked around with was F, the others are solid sophistry,
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Think of the lowest level possible, and then look down and see me.

I'm taking a Freshman lab because it is a requirement. I already did the lecture part of this class and passed with flying colors.
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Then again I forgot to mention this lab is all problems and no book, or instructor guidance. For some reason we have been asked to take tests, quizzes, and do homework without being given any material to study.

I'm going to complain like a motherfucker at the end of this semester, because I never thought I would encounter a class this disturbingly unfriendly.
not waterboarding correctly
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Amen brother. I'm trying to fucking survive the war.

I don't mind chemistry, quite like it, but the mathematics of it is tedious. Also, the fact that this lab has so little guidance is heart wrenching.
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I know, you're supposed to catch the waves, not drown in them.
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No judgement for taking the Freshman lab. I was just curious, since different schools can vary in curriculum.

Chemistry is rough though, don't feel bad. I'm in organic, and it's not the worst class in the world, but fuck my professor makes us work like dogs in lab. You got this, /b/ro.
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Nigga I hope so. I haven't input the answers into website yet, but I'm about to find out how fucked I am. I really hope I structured everything correctly. Shieeeeeeeeet.
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Overall it's quite easy. I struggled a bit with some concepts. It's just the workload is very redundant and you just have to be so precise otherwise you get points docked.
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Yeah dude. Holy shit, by the time I'm done with a lab my brain has stopped working. I actually recently got an 85 on an experiment because I fucked up on the simplest shit.

I was looking for a certain element in my mixture, and what denotes it is a bubbling cloudy mixture; emphasis on mixture.

My dumb ass saw some steam and cloudiness and didn't compute that the water was clear, I took it as the element was present.

When I got the 15 points docked off I realized immediately what I had done wrong, and I was so sad, oh so very sad.
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Lets see here:
a) Use the first equation V1C1 = V2C2 to obtain the new concentration by comparing with the standard concentration.
C2 = (100)(1.643)/(2.29)

What do you think?
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LOL. Dude I did the same fucking lab. What were your lab hours? Mine was 3 fucking hours long.
Also general bump
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moarrrr source???
Sorry Anon, but you kind of lost me. Where did you get 100 from?
10/10 grillz here boys. Keep postin' so I can keep lurkin'.
Says to start with 100 ml of solution? I do physics /b/ro, been thinking all day long, don't have much left.
My lab is supposed to be from 1-4. But most students that want a good grade usually end up staying until 4:30 sometime 5. The latest I ever stayed was until 6, because my partner was a dumb ass fucked up the experiment 3/4 of the way through and we had to start over.

Shit is so depressing.
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Honestly Anon, you can just disregard the first part, the whole fucking essay section. It basically explains the process of obtaining the solution, the important information is the values provided. You basically have to use the values provided to find the values they're asking for.

Its basically an algebraic equations out the fucking ass. You have some known, and you use the formulas provided to find the unknowns that are asked for.

The 100 ml shit is just some flask you mix the shit into to get the final data.
Sure thing Anon. The only downside to this thread is that I didn't start it earlier.

btw that girl you posted is hot as shit.
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Fucking thank you for even bothering to help me. I fucking appreciate it man, this shit is disgusting.
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a) is 1.643 mg/ml x 2.29 ml / 100 ml = 0.0376 mg/ml
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Alright dude, let me get this straight. How I'm reading it is that you have a reservoir of this standard shit that you know what it's concentration is. Then you measure out 2.29 mL of it then pour neutral crap into it until you're up to 100 mL. Ok, so we got this.
New concentration = C1V1/V2 = 1.6430(2.29)/100
That makes more sense, should be a lot less concentrated to be 'dilute'.
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