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Childhood sexual experiences thread!
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Childhood sexual experiences thread!
(Please for the love of fuck, no CP)

I'll start

>Be 9 or 10
>At scout camp
>All prepubescent boys, just starting to explore our sexuality
>We did lots of cute innocent stuff
>Share sleeping bags nearly nude
>Rub up against each other while spooning
>Talk about boobs and vaginas, one kid says he watched porn
>Starts telling everyone about how you can simulate the feeling of having sex
>Demonstrated his method of fapping to everyone, basically pinching his foreskin between his thumb and index finger on both hands
>Our cocklets were hard as a rock by now, we all started copying what he was doing
>Most of the kids with foreskin ended up having their first dry orgasm

I have more, should I continue? It began to get a little less innocent after this
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Sure, why not.
Yes I've had similar experiences that I'll share
Please continue it sounds interesting I'll share my story:

>be me about ten
>school camp boys go in tents girls go in cabins
>three per tent
>it's late at night and my friend suggests butt sex
>we listen to him explain it
>we strip down naked and form a train kinda thing
>we start trying to put our limp punishes into each others asshole
>none of us succeed
>so we give up and then simultaneously pee out of the tent door
I meant penises
My story
>be me 6 yo
>talk a girl into playing dares
>she shows me her vagina
>I show her my rock hard cocklet
>perform weird, fun, sex dares
>really enjoyed it
> do this with lots of different people
> even until as late as 10
Anybody else here?

>Next night after lights-out we decide to play truth or dare
>After the regular stuff (put soap in your mouth, underwear on head, etc) we eventually all end up in our underwear
>By this point I think most of us are hard (about 6 of us IIRC)
>I get dared to strip nude
>"ooh, look at anons dick!"
>5 minutes later, half of us are nude now
>2 other boys get dared to rub their dicks together
>They're basically frotting each other
>I remember being turned on by this point, not a feeling I'd really felt before
>They're making cute moaning noises
>Someone in the back says "Now french kiss!"
>They attempt to kiss each other, basically just rubbing tongues
>They crawl into the sleeping bag and keep at it
>By now the kids who aren't nude are beginning to feel left out, they start stripping off the tighty whities
>More hard cocks
>A kid who I had begun to develop a bit of a crush on and had shared my sleeping bad with the previous night grabs my dick
>I grab his back
>Start rubbing
>There's now 4 boys on the bottom bunk, rubbing against each other, one kid was giving oral
>Most of us end up climaxing and falling asleep, I remember me and my friend zipping our sleeping bags together and letting another kid in

My mind was fucking blown.
Not really sexual, but close enough I suppose.

>Be me
>Be like, nine or something
>sneak into girl's bathroom
>watch a girl take a dump through the cracks in the stall
>she was an eight grader (my school went up to 8th grade for elementary)
>She's got a humungous bush
>I'm talking, like, a little afro made of pubic hair
>It hypnotizes me
>I gaze longingly into it
>Run away before she notices I was there

>Decide I must see a bush again
>Sneak into lady's changing room at Target
>No one trying on underwear. My childish mind didn't understand that nobody other than weird kids like me did that. Worst part was, I would often put the underwear back in the package after I decided I didn't like it, but that's a different story
>Instead, I find a middle aged lady's bra.
>Take it
>Sniff it
>Decide aging woman bra sweat is better than hairy bushes
>Think about taking it, but the lady who left it there was about to come back.
>Run for it
>Spend the next year wishing I stole it so I could sniff it again
>TFW no sweaty bras to sniff
The only thing I have is when I was about 8, me and my friend sucked eachother's flaccid dicks in his bed. Wasn't pleasurable and neither of us came.

Da fuq
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>be me 7 or 8 dont really fucking remember
>be at neighbor's house (note she was a weaboo before it was even a thing)
>I went over there one day and we went to her room.
>asks me to close my eyes. didnt think anything of it.
>after a couple of seconds she tells me to open my eyes. She is naked.
>I run out of the room, red in the face.
>rest of the day went normally.
>be me 3 weeks ago. Im a huge weeb now.
>mfw I realize she was copying anime.
>mfw i'm in the shower remembering this
>Be me
>Be 10
>teach little sister to give head
>gets real good at it
>She starts learning to talk
>Decide to be only child.
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Not sure if this was a dream or real but I distinctly remember it.

>Be 4 or 5 years old
>be playing on trampoline outside
>notice my black gardeners daughter come up to the trampoline
>we play for a while
>we start jumping while taking our clothes off
>fully naked now jumping
>start showing off our genitals to each other while jumping
>at some point we jump off and are now standing on opposite sides of the trampoline bending over and shaking our gentials to each other
>Gardener's face when he sees what im doing with his daughter
>be me around 8 or 7
>At babysitter house after school
>babysitter has daughter
>remember she is hot i think
>We watch jeepers creeper with her mom
>after we go to her room
>be me dont know what to do
>she sais to go into closet
>we walk in the closet *at thsi point idk wtf is happening*
>She starts to take off clothes
>at this point im rock hard
Go on
>i get naked with her but i could barley see
>she has those bomb ass light that stick to wall that you press and turn
>i see her naked body she sees mine
>all i cant think about is what would happen if i pee while i have my dick in her
>out fucking know were her mom barges in and ruined everything

I cant remember what happened after that
0/10 fuck off anon
> be me (guy)
> be 5 years old
> get raped every weekend for the next 11 years by gross ass cousin
> asshole torn
> with forced deep throat
> can't tell anyone for fear of physical injury
Thread replies: 22
Thread images: 6
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